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Balzers N Series spares

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Photo of N3015253X N 3015 253 X Screw, M4x10 Hex, SS Balzers N3015253X.
Photo of N3015296X N 3015 296 X Screw, M5 x16 SS Balzers N3015296X.
Photo of N3015296XV N 3015 296 XV Screw, M5x16 HEX VENT Balzers N3015296XV.
Photo of N3015301X N 3015 301 X Screw, M5x25 A2 HEX Balzers N3015301X.
Photo of N3015332X N 3015 332 X Screw, M6x8 HEX Balzers N3015332X.
Photo of N3015334X N 3015 334 X Screw, M6x8 HEX Balzers N3015334X.
Photo of N3015334XV N 3015 334 XV Screw, M6x10 HEX vented Balzers N3015334XV.
Photo of N30153358P N 3015 335 8P Screw, M6x12 Hex Hd 8.8VZNP Balzers N30153358P.
Photo of N3015339X N 3015 339 X Screw, M6x16 SS Balzers N3015339X.
Photo of N3015341P N 3015 341 P Screw, M6x20 Nylon Hex Balzers N3015341P.
Photo of N3015344XV N 3015 344 XV Screw, M6x25 Vented Balzers N3015344XV.
Photo of N30153548P N 3015 354 8P Screw, M6x45 Balzers N30153548P.
Photo of N3015421XV N 3015 421 XV Screw, M8x16 Hex Vent Balzers N3015421XV.
Photo of N3015423P N 3015 423 P Screw, M8x20, nylon, 6 KT KS Balzers N3015423P.
Photo of N3015423XV N 3015 423 XV Screw, M8x2 SS HEX Vented Balzers N3015423XV.
Photo of N3015426X N 3015 426 X Screw, M8x30 Hex Balzers N3015426X.
Photo of N3015426XV N 3015 426 XV Screw, M8X25 Hex Set Vented M8X25 Balzers N3015426XV.
Photo of N3015436X N 3015 436 X Screw, M8x50 6xHEX SS Balzers N3015436X.
Photo of N3015471X N 3015 471 X Screw, M10x20 INOX SS Balzers N3015471X.
Photo of N3015474X N 3015 474 X Screw, M10x25 Balzers N3015474X.
Photo of N30154818P N 3015 481 8P Screw, M10x40 8.8 VZNP Balzers N30154818P.
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Photo of N3016349X4 N 3016 349 X4 Screw, M6x35 SS HEX Head Balzers N3016349X4.
Photo of N3016532X N 3016 532 X Screw, M12x80/30 SS Balzers N3016532X.
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Photo of N30503394P N 3050 339 4P Screw, M6x16 Cheesehead Balzers N30503394P.
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Photo of N3052047X N 3052 047 X Screw, M1.4x6 Cheese Head Balzers N3052047X.
Photo of N3052114X N 3052 114 X Screw, M2x6 SS Cheese Head Balzers N3052114X.
Photo of N3052116X N 3052 116 X Screw, M2x8 Cheesehead Balzers N3052116X.
Photo of N3052186X N 3052 186 X Screw, M3x4 SS Cheese head Balzers N3052186X.
Photo of N3052188X N 3052 188 X Screw, M3x5 SS cheesehead Balzers N3052188X.
Photo of N3052189X N 3052 189 X Screw, M3x6 SS cheeshead Balzers N3052189X.
Photo of N3052191X N 3052 191 X Screw, M3x8 Cheesehead Stainless steel Balzers N3052191X.
Photo of N3052193X N 3052 193 X Screw, M3x10 Cheesehead Stainless steel Balzers N3052193X.
Photo of N3052194X N 3052 194 X Screw, M3x12 Cheesehead Stainless steel Balzers N3052194X.
Photo of N3052198X N 3052 198 X Screw, M3x16 SS Cheesehead Balzers N3052198X.
Just In: Part No. N3052203X N 3052 203 X Screw, M3x25. CHD Stainless Balzers N3052203X.
Photo of N3052249X N 3052 249 X Screw, M4x6 SS cheesehead Balzers N3052249X.
Photo of N3052251X N 3052 251 X Screw, M4x8 cheesehead Balzers N3052251X.
Photo of N3052253X N 3052 253 X Screw, M4x10 SS cheesehead Balzers N3052253X.
Photo of N3052255P (or 707-0676) N 3052 255 P Screw, M4x12 Nylon cheesehead for Red Box Balzers N3052255P.
Photo of N3052255X N 3052 255 X Screw, M4x12 SS cheesehead Balzers N3052255X.
Photo of N3052264X N 3052 264 X Screw, M4x25 cheeshead Balzers N3052264X.
Photo of N3052272X N 3052 272 X Screw, M4x40 SS Balzers N3052272X.
Photo of N3052273X N 3052 273 X Screw, M4x45 SS Balzers N3052273X.
Photo of N3052289X N 3052 289 X Screw, M5x8 SS Cheesehead Balzers N3052289X.
Photo of N3052298X N 3052 298 X Screw, M5 X 20 Cheesehead Balzers N3052298X.
Photo of N3052424X N 3052 424 X Washer, 10.5/21x2 Balzers N3052424X.
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Photo of N3059193X N 3059 193 X Screw, M3x10 Balzers N3059193X.
Photo of N3059249X N 3059 249 X Screw, M4x6 SS cheesehead Balzers N3059249X.
Photo of N3059251X N 3059 251 X Screw, M4x8 SS Socket Balzers N3059251X.
Photo of N3059253X N 3059 253 X Screw, M4x10 SS Socket Balzers N3059253X.
Photo of N3059259X N 3059 259 X Screw, M4X16, Cap head, A2 - 70, Balzers N3059259X.
Just In: Part No. N3059261XV N 3059 261 XV Screw, M4x20 SS Socket Vented Balzers N3059261XV.
Photo of N3059291X N 3059 291 X Screw, M5x10 Socket Balzers N3059291X.
Photo of N3059292X N 3059 292 X Screw, M5x12 Cheese HEAD SS Balzers N3059292X.
Photo of N3059298X N 3059 298 X Screw, M5x20 cheesehead Balzers N3059298X.
Photo of N30593048N N 3059 304 8N Screw, M5x30 E Gun Pole (M) Balzers N30593048N.
Just In: Part No. N3059334X N 3059 334 X Screw, M6X10 cheesehead Balzers N3059334X.
Photo of N3059339X N 3059 339 X Screw, M6x16 SS Cap head Balzers N3059339X.
Photo of N30593418P N 3059 341 8P Screw, M6x20 Hex hd 8.8 VZNP Balzers N30593418P.
Photo of N3059341X N 3059 341 X Screw, M6x20 SS Socket Balzers N3059341X.
Photo of N3059344X N 3059 344 X Screw, M6x25 Cheesehead SS Balzers N3059344X.
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Photo of N3060528X N 3060 528 X Screw, M12x60 Socket Balzers N3060528X.
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Photo of N3111114X N 3111 114 X Screw, M2x6 Countersunk SS Balzers N3111114X.
Photo of N3111116X N 3111 116 X Screw, M2x8 CSK SS Balzers N3111116X.
Photo of N3111118X N 3111 118 X Screw, M2x10 CSK SS Balzers N3111118X.
Photo of N3111189X N 3111 189 X Screw, M3x4 Countersunk Balzers N3111189X.
Photo of N3111191X N 3111 191 X Screw, M3x8 Countersunk SS Balzers N3111191X.
Photo of N3111249X N 3111 249 X Screw, M4x6 Countersunk Balzers N3111249X.
Just In: Part No. N3111267X N 3111 267 X Screw, M4x30 SS Slotted CSK Balzers N3111267X.
Photo of N3160370X (or TD0274052) N 3160 370 X Screw, M5 x 20mm S/Steel Knurled Balzers N3160370X.
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Photo of N32021885P N 3202 188 5P Grub Screw, M3x5, slotted head Balzers N32021885P.
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Photo of N3204188X N 3204 188 X Grub Screw, M3x5, Dog End, slotted head Balzers N3204188X.
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Photo of N3208186X N 3208 186 X Grub Screw, M3x4, Dog End, hex socket head Balzers N3208186X.
Photo of N3208189X (or 187-0686) N 3208 189 X Grub Screw, M3x6 Cup Point SS Balzers N3208189X.
Photo of N3208251X N 3208 251 X Grub Screw, M4x8 Cup Point SS Balzers N3208251X.
Just In: Part No. N3208261X N 3208 261 X Grub Screw, M4x20 Balzers N3208261X.
Photo of N3208301X N 3208 301 X Grub Screw, M5x25 Cup Point SS Balzers N3208301X.
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Photo of N3211188X N 3211 188 X Grub Screw, M3x5, Dog End, hex socket head Balzers N3211188X.
Just In: Part No. N3211251X N 3211 251 X Grub Screw, M4x8, Dog End, hex socket head Balzers N3211251X.
Photo of N3211298X N 3211 298 X Grub Screw, M5x20 Dog End Balzers N3211298X.
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Photo of N3407039X N 3407 039 X Nut, M4 Balzers N3407039X.
Photo of N3407047X N 3407 047 X Half nut M8 ss Balzers N3407047X.
Photo of N3407051X N 3407 051 X Nut, 0.5 D SS M10 6KT Balzers N3407051X.
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Photo of N3415014X N 3415 014 X Nut, M5 Balzers N3415014X.
Photo of N3415027X N 3415 027 X Nut, M2 SS Balzers N3415027X.
Just In: Part No. N3415037X N 3415 037-X Nut, M3 SS Balzers N3415037X.
Photo of N3415039X N 3415 039 X Nut, M4 SS Balzers N3415039X.
Photo of N3415039X4 (or N3415039 X4) N 3415 039 X4 Nut, M4 Balzers N3415039X4.
Photo of N3415041X N 3415 041 X Nut, 0.8D SS M5 6KT Balzers N3415041X.
Photo of N34150438P N 3415 043 8P Shaft Balzers N34150438P.
Photo of N3415043X4 N 3415 043 X4 Nut, M6 SS Balzers N3415043X4.
Photo of N3415047X4 N 3415 047 X4 Nut, M8 SS Balzers N3415047X4.
Photo of N3415051X N 3415 051 X Nut, M10 SS Balzers N3415051X.
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Photo of N3457039X N 3457 039 X Nut, M4 SS Dome Head Balzers N3457039X.
Photo of N3457043X (or N 3457 043 XV) N 3457 043 X Nut, M6 Vented Balzers N3457043X.
Photo of N3457043XV N 3457 043 XV Nut, M6 Vented Balzers N3457043XV
Photo of N3457047X N 3457 047 X Nut, M8 SS Balzers N3457047X.
Photo of N3457051X N 3457 051 X Nut, M10 SS Capped Balzers N3457051X.
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Photo of N3502412X N 3502 412 X Washer, M3 SS Balzers N3502412X.
Photo of N3502414X N 3502 414 X Washer, M4 SS Balzers N3502414X.
Photo of N3502416X N 3502 416 X Washer, M5 SS Balzers N3502416X.
Photo of N35024184P N 3502 418 4P Washer, M6 Balzers N35024184P.
Photo of N3502418P N 3502 418 P Washer, KS Balzers N3502418P.
Photo of N3502418X N 3502 418 X Washer, SS 6.4/12.5x1.6 Balzers N3502418X.
Photo of N3502422X N 3502 422 X Washer, SS 8.4/17x1.6 Balzers N3502422X.
Photo of N3502424X N 3502 424 X Washer, M10 SS Balzers N3502424X.
Photo of N3502426X N 3502 426 X Washer, SS 13/24x2.5 Balzers N3502426X.
Photo of N3508109X N 3508 109 X Washer, M6 SS Balzers N3508109X.
Photo of N3535246X (or 3880-90030) N 3535 246 X Washer, M4 SS Spring Balzers N3535246X.
Photo of N3537288B N 3537 288 B Washer, M6, star Balzers N3537288B.
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Photo of N3565198X (or 24655Z1686) N 3565 198 X Cylinder Pin, SS, H8, 3X16 Balzers N3565198X.
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Photo of N3565200X N 3565 200 X Cylinder Pin, H8 3 X 20 Balzers N3565200X.
Just In: Part No. N3565255 (or 24655Z1699) N 3565 255 Cylinder Pin, Balzers N3565255.
Photo of N3565261X (or 270-580) N 3565 261 X Cylinder Pin, SS H8 4X20 Balzers N3565261X.
Photo of N3570116X N 3570 116 X Tooth Slit Spring Pin Balzers N3570116X.
Photo of N3570119X N 3570 119 X Groove Pin Balzers N3570119X.
Photo of N3570259X N 3570 259 X Split Pin Balzers N3570259X.
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Photo of N3801116A (or 24655Z1809) N 3801 116 A Key, 2x2x8, Stainless steel, for planetary head. Balzers N3801116A.
Photo of N3801193A N 3801 193 A Key 3X3X10 Balzers N3801193A.
Photo of N3801198AX N 3801 198 AX Key 3X3X16 Balzers N3801198AX.
Photo of N3801253A (or N380/25 3A) N 3801 253 A Key 4x4x10m Balzers N3801253A.
Photo of N3801427A N 3801 427 A Key Shaft Balzers N3801427A.
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Photo of N3828530SV N 3828 530 SV Circlip, 848 022 Balzers N3828530SV.
Photo of N3828614SV N 3828 614 SV Circlip, Internal DIN472 M32 J32 x 1.2 Balzers N3828614SV.
Photo of N3828620SV (or 24654Z2494) N 3828 620 SV Circlip, Internal 34.5 x 3.2 Balzers N3828620SV.
Photo of N3828640SV (or 24655Z0524) N 3828 640 SV Circlip Balzers N3828640SV.
Photo of N3828672SV N 3828 672 SV Guard ring J 62X2 Balzers N3828672SV.
Photo of N3828685SV (or N382868SV) N 3828 685 SV Ring, Split Balzers N3828685SV.
Photo of N38286905V N 3828 690-5V Circlip, 3 25/64" Outer Diam, .10 Thick. Balzers N38286905V.
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Part No. N3829320X N 3829 320 X Circlip, External 8x0.8 SS Balzers N3829320X.
Photo of N3829360SV N 3829 360 SV Circlip, External DIN471 A10 Balzers N3829360SV.
Photo of N3829400SV N 3829 400 SV Guard Ring , 10X14/1mm Balzers N3829400SV.
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Photo of N3830218SN N 3830 218 SN Ring Balzers N3830218SN.
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Photo of N3833104SV N 3833 104 SV QSK610 Cassette Contact Pin Circlip External Miniature DIN6799 0.8 Balzers N3833104SV.
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Photo of N3843213SV N 3843 213 SV Washer, Nylon Balzers N3843213SV.
Photo of N3843422SV N 3843 422 SV Belleview Washer 35.5/18.3x0.9 Balzers N3843422SV.
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Photo of N3857410C N 3857 410 C Belt, Vee, Rotary Pump Drive 13x8x1400 DSL SPA 1400 Balzers N3857410C.
Photo of N3869108A N 3869 108 A Chain, 9.52x5.72 Balzers N3869108A.
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Photo of N3872104M N 3872 104 M Chain link Balzers N3872104M.
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Photo of N4001132 (or 6815 (61815)) N 4001 132 Bearing, 75/95x10 Extra Thin (Koyo) Balzers N4001132.
Part No. N4001315BF (or PESM554082270) N 4001 315 BF Bearing, 8/22x7 608-C4 Balzers N4001315BF.
Photo of N4001315J (or 7136) N 4001 315 J Bearing, 608-2RS, 8/22x7 (Multitest base unit) Balzers N4001315J.
Photo of N4001317 N 4001 317 Bearing, 10/26x8 (6000 Series) Balzers N4001317.
Photo of N40013181N (or 83A334ZZSTC4) N 4001 318 1N Bearing, 12/28x8 Stainless C4 Double Shield Balzers N40013181N.
Just In: Part No. N4001318B (or 60012ZR (KDD)) N 4001 318 B Bearing, 12/28x8 with Dual Shield Balzers N4001318B.
Photo of N4001318J (or 6001-2RS1) N 4001 318 J Bearing, 12/28x8 with Dual Rubber Shield Balzers N4001318J.
Photo of N4001319 N 4001 319 Bearing, 15/32x9 Dual Sheilded 6002Z Balzers N4001319.
Photo of N4001330A (or N4001330 A) N 4001 330 A Bearing, 65/100x18 NSK Series 6013 Balzers N4001330A.
Photo of N4001332 N 4001 332 Bearing, 75/115x20 Series 6015 Balzers N4001332.
Photo of N4001368 (or 6001 ZZ 12A) N 4001 368 Bearing Balzers N4001368.
Photo of N4001430H N 4001 430 H Bearing, 100/65x11 16013-C3 Balzers N4001430H.
Photo of N4001432H N 4001 432 H Bearing, 75/115x13 16015-C3 Balzers N4001432H.
Photo of N4001613BF N 4001 613 BF Bearing, 6/19x6 Special: High Temp. Under Vacuum Balzers N4001613BF.
Photo of N4001614B N 4001 614 B Bearing, 7/22x7 6272 Balzers N4001614B.
Photo of N400161812 (or W 6201 H) N 4001 618 12 Bearing, 12/32x10 Stainless Steel Cage Balzers N400161812.
Photo of N40016181D (or W 62012RS) N 4001 618 1D Bearing, 12/32x10 Stainless Dual Rubber Shield Balzers N40016181D.
Photo of N4001618BF (or 6201) N 4001 618 BF Bearing, 12/32x10 Open cage Balzers N4001618BF.
Part No. N4001618J (or 62012RS) N 4001 618 J Bearing, 12/32x10 with Dual Rubber Shield 6201-2RS Balzers N4001618J.
Photo of N4001622 N 4001 622 Bearing, 25/52x15 Series 6205 Balzers N4001622.
Photo of N4001623 (or 6206) N 4001 623 Bearing, 30/62x16 N206 C3 Roller Balzers N4001623.
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Photo of N4008622 N 4008 622 Bearing, 25/52x18 Double Race, Self-Aligning Balzers N4008622.
Photo of N4009321BF N 4009 321 BF Bearing, 6/19x6 Stainless Special: High Temp. Balzers N4009321BF.
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Photo of N4010223 N 4010 223 Bearing, open roller, 30x55x13 NU1006 N1006 Balzers N4010223.
Photo of N4010622 N 4010 622 Bearing, 25/52x15 Roller NU205 P6 ZS Balzers N4010622.
Photo of N4010627 N 4010 627 Bearing, 50/90x20 Roller (Duo170) NU210W Balzers N4010627.
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Photo of N4030226 N 4030 226 Bearing, 65/90x18 Axial Series 51113 Balzers N4030226.
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Photo of N4083007PD N 4083 007 PD Shaft Seal QSK 610A= 4/12x6 Balzers N4083007PD.
Photo of N4083054VD N 4083 054 VD Shaft seal 10/22x7 Balzers N4083054VD.
Photo of N4083088VD (or 12/28X7) N 4083 088 VD Shaft Seal 12/28x7 Viton (for shutter) Balzers N4083088VD.
Photo of N4083088VD2 N 4083 088 VD2 Shaft Seal, 12/28x7, with Double Lip Balzers N4083088VD2.
Photo of N4083128VD N 4083 128 VD Shaft Seal 14/24x7 Balzers N4083128VD.
Photo of N4083134VD N 4083 134 VD Shaft Seal 14/28x7 Balzers N4083134VD.
Photo of N4083144VD (or 15/24x7) N 4083 144 VD Shaft Seal 15/24x7, Lip Seal Balzers N4083144VD.
Photo of N40831602 N 4083 160 -2 Shaft Seal 15/32x7 Balzers N40831602.
Photo of N4083174VD N 4083 174 VD Shaft Seal 16/28x7 Viton 72 Balzers N4083174VD.
Photo of N4083180PD N 4083 180 PD Shaft Seal 16/32x10 Perbunan 65 Balzers N4083180PD.
Photo of N4083220VD N 4083 220 VD Shaft Seal, 18/28x7 Balzers N4083220VD.
Photo of N4083264PD N 4083 264 PD Shaft Seal 20/30x7 Balzers N4083264PD.
Photo of N4083277VD N 4083 277 VD Shaft Seal 20/35x7 Balzers N4083277VD.
Photo of N4083316VD N 4083 316 VD Shaft Seal 22/32x7 Balzers N4083316VD.
Photo of N4083386V3 N 4083 386 V3 Shaft Seal 25/37x7 Balzers N4083386V3.
Photo of N4083386V4 N 4083 386 V4 Shaft Seal 25/37x7 Balzers N4083386V4.
Photo of N4083485VD N 4083 485 VD Shaft seal 28/38x7 Viton Balzers N4083485VD.
Photo of N4083495PD N 4083 495 PD Shaft seal 28/47x10 Viton Balzers N4083495PD.
Photo of N4083533PD N 4083 533 PD Shaft Seal A30/62 x10 Balzers N4083533PD.
Photo of N4083553PD N 4083 553 PD Shaft seal 30-62x10 Balzers N4083553PD.
Photo of N4083653V3 (or BB850415V) N 4083 653 V3 Shaft Seal 35/47x7 Viton 72 Balzers N4083653V3.
Photo of N4083662PD N 4083 662 PD Shaft seal 35/52x10 Balzers N4083662PD.
Photo of N4083662VD N 4083 662 VD Shaft Seal 35/52x10 Viton 72 Balzers N4083662VD.
Photo of N4083784V3 N 4083 784 V3 Shaft Seal 40/52x7 Balzers N4083784V3.
Part No. N4083823PO N 4083 823 PO Steel Body 40/80x13 Balzers N4083823PO.
Photo of N4083914V3 N 4083 914 V3 Shaft Seal 45/60x7 Balzers N4083914V3.
Photo of N4083940PC N 4083 940 PC Seal, Shaft 45/85x10 steel bodies Balzers N4083940PC.
Photo of N4084021PD N 4084 021 PD Shaft Seal 50/70x10 Balzers N4084021PD.
Photo of N4084089PD N 4084 089 PD Shaft Seal 55/80x10 Balzers N4084089PD.
Photo of N4084205VD N 4084 205 VD Shaft Seal 65/90x10 Viton Balzers N4084205VD.
Photo of N4084305VD N 4084 305 VD Shaft Seal 75/100x10 Viton Balzers N4084305VD.
Photo of N4084424VD N 4084 424 VD Shaft Seal 90/110x12 Balzers N4084424VD.
Photo of N4140839AZ N 4140 839 AZ Screw, Banjo, M16x1.5, for BAK760 door Balzers N4140839AZ.
Photo of N4001315B (or 140.0061.1) N 4001 315 -B Bearing, 8/22x7 ZZ (Series 608) Twin Shields Balzers N4001315B.
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Photo of NFC63650 NF C63-650 Relay, Thermal (Overload), T25DM 8.5-13A Balzers NFC63650.
Photo of NR536596 NR 536 596 Meter, 0-400mA Balzers NR536596.
Part No. NR418668 NR.418 668 Emission Balzers NR418668.
Photo of OGCSCU OGC / SCU OGC Leads SCU Balzers OGCSCU
Photo of ONF171 ONF 171 Oil Mist Filter ONF 171 Balzers ONF171
Photo of OSM101 OSM 101 Optical Thin Film Monitor, OSM 101 Balzers OSM101
Photo of P3890114ZL (or D-4440) P 3890 114 ZL Coupling, Half shaft, D-4440, Rotex 24 Balzers P3890114ZL.
Photo of PC201 PC 201 PC 201 PC201 Balzers PC201
Photo of PE420 PE 420 Cold Cathode Module, Penning, PE420, PE 420 Balzers PE420
Photo of PE420 PE 420 Penning card, PE420 for PRO420 Balzers PE420
Photo of PI420 PI 420 PCB, PI420 for PRO420 (Pirani measuring device) Balzers PI420
Photo of PKD40704A (or DUO 1.5A) PK D40 704 A Pfeiffer Balzers Duo 1.5A Dual Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump, 220v, 50/60 Hz Balzers PKD40704A.
Photo of PKV52013 PK V52 013 Valve, Vent, VRS 010 (VRS O1O) Balzers PKV52013.
Photo of PMC01239 (or TCP 5000) PM C01 239 Pfeiffer Vacuum TPC 5000 Turbo Pump Controller, 220V Balzers PMC01239.
Photo of PMP02033 (or TPH 1600) PM P02 033 TPH 1600 Turbo Vacuum Pump, DN200 ISO Balzers PMP02033.
Photo of PS150 PS 150 PS150 Power Supply for HLD 100 Balzers PS150
Photo of PS200 PS 200 PCB, PS 200 Board Balzers PS200
Photo of PTM25250F (or BN 846 138 T) PT M25 250 - F QMA 200 (QMA200) Cathode Balzers PTM25250F.
Photo of PVA250P PVA 250 P Plate Valve with Throttle, PVA 250 P Balzers PVA250P
Photo of PVA260P PVA 260 P Plate Valve with Throttle, PVA 260 P Balzers PVA260P
Photo of QM420 QM 420 Quartz Monitor Module, QM 420 QM420 Balzers QM420
Photo of QMA064 QMA 064 Quadrupole Gas Analyser Sensor, QMA 064 Balzers QMA064
Just In: Part No. QMC120 QMC 120 RGA, QMA 120 inc. TPC 040, VAT and QME112 Balzers QMC120.
Photo of QME064 QME 064 Partial Pressure Gauge Controller, QME 064 Balzers QME064
Photo of QME311 QME 311 Electrometer Amplifier, QME 311 (220V, 50-60Hz, 10W) Balzers QME311
Photo of QMG421C QMG 421 C QMG 421 C, 180-265V, 50-60Hz, 480W, (including - QC421, DI420, DO420, OH421) Balzers QMG421C
Photo of QMI421 QMI 421 QMI 421, 230V, 50-60Hz, 440W Balzers QMI421
Just In: Part No. QRG201B QRG 201 B Rate Monitor QRG 201 B Balzers QRG201B.
Just In: Part No. QRG201C QRG 201 C Rate Monitor QRG 201 C Balzers QRG201C.
Just In: Part No. QSB101 QSB 101 QSB 101 (EPS 101, MC 101, KB 101, IU 201, QM 101, OU 101, DA 101, BL 101) Balzers QSB101.
Photo of QSG201 QSG 201 Quartz Crystal Thin Film Monitor, QSG 201 Balzers QSG201.
Just In: Part No. QSG201C QSG 201 C Quartz Crystal Thin Film Monitor, QSG 201 C Balzers QSG201C.
Photo of R1000 (or BD484776-T) R1000 Half Discs, Frosted Quartz Plates, 70mm Balzers R1000.
Photo of RFS300 RFS 300 RF Power Supply, RFS 300, 3x380V Balzers RFS300
Photo of RJ459PIN10M (or SPECCABLE) RJ45-9PIN,10M 9pole Speccable 10m Balzers RJ459PIN10M.
Photo of RME010 RME 010 RME 010 Balzers RME010
Photo of RME010 (or RVG040) RME010 RME010 and RVG 040 Viton 'Button' Seals Balzers RME010.
Photo of ROB100 ROB 100 ROB 100 Balzers ROB100
Just In: Part No. RV27E RV 27 E RV 27 E Balzers RV27E.
Photo of RV420 RV 420 PCB, RV420 for PRO420 Balzers RV420
Just In: Part No. RVG2 RVG 2 Valve Control Unit, RVG 2 Balzers RVG2.
Photo of SG2 SG 2 Control Unit 2.5 kW SG2 (Fabr. Nr = 151) Balzers SG2
Photo of TCO101 TCO 101 TCO 101 (TC 101, AC 101, AM 101, AM 103) Balzers TCO101
Photo of TCP120 TCP 120 Turbo Controller, TCP 120 (100/240V, 50/60Hz, 150W) Balzers TCP120
Part No. TD0274072 TD 027 407 -2 Anneaux 5" Planetary Ring Balzers TD0274072.
Photo of TMU100 TMU 100 Temperature Measuring Unit TMU 100 Balzers TMU100
Photo of TMU110 TMU 110 TMU 110, Temperature Measuring Unit, 220V, 50-60Hz, 15W Balzers TMU110
Photo of TNW9000 TNW 9000 TNW 9000, (S/N= 14101) Balzers TNW9000
Just In: Part No. TPU510 TPU510 Pump, Turbo, TPU510 Ultra high vacuum Balzers TPU510.
Photo of TS200 TS 200 PCB, TS 200 Crucible Drive Card Balzers TS200
Photo of TS0271310 TS 027 131 -0 Spring clip Balzers TS0271310.
Just In: Part No. TU58XA TU58XA Tape drive head for MCS111 Balzers TU58XA.
Photo of U80PT32 U80PT32 Spring, compression, 14mm i/d Balzers U80PT32.
Just In: Part No. UAU101 UAU101 UAU101 sequnce controller Balzers UAU101.
Photo of UB003514T UB 003 514 T Film Advance Viewport Balzers UB003514T.
Photo of UC010238X UC 010 238 X Cryo / Compressor Lead Balzers UC010238X.
Photo of UL200 UL 200 PCB, Current Coil Long (A) UL 200 (UL200) Balzers UL200
Just In: Part No. B801001110 B 801 0011 10 Grid Cu 3 Standard 200 Balzers B801001110.
Photo of B801003080 B 801 0030 80 Specimen Grid Box Balzers B801003080.
Photo of BU011052 BU 011 052 Embedding Mould Balzers BU011052.
Photo of BU011107T BU 011 107 T Pithwood Rod Balzers BU011107T.
Photo of BU011109T BU 011 109 T Aerosol OT 75% 10ml Balzers BU011109T.
Photo of UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Motor for rotary vane pump Balzers UNKNOWN.
Just In: Part No. UNO100 (or 24655Z0318) UNO100 Pump, Rotary, UNO100 NR 2597 (green) Balzers UNO100.
Photo of URB040 URB 040 Catalytic Trap, UBR 040, 220V, SN. 0705 Balzers URB040
Photo of UTECB2014 UTE CB 2014 8/24V Power Supply Balzers UTECB2014.
Just In: Part No. UTP401 UTP401 UTP401 temperature controller Balzers UTP401.
Photo of VAC420 VAC 420 VAC 420, SC 420-4 Balzers VAC420
Just In: Part No. VS36 VS 36 VS 36 (Fabr. Nr. = 607) Manual Valve? Balzers VS36.
Photo of VWS110 VWS 110 Relay Driver, VWS 110 (220V, 50Hz) Balzers VWS110
Photo of ZHS101 (or 11-15725 R1) ZHS 101 High Voltage Control, Amps and Kilovolts Balzers ZHS101.

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