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Balzers BPV Series

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Just In: Part No. BPV082507 (or RV 27 E) BP V08 2507 RV 27 E Balzers BPV082507.
Photo of BPV09000 (or RME 010) BP V09 000 RME 010 Balzers BPV09000.
Photo of BPV15000 (or EVA 016 H) BP V15 000 Valve, EVA 016 H (EVA016H) Balzers BPV15000.
Photo of BPV15001 (or EVA 025 P) BP V15 001 Valve, EVA025P Balzers BPV15001.
Photo of BPV15500 (or EVA 025 H) BP V15 500 Valve, EVA 025H Valve Balzers BPV15500.
Photo of BPV15501 (or EVA 025 P) BP V15 501 Valve, EVA025P Angle Valve 40KF 24VAC Balzers BPV15501.
Photo of BPV15513 (or EVA 025 P) BP V15 513 Valve, EVA 025 P 24v 60Hz Balzers BPV15513.
Photo of BPV16001 (or EVA 040 P) BP V16 001 Valve, EVA 040 P 24v 50Hz Balzers BPV16001.
Photo of BPV16003 (or EVA 040 P) BP V16 003 Valve, EVA 040 P 220v 50Hz Balzers BPV16003.
Just In: Part No. BPV16013 (or EVA 040 PA) BP V16 013 Valve, EVA 040 PA, 24VAC Balzers BPV16013.
Photo of BPV16026 (or EVA 040 P) BP V16 026 Valve, EVA 040 P 24v 60Hz Balzers BPV16026.
Part No. BPV16064 (or EVA 040) BP V16 064 Valve, EVA 040 EVA 040 SX ANGLE Balzers BPV16064.
Photo of BPV16510P (or EVA 063 PA) BP V16 510 P Valve, Angle EVA063PA, EVA 063 PA Balzers BPV16510P.
Photo of BPV16600 BP V16 600 Valve, 24-230V, 50-60Hz Balzers BPV16600.
Just In: Part No. BPV17005 (or EVA 100 PA) BP V17 005 Valve, EVA100PA s/n 272 Balzers BPV17005.
Just In: Part No. BPV17009 (or EVA 100 PA) BP V17 009 Valve, EVA 100 PA, 24VAC Balzers BPV17009.
Photo of BPV17508 (or EVA 100 PA) BP V17 508 Valve, EVA100PA 24v 50Hz valve Balzers BPV17508.
Photo of BPV29000 (or RVE 016) BP V29 000 RVE 016 RVE016 Balzers BPV29000.
Photo of BPV35500 (or AVA 016) BP V35 500 Pressure Release AVA 016 Balzers BPV35500.
Photo of BPV35501 (or AVA 016 X) BP V35 501 AVA 016X Balzers BPV35501.
Photo of BPV430025924 BP V43002 / 5924 Valve, EVC 010 M with 24VAC 50Hz Coil Balzers BPV430025924
Photo of BPV44500 (or EVN 010 H1) BP V44 500 Valve, Needle, EVN 010 H1 Balzers BPV44500.
Photo of BPV51325 (or EVL 040 P) BP V51 325 Valve, EVL 040 P 24-230VAC/DC 50-60Hz Balzers BPV51325.
Photo of BPV51350 (or EVL 040 P) BP-V51-350 Valve, EVL 040 P AIR ONLY Balzers BPV51350.
Photo of BP217129XS BP 217 129 -XS Flange, with Pipe Socket DN 100 ISO K Balzers BP217129XS
Photo of BP217579X (or BP217581X) BP 217 579 -X Flexible Metal Hose DN 63 ISO-K 750mm Balzers BP217579X.
Photo of BP217581X BP 217 581 -X Flexible Metal Hose DN 63 ISO-K 750mm Balzers BP217581X
Photo of BP310635 BP310 635 Seal Balzers BP310635
Photo of BP335304 BP335 304 Seal, for Sight Glass BP 335 314 -R Balzers BP335304
Photo of BP650449 BP 650 449 Bistribution Box RBP650449 Balzers BP650449
Photo of BPV43006A BP V43 006 -A Valve, EVC 010 MP S/N 5235 Balzers BPV43006A
Photo of BS6121PT1 (or CMP-25-CX/Z) BS6121 PT1 Cable gland, to BS6121 Part 1, BW brass CMP Balzers BS6121PT1.
Photo of BSB102 BSB 102 Module, BSB 102, Shutter control Balzers BSB102
Photo of BSB102A BSB 102 A Module, BSB 102, Shutter control, 115/220V, 50/60Hz Balzers BSB102A
Photo of BSD102 BSD 102 Rotary cage control Balzers BSD102.
Photo of BSP102 (or 7182/1081) BSP 102 Automatic Pumping Unit Control BSP 102 Balzers BSP102.
Photo of BSV603A BSV 603 A Balzers Evaporation Controller BSV 603 A, BSV603A Balzers BSV603A.
Photo of BSZ105 BSZ 105 Module, BSZ 105- TIMER Balzers BSZ105
Photo of BUZ45 (or B 5055 030 BM) BUZ45 BUZ45 Transistor Balzers BUZ45.
Photo of BZ40504 BZ40504 Valve, bypass, air, 1/2 PVDF Balzers BZ40504
Just In: Part No. DI420 DI 420 PCB, Digital input, DI420 for PRO420 Balzers DI420.
Photo of DPA201 DPA 201 DPA 201, Pumping Unit Control, 220V, 50Hz, 100W Balzers DPA201
Photo of DUO060A DUO 060 A Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump, DUO 060 A, 220/380v, 50/60Hz Balzers DUO060A
Photo of DUO15A DUO 1.5A Pfeiffer Balzers Duo 1.5A Dual Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump, 220v, 50/60 Hz Balzers DUO15A
Photo of DUO110A DUO 110 A Pump, Rotary, DUO110A, 100 m3/h, 420 rpm Balzers DUO110A.
Photo of DUOFEET DUO FEET Feet for DUO Pump X4 Balzers DUOFEET.
Just In: Part No. DUO10001 DUO100 (01) Pump, Rotary, DUO100 NR 5593 (White) Balzers DUO10001.
Just In: Part No. DUO10002 DUO100 (02) Pump, Rotary, DUO100 NR 6172 (White) Balzers DUO10002.
Just In: Part No. DUO10003 DUO100 (03) Pump, Rotary, DUO100 NR 5679 (Green) Balzers DUO10003.
Just In: Part No. DUO17001 DUO170 (01) Pump, Rotary, DUO170 S/NO. 1682 (Green) Balzers DUO17001.
Just In: Part No. DUO17002 DUO170 (02) Pump, Rotary, DUO170 S/NO. 1728 (Green) Balzers DUO17002.
Just In: Part No. DUO17003 DUO170 (03) Pump, Rotary, DUO170 S/NO. 1700 (White) Balzers DUO17003.
Photo of E1031A (or E1031-0002-1-0317) E 1031 A OPCB, CT, Light Energy Measurement, E 1031 A Balzers E1031A.
Photo of E116273 (or 04-706160-17) E116273 Cable, Ribbon, 25way, foil shielded, Style 2912, LL31941, A105C, 300V, CL204 Balzers E116273.
Photo of E21000004 E 2100 000 -4 Power supply Balzers E21000004
Photo of EC300 EC 300 PCB, EC300 E-Gun Controller Balzers EC300
Photo of ECD201 ECD 201 ECD 201 Current Display, 220V, 50-60Hz, 20W Balzers ECD201
Part No. EDE110 EDE110 Rotary Drive Unit for ESQ 110 Balzers EDE110.
Just In: Part No. EDS100 EDS 100 Disconnect Switch Unit, EDS 100, (3x380/220V, 50Hz) Balzers EDS100.
Photo of EEU301 EEU 301 EEU 301, 3x220/380V 60Hz Balzers EEU301
Just In: Part No. EHU103 EHU 103 High Voltage Relay, EHU 103 Balzers EHU103.
Part No. EHV100A EHV 100A High Voltage Power Supply, EHV 100A Balzers EHV100A.
Photo of EHV110 EHV110 Electron beam power supply EHV110 Balzers EHV110.
Photo of EHV110A EHV110A Electron beam power supply EHV110A Balzers EHV110A.
Photo of EKSJ1 EKS / J1 EKS110 / EKS 100 J1 Cable Balzers EKSJ1.
Part No. EKS100A EKS 100A High Voltage Power Supply, EKS 100A Balzers EKS100A.
Photo of EKS110 (or EHKS110) EKS110 Electron Gun Control EKS110 Balzers EKS110.
Photo of EPC201 EPC 201 Push Button, contactor reset Balzers EPC201.
Just In: Part No. EPU101 EPU 101 Process Unit, EPU 101 Balzers EPU101.
Photo of ESUJ2 ESU / J2 ESU 104 Cable Balzers ESUJ2.
Photo of ESU101 ESU 101 ESU 101 Start unit Balzers ESU101
Photo of EVC010M (or BP V43002 / 5924) EVC 010 M Valve, EVC 010 M with 24VAC 50Hz Coil Balzers EVC010M.
Photo of EVC010MF (or BPV43006A) EVC 010 MF Valve, EVC 010 MP S/N 5235 Balzers EVC010MF.
Photo of FEL0321009 FEL 032.1009 Fuse Holder, Lamp 110-250V Balzers FEL0321009.
Just In: Part No. FET003M FET 003 M FET 003 M Balzers FET003M.
Photo of FPS100 FPS 100 FPS100 Filament Power Supply Balzers FPS100
Photo of G010012 (or 24655Z1761) G01001/2 Accouplement Rotation Coupling Balzers G010012.
Photo of G6943 G6943 Dish and plate for base, Stainless Steal Balzers G6943
Photo of GEACA800 GEACA800 Meter, Current 0-800A Balzers GEACA800.
Photo of GF401A GF 401 A Optical monitor light source, RS-S7/GLS-401-A Balzers GF401A
Photo of GRF20140 (or GRF 20/140 220R) GRF 20 / 140 Resistor, 220R (220ohms) Balzers GRF20140.
Just In: Part No. GSM201 GSM 201 Optical Thin Film Monitor, GSM201 Balzers GSM201.
Photo of H1435X10 (or H 14-35-10) H 14/35X10 Hat Packing with Spring, Seal 14/35x10mm Balzers H1435X10.
Photo of H204082 (or H 20X40X8/2) H 20-40-8-2 Hat Packing with Spring, Seal 20/40x8x2mm Balzers H204082.
Photo of H2646x6 (or H 26-46-6) H 26/46x6 Hat Packing with Spring, Seal 26/46x6mm Balzers H2646X6.
Photo of H5070123 (or H 50-70-12/3) H 50-70-12-3 Hat Packing with Spring, Seal 50/70x12x3mm Balzers H5070123.
Photo of H2538X65X2 (or H 25-38-6.5/2) H25/38X6.5X2 Hat Packing with Spring, Seal 25/38x6.5x2mm Balzers H2538X65X2.
Photo of HCIOO2X HCIOO 2X PCB, SCR Driver Card (To replace BG522225GU and DU) Balzers HCIOO2X.
Photo of HGG700 HGG 700 High Voltage Unit HGG 700, HGG700 Balzers HGG700
Part No. HS9621901 (or IFU 901) HS 9621 901 Interface Module, IFU 901 Balzers HS9621901.
Photo of HS2702 HS2702 RVG040 (RVG 040) Valve Controller, 220V Balzers HS2702
Part No. HVS107 HVS 107 Electron Beam High Voltage Supply, HVS 107, (3x 380/220V, 50Hz, 11000kW) Balzers HVS107.
Photo of IA420 IA 420 PCB, Ion adaptor card, IA420 for PRO420 Balzers IA420
Photo of IGH110IKR IGH110IKR Balzers IMR 110 Gauge Head Replacement Balzers IGH110IKR
Photo of IMG060B IMG 060 B IMG 060B Log/Lin Ion Gauge Control IMG060 IMG060B Balzers IMG060B
Photo of IO65 IO-65 GRC Card Balzers IO65.
Photo of KB65 K.B 65 Heater Plate, 240v, 750w, 91/159x5.5mm Balzers KB65.
Photo of KB30 K.B.30 Heater Plate, 230/250v, 500w, 50/112x6mm Balzers KB30.
Photo of KB40 K.B.40 Heater Plate, 230/250v, 1350w, 62/134x6mm Balzers KB40.
Photo of KB80 K.B.80 Heater Plate, 230/250v, 1400w, 152/218x5mm Balzers KB80.
Photo of K0280127 K 0280 127 Thrust plate, P G115 Balzers K0280127
Photo of KF40MCRV KF40MCRV SRA with Screen 40KF Balzers KF40MCRV.
Just In: Part No. LLS801 LLS 801 Batch Sputtering System Balzers LLS801.
Photo of LSC110 (or BGM64250 / 104) LSC 110 LSC 15/02/1110 Longitudinal Sweep Control s/n104 Balzers LSC110.
Just In: Part No. MCU110 MCU 110 Magnetron Control Unit, MCU 110 Balzers MCU110.
Photo of ME909801 ME90-9801 Bellows, Fitting 13/98mm AND 15/36mm, length 367mm Balzers ME909801.
Photo of ME9098012 ME90-98012 Bellows, Fitting 22/49mm and 28/75mm, length 70mm Balzers ME9098012.
Photo of ME9098013 ME90-98013 Bellows, Fitting 12/30mm and 14/60, length 44mm Balzers ME9098013.
Photo of MEISSNERTRAP MEISSNER TRAP Meissner Trap / Freon Chevron Baffle ISO 500 Balzers MEISSNERTRAP.
Photo of MFCCable MFC Cable Cable, for MFC to Multi-Channel Controller Balzers MFCCABLE.
Photo of MFU410 MFU 410 MFU 410 Balzers MFU410
Photo of MSU101 MSU101 Magnetron Switching unit MSU101 Balzers MSU101

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