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Balzers BP Series

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Photo of BP210225X (or PF 324 006) BP 210 225 X Elephants Knee Flexible Connection DN 63 Balzers BP210225X.
Photo of BP210730 BP 210 730 Intermediate piece DN 36B / 32 KF Balzers BP210730.
Photo of BP212324 BP 212 324 Flange, (Small). Short SS FK25 Balzers BP212324.
Photo of BP212604 BP 212 604 Blanking Plate Balzers BP212604.
Photo of BP213143T (or 18208) BP 213 143-T Centering Ring, 40KF Balzers BP213143T.
Part No. BP213194T (or 24655Z1194) BP 213 194 T joint alu néoprene Balzers BP213194T.
Photo of BP213199T BP 213 199 T Seal Ring ISO 100 Balzers BP213199T.
Photo of BP213203T BP 213 203 T Centering Ring, ISO 160 Al/Viton Balzers BP213203T.
Photo of BP213207T BP 213 207 T Seal Ring Assy Al/Viton ISO250 Balzers BP213207T.
Photo of BP213209T BP 213 209-T Seal Ring Assy ISO/320 Balzers BP213209T.
Photo of BP213258X (or BP217129XS) BP 213 258 X Flange, with Pipe Socket DN 100 ISO K Balzers BP213258X.
Photo of BP213274T BP 213 274 -T Centering ring, 10/30X8 Balzers BP213274T.
Photo of BP213326T BP 213 326 T Seal Ring Assy, Centering ring, Viton/aluminium, 13/30mm Balzers BP213326T.
Photo of BP213329T BP 213 329 T Centering Ring, Viton/Aluminium Balzers BP213329T.
Photo of BP213330T BP 213 330 T Centering ring, Viton/aluminium DN 50KF Balzers BP213330T.
Photo of BP213331T BP 213 331 T Centering Ring, Reducing 16/10KF, Clamp Balzers BP213331T.
Photo of BP213333T BP 213 333 T Reducing centre ring, viton/aluminium KF32/40 Balzers BP213333T.
Photo of BP217002R BP 217 002 R Elbow, Piece Aluminium , 90deg Balzers BP217002R.
Part No. BP217003R BP 217 003 R Elbow, aluminium DN 25 ISO KF Balzers BP217003R.
Photo of BP217009R BP 217 009 R Tee Piece 10KF ALU Balzers BP217009R.
Part No. BP217011R BP 217 011 R T-piece aluminium DN 25 ISO KF Balzers BP217011R.
Photo of BP217012R BP 217 012 R Tee Connector Balzers BP217012R.
Part No. BP217013R BP 217 013 R Cross Piece, aluminium DN 10 ISO KF Balzers BP217013R.
Photo of BP217013RP BP 217 013 RP Cross Piece, 10KF Balzers BP217013RP.
Photo of BP217016R (or 018475L) BP 217 016 R Cross Piece, DN 40 ISO KF Balzers BP217016R.
Photo of BP217017R BP 217 017 R Cross Piece, Reducing, Al 10/16 KF Balzers BP217017R.
Photo of BP217019R BP 217 019 R Cross Piece, Reducing, 40/16 KF Balzers BP217019R
Photo of BP217020R (or 018480L) BP 217 020 R Intermediate Piece Aluminium DN 16 ISO KF Balzers BP217020R.
Photo of BP217021R BP 217 021 R Intermediate Piece Aluminium DN 25 ISO KF Balzers BP217021R.
Photo of BP217091X BP 217 091 X Elbow, ISO63 Balzers BP217091X.
Photo of BP217117X BP 217 117 X Tee Adaptor DN 63 ISO Balzers BP217117X.
Part No. BP217166X BP 217 166 X Bellows DN 40 ISO KF Balzers BP217166X.
Photo of BP217205X BP 217 205 X DN 100 ISO K Bellow Balzers BP217205X.
Photo of BP217208 BP 217 208 Blank 10KF Balzers BP217208.
Photo of BP217209 BP 217 209 Blanking Plate 16KF Balzers BP217209.
Photo of BP217408X BP 217 408 X Flexible Sleeve 45mm Balzers BP217408X.
Photo of BP217426T BP 217 426 T Clamping Ring DN10-16KF Balzers BP217426T.
Photo of BP217428T BP 217 428 T Clamping Ring, DN 32-40 KF Balzers BP217428T.
Photo of BP217495X BP 217 495 X Flexible Hose 40KFx250FMH Balzers BP217495X.
Photo of BP217540 BP 217 540 Blanking Flange ISO63 Balzers BP217540.
Photo of BP217542 BP 217 542 Blanking Flauge, 130X12mm Balzers BP217542.
Photo of BP217546R BP 217 546 R Blanking Flange ISO250 Balzers BP217546R.
Photo of BP217578 (or PF 324 016) BP 217 578 Elephants Knee Flexible Connection DN 160 ISO Balzers BP217578.
Part No. BP217607X BP 217 607 X DN 100 ISO -K SS Cross piece diameter 100mm Balzers BP217607X.
Part No. BP217627 BP 217 627 Reducing Intermediate Piece Aluminium Balzers BP217627.
Photo of BP217832X BP 217 832 X Tee Piece 10KF SS Balzers BP217832X.
Photo of BP217834X BP 217 834 X T-piece, Steel DN 25 ISO KF Balzers BP217834X.
Part No. BP217835X BP 217 835 X Tee Piece DN 40 ISO KF Balzers BP217835X.
Photo of BP217839X BP 217 839 X Cross Piece, SS DN 40 ISO KF Balzers BP217839X.
Photo of BP217840X BP 217 840 X Cross Piece, Reducing, SS 10/16KF Balzers BP217840X.
Part No. BP217844 BP 217 844 Reducing Intermediate Piece Steel Balzers BP217844.
Part No. BP217879R BP 217 879 R Flange, Rotary NW320 ISO 330B Balzers BP217879R.
Photo of BP220021 BP 220 021 Claw grip M8/22.5 Balzers BP220021.
Photo of BP220380 BP 220 380 Ring Balzers BP220380.
Photo of BP220745T (or 24655Z0319) BP 220 745 T Shutter Feedthrough Rotary Balzers BP220745T.
Photo of BP220840T BP 220 840 T Aluminium Seal ISO63 Balzers BP220840T.
Photo of BP220842T BP 220 842-T Aluminium Seal ISO160 Balzers BP220842T.
Photo of BP220874T BP 220 874 T Aluminiuim Seal ISO100 Set of 6 Balzers BP220874T.
Photo of BP220875T BP 220 875 T Seal, AL 160 ISO(set of 6) Balzers BP220875T.
Part No. BP220895 BP 220 895 Shaft for Rotary Lead in Shutter for BP 220 745 T Balzers BP220895.
Photo of BP220928X BP 220 928 X Elbow, PECVD NW40 Balzers BP220928X
Photo of BP220932T BP 220 932 T Fast clamping ring Balzers BP220932T.
Photo of BP220934T BP 220 934 T Fast Clamping Ring Balzers BP220934T.
Photo of BP220980X BP 220 980 X Elbow, 90deg St/Steel 16KF Balzers BP220980X.
Photo of BP222978T BP 222 978 T Cable Balzers BP222978T.
Photo of BP224328R BP 224 328 R O-Ring, 275x5.25, Nitrile Balzers BP224328R.
Photo of BP226836X BP 226 836 X Elephant's knee, Sleeve DN63 Balzers BP226836X.
Photo of BP310409 BP 310 409 Seal, Flat 18/13x2 Balzers BP310409.
Photo of BP310413 BP 310 413 Seal, flat Balzers BP310413.
Photo of BP310425 BP 310 425 Seal Balzers BP310425.
Photo of BP310434 BP 310 434 Seal, Flat Balzers BP310434.
Photo of BP310435 BP 310 435 Seal, flat Balzers BP310435.
Photo of BP310615 BP 310 615 Bearing, Bush Balzers BP310615.
Photo of BP310634 (or 310-634) BP 310 634 Filter, Pump Balzers BP310634.
Photo of BP310635 (or BP310 635) BP 310 635 Seal Balzers BP310635.
Photo of BP310758 BP 310 758 Gasket Balzers BP310758.
Photo of BP311715 BP 311 715 Bearing, Bush Protective Sleeve+B2360 Balzers BP311715.
Photo of BP3117341 BP 311 734 1 Filter, Oil, Sieves Large Mesh Balzers BP3117341.
Photo of BP3117342 BP 311 734 2 Filter, Oil, Sieves Small Mesh Balzers BP3117342.
Just In: Part No. BP311751 (or 31-1715) BP 311 751 Bush for DUO 170 Balzers BP311751.
Photo of BP311765 BP 311 765 Valve, Holder Balzers BP311765.
Photo of BP313321 BP 313 321 Bolt Balzers BP313321.
Photo of BP313420 BP 313 420 Sleeve Balzers BP313420.
Part No. BP330722T BP 330 722-T Heater Plate for DIF 320, 4000W Balzers BP330722T.
Photo of BP331287 BP 331 287 Insulated Pipe Coupling Balzers BP331287.
Photo of BP332445 BP 332 445 Membrane Balzers BP332445.
Just In: Part No. BP332962R (or 24655Z1874) BP 332 962 R Support for Diff500 Heater Plate Balzers BP332962R.
Photo of BP333053R BP 333 053 R Diffusion Pump Sight Glass Window Balzers BP333053R.
Photo of BP334038T BP 334 038 T LN2 Sensor Adaptor Balzers BP334038T.
Photo of BP334039T BP 334 039 T Liquid Nitrogen Supply Tube, 1.8m Balzers BP334039T.
Photo of BP334064R BP 334 064 R Heater Insulating Plate DIF500A Balzers BP334064R.
Photo of BP334071TA BP 334 071 TA Heater Plate, DIF500A/DIFF 500, 2400w 220v Balzers BP334071TA.
Photo of BP334071W BP 334 071 W Heater Plate, DIF500A/DIFF 800, 2400w 230v Balzers BP334071W.
Photo of BP334074W BP 334 074 W Heater Plate, DIF500A/DIFF 800, 34 RESISTANCE Balzers BP334074W.
Photo of BP334318 BP 334 318 Bridge, C918790 Balzers BP334318.
Part No. BP334438 BP 334 438 Nipple, for diffusion pump Balzers BP334438.
Photo of BP334488T (or ASCO (X)B263209LT) BP 334 488 T Valve, Solenoid, LN2 24V 50Hz 10.5W with Fittings Balzers BP334488T.
Photo of BP334999T BP 334 999 -T LN2 Sensor with Alternative connectors 272 mm Length 8.0mm Dia NS502 NS 502 Balzers BP334999T
Photo of BP335304 (or BP335 304) BP 335 304 Seal, for Sight Glass BP 335 314 -R Balzers BP335304.
Photo of BP335314R BP 335 314 R Sight Glass: Use Seal BP 335 304 Balzers BP335314R.
Part No. BP335499T BP 335 499 T Heater Plate for DIFF630A 415v Balzers BP335499T.
Photo of BP335503T (or BP 334 999 -T) BP 335 503 T LN2 Sensor with Alternative connectors 272 mm Length 8.0mm Dia NS502 NS 502 Balzers BP335503T.
Photo of BP335517T (or 24655Z1815) BP 335 517 T presse étoupe sonde Balzers BP335517T.
Part No. BP335725T (or BP 335 499 T) BP 335 725 T Heater Plate for DIFF630A 415v Balzers BP335725T.
Part No. BP335725W BP 335 725-W Heater Plate for DIFF630A 230V, 1500w Balzers BP335725W.
Part No. BP336525T (or BP 330 722-T) BP 336 525 T Heater Plate for DIF 320, 4000W Balzers BP336525T.
Part No. BP336740T BP 336 740 T Heating Plate to DIF 320, 4400W Balzers BP336740T.
Just In: Part No. BP410880 BP 410 880 Membrane, Balzers BP410880.
Part No. BP410881 BP 410 881 Membrane / Diaphragm for Plate Valve (BA510/ PVA 200/250) Balzers BP410881.
Photo of BP410882 BP 410 882 Membrane / Diaphragm for Plate Valve (BA710/ PVA 320/400) Balzers BP410882.
Photo of BP410883 (or 24655Z0310) BP 410 883 Membrane / Diaphragm for Plate Valve (BAK760) Balzers BP410883.
Photo of BP411251X BP 411 251 -X Valve, Plate CPL Balzers BP411251X.
Photo of BP411553 BP 411 553 Cover Panel Balzers BP411553.
Photo of BP411554 BP 411 554 Plate Balzers BP411554.
Photo of BP411586 BP 411 586 Shutter Balzers BP411586.
Photo of BP412779 (or BP 412 779 T) BP 412 779 Valve, Gate, Vanne Iris IB063, IB 063 Balzers BP412779.
Photo of BP412779T BP 412 779 T Valve, Gate, Vanne Iris IB063, IB 063 Balzers BP412779T
Photo of BP413079U BP 413 079 U Sensor Balzers BP413079U.
Photo of BP413261X BP 413 261 -X Membrane for RME010 Balzers BP413261X.
Photo of BP413408 BP 413 408 Spring Balzers BP413408.
Photo of BP413625 BP 413 625 Spring, compression Balzers BP413625.
Photo of BP414378X (or 213-256) BP 414 378 X Transition piece DN 40CF/40KF ISO-KF Balzers BP414378X.
Photo of BP414442X BP 414 442 X Bellows Rot flange Balzers BP414442X.
Photo of BP414553T BP 414 553-T Bolt Balzers BP414553T.
Photo of BP414606T BP 414 606 T Seal, Copper, 40CF Balzers BP414606T.
Photo of BP418061 BP 418 061 Special Connection DN 10KF Balzers BP418061.
Photo of BP418187 (or 24655Z0323) BP 418 187 Sleeve Butch Balzers BP418187.
Part No. BP418882 BP 418 882 Membrane Balzers BP418882.
Part No. BP419986 BP 419 986 Bearing, 17/35x10, 6" Planetary Holder Bearing Balzers BP419986.
Photo of BP720333 BP 720 333 Filter, K04143 Balzers BP720333.
Photo of BPB10250 (or URB 040) BP B10 250 Catalytic Trap, UBR 040, 220V, SN. 0705 Balzers BPB10250.
Photo of BPD06000 BP D06 000 DIF 160 Balzers BPD06000.
Just In: Part No. BPD06009 BP D06 009 DIF160 s/n1049 Balzers BPD06009.
Photo of BPH000713 (or ONF 171) BP H00 0713 Oil Mist Filter ONF 171 Balzers BPH000713.
Just In: Part No. BPH01018 (or FET 003 M) BP H01 018 FET 003 M Balzers BPH01018.

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