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Balzers BK Series

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Photo of BK202656 (or EDE110) BK 202 656 Water Housing for EDE 110 Balzers BK202656.
Photo of BK202657 BK 202 657 Ring Balzers BK202657.
Photo of BK202659 BK 202 659 Sleeve Balzers BK202659.
Photo of BK202660 BK 202 660 Nut, Knurled Balzers BK202660.
Photo of BK202661 BK 202 661 Flange Balzers BK202661.
Photo of BK202662 BK 202 662 ESQ 110 Flange Balzers BK202662.
Part No. BK202666 BK 202 666 Spring, Ring Balzers BK202666.
Photo of BK202673T BK 202 673 T Crucible Holder, Stem: 4-Pot for ESQ110 Balzers BK202673T.
Photo of BK202674 (or N 3801 118 A) BK 202 674 Key for Crucible Shaft, 2x2x10, SS Balzers BK202674.
Photo of BK202675 BK 202 675 E-Gun Intermediate Piece Balzers BK202675.
Photo of BK202685T BK 202 685 T Coil, ESQ110/113 Balzers BK202685T.
Photo of BK202688 BK 202 688 Anode 1 (Large) Balzers BK202688.
Photo of BK202689 BK 202 689 Anode 2 (Small) Balzers BK202689.
Photo of BK202691 BK 202 691 ESQ110 Cover Balzers BK202691.
Photo of BK202691CU BK 202 691 CU ESQ110 Scraper Plates Balzers BK202691CU.
Part No. BK202695 BK 202 695 Sreening Sheet Balzers BK202695.
Photo of BK202696 BK 202 696 Protection strip for ESQ 110 cover- short Balzers BK202696.
Photo of BK202697 (or BK 203 522 T) BK 202 697 Beam Balzers BK202697.
Photo of BK202698 BK 202 698 Yoke support wenhelt Balzers Balzers BK202698.
Just In: Part No. BK202699C (or 24655A0765) BK 202 699 C Cathode CPL Balzers BK202699C.
Photo of BK202699P BK 202 699 P Wehnelt Support ESQ212 Balzers BK202699P
Photo of BK202700 BK 202 700 Insulator. Ceramic Block for ESQ110 (New) Balzers BK202700.
Photo of BK202701 (or 518023 AX) BK 202 701 Insulator, Ceramic Balzers BK202701.
Photo of BK202702 BK 202 702 Wehnelt Plate (Upper (T)) Balzers BK202702.
Photo of BK202703 BK 202 703 Wehnelt Plate (Lower (E)) Balzers BK202703.
Photo of BK202709 BK 202 709 Selector, crucible position. For ESQ110 etc. Balzers BK202709.
Photo of BK202718 (or 24654Z5067) BK 202 718 Cathode holder - Right Connection Balzers BK202718.
Photo of BK202719 BK 202 719 Cathode holder - Left / Back Connection Balzers BK202719.
Photo of BK202720R BK 202 720 R Cathode Block Assembly Complete Balzers BK202720R.
Photo of BK202723 BK 202 723 Anode Holder Balzers BK202723.
Photo of BK202725X (or SFIH-270-3) BK 202 725 X Electron Gun Baseplate Balzers BK202725X.
Photo of BK202733 BK 202 733 Grub Screw,. Dog End. Special M4X20 for ESQ110 Crucibles Balzers BK202733.
Photo of BK202734T (or BK 204 853) BK 202 734 T Crucible Holder, Stem: Single-Pot for ESQ110 Balzers BK202734T.
Photo of BK202735 BK 202 735 Spacer, Stainless Steel (Sleeve) Balzers BK202735.
Photo of BK202737U BK 202 737 U Single Pot Crucible 80CC (BOM) Balzers BK202737U.
Photo of BK202738R BK 202 738 R Copper Cup for Crucible Water Cooling Balzers BK202738R.
Photo of BK202739 BK 202 739 Angle plate Balzers BK202739.
Photo of BK202740 BK 202 740 Cover Plate Balzers BK202740.
Photo of BK202745 BK 202 745 Connection Bar Balzers BK202745.
Photo of BK202751R1 (or BK 204 202 T) BK 202 751 R1 Crucible, 4 pot, ESQ 110 Balzers BK202751R1.
Part No. BK202753 BK 202 753 Crucible, Kidney Balzers BK202753.
Photo of BK202881X BK 202 881 X Feedthrough, High voltage EHD110 - 'Nude' Balzers BK202881X.
Photo of BK202895 (or 24655A0345) BK 202 895 Ceramic 'Straw' for EHD110 HV Feedthrough Balzers BK202895.
Photo of BK202896 BK 202 896 Ceramic Sleeve for EHD110 (See also BK204045) Balzers BK202896.
Photo of BK202897 BK 202 897 Ceramic Top Hat for EHD110 HV Feedthrough Balzers BK202897.
Photo of BK202900UA BK 202 900 UA High Current Lead-in Balzers BK202900UA.
Photo of BK202901 BK 202 901 High Current Lead-in Balzers BK202901.
Photo of BK202903 (or 22800A0011) BK 202 903 Bush, PTFE Insulator Balzers BK202903.
Photo of BK202904 BK 202 904 Copper Rod with Threaded Ends Balzers BK202904.
Photo of BK202906 (or 22800A0013) BK 202 906 Insulating Sleeve 30/32x14 Balzers BK202906.
Photo of BK202907 (or 22800A0014) BK 202 907 Insulating Disc 31/50x0.5 Balzers BK202907.
Photo of BK202908 (or 22800A0015) BK 202 908 Insulating disk. Washer Balzers BK202908.
Photo of BK203010 BK 203 010 Connecting rail Balzers BK203010.
Photo of BK203011 BK 203 011 Upper Shim Balzers BK203011.
Photo of BK203012 BK 203 012 Lower Shim Balzers BK203012.
Photo of BK203013 BK 203 013 Rectangular Block (Stiffening) Balzers BK203013.
Part No. BK203014 BK 203 014 Filament Feeler Gauge (Setting Tool) Balzers BK203014.
Photo of BK203015 BK 203 015 Rectangular Blocks Balzers BK203015.
Photo of BK203016 BK 203 016 Connection Complete Balzers BK203016.
Photo of BK203018 BK 203 018 Insulating Ring Balzers BK203018.
Photo of BK203020T BK 203 020 T Seal, Kit for ESQ110 ESQ113 Balzers BK203020T.
Photo of BK203115U BK 203 115 U Nut, Knurled, ESQ110 Balzers BK203115U.
Photo of BK203270R BK 203 270 R Pin, Threaded Balzers BK203270R.
Photo of BK203320 BK 203 320 Centering piece Balzers BK203320.
Photo of BK203439 BK 203 439 Pole shoe, left Balzers BK203439.
Photo of BK203440 BK 203 440 Pole shoe, right Balzers BK203440.
Photo of BK203522T BK 203 522 T Beam Balzers BK203522T
Photo of BK203524X BK 203 524 X Copper Bar ESQ212 Balzers BK203524X.
Photo of BK203590T BK 203 590 T Filament setting gauge Balzers BK203590T.
Photo of BK203694 BK 203 694 Anode ESQ212 Balzers BK203694.
Photo of BK203736 BK 203 736 Cathode Holder ESQ212 Left Balzers BK203736.
Photo of BK203738 (or BK 202 699 P) BK 203 738 Wehnelt Support ESQ212 Balzers BK203738.
Photo of BK203739 BK 203 739 ESQ212 BK203783 Balzers BK203739.
Photo of BK203741 BK 203 741 Bearing, Bush Bronze ESQ212 Friction Balzers BK203741.
Photo of BK203767 BK 203 767 ESQ 212 WASHERS Balzers BK203767.
Photo of BK203768 BK 203 768 ESQ212 Plate Balzers BK203768.
Photo of BK203783 BK 203 783 ESQ212 magnet caps Balzers BK203783.
Photo of BK203785 BK 203 785 Gear Balzers BK203785.
Photo of BK203806 BK 203 806 Panel Back Balzers BK203806.
Photo of BK203824 BK 203 824 Shunt ESQ 212 Balzers BK203824.
Photo of BK203825 BK 203 825 ESQ212 Shunt Balzers BK203825.
Photo of BK203826 BK 203 826 ESQ212 Special Vent Screw Cheese Hd Balzers BK203826.
Photo of BK203833TF BK 203 833 -T/F E-Gun Positioning System Balzers BK203833TF.
Photo of BK203879T BK 203 879 T Crucible ESQ 212, 4 Pot Balzers BK203879T.
Photo of BK203889 BK 203 889 ESQ212 Bar Balzers BK203889.
Part No. BK203919A BK 203 919 A Cathode Block Balzers BK203919A.
Photo of BK204045 BK 204 045 Top Hat Insulator (New Type) for EHD110 HV Feedthrough Balzers BK204045.
Photo of BK204054T BK 204 054 T Oscillating Kidney Crucible, ESQ 110 Balzers BK204054T.
Photo of BK204080T BK 204 080 T Feedthrough CPL. HS 300U Balzers BK204080T.
Part No. BK204128T BK 204 128-T Cathode Block Kit for ESQ110 Balzers BK204128T.
Photo of BK204129T BK 204 129 T E-Gun Copper Base, CATHODE CPL. Balzers BK204129T.
Photo of BK204202T BK 204 202 T Crucible, 4 pot, ESQ 110 Balzers BK204202T
Photo of BK204399X BK 204 399 X Feedthrough, High Voltage UHV Balzers BK204399X.
Photo of BK204739U BK 204 739 U Filament spacing gauge Balzers BK204739U.
Photo of BK204849 BK 204 849 E Gun Cover ESQ212 Balzers BK204849.
Part No. BK204851T BK 204 851 T Crucible Holder, Stem: 4-Pot for ESQ113 Balzers BK204851T.
Photo of BK204859T BK 204 859 -T Crucible, 4-pot, with 30 cm3 pots for ESQ 113 Balzers BK204859T.
Photo of BK204861T BK 204 861 T Crucible Cover Balzers BK204861T.
Photo of BK204862T BK 204 862 T Crucible Cover Balzers BK204862T.
Photo of BK204865HS BK 204 865 HS Cross Contamination Shield, OFC Crucible Brazement, ESQ Balzers BK204865HS.
Photo of BK204869T BK 204 869 T Crucible Single Pot 30CC Balzers BK204869T.
Part No. BK204890T (or 24655Z1086) BK 204 890 T cruzet spez. Topftiegel set Balzers BK204890T.
Photo of BK205204R BK 205 204 R MC Pin Balzers BK205204R.
Part No. BK205297T BK 205 297 T Cryo Cooling Array Balzers BK205297T.
Photo of BK205475 BK 205 475 ESQ212 Special Vent Screw Balzers BK205475.
Just In: Part No. BK206216 BK 206 216 Magnet System AK618 for LLS-801 / LLS-802 Balzers BK206216.
Photo of BK207038 BK 207 038 Flange, for ESQ212 Balzers BK207038.
Photo of BK207054TP BK 207 054 TP Crucible Cover ESQ 212 Balzers BK207054TP.
Photo of BK207056 BK 207 056 ESQ212 Holding Plate Balzers BK207056.
Photo of BK207063 BK 207 063 ESQ212 Pole Shoe left Balzers BK207063.
Photo of BK207064 BK 207 064 ESQ212 Pole Shoe Right Balzers BK207064.
Photo of BK207065 BK 207 065 ESQ212 Pole Shoe Left Balzers BK207065.
Photo of BK207066 BK 207 066 ESQ212 Pole Shoe Right Balzers BK207066.
Photo of BK207080TA BK 207 080 TA ESQ212 Cathode Assembly Balzers BK207080TA.
Photo of BK207080TU BK 207 080 TU ESQ212 EB System Unassembled Balzers BK207080TU.
Photo of BK207083T BK 207 083 T Cathode Cover ESQ212 Balzers BK207083T.
Photo of BK207107T BK 207 107 T Lateral Coil for ESQ212 Balzers BK207107T.
Photo of BK207109T BK 207 109 T Longitudinal coil ESQ212 Balzers BK207109T.
Photo of BK207111TA BK 207 111 TA Rod, Magnet ESQ212 Balzers BK207111TA.
Part No. BK207325T BK 207 325 T Crucible ESQ212, 4 pot Balzers BK207325T.
Photo of BK207405T BK 207 405 T Feedthrough, High Voltage, EH 200 (EH200) Balzers BK207405T.
Photo of BK207554T BK 207 554 T Coil, Double Connector Balzers BK207554T.
Part No. BK207575T (or 24655Z0464) BK 207 575 T Feedthrough, High voltage EHD110 Balzers BK207575T.
Photo of BK207765 BK 207 765 Insulating Pillar Balzers BK207765.
Photo of BK372317T BK 372 317 T Cable, Penning Gauge Lead Balzers BK372317T.
Photo of BK378805X BK 378 805 X Multi Flange Balzers BK378805X.
Photo of BK384485T BK 384 485 T Crucible Cover, 4 Pot Balzers BK384485T.
Just In: Part No. BKM01514 BK M01 514 QMA120, QMA 120 Balzers BKM01514.
Photo of BKM01751 (or QMA 064) BK M01 751 Quadrupole Gas Analyser Sensor, QMA 064 Balzers BKM01751.
Photo of BKM06002 (or BK M06002 / 1279) BK M06002 QMG 064, Partial Pressure Gauge, 19" Rack mounting Balzers BKM06002.
Photo of BKM060021279 BK M06002 / 1279 QMG 064, Partial Pressure Gauge, 19" Rack mounting Balzers BKM060021279
Photo of BK202704R BK 202 704 -R Filament, Cathode for ESQ EBG, pack of 10 Balzers BK202704R

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