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Balzers BGD Series

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Photo of BGD02764 BG D02 764 IMG040 Automatic Ion Gauge Control Balzers BGD02764.
Photo of BGD02770 BG D02 770 IMG040 Automatic Ion Gauge Control Balzers BGD02770.
Photo of BGD03350 (or IKG 010) BG D03 350 IKG 010 Balzers BGD03350.
Photo of BGD04509 (or IKW 010) BG D04 509 High Vac. Relay IKW010 Balzers BGD04509.
Photo of BGD04512 (or IKW 010) BG D04 512 IKW 010, High Vaccum Relay IKW010, 230V Balzers BGD04512.
Photo of BGD04768 (or IMG 060 B) BG D04 768 IMG 060B Log/Lin Ion Gauge Control IMG060 IMG060B Balzers BGD04768.
Photo of BGD06256 (or PKG020) BG D06 256 PKG 020 Pirani-cold cathode gauge control, PKG020 Balzers BGD06256.
Photo of BGD06502 (or VWS 110) BG D06 502 VWS 110 Relay Driver (VWS110) Balzers BGD06502.
Photo of BGD13500 (or TPG 070) BG D13 500 Multi pirani meter TPG 070 Balzers BGD13500.
Photo of BGD13505 (or TPG070) BG D13 505 TPG 070 Multi Pirani meter Balzers BGD13505.
Photo of BGD13750 BG D13 750 Display Terminal EDT101 Balzers BGD13750.
Photo of BGD14250 (or VWS 120) BG D14 250 VWS 120, Vacuum Controller VWS120, 220V, 50-60Hz, 20W Balzers BGD14250.
Photo of BGD14256 (or VWS120) BG D14 256 VWS 120, Vacuum Controller VWS120 Balzers BGD14256.
Photo of BGD15750 (or IMG 070) BG D15 750 IMG070 Ion Gauge Controller Balzers BGD15750.
Photo of BGD15751 (or IMG 070) BG D15 751 Ion Gauge Control IMG 070 Balzers BGD15751.
Photo of BGD15753 (or IMG 070) BG D15 753 Ion Gauge Control IMG 070 Balzers BGD15753.
Photo of BGD15763 (or IMG 070) BG D15 763 Ion Gauge Control IMG 070 Balzers BGD15763.
Photo of BGD15766 (or IMG 070) BG D15 766 Ion Gauge Control IMG 070, 220V, 50-60Hz Balzers BGD15766.
Photo of BGD16008 (or BG D16 008 A) BG D16 008 Multi Pirani Meter TPG 100 M4, 220V, 50-60Hz, 40VA Balzers BGD16008.
Photo of BGD16008A BG D16 008 A Multi Pirani Meter TPG 100 M4, 220V, 50-60Hz, 40VA Balzers BGD16008A
Part No. BGD16015 BG D16 015 Multi Pirani Meter TPG 100 Balzers BGD16015.
Photo of BGD17000 BG D17 000 Pirani Cold Cathode gauge Control PKG 100 Balzers BGD17000.
Photo of BGD17013 BG D17 013 PKG 100 Pirani Cold Cathode Gauge Control S/N: 524 Balzers BGD17013.
Photo of BGD19001A BG D19 001 A ETD 101 Temp. Display Balzers BGD19001A.
Photo of BGD20500 BG D20 500 Absolute Pressure Meter, APG 100 Balzers BGD20500.
Photo of BGD21250 BG D21 250 QMG 064 Partial Pressure Gauge, 220V, 180W Balzers BGD21250.
Photo of BGD21254 (or QMG 064) BG D21 254 QMG 064 Partial Pressure Gauge, 220V, 180W Balzers BGD21254.
Photo of BGD21260 BG D21 260 QMG 064 Partial Pressure Gauge, 220V, 180W Balzers BGD21260.
Photo of BGD21262 BG D21 262 QMG 064 Partial Pressure Gauge, 220V, 180W Balzers BGD21262.
Photo of BGD22500 BG D22 500 ECD 101 current display Balzers BGD22500.
Photo of BGD22750 (or ECD 201) BG D22 750 ECD 201 Current Display, 220V, 50-60Hz, 20W Balzers BGD22750.
Photo of BGD24750 BG D24 750 Rekorder 24 Kanel Balzers BGD24750
Photo of BGD24752PCB BG D24 752 PCB PCB, 420 3.25" floppy disc interface board, unpopulated. Balzers BGD24752PCB.
Photo of BGD25257 BG D25 257 TPG 300 Total Pressure Controller, TPG300 Balzers BGD25257
Photo of BGD25258 (or BGD25258) BG D25 258 TPG300 Total Pressure Controller Balzers BGD25258.
Photo of BGD25750 BG D25 750 Multi Gauge IMG 300 (IMG300) Balzers BGD25750.
Just In: Part No. BGD25757 BG D25 757 Multi Gauge IMG 300 (IMG300) Balzers BGD25757.
Photo of BGD26563 (or QMG 421 C) BG D26 563 QMG 421 C, 180-265V, 50-60Hz, 480W, (including - QC421, DI420, DO420, OH421) Balzers BGD26563.
Photo of BGD27260 (or QMI 421) BG D27 260 QMI 421, 230V, 50-60Hz, 440W Balzers BGD27260.
Photo of BGD28000 BG D28 000 TPG 251 Compact Gauge Control Unit Balzers BGD28000.
Photo of BGD28250 BG D28 250 TPG 252 Compact Gauge Control Unit Balzers BGD28250.
Photo of BGD28504 BG D28 504 Balzers Prisma QME 200 RGA Electronic Box Balzers BGD28504.
Photo of BGD41315G (or MFU 410) BG D41 315 G MFU 410 Balzers BGD41315G.
Photo of BGG01503 BG G01 503 IMR 110 Gauge Head Complete (See IGH110IKR) Balzers BGG01503.
Photo of BGG01753 BG G01 753 IMR 120 Balzers BGG01753.
Photo of BGG02250 (or PTR02250) BG G02 250 TPR 010 Gauge Head with Octal Connector Balzers BGG02250.
Photo of BGG02251 BG G02 251 TPR 010 Replacement Gauge Head Balzers BGG02251.
Photo of BGG02270 (or PTR02270) BG G02 270 TPR 010 Gauge Head with Socket Connector Balzers BGG02270.
Photo of BGG04502 BG G04 502 HV 5 Balzers BGG04502.
Photo of BGG04502A BG G04 502 A HV5 Exchange Balzers BGG04502A.
Photo of BGG05512 (or 24655Z1638) BG G05 512 crystal holder QSK300.A Balzers BGG05512.
Photo of BGG07751 BG G07 751 Light Source for Optical Monitor, WLL 201, WLL201 Balzers BGG07751.
Part No. BGG10250 BG G10 250 QSK 610 Balzers BGG10250.
Photo of BGG12500 BG G12 500 IKR 020 Balzers BGG12500.
Photo of BGG12510 BG G12 510 IKR020 Penning Gauge, IKR 020 Balzers BGG12510.
Part No. BGG12530 BG G12 530 IKR020 Penning Gauge High Voltage Balzers BGG12530.
Photo of BGG12532 (or B 4728 261 A) BG G12 532 IKR 020 Connector Balzers BGG12532.
Just In: Part No. BGG13814 (or GLS 401 A) BG G13 814 Optical monitor,CAGE, R3-S7 BAP 800 Balzers BGG13814.
Photo of BGG14314 (or GF 401 A) BG G14 314 Optical monitor light source, RS-S7/GLS-401-A Balzers BGG14314.
Photo of BGG15000 BG G15 000 TPR 018 S/N 1328 Balzers BGG15000.
Photo of BGG15001 BG G15 001 TPR 018 CF Balzers BGG15001.
Photo of BGG15014 BG G15 014 Pirani Gauge Head TPR 018 40 CF Balzers BGG15014.
Photo of BGG18500 (or PT R18 500) BG G18 500 Gauge, Penning IKR050, ISO 25KF Balzers BGG18500.
Photo of BGG18501 (or PTR18501) BG G18 501 Gauge, Penning IKR050, ISO 40KF Balzers BGG18501.
Part No. BGG19250 BG G19 250 Compact pirani gauge TPR250 Balzers BGG19250.
Part No. BGG25501 (or PTR25501) BG G25 501 Cold Cathode Gauge IKR251 Balzers BGG25501.
Photo of BGG26001 (or PTR26000) BG G26 001 Gauge Head, PKR251 Balzers BGG26001.
Photo of BGM03253 (or IRU 101) BG M03 253 IRU 101, IR accesory unit Balzers BGM03253.
Photo of BGM03500 BG M03 500 WLE 301, IR Reciever Balzers BGM03500.
Photo of BGM04313 (or TCO 101) BG M04 313 TCO 101 (TC 101, AC 101, AM 101, AM 103) Balzers BGM04313.
Photo of BGM04759 (or MSF 20) BG M04 759 Module, BSF 20, Feeder control Balzers BGM04759.
Photo of BGM05504 (or RVG 030) BG M05 504 RVG 030, Valve control unit Balzers BGM05504.
Photo of BGM06500 (or NLC102) BG M06 500 NLC 102 Nitrogen level control Balzers BGM06500.
Photo of BGM06520 (or NLC 102 B) BG M06 520 NLC 102 B Nitrogen level control, 220V, 60 Hz, 6W Balzers BGM06520.
Photo of BGM06523 (or NLC 102A) BG M06 523 NLC 102A NLC 102B Nitrogen Level Control Balzers BGM06523.
Just In: Part No. BGM06752 (or EHU 103) BG M06 752 High Voltage Relay, EHU 103 Balzers BGM06752.
Photo of BGM08313 (or QME 064) BG M08 313 Partial Pressure Gauge Controller, QME 064 Balzers BGM08313.
Just In: Part No. BGM08813 BG M08 813 Microcomputer system, MCS 111 Balzers BGM08813.
Photo of BGM09063 (or FPS 100) BG M09 063 FPS100 Filament Power Supply Balzers BGM09063.
Just In: Part No. BGM09750 BG M09 750 Module, BSM 103 (BSM103) Meissner Trap Control Balzers BGM09750.
Photo of BGM09751 BG M09 751 Module, BSM 103 (BSM103) Meissner Trap Control Balzers BGM09751.
Photo of BGM10001 (or BSD 104) BG M10 001 Module, BSD 104, Rotary cage control Balzers BGM10001.
Photo of BGM11000 (or BCS 101) BG M11 000 BCS 101- Chopper supply Balzers BGM11000.
Photo of BGM12500 BG M12 500 RVG040 (RVG 040) Valve Controller, 220V Balzers BGM12500.
Photo of BGM12504 (or HS2702) BG M12 504 RVG040 (RVG 040) Valve Controller, 220V Balzers BGM12504.
Photo of BGM12505 BG M12 505 RVG040 (RVG 040) Valve Controller, 220V Balzers BGM12505.
Photo of BGM12813 BG M12 813 Power supply, Radio Frequency, RFS 102 Balzers BGM12813.
Photo of BGM12818 (or B37-30) BG M12 818 Power supply, Radio Frequency, RFS 102 (RFS102) Balzers BGM12818.
Photo of BGM13067 (or TKU401) BG M13 067 TKU 401 Temperature Control Unit Balzers BGM13067.
Photo of BGM14001 (or BSD201A) BG M14 001 Module, BSD 201A rotary cage control Balzers BGM14001.
Photo of BGM14313 (or TMU 100) BG M14 313 Temperature Measuring Unit TMU 100 Balzers BGM14313.
Photo of BGM14564 (or TMU 110) BG M14 564 TMU 110, Temperature Measuring Unit, 220V, 50-60Hz, 15W Balzers BGM14564.
Photo of BGM18002 (or TKU 201 A) BG M18 002 Temperature Control Unit, TKU 201A (TKU201A) 19" Rack mounting Balzers BGM18002.
Photo of BGM18567 (or TMU120) BG M18 567 Temperature Measuring Unit TMU120 Balzers BGM18567.
Just In: Part No. BGM21270 BG M21 270 BPU 100 - ECU 101 Card frame Balzers BGM21270.
Just In: Part No. BGM21279 (or ECU101) BG M21 279 ECU101 Balzers BGM21279.
Photo of BGM21501 (or BST102) BG M21 501 Module, BST 102 Test Change Control Balzers BGM21501.
Just In: Part No. BGM21541 BG M21 541 Module, BST 102 Balzers BGM21541.
Just In: Part No. BGM22001 (or QRG 201 C) BG M22 001 Rate Monitor QRG 201 C Balzers BGM22001.
Photo of BGM22750A (or ETS110) BG M22 750 A ETS110 ETS 110, Crucible Position Controller Balzers BGM22750A.
Photo of BGM22813 (or EVS200) BG M22 813 Assembly, 19" rack mounting with PSU for 200 series modules EVS200 Balzers BGM22813.
Just In: Part No. BGM23314 BG M23 314 CON 700 Balzers BGM23314.
Photo of BGM25813 (or GIU100) BG M25 813 GIU 100 GIU100 Gas Injection Unit Balzers BGM25813.
Photo of BGM28814 (or BG M28 816) BG M28 814 TKU410 TKU 410 Heater Control Balzers BGM28814.
Photo of BGM29000 (or BG M29 003) BG M29 000 Power supply for BPU100 system, 50-60Hz, 220V, EPS101 EPS 101 Balzers BGM29000.
Photo of BGM29003 BG M29 003 Power supply for BPU100 system, 50-60Hz, 220V, EPS101 EPS 101 Balzers BGM29003
Photo of BGM31250 (or TFN 101) BG M31 250 TFN 010, 220V, 50/60Hz, 15W Balzers BGM31250.
Photo of BGM31563 (or RFS 300) BG M31 563 RF Power Supply, RFS 300, 3x380V Balzers BGM31563.
Photo of BGM31752 (or EKS110A) BG M31 752 Electron Gun Control EKS110A Balzers BGM31752.
Photo of BGM31813 (or RFC200) BG M31 813 RFC200 Unit, Tuning Controller, 220v, 50-60Hz Balzers BGM31813.
Photo of BGM33313 BG M33 313 Shutter Control Unit SSC 301 Balzers BGM33313.
Just In: Part No. BGM34005 BG M34 005 BPU 100 - ECU 201 empty Balzers BGM34005.
Just In: Part No. BGM34006 BG M34 006 ECU 201 (EPS 101, QM 101, OU 101, BL 101) Balzers BGM34006.
Photo of BGM34750 (or EFS110) BG M34 750 EFS 110, Remote Control, Crucible Drive Balzers BGM34750.
Photo of BGM34813 BG M34 813 GPS 400 Balzers BGM34813.
Photo of BGM36250 (or BSZ 105) BG M36 250 Module, BSZ 105- TIMER Balzers BGM36250.
Photo of BGM37250 (or DPA 201) BG M37 250 DPA 201, Pumping Unit Control, 220V, 50Hz, 100W Balzers BGM37250.
Just In: Part No. BGM39015 (or ETR101) BG M39 015 ETR101 s/n 205 Balzers BGM39015.
Just In: Part No. BGM39017 (or ETR101) BG M39 017 ETR101 frame with switch Balzers BGM39017.
Just In: Part No. BGM41250 BG M41 250 Adaptor, BPU/BSV, BVA 101 (BVA101) Balzers BGM41250.
Just In: Part No. BGM42251 BG M42 251 Adaptor QSR/EDU QSA 101 (QSA1010) Balzers BGM42251.
Just In: Part No. BGM42252 BG M42 252 Adaptor QSR/EDU QSA 101 (QSA1010) Balzers BGM42252.
Photo of BGM42753 BG M42 753 Start Unit, ESU 101 (ESU101) Balzers BGM42753.
Photo of BGM42754 (or ESU 101) BG M42 754 ESU 101 Start unit Balzers BGM42754.
Just In: Part No. BGM42759 (or ESU 101) BG M42 759 ESU 101 start unit Balzers BGM42759.
Just In: Part No. BGM43500 BG M43 500 ETI 101 Balzers BGM43500.
Photo of BGM44751 (or EEU 301) BG M44 751 EEU 301, 3x220/380V 60Hz Balzers BGM44751.
Photo of BGM45813A BG M45 813 A EEC 300 (EEC300) Balzers BGM45813A.
Photo of BGM46000 BG M46 000 Throttle valve controller RVG 060 Balzers BGM46000.
Just In: Part No. BGM46501 (or EEU401) BG M46 501 EEU 401 emergency cutout s/n175 Balzers BGM46501.
Photo of BGM48264 (or HGG 700) BG M48 264 High Voltage Unit HGG 700, HGG700 Balzers BGM48264.
Photo of BGM50751 (or TCU102) BG M50 751 Throttling Control TCU 102 Balzers BGM50751.
Photo of BGM52000 (or MSU101) BG M52 000 Magnetron Switching unit MSU101 Balzers BGM52000.
Photo of BGM54500 (or EEO 101) BG M54 500 EEO101 Emergency Stop s/n192 Balzers BGM54500.
Photo of BGM57250 (or ESP201) BG M57 250 ESP 201 Set Point Unit. Balzers BGM57250.
Photo of BGM58010 (or QCC 101) BG M58 010 QCC101 Quartz change control, QCC 101 Balzers BGM58010.
Just In: Part No. BGM58262 (or QMC 120) BG M58 262 RGA, QMA 120 inc. TPC 040, VAT and QME112 Balzers BGM58262.
Just In: Part No. BGM59000 (or MCU 110) BG M59 000 Magnetron Control Unit, MCU 110 Balzers BGM59000.
Photo of BGM60750 (or BSD105) BG M60 750 Module, BSD 105, Rotary Cage Control Balzers BGM60750.
Photo of BGM61001 (or BSM104) BG M61 001 Meissner Trap Control, 220V, 50-60Hz, 200VA, BSM 104 Balzers BGM61001.
Photo of BGM63250 (or EPG101) BG M63 250 EPG 101 (sn 160) Balzers BGM63250.
Part No. BGM65013 (or HVS 107) BG M65 013 Electron Beam High Voltage Supply, HVS 107, (3x 380/220V, 50Hz, 11000kW) Balzers BGM65013.
Photo of BGM66500 (or RTA101) BG M66 500 RTA 101 Rate time adder Balzers BGM66500.
Just In: Part No. BGM69500 (or EDS 100) BG M69 500 Disconnect Switch Unit, EDS 100, (3x380/220V, 50Hz) Balzers BGM69500.
Photo of BGM69750 (or QME 311) BG M69 750 Electrometer Amplifier, QME 311 (220V, 50-60Hz, 10W) Balzers BGM69750.
Photo of BGM70000 (or SSC 15/02/1101) BG M70 000 Shutter control unit SSC 101 SSC101 Balzers BGM70000.
Photo of BGM74500 BG M74 500 RG 101 Power Generator sn101 Balzers BGM74500.
Photo of BGM77001 (or RFS102) BG M77 001 RFS102 19" card frame s/n72 Balzers BGM77001.
Just In: Part No. BGS02254 (or QSG 201 C) BG S02 254 Quartz Crystal Thin Film Monitor, QSG 201 C Balzers BGS02254.
Just In: Part No. BGS02754 (or QSB 101) BG S02 754 QSB 101 (EPS 101, MC 101, KB 101, IU 201, QM 101, OU 101, DA 101, BL 101) Balzers BGS02754.
Photo of BGS03250 (or OSM101) BG S03 250 OSM 101 Optical Thin Film Monitor Balzers BGS03250.
Photo of BGS04250 (or QSG301) BG S04 250 QSG 301 Quartz crystal thickness Monitor Balzers BGS04250.
Part No. BG510306AS BG510 306AS PCB Balzers BG510306AS.
Photo of BG510959X BG 510 959 - X Anode for IKR020 Balzers BG510959X
Part No. BG524165 BG524 165 Disk for QSK610a Balzers BG524165.
Photo of BG524182 BG 524 182 Disk QSK610 Balzers BG524182
Photo of BG526335T BG 526 335 --T Pump controller PC 101 Balzers BG526335T
Photo of BG526335WA BG 526 335 -WA Pump controller PC 101 Balzers BG526335WA
Photo of BG527066TE BG 527 066 -T/E PCB, LN2 Balzers BG527066TE
Photo of BG531820X BG 531 820 -X Thermocouple DN 10KF 1.0m Balzers BG531820X
Photo of BG572905T BG 572 905 -T NC200 NC 200 Control Module Balzers BG572905T
Photo of BGD25258 BG D25 258 TPG300 Total Pressure Controller Balzers BGD25258
Just In: Part No. BGM29563 (or EPU 101) BGM 29 563 Process Unit, EPU 101 Balzers BGM29563.
Photo of BGM755000133 BGM 75 500 / 0133 Sublimation pump control USS 110 (USS110) Balzers BGM755000133.
Photo of BGM64250104 BG M64 250 - / 104 LSC 15/02/1110 Longitudinal Sweep Control s/n104 Balzers BGM64250104
Photo of BHT770T (or G6943) BHT-770-T Dish and plate for base, Stainless Steal Balzers BHT770T.

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