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Balzers BD Series

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Photo of BD480048T BD 480 048 T Oil 61 (diff) 2 Litres Balzers BD480048T.
Photo of BD480063T BD 480 063 T Oil Silicon 71 2 liters for Diffusion Pump Balzers BD480063T.
Part No. BD481109T BD 481 109 T Copper 99.9% Coating Material 500g Balzers BD481109T.
Photo of BD481143T BD 481 143-T Nickel Wire 99%, 1mm, coating material 100g Balzers BD481143T.
Just In: Part No. BD481284T BD 481 284 -T Silicon monoxide, 3.5-5mm, 99,9%, 500g bottle Balzers BD481284T.
Photo of BD481289T BD 481 289 -T Silicon monoxide, 0,7-1,5mm, 99,9%, 500g bottle Balzers BD481289T.
Photo of BD481299T BD 481 299 -T Titanium Dioxide Tablets, 99.5%, 500g bottle Balzers BD481299T.
Photo of BD481601T BD 481 601 T Disc, Pack of 5 Aluminium (Coating Material) Balzers BD481601T.
Photo of BD481650T BD 481 650-T 4 pocket crucible liners, for esq 110, 30mm x 14mm, 4CM³ volume Balzers BD481650T.
Photo of BD481651T BD 481 651 T Liner, Graphite, 60cc Balzers BD481651T.
Part No. BD481653T BD 481 653 T Liner, Graphite, for ESQ110 Balzers BD481653T.
Photo of BD481654T BD 481 654 T Liner, Crucible, Molybdenum Balzers BD481654T.
Photo of BD481658T BD 481 658 -T Molybdenum Liners Balzers BD481658T.
Photo of BD481659T BD 481 659 T Liner, Crucible, Molybdenum, 30mm x 15mm, 4cm3 Balzers BD481659T.
Photo of BD481660T (or 24655Z0516) BD 481 660 -T Liner, Crucible, Molybdenum 74mm, 55 ccm Balzers BD481660T.
Photo of BD481662T BD 481 662 T Liner, Graphite, for ESQ110 Balzers BD481662T.
Photo of BD481915T BD 481 915 T Aluminium Foil 100mm Balzers BD481915T.
Photo of BD482054T BD 482 054 T Molybdenum Boats with Covers Balzers BD482054T.
Photo of BD482086T BD 482 086 -T Tantalum Boats Balzers BD482086T.
Photo of BD482207T BD 482 207 T Filament, Tungsten For IAD Balzers BD482207T.
Just In: Part No. BD483730T BD 483 730 T Planer Magnetron Sputtering Targets Pure Quartz 99.99% Balzers BD483730T.
Photo of BD483825T (or 30401-00592-00) BD 483 825 T Contact foil (10 pieces) AK517 Balzers BD483825T.
Part No. BD484070T BD 484 070 T Silcoat Balzers BD484070T.
Photo of BDG06502 (or VWS 110) BD G06 502 Relay Driver, VWS 110 (220V, 50Hz) Balzers BDG06502.
Photo of BD484776T BD 484 776 --T Half Discs, Frosted Quartz Plates, 70mm Balzers BD484776T
Just In: Part No. BELLOWS BELLOWS Bellows, various sizes and fittings Balzers BELLOWS.

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