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Balzers BB Series

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Photo of BB012133X BB 012 133 X Gas Inlet Connection Balzers BB012133X.
Photo of BB013020 (or 24655Z0986) BB 013 020 Spring, ring Balzers BB013020.
Photo of BB013061 BB 013 061 Washer, Brass for BAK Door Balzers BB013061.
Just In: Part No. BB013120A BB 013 120 A Ring, Spring, BAK Door Balzers BB013120A.
Photo of BB015491 BB 015 491 Cover, Sensor Housing Balzers BB015491.
Photo of BB107017U BB 107 017 U Filament Plasma Igniter, Ignitor Balzers BB107017U.
Photo of BB107030T BB 107 030 T Plasma Igniter, Ignitor Balzers BB107030T.
Photo of BB107033T BB 107 033 T Ring, Circulation, Isolating Balzers BB107033T.
Photo of BB107036T BB 107 036 T Interlock Balzers BB107036T.
Photo of BB107048 BB 107 048 Backing Plate Balzers BB107048.
Photo of BB107049R BB 107 049 R Coupling Balzers BB107049R.
Photo of BB107077T (or N4001326) BB 107 077 T Bearing, 45/75x16 Balzers BB107077T.
Photo of BB107261T BB 107 261 T Bearing Balzers BB107261T.
Photo of BB107269T BB 107 269 T Coupling, Actuator Balzers BB107269T.
Photo of BB107495 BB 107 495 Isolator Balzers BB107495.
Photo of BB107496 BB 107 496 Isolator Balzers BB107496.
Photo of BB108006R BB 108 006 R Sprocket Wheel Balzers BB108006R.
Photo of BB108920X BB 108 920 X Pin-Lift Balzers BB108920X.
Photo of BB108922 BB 108 922 Drilled bar Balzers BB108922.
Photo of BB108923 BB 108 923 Bracket pair Balzers BB108923.
Photo of BB108924 BB 108 924 Bracket Balzers BB108924.
Photo of BB108995X BB 108 995 X Stop piece bolt Balzers BB108995X.
Photo of BB110053 BB 110 053 Glow discharge Insulator Balzers BB110053.
Photo of BB112762 BB 112 762 Ring, 61/93mm Balzers BB112762.
Photo of BB115041 BB 115 041 S/S Ring for Glow Discharge Feedthrough Balzers BB115041.
Photo of BB1150422 BB 115 042 2 Washer, Insulating (M) Balzers BB1150422.
Photo of BB1150423 BB 115 042 3 Insulating washer Balzers BB1150423.
Photo of BB1150431 BB 115 043 1 Insulating Bush Balzers BB1150431.
Part No. BB1150432 BB 115 043 2 Insulator Balzers BB1150432.
Part No. BB1150433 BB 115 043 3 Insulator Balzers BB1150433.
Photo of BB115150X BB 115 150 X Ring, locking Balzers BB115150X.
Photo of BB115180 BB 115 180 Shutter Stand Off Balzers BB115180.
Photo of BB115703 BB 115 703 Clamping Ring, PTFE, for High Voltage Electrode, Boat Source Balzers BB115703.
Photo of BB1157031 BB 115 703 1 Spring, Ring pack of 10 Balzers BB1157031.
Photo of BB115710X BB 115 710 X High current Electrode Elbow L-Shape Balzers BB115710X.
Photo of BB115972R BB 115 972 R Seal, Cup Balzers BB115972R.
Photo of BB119034 (or SG 2) BB 119 034 Control Unit 2.5 kW SG2 (Fabr. Nr = 151) Balzers BB119034.
Photo of BB119073X BB 119 073 X Glow Discharge Bar Balzers BB119073X.
Just In: Part No. BB131068 BB 131 068 Washer, 5x16x2mm Balzers BB131068.
Photo of BB131181 (or 24655Z1783) BB 131 181 Shaft 131 181 Balzers BB131181.
Photo of BB131183T BB 131 183-T Misc Parts for BD 104 Balzers BB131183T.
Photo of BB132086T BB 132 086 T Feedthrough, RF Balzers BB132086T.
Photo of BB132090T BB 132 090 T Pawl Assy for Calotte Balzers BB132090T.
Photo of BB132593 BB 132 593 Contact Spring Balzers BB132593.
Part No. BB134869 BB 134 869 Filament something Balzers BB134869.
Photo of BB145466 BB 145 466 Screw, Vented 6KT Balzers BB145466.
Photo of BB145467 BB 145 467 Screw, M5x10, vented, 6KT Balzers BB145467.
Photo of BB145468 BB 145 468 Tube Balzers BB145468.
Photo of BB145469 BB 145 469 Threaded rod, M10x72 Balzers BB145469.
Photo of BB145500T BB 145 500 T Quartz Radiant Heater Lamp - Radiator Balzers BB145500T.
Photo of BB145551 BB 145 551 Ceramic, Quartz Heater (ledge) Balzers BB145551.
Photo of BB145575 BB 145 575 Bridge for Quartz Heater Balzers BB145575.
Photo of BB145717 BB 145 717 Screw, 6KT, m8x25 Balzers BB145717.
Photo of BB145975T BB 145 975 T Feedthrough, High current Balzers BB145975T.
Photo of BB147075T BB 147 075 T O-Ring, Centering 50KF Balzers BB147075T.
Photo of BB147356T BB 147 356 T Insulated Heater Cable Balzers BB147356T.
Photo of BB147461 BB 147 461 Bracket Balzers BB147461.
Photo of BB147618 (or 24655Z1687) BB 147 618 Pinion, Bevel, 13 Teeth Balzers BB147618.
Photo of BB147619 (or 24655Z1684) BB 147 619 Pinion, Bevel, 17 teeth Balzers BB147619.
Photo of BB147631XP BB 147 631 XP Holder & Micro Switch for Crucible Balzers BB147631XP.
Photo of BB147698T BB 147 698 T Shutter Mechanism Balzers BB147698T.
Part No. BB147705T (or 22800A0061) BB 147 705 T Rotary Transmission Balzers BB147705T.
Part No. BB147721 (or 24655Z1692) BB 147 721 Gear Wheel Balzers BB147721.
Photo of BB147724 (or 24655Z1698) BB 147 724 Gear Wheel Conical Balzers BB147724.
Photo of BB147730 BB 147 730 Clamping washer Balzers BB147730.
Photo of BB147737 (or 24655Z1698) BB 147 737 Top hat washer 25x15x13x4mm Balzers BB147737.
Part No. BB147742 BB 147 742 Aluminium Ring with 4 Holes on 26.8PCD 18x33.5x2 Balzers BB147742.
Photo of BB147749 (or 24655Z1872) BB 147 749 Shaft, Planetry Head Balzers BB147749.
Part No. BB147750 (or 24655Z1775) BB 147 750 Shaft (Planet System) Balzers BB147750.
Photo of BB147751 BB 147 751 Washer/Spacer/Sleeve 8x12x15mm Balzers BB147751.
Photo of BB147778 BB 147 778 Washer/Spacer, Planetary, 5/14X2mm Balzers BB147778.
Photo of BB147794 (or 24655Z1688) BB 147 794 Clips for Quartz heater ( replaces BB 145 559 ) Balzers BB147794.
Photo of BB147795 (or 24655Z1869) BB 147 795 Clips for Quartz heater ( replaces BB 145 560 ) Balzers BB147795.
Part No. BB147810T (or 24655Z1779) BB 147 810 T Bearing, (CDE Per Set of 2 Pcs) Balzers BB147810T.
Photo of BB147812 (or BB 180 754) BB 147 812 Bearing, 6201 12/32x10 Special: Teflon Cage for BD104 (upper) Balzers BB147812.
Photo of BB147812T (or P ESM 55412321-1) BB 147 812 T Bearing, 6201 12/32x10 double SS shield Balzers BB147812T.
Part No. BB147813T (or PSSD1302330T) BB 147 813 T Bearing, 130/200x33 (6026 Series) for BD104 Balzers BB147813T.
Part No. BB147825T (or BB 398 226 T) BB 147 825 T Rear surface heater BH 901, BH901 Balzers BB147825T.
Photo of BB148130 BB 148 130 Hose Nipple Balzers BB148130.
Photo of BB149027T (or D2TH18GE32) BB 149 027 T Hose Nipple Balzers BB149027T.
Photo of BB149038T (or D2T-H18-L6) BB 149 038 T Switch, Vacuum, (50 Torr) Balzers BB149038T.
Part No. BB149163X (or 24655Z1693) BB 149 163 X Spring Balzers BB149163X.
Photo of BB149984T BB 149 984 T Feedthrough, High current Balzers BB149984T.
Photo of BB153260 (or 24655Z0526) BB 153 260 Spring, hub dome Balzers BB153260.
Photo of BB153614R (or BB153614 R) BB 153 614 R Coupling Balzers BB153614R.
Photo of BB153873X BB 153 873 X Cover Panel Balzers BB153873X.
Photo of BB154011X BB 154 011 X Screw Bracket Balzers BB154011X.
Photo of BB155272U BB 155 272 U Handle Balzers BB155272U.
Photo of BB156234R BB 156 234 R Sprocket wheel Balzers BB156234R.
Just In: Part No. BB156834R BB 156 834 R Blanking plate Balzers BB156834R.
Photo of BB156976 BB 156 976 Plate, Arm Balzers BB156976.
Photo of BB156978X BB 156 978 X Plate Balzers BB156978X.
Photo of BB156981 BB 156 981 Gabel Balzers BB156981.
Photo of BB157261 BB 157 261 Orifice 10KF Balzers BB157261.
Part No. BB159979 BB 159 979 Filament Balzers BB159979.
Photo of BB160055T (or 40KF32MM) BB 160 055 T Adaptor Flange 40KF KF40 / 32mm Pipe / Tube Balzers BB160055T.
Just In: Part No. BB160188 BB 160 188 Shield support Balzers BB160188.
Photo of BB160230 BB 160 230 Ring Balzers BB160230.
Photo of BB160286 BB 160 286 Bracket Balzers BB160286.
Photo of BB160357 BB 160 357 Insulating Ring for QSK Balzers BB160357.
Photo of BB160539 BB 160 539 Protecting Washer.(118o/dx39i/d) Balzers BB160539.
Photo of BB160811 BB 160 811 Base Plate Balzers BB160811.
Photo of BB160999T BB 160 999 -T Water Cooled Measurement Chamber for IMR Balzers BB160999T.
Photo of BB161044T BB 161 044 T Adaptor dia 32 DN 10KF Balzers BB161044T.
Photo of BB161918R (or 9911934) BB 161 918 R Catch Ring B2911221XB Balzers BB161918R.
Photo of BB161956T (or BAN 103) BB 161 956 -T Servo Control, BAN103, 24V, 50-60Hz Balzers BB161956T.
Photo of BB163189 (or 24655Z0307) BB 163 189 Spring Balzers BB163189.
Photo of BB163203 BB 163 203 BAK Door Handle Balzers BB163203.
Photo of BB163348 BB 163 348 Disc Washer Ring, 12/16X1 mm Balzers BB163348.
Photo of BB163388 BB 163 388 Axle Balzers BB163388.
Photo of BB163408 BB 163 408 Socket, 40A single way (mates with B4711661ZA) Balzers BB163408.
Photo of BB163486X BB 163 486 X Viewport Protection Periscope-Double Balzers BB163486X.
Photo of BB163487X BB 163 487 X Viewport Protection Periscope-Single, For BAK760 Door Balzers BB163487X.
Photo of BB163507X (or 9911947) BB 163 507 X Handle Balzers BB163507X.
Photo of BB163585 BB 163 585 Glass for Viewport 75x50x2 Balzers BB163585.
Part No. BB167072CT BB 167 072 CT Heater Feedthrough, 25V Balzers BB167072CT.
Photo of BB167320 (or 24654Z0422) BB 167 320 Spring, Knudsen Planetary System for BAK550 & BAK760 Balzers BB167320.
Photo of BB167859 BB 167 859 Disc Washer Ring, 12/16X1.4 mm Balzers BB167859.
Photo of BB168046T BB 168 046 T Electrical lead-in 8 way Balzers BB168046T.
Photo of BB168070T BB 168 070 T Screw, CSK SS M3X4 Balzers BB168070T.
Photo of BB168300 BB 168 300 Tube Balzers BB168300.
Photo of BB168616 BB 168 616 Shaft for Planet / Dome for BD104 Balzers BB168616.
Photo of BB168994T BB 168 994 T Boat Source Clamp for Resistive Sources Balzers BB168994T.
Photo of BB168998 BB 168 998 Support Balzers BB168998.
Photo of BB170061T BB 170 061 T Blank 32 mm Balzers BB170061T.
Photo of BB170062T BB 170 062 T Blanking Piece 32mm Complete Balzers BB170062T.
Photo of BB170215 BB 170 215 Stud (Threaded Bar) M10x100 Balzers BB170215.
Photo of BB171142X BB 171 142 X Chevron Balzers BB171142X.
Photo of BB171146X BB 171 146 X Small Chevron Balzers BB171146X.
Photo of BB171783 BB 171 783 Shaft Balzers BB171783.
Photo of BB171789 BB 171 789 Tube, Wire Feeder Balzers BB171789.
Photo of BB171859 BB 171 859 Screw Bracket Balzers BB171859.
Photo of BB175991 BB 175 991 Ring Balzers BB175991.
Photo of BB178174 BB 178 174 Washer, (shutter shaft) Balzers BB178174.
Part No. BB178175 BB 178 175 Shutter Arm Balzers BB178175.
Photo of BB179839R (or MB1015DU) BB 179 839 R Bush, GE MB1015DU Balzers BB179839R.
Photo of BB180181 BB 180 181 Door Pin BAK760 Balzers BB180181.
Photo of BB180216 BB 180 216 Door Handle Spring Balzers BB180216.
Photo of BB180218 BB 180 218 Door Roller, Silver Steel Balzers BB180218.
Photo of BB180221 BB 180 221 Washer Balzers BB180221.
Photo of BB180669 BB 180 669 Sleeve du buche 14x16x15 Balzers BB180669.
Photo of BB180671 BB 180 671 Release Button, Knudsen Planetary System for BAK550 & BAK760 Balzers BB180671.
Photo of BB180754 BB 180 754 Bearing, 6201 12/32x10 Special: Teflon Cage for BD104 (upper) Balzers BB180754
Photo of BB180761 (or MA25-16-SS) BB 180 761 Spur gear for BD104 Balzers BB180761.
Part No. BB180762 (or 24655Z0712) BB 180 762 Spur Gear for High T/P Planetary Balzers BB180762.
Photo of BB180773 BB 180 773 Ring, Stand-off Planet Drive Feedthrough Balzers BB180773.
Part No. BB180776 (or BB147813T) BB 180 776 Bearing, 130/200x33 (6026 Series) for BD104 Balzers BB180776.
Photo of BB180792 BB 180 792 Centering Ring, dia. 30/12.5x10 Balzers BB180792.
Photo of BB180887 BB 180 887 Washer, Plate Balzers BB180887.
Photo of BB183353 (or 100x80/3) BB 183 353 Quartz Lamp Window Protection Glass, 150x75/2.54mm, (150x75x2.5) Balzers BB183353.
Part No. BB183353HS BB 183 353 HS Quartz Lamp Window Protection Glass, 150x75/3.75mm, (150x75x3.75) Balzers BB183353HS.
Photo of BB184312X BB 184 312-X Gas connection Balzers BB184312X.
Photo of BB186090CT (or BG 531 100 T) BB 186 090 CT Sensor, Temperature, Meissner Balzers BB186090CT.
Photo of BB186900T BB 186 900 T Plug, CPL Balzers BB186900T.
Part No. BB191866X BB 191 866 X T-Piece Electrode Balzers BB191866X.
Photo of BB192072T BB 192 072 T High Current Lead In Balzers BB192072T.
Part No. BB192127T BB 192 127 T Connector, Water Current (5000A) Balzers BB192127T.
Photo of BB192187T BB 192 187 T High Current Lead In Balzers BB192187T.
Photo of BB194140T BB 194 140 T Cooling Water Connector 400A Balzers BB194140T.
Photo of BB194206T BB 194 206 T Cable, Glow Discharge HV Balzers BB194206T.
Photo of BB196025T BB 196 025 -T High-Current Cable for Resistive Sources / Boat Sources Balzers BB196025T.
Photo of BB199523 BB 199 523 Gasket, 370L Balzers BB199523.
Photo of BB199877U (or 24655Z0326) BB 199 877 U Handle Balzers BB199877U.
Photo of BB199892 BB 199 892 Spring, tension Balzers BB199892.
Just In: Part No. BB199929R (or 13169X) BB 199 929 R Lamp, Halogen I/R Space Heater, 120V 500W, metal strap Balzers BB199929R.
Photo of BB199950T (or BB 199 950T) BB 199 950 -T Feedthrough, High Vacuum 8 way (Pin) Balzers BB199950T.
Photo of BB199950T BB 199 950T Feedthrough, High Vacuum 8 way (Pin) Balzers BB199950T
Photo of BB199997T BB 199 997 T Vibration Feeder (Kit) Balzers BB199997T.
Just In: Part No. BB202860 BB 202 860 Red Box Transformer, EHS 110 Balzers BB202860.
Just In: Part No. BB203451R1 BB 203 451 R1 Power Supply (unit standalone) Balzers BB203451R1.
Photo of BB256191 BB 256 191 Bush, for QSK Balzers BB256191.
Part No. BB264031 BB 264 031 Quartz Ring Balzers BB264031.
Part No. BB269144 BB 269 144 Shaft for Dome Balzers BB269144.
Part No. BB269781 BB 269 781 Quartz Window, 165x83x2mm Balzers BB269781.
Photo of BB269800T BB 269 800-T Rotary Feedthrough Balzers BB269800T.
Photo of BB269803 (or 518063) BB 269 803 Shaft for Shutter Balzers BB269803.
Photo of BB270088 (or BB274721T) BB 270 088 Bush Balzers BB270088.
Part No. BB270150 BB 270 150 Washer/Spacer, Planetary Balzers BB270150.
Photo of BB270197 BB 270 197 Blanking Plate 4ID5.68mm D59.70mm Balzers BB270197.
Photo of BB270300T BB 270 300 -T Quartz Optical Disc Changer Balzers BB270300T.
Photo of BB271119 (or TD 02 74 095) BB 271 119 Cover Disc for 14 position dome Balzers BB271119.
Photo of BB272586 BB 272 586 Ring Balzers BB272586.
Photo of BB275560 BB 275 560 Verlangerun Baxgasmp 125Z Balzers BB275560.
Photo of BB276617 (or 24655Z1776) BB 276 617 Bearing, balzers Balzers BB276617.
Photo of BB301179 BB 301 179 Screw, Vented, 6KT Balzers BB301179.
Photo of BB302562X BB 302 562 X Diaphragm Balzers BB302562X.
Photo of BB302563 BB 302 563 Diaphragm Balzers BB302563.
Photo of BB308274 BB 308 274 Threaded Rod Balzers BB308274.
Photo of BB340716 BB 340 716 Rod Balzers BB340716.
Photo of BB341176 BB 341 176 Shaft Extension Balzers BB341176.
Photo of BB341181 BB 341 181 Shutter Shaft Extn Balzers BB341181.
Photo of BB341606 BB 341 606 Connection Block Balzers BB341606.
Photo of BB341800 BB 341 800 Cover Balzers BB341800.
Photo of BB341802X BB 341 802 X Collar Balzers BB341802X.
Photo of BB342018W BB 342 018 W Cable Gland, PG11 Balzers BB342018W.
Photo of BB343096X BB 343 096 X Ceramic Connector Balzers BB343096X.
Photo of BB343282 BB 343 282 Pivot Block Balzers BB343282.
Photo of BB343283 BB 343 283 Angle Holder Balzers BB343283.
Photo of BB345235 BB 345 235 Rod Balzers BB345235.
Photo of BB345236 BB 345 236 Holder Balzers BB345236.
Photo of BB345237 BB 345 237 Plate Balzers BB345237.
Photo of BB380378 BB 380 378 Ceramic Connector Balzers BB380378.
Photo of BB384828 BB 384 828 QSK Debris Sheild Balzers BB384828.
Photo of BB385497 BB 385 497 Angled Rod Balzers BB385497.
Photo of BB387069X BB 387 069 X Bus Bar Balzers BB387069X.
Photo of BB388660 BB 388 660 Nut, M4 SS Vented Balzers BB388660.
Photo of BB390149 BB 390 149 Screw, M8x12 Balzers BB390149.
Part No. BB398226T BB 398 226 T Rear surface heater BH 901, BH901 Balzers BB398226T.
Part No. BB399075 BB 399 075 Crucible for ESQ153 Balzers BB399075.
Photo of BB463501X (or 9911933) BB 463 501 X Arm Balzers BB463501X.
Photo of BB4750011EA (or 400100) BB 4750 011 EA Switch, Momentary, for ETS110 etc. Balzers BB4750011EA.
Photo of BB510048T (or 24655Z1144) BB 510 048 T Passage Coax Quartz For BAK 760, Tri-Axial Feedthrough Balzers BB510048T.
Part No. BB800148E1 (or 24655Z1663) BB 800 148 E1 grand passage tournant Balzers BB800148E1.
Part No. BB870024H BB 870 024 H Quartz Radiant Heater 6KW Balzers BB870024H.
Photo of BBV11147 (or PVA 250 P) BB V11 147 Plate Valve with Throttle, PVA 250 P Balzers BBV11147.
Photo of BBV13761 (or PVA 260 P) BB V13 761 Plate Valve with Throttle, PVA 260 P Balzers BBV13761.
Part No. BBV30007 BB V30 007 Valve, VAT SVV25P PA Balzers BBV30007.
Photo of BB0D34408L4 BB0D34408L4 PCB, SCSI controller (for PC) Balzers BB0D34408L4
Part No. BB147813T BB 147 813 -T Bearing, 130/200x33 (6026 Series) for BD104 Balzers BB147813T.
Photo of BB153614R BB 153 614 - R Coupling Balzers BB153614R
Photo of BB274721T BB 274 721 -T Bush Balzers BB274721T
Part No. BB30120AZ BB30120AZ Etch Rotary Feedthrough high Voltage Balzers BB30120AZ.
Photo of BB4147717 BB 414 771 -7 BD107 Shaft Balzers BB4147717.
Photo of BCS101 BCS 101 BCS 101- Chopper supply Balzers BCS101

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