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Balzers B Series spares from 5000 000 to 8100 000

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Part No. B500521124 B 5005 211 24 Lamp, 24V 20mA Balzers B500521124.
Photo of B500521216 B 5005 212 16 Lamp, 913.0016 16V 30MA Balzers B500521216.
Photo of B500521228 B 5005 212 28 Lamp, 913.0128 28V 20MA Balzers B500521228.
Just In: Part No. B500559724 B 5005 597 24 Lamp, T4.6 24V 20mA Telephone slide 22mm Balzers B500559724.
Photo of B500560506 B 5005 605 06 Lamp, T5.5 6V 40mA Telephone slide 30mm Balzers B500560506.
Photo of B500560524 (or 315-9413) B 5005 605 24 Lamp, T5.5 24V 50mA Telephone slide 30mm Balzers B500560524.
Photo of B500560558 (or 564-497) B 5005 605 58 Lamp, T5.5 60V 20mA Telephone slide 30mm, for EHV and EKS Balzers B500560558.
Photo of B500560559 B 5005 605 59 Lamp, T5.5 60V 30mA Telephone slide 30mm Balzers B500560559.
Photo of B500560859 (or 294-5242) B 5005 608 59 Lamp, T6.8 60V 20mA Telephone slide 45mm, for EKS & EHV Balzers B500560859.
Photo of B500560860 B 5005 608 60 Lamp, T6.8 60V 40mA Telephone slide 45mm Balzers B500560860.
Part No. B5011118DS B 5011 118 DS Lamp, Halogen Balzers B5011118DS.
Photo of B501380122 (or 24655A0849) B 5013 801 22 Lightning Arrestor 350V Balzers B501380122.
Photo of B501380123 B 5013 801 23 Lightning Arrestor 600V Balzers B501380123.
Photo of B5015201 (or 64141222) B 5015 201 Lamp, Quartz Halogen Heater 1.2kW (1200W) 144V Bare Ends U-Base Balzers B5015201.
Photo of B5015201KL B 5015 201 KL Lamp, Quartz Halogen Heater 1kW (1000W) 120V Bullet Balzers B5015201KL.
Photo of B5015201ME B 5015 201 ME Lamp, Tungsten Halogen Infra Red 245V, 1500W Bullet Balzers B5015201ME.
Photo of B5015201MF B 5015 201 MF Lamp, Tungsten Halogen Infra Red 245V 1500W Bullet Balzers B5015201MF.
Photo of B5015201RC (or QIR 230-2300/F2) B 5015 201 RC Lamp, Tungsten Halogen Infra Red 230V 2300W Bullet Balzers B5015201RC.
Photo of B5019166S3 (or RS 3012 CL) B 5019 166 S3 Triode, Air Cooled for EHV 215 Balzers B5019166S3.
Just In: Part No. B501921011 (or 3CW20,000A7) B 5019 210 11 Electron Tube, Triode 3CW20,000A7 Balzers B501921011.
Photo of B502435921 (or B5024359 21) B 5024 359 21 Socket, for Triode SK1300, SK-1300 Balzers B502435921.
Photo of B502485375 B 5024 853 75 Holder, Lightning Arrestor Balzers B502485375.
Part No. B5024880EA B 5024 880 EA Thermal Trip Balzers B5024880EA.
Photo of B5031836KS B 5031 836 KS Diode, 6F10, 100V, 6A Balzers B5031836KS.
Photo of B5031925NS B 5031 925 NS Diode, 45L10, 100V, 150A, For Red Box (Part of kit BN845050-T) Balzers B5031925NS.
Photo of B5034692YS B 5034 692 YS Triac TAG201-400, 400V 2A Balzers B5034692YS.
Photo of B5036208FS B 5036 208 FS Rectifier, High Voltage, 3500/1500-1.2 Balzers B5036208FS.
Part No. B5036208JS B 5036 208 JS Rectifier Typ HSK E 5000/2200 0.5 Balzers B5036208JS.
Photo of B5036269JS (or KVP30) B 5036 269 JS Diode, KVP 30 HT, 30KV, 75A Balzers B5036269JS.
Photo of B5036307TS (or MDA970A1) B 5036 307 TS Rectifier, Bridge 35v 4A (used in EKS110 etc) Balzers B5036307TS.
Photo of B5036307YA (or MDA970-1) B 5036 307 YA Rectifier, Bridge 35v 4A (used in EKS110 etc) Balzers B5036307YA.
Photo of B5036317NS B 5036 317 NS Rectifier, Bridge, 1300V 2A Balzers B5036317NS.
Photo of B5036422DD (or 183-2167) B 5036 422 DD Rectifier, Bridge, 800V. 2.7A Balzers B5036422DD.
Photo of B5036464EC B 5036 464 EC Rectifier, Encaps.stud, 3200v 6a Balzers B5036464EC.
Photo of B5036868KS (or 26MB80A) B 5036 868 KS Rectifier, Bridge (800V 25A) Balzers B5036868KS.
Photo of B5046581RS (or 1N3323B) B 5046 581 RS Diode, Zener, 27V Balzers B5046581RS.
Photo of B5051310H1 (or MJ 3001) B 5051 310 H1 Transistor, MJ3001 Balzers B5051310H1.
Photo of B5051599VS (or 2N3054A) B 5051 599 VS Transistor, 2N3054A for GSM 210 Balzers B5051599VS.
Photo of B5051599WS (or 2N 3055H) B 5051 599 WS Transistor, NPN, 2N3055H for GSM 210 Balzers B5051599WS.
Photo of B5055030BM B 5055 030 BM BUZ45 Transistor Balzers B5055030BM
Photo of B5059271MA B 5059 271 MA LED, Mounted Balzers B5059271MA.
Part No. B5083112TA (or SN7412N) B 5083 112 TA IC, Triple 3-Input NAND gate with Open Collector Outputs Balzers B5083112TA.
Photo of B5083112TF (or SN74LS12N) B 5083 112 TF IC, Triple 3-input NAND gate with open collector outputs Balzers B5083112TF.
Photo of B5083117TA (or SN7417N) B 5083 117 TA IC, Hex open collector buffer, high voltage outputs Balzers B5083117TA.
Photo of B5083120TF (or SN74LS20N) B 5083 120 TF IC, Dual 4-input NAND gate Balzers B5083120TF.
Photo of B5083344TF (or SN74LS244N) B 5083 344 TF IC, Octal Buffer / Line Driver with 3-State Output 20-DIL Balzers B5083344TF.
Photo of B5088132PG (or SN74HC132N) B 5088 132 PG IC, Quad NAND Gate with Schmitt Trigger Input 14pin DIL Balzers B5088132PG.
Photo of B5098212ZA B 5098 212 ZA Guide, PCB for EKS110 etc. Balzers B5098212ZA.
Photo of B5099154BD B 5099 154 BD Filter, Cover Balzers B5099154BD.
Photo of B509926102 (or WE52B51) B 5099 261 02 Fan, EPS 101, Koala 25, 208-230V, 50/50Hz, 0.07/0.06A, 11/10W Balzers B509926102.
Photo of B5099401EA (or WE 4040 TR) B 5099 401 EA Fan, Turbo for Triode Cooling, WE4040 Balzers B5099401EA.
Photo of B5099401HS B 5099 401 HS Fan, Turbo for Triode Cooling, Modern Replacement for WE4040 Balzers B5099401HS.
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Photo of B5108713SP (or B84-0055) B 5108 713 SP Absolute and Phase Detector Balzers B5108713SP.
Photo of B51111179A B 5111 117 9A Brush, Zurrer Motor, Pairs Balzers B51111179A.
Photo of B5111132Y2 (or GNM 2130G5) B 5111 132 Y2 Motor, Crucible Drive (Engel GNM 2130-G5) 5880:1 Balzers B5111132Y2.
Photo of B5111201VT B 5111 201 VT Motor, Rotary Drive Balzers B5111201VT.
Photo of B5111333WX B 5111 333 WX BAK760 Motor Rotary drive Th.Zurrer BFV55-1/1MG Balzers B5111333WX.
Photo of B5113101PC B 5113 101 PC Motor, GSM210 Airpax 9904 111 32511 50Hz 24V Balzers B5113101PC.
Photo of B5113272P1 B 5113 272 P1 Gear Motor Balzers B5113272P1.
Photo of B5115031SS B 5115 031 SS Motor, 220V/50Hz 33W/418:1 Zuerrer PFV35/2 Balzers B5115031SS.
Photo of B5115211SP B 5115 211 SP Gear Motor 110W 936:1 *BB 158 570* Zuerrer LFVST67/4 1/2FL +Bosch 0670311579 Balzers B5115211SP.
Photo of B5128001HA B 5128 001 HA Transformer, EJ 30/10 *BB 015 224* Balzers B5128001HA.
Photo of B5128150ME (or BG 522 099) B 5128 150 ME Transformer, 230V to 110V for EKS 110 (SCR driver input) Balzers B5128150ME.
Photo of B5128201MD B 5128 201 MD Transformer, 230V i/p, 25V & 124V o/p, for EKS110, Emission board input. Balzers B5128201MD.
Photo of B5128256MK (or 24654A1448) B 5128 256 MK Transformer, Leuen Berger K15 Balzers B5128256MK.
Photo of B5128400MA B 5128 400 MA Transformer Balzers B5128400MA.
Photo of B5128402ME (or 24655A0115) B 5128 402 ME Transformer, Pirani, 100/240v, 20.5v .5a Balzers B5128402ME.
Photo of B5128550SG B 5128 550 SG Transformer, Back Utility Isolation Transformer for EHV110, TS 0.8 Balzers B5128550SG.
Photo of B5128701MD (or 73-44471/3) B 5128 701 MD Transformer, 230V i/p (110+110), 1x32/40V + 1x32/36V o/p, 93.6VA, for EKS110, Coil current input. Balzers B5128701MD.
Photo of B5128702MD (or 291685) B 5128 702 MD Transformer, 110/220V i/p, o/ps 0-15-19V + 0-19V Balzers B5128702MD.
Just In: Part No. B5128800MA B 5128 800 MA Transformer, 0-110 + 0-110V i/p, 0-15-19V + 0-19V o/p, 95VA (For EHV110) Balzers B5128800MA.
Photo of B5128903MH B 5128 903 MH Transformer, 115/208/220/240V i/p, o/p 40V @3A 120VA. Balzers B5128903MH.
Photo of B5133050EE B 5133 050 EE Transformer, Variable, auto, 220 and 240volt input taps, variable 0-240v, 0.7amps (used in EKS110) Balzers B5133050EE.
Part No. B5136352DA B 5136 352 DA Transformer, for Signal print PCB in EKS110 Balzers B5136352DA.
Photo of B5139101DH (or 2F4051B) B 5139 101 DH Transductor Balzers B5139101DH.
Photo of B5142167LF (or 455/011) B 5142 167 LF Thyristor module type FDB 455 Balzers B5142167LF.
Photo of B5142750DGA B 5142 750 DGA Choke Balzers B5142750DGA.
Photo of B51511021 B 5151 102 1 Battery NI-CAD nt25 AAAK. Balzers B51511021.
Photo of B5159062CB B 5159 062 CB Switch, proximity (Optical) Balzers B5159062CB.
Photo of B5163101Y3 B 5163 101 Y3 Loudspeaker 150 ohm Balzers B5163101Y3.
Photo of B5181103 (or 2N3055) B 5181 103 Transistor, NPN, 2N3055, 15A, 60V Balzers B5181103.
Photo of B5181103R1 B 5181 103 R1 PCB, Coil Current Supply (for EKS110) Balzers B5181103R1.
Photo of B5181404HE (or C1518) B 5181 404 HE Hamamatsu Power supply for deuterium lamp Model C1518 Balzers B5181404HE.
Photo of B5181852AA B 5181 852 AA Circuit Breaker Balzers B5181852AA.
Photo of B5181852AJ B 5181 852 AJ Circuit Breaker, S213-K40A Balzers B5181852AJ.
Photo of B5181852GB B 5181 852 GB Rectifier Assy-Power supply part Balzers B5181852GB.
Photo of B5181852SB B 5181 852 SB Contactor, No Coil 25A 50Hz Balzers B5181852SB.
Photo of B5181852TC B 5181 852 TC Thyristor block semiconductor, Power Supply. Balzers B5181852TC.
Photo of B5181852UA B 5181 852 UA Control Transformer G Zimmerman Type ET OK35 Nr 8836 Balzers B5181852UA.
Photo of B5181852ZA (or 763-609 030/00) B 5181 852 ZA Power Supply, match for Magnetron, ZB 10 Balzers B5181852ZA.
Photo of B5181853TC B 5181 853 TC Thyristor block semiconductor, with Resistor underneath, Power Supply. Balzers B5181853TC.
Photo of B5183492MA B 5183 492 MA PCB, Monitoring Circuit Balzers B5183492MA.
Photo of B5183492RG B 5183 492 RG Resistor, Shunt 1A 60mV Balzers B5183492RG.
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Photo of B5201501DD (or B5201507GG) B 5201 501 DD Meter, High Voltage, 0-12KV, for EHV110 Balzers B5201501DD.
Photo of B5201510GG B 5201 510 GG Meter, Emission, 0-1.5Amps, for EHV110 Balzers B5201510GG.
Photo of B5202201GH B 5202 201 GH Meter, Filament current for EKS 110 0-100A Balzers B5202201GH.
Photo of B5202401GH B 5202 401 GH Meter, Emission for EKS 110 0-1.2A Balzers B5202401GH.
Photo of B5202402GH (or 285 339 001) B 5202 402 GH Meter, Coil current for EKS 110 0-2.5A Balzers B5202402GH.
Photo of B5242197B (or 24655A1261) B 5242 197 B Sensor, air flow Balzers B5242197B.
Part No. B5248211AJ (or 22800A0083) B 5248 211 AJ LN2 Sensor NS220, Typ B = 220mm Balzers B5248211AJ.
Photo of B5261101AE (or 599/MG-150L/600) B 5261 101 AE Controller, 599'C Balzers B5261101AE.
Photo of B5261101AF (or 6330/MG-ISOL/K/600oC) B 5261 101 AF TCS Controller, 599oC Balzers B5261101AF.
Photo of B5261101BA (or 6504/PA/240V/40A/RMSI) B 5261 101 BA TCS Power Controller, 240V/40A, 1-100mA Balzers B5261101BA.
Photo of B5261101BD (or 6504/PA/240V/40A/RMSI) B 5261 101 BD TCS Power Controller, 240V/40A Balzers B5261101BD.
Photo of B5261101BK (or 6504/10V/PA/240V/15A) B 5261 101 BK Power Controller, 15A Balzers B5261101BK.
Photo of B5261101BM B 5261 101 BM Power Controller Balzers B5261101BM.
Photo of B5261101BQ (or 461/083/28/43/060/002/76/00) B 5261 101 BQ Eurotherm Thyristor Unit, 440V Balzers B5261101BQ.
Photo of B5261101BS (or 461/083/13/48/060/002/37/00) B 5261 101 BS Eurotherm Thyristor Unit, 240V Balzers B5261101BS.
Just In: Part No. B5261101DS B 5261 101 DS Thyristor Unit Preowned Eurotherm 240V 60Hz s/n SF1703. Balzers B5261101DS.
Photo of B5261101FA (or 6701/220V) B 5261 101 FA TCS Power Supply, 220V Balzers B5261101FA.
Photo of B5261101FB (or 6504/PA/415V/40A) B 5261 101 FB TCS Power Supply, 415V, 40A Balzers B5261101FB.
Photo of B5261101GA (or 6412/SD/599oC/FHL) B 5261 101 GA TCS Comparator, 599'C / FHL Balzers B5261101GA.
Photo of B5261101HA (or 6600/600oC/10V/SW12) B 5261 101 HA TCS Power Indicator, Temperature, 10v, 600oC Balzers B5261101HA.
Photo of B5261101PA B 5261 101 PA PCB, Relay 15V Log-in 84 Balzers B5261101PA.
Photo of B5261101SB B 5261 101 SB Current Converters With Transformers. Eurotherm CH-8152 Balzers B5261101SB.
Photo of B5264301EF (or 24655A1264) B 5264 301 EF Air flow Monitor Relay Seidel Balzers B5264301EF.
Photo of B5278399W (or M9405) B 5278 399 W PCB, M9405 Cable Connector for PRO420 Balzers B5278399W.
Part No. B5278503NQ B 5278 503 NQ Keyboard Balzers B5278503NQ.
Photo of B5278853CA (or M8043) B 5278 853 CA PCB, M8043 Comms board for PRO420 Balzers B5278853CA.
Photo of B5278853PH (or M8186) B 5278 853 PH PCB, M8186 CPU for PRO420 Balzers B5278853PH.
Part No. B5278853PJ (or M7676) B 5278 853 PJ PCB, M7676 CPU for PRO420, KXT11-AB Balzers B5278853PJ.
Photo of B5278853PK B 5278 853 PK CPU Interface Board Balzers B5278853PK.
Just In: Part No. B5278853PT (or M8578) B 5278 853 PT PCB, M8578 EPROM board for PRO420 Balzers B5278853PT.
Just In: Part No. B5278853PW (or M8631 CF) B 5278 853 PW PCB, M8631 Memory Board for PRO420 Balzers B5278853PW.
Photo of B5278853QA (or M9404) B 5278 853 QA Bus Expander for PRO420, M9404 Balzers B5278853QA.
Just In: Part No. B5278854PA (or M7270) B 5278 854 PA PCB, M7270 CPU board for PRO420 Balzers B5278854PA.
Part No. B5278854PB (or M8044) B 5278 854 PB PCB, M8044 CB, board for PRO420 Balzers B5278854PB.
Photo of B5278854PG (or M8047) B 5278 854 PG PCB, M8047 Comms board for PRO420 Balzers B5278854PG.
Just In: Part No. B5278854PH (or VS240) B 5278 854 PH Computer Terminal, VT240 (50-60Hz, 120W, 100-120/220-240VAC, 1.2/0.7A) Balzers B5278854PH.
Photo of B5278855PE (or IMCV11) B 5278 855 PE INCA Memory for PRO420 Balzers B5278855PE.
Just In: Part No. B5278855PX (or IMCV11-I) B 5278 855 PX INCA Memory for PRO420 Balzers B5278855PX.
Photo of B5278855PXA (or B5278855PX) B 5278 855 PXA PCB, MCV11 128k RAM Card - Set of 3 Balzers B5278855PXA.
Photo of B5278855PXBAT B 5278 855 PXBAT Battery, Inorganic Lithium Sonnenschein SL-386 3.6V, for Inca Ram Boards Balzers B5278855PXBAT.
Photo of B5278865FC B 5278 865 FC MXV Disc Drive Controller Balzers B5278865FC.
Photo of B5278891SG (or DS/DD 720K) B 5278 891 SG Floppy Disc for Balzers MFU410 Balzers B5278891SG.
Just In: Part No. B5291405KA (or LK211AA) B 5291 405 KA Keyboard (Dec. Nr. 870 256 677) Balzers B5291405KA.
Photo of B64X0606 (or F64X0606) B 64X0 606 PCB, with D Type Connectors etc Balzers B64X0606.
Just In: Part No. B64X178 B 64X1.78 O-Ring, 64x1.78 Balzers B64X178.
Photo of B64x5 B 64x5 O-Ring, 64x5 Balzers B64X5.
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Photo of B681841FD B 6818 41FD Lamp, Indicator, Klockner Moeller Fa Balzers B681841FD.
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Photo of B7312119BD B 7312 119 BD Sight glass 55x2 pack of 19 Balzers B7312119BD.
Photo of B7312122MG B 7312 122 MG Sight Glass 40x6 Balzers B7312122MG.
Photo of B7312129RG B 7312 129 RG Sight Glass 500V Balzers B7312129RG.
Photo of B7312131FB B 7312 131 FB Protection Glass Balzers B7312131FB.
Just In: Part No. B7312138EG B 7312 138 EG Protection Glass Balzers B7312138EG.
Just In: Part No. B7312141FB B 7312 141 FB Glass, Protection, 100x3mm Balzers B7312141FB.
Just In: Part No. B7312141FG (or 24655Z0515) B 7312 141 FG Glass, Protection (Pyrex) for BAK760 door, 100x3mm Balzers B7312141FG.
Photo of B7312147HS B 7312 147 HS Glass, BAK Door Window, 120x10mm Balzers B7312147HS.
Photo of B7312149UG B 7312 149 UG Sight Glass. 500Grad D127x10mm for BAK Door Window Balzers B7312149UG.
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Photo of B7418151ZA B 7418 151 ZA Spot Check Thermometer Balzers B7418151ZA
Photo of B74544059C B 7454 405 9C KOBOLD Glass for Flowmeter 3L/min H2O Balzers B74544059C.
Photo of B74544059D (or 1.5 V6 LT/MIN) B 7454 405 9D Sight Glass Balzers B74544059D.
Photo of B74544059E (or 2V 10 1L/MIN) B 7454 405 9E sight glass Balzers B74544059E.
Part No. B74544059F (or 2 181PM) B 7454 405 9F sight glass Balzers B74544059F.
Photo of B7454405CZ B 7454 405 CZ Flow meter.Kobold.0.5-10l/m Balzers B7454405CZ.
Photo of B7454405DZ (or SV-2106R08) B 7454 405 DZ Flow meter.Kobold.1.5-6l/m, H2O Balzers B7454405DZ.
Part No. B7454405EZ (or SV-2106R15) B 7454 405 EZ Flowmeter.Kobold.2-10l/m, H2O Balzers B7454405EZ.
Photo of B7557X3 B 75.57X3 O-Ring, 75.57x3 Balzers B7557X3.
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Just In: Part No. B8007017DA B 8007 017 DA Insulator Balzers B8007017DA.
Photo of B800X6 B 800X6 O-Ring, 800x6 Balzers B800X6.
Photo of B801011058 B 8010 110 58 Glass Plates Set Balzers B801011058.
Part No. B80711512C B 8071 151 2C Disk Drive Balzers B80711512C.
Photo of B8080123AN B 8080 123 AN Coupling, 50-70 DIN Balzers B8080123AN.
Photo of B840X7 B 840X7 O-Ring, 840x7 Balzers B840X7.
Photo of B1M20023564 B1 M20 023564 Power Supply, XT 286 157W, 110V-4.5A, 220V-2.2A, 50/60Hz, Model No- AA13740 Balzers B1M20023564
Photo of B4071153P B 4071 153 -P O-Ring, 88x5, Viton Balzers B4071153P
Photo of B42403000 (or M54641BS1) B 4240 300 -0 Gate valve, Pneumatic, p max=18bar Balzers B42403000.
Photo of B4722745CA B 4722 745 -CA Socket, 5way Balzers B4722745CA.
Photo of B4751111BL B 4751 111 -BL Switch, Keyboard, Red Led for PC101 PC 101 KB101 KB 101 Balzers B4751111BL
Photo of B4771207NA B 4771 207 -NA Contactor, 24VAC coil, 4pole, 600V, 12A, IOS 12 40 24V, 60Hz, CT 76 N 182 R1 Balzers B4771207NA
Photo of B4836110YJ (or GRI 20/140 10R) B4836 110 YJ Resistor, 10R (10ohms), Danotherm GRI 20/140 Balzers B4836110YJ.
Just In: Part No. BA100011510 BA 100 011 -510 Window for BA1000K, or BK1000, 115x10mm Balzers BA100011510.
Just In: Part No. BAK550G BAK 550 G Balzers BAK 550 Coating Plant (Green) Balzers BAK550G.
Photo of BAK550SPARES BAK 550 SPARES Balzers BAK 550 Spares (fittings / spare parts) Balzers BAK550SPARES.
Just In: Part No. BAK550W BAK 550 W Balzers BAK 550 Coating Plant (White) Moddified with 4 ISO 400 Flanges Balzers BAK550W.
Just In: Part No. BAK600G BAK 600 G Balzers BAK 600 Coating Plant (Green) Balzers BAK600G.
Just In: Part No. BAK600W BAK 600 W Balzers BAK 600 Coating Plant (White) Balzers BAK600W.
Just In: Part No. BAK640 BAK 640 Balzers BAK 640 Coating Plant Balzers BAK640.
Just In: Part No. BAK750 BAK 750 Balzers BAK 750 Coating Plant Balzers BAK750.
Just In: Part No. BAK760G BAK 760 G Balzers BAK 760 Coating Plant (Green) Balzers BAK760G.
Just In: Part No. BAK760W BAK 760 W Balzers BAK 760 Coating Plant (White) Balzers BAK760W.
Photo of BAN103 BAN 103 Servo Control, BAN103, 24V, 50-60Hz Balzers BAN103

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