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Balzers B Series spares from 4200 000 to 4999 999

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Photo of B4215102AA (or 3238643030) B 4215 102 AA Rotary Solenoid Balzers B4215102AA.
Photo of B4307120E2 B 4307 120 E2 Gear Balzers B4307120E2.
Photo of B4307120G4 B 4307 120 G4 Gear Balzers B4307120G4.
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Photo of B4503951LE B 4503 951 LE Wire Balzers B4503951LE.
Photo of B451924295 B 4519 242 95 High temp. wire 2m Balzers B451924295.
Photo of B451941734 B 4519 417 34 Cable, Glass Fibre Coated, ID: Yellow/Green 2.5mm2 Balzers B451941734.
Photo of B45480024A B 4548 002 4A Cable, Num. 2x0.75mm2 Balzers B45480024A.
Photo of B4548212M1 B 4548 212 M1 TD Cable P+NE 3x0.75mm2 Balzers B4548212M1.
Photo of B4551731J4 B 4551 731 J4 Cable, 2way + Earth 3x0.75mm 1A Balzers B4551731J4.
Photo of B4551732J4 B 4551 732 J4 Cable, 3way + Earth 4x0.75mm Balzers B4551732J4.
Photo of B4551735J4 B 4551 735 J4 Cable, 6way + Earth 7x0.75mm Balzers B4551735J4.
Photo of B4564309YQ B 4564 309 YQ Cable, power, 2.0M (Swiss Plug) Balzers B4564309YQ.
Photo of B4564309YZ B 4564 309 YZ Cable, UK 3 way to IEC Balzers B4564309YZ.
Photo of B4595121MJ B 4595 121 MJ Wire Pure Nickel 1.4mm2 Balzers B4595121MJ.
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Just In: Part No. B4615632213 B 4615 632 213 Corr Metal Pipe, sst, 16.6/13 in 1M lengths Balzers B4615632213.
Photo of B4616718AA (or 22800A0018) B 4616 718 AA Insulating Sleeve for Copper Rod Balzers B4616718AA.
Photo of B4617451ZB B 4617 451 ZB Mounting Part 2056 (clip) Balzers B4617451ZB.
Photo of B4617451ZF B 4617 451 ZF Quick Fixing Device Balzers B4617451ZF.
Photo of B4621769BC B 4621 769 BC Nipple Balzers B4621769BC.
Photo of B4621884 B 4621 884 Nut, Locking, Ms VNI PG7 Balzers B4621884.
Photo of B4621885 B 4621 885 Nut, Locking MS VNI PG9 Balzers B4621885.
Photo of B4621887 B 4621 887 Nut, Locking, MS VNI PG13.5 Balzers B4621887.
Photo of B4621888 B 4621 888 Nut, Locking Balzers B4621888.
Part No. B4622251GB (or 24655Z1677) B 4622 251 GB céramique Balzers B4622251GB.
Photo of B4622251TB B 4622 251 TB Insulator Balzers B4622251TB.
Photo of B4622251TC B 4622 251 TC Insulator Balzers B4622251TC.
Photo of B4622251TN B 4622 251 TN Insulator, 71-6115 E-GUN Electron Ceramic Balzers B4622251TN.
Photo of B4622821TH B 4622 821 TH Sleeve Balzers B4622821TH.
Photo of B462412112 B 4624 121 12 Insulator, 74-12F 12/M4x25 Balzers B462412112.
Photo of B4624122KE B 4624 122 -KE Insulator, D15/10 Balzers B4624122KE.
Photo of B4624508AB B 4624 508 AB Ceramic Insulation Bead Balzers B4624508AB.
Photo of B4624512BB B 4624 512 BB Ceramic Insulation Bead Balzers B4624512BB.
Photo of B4624512HA B 4624 512 HA Ceramic Insulation Bead Balzers B4624512HA.
Photo of B4628134 B 4628 134 Cable Gland, PG7/6.5-8 Balzers B4628134.
Photo of B462820211 B 4628 202 11 Cable Gland, Screw Fitting, 11mm Balzers B462820211.
Photo of B462820216 B 4628 202 16 Cable Gland, Spiral Support PG 16 RS 392-084 Balzers B462820216.
Photo of B4628535 B 4628 535 Blank PG-9 Balzers B4628535.
Photo of B46314816A B 4631 4816 A Cable clamp Balzers B46314816A.
Photo of B4638272C B 4638 272 C Lamp, cover (Green) Balzers B4638272C.
Photo of B4644427FA B 4644 427 FA Ring, Terminal (M) Balzers B4644427FA.
Photo of B4644427HA B 4644 427 HA Ring, Terminal Nickel M5 Balzers B4644427HA.
Part No. B4650152AB B 4650 152 AB KL-Platte C918790 Balzers B4650152AB.
Photo of B4650161AE B 4650 161 AE Assembly Base MP1 Balzers B4650161AE.
Photo of B4650221Q1 B 4650 221 Q1 Terminal BK3 KRG. 1978.2 4 mm2 Balzers B4650221Q1.
Photo of B4650221T1 (or BK 6) B 4650 221 T1 Terminal Block for Diff. Pump Balzers B4650221T1.
Photo of B4656170AH B 4656 170 AH Plate, End Balzers B4656170AH.
Photo of B4661206AO B 4661 206 AO Fuse Holder for 20mm Fuse, on EKS110 etc Balzers B4661206AO.
Photo of B4661212AE B 4661 212 AE Fuse Holder, lamp 032.1003, 12-24V, FEL 032.1003 Balzers B4661212AE.
Photo of B4661212AN B 4661 212 AN Fuse. with lamp 100-250V, for EHV110 rack Balzers B4661212AN.
Photo of B4661212AQ (or FEL 032.1010) B 4661 212 AQ Fuse, holder, with lamp, 200-500V 10A Balzers B4661212AQ.
Photo of B466121481 B 4661 214 81 Fuse Holder Balzers B466121481.
Photo of B4665401FE B 4665 401 FE Fuse, Insert 16A 250VDC Balzers B4665401FE.
Just In: Part No. B4666129 B 4666 129 Fuse, 20mm. Glass. Sand filled. 6.3A MSP Balzers B4666129.
Photo of B4666276FQ (or 40FE) B 4666 276 FQ Fuse, HRC High Speed. 40A Balzers B4666276FQ.
Photo of B4666316 (or 480-1504) B 4666 316 Fuse, 20mm Glass 125mA 250V Balzers B4666316.
Just In: Part No. B4666328 B 4666 328 Fuse, 20mm. Glass. 500mA FSF Fast-Blo Balzers B4666328.
Photo of B4666349 B 4666 349 Fuse, 250V 5A 5X20 Balzers B4666349.
Photo of B4666391DN B 4666 391 DN Fuse, 500V 0.4A Pk 10 Balzers B4666391DN.
Just In: Part No. B4666412 B 4666 412 Fuse, 20mm. Glass. T63mA FST Slo-Blo Balzers B4666412.
Photo of B4666416 B 4666 416 Fuse, 20mm 0.1AT Balzers B4666416.
Photo of B4666422 B 4666 422 Fuse, 250V 200mA Balzers B4666422.
Photo of B4666424 B 4666 424 Fuse, 20mm 250mA 250V (T250mA) Balzers B4666424.
Photo of B4666426 B 4666 426 Fuse, slow 315mA 250V Balzers B4666426.
Part No. B4666428 (or SLOBLO) B 4666 428 Fuse, 400ma 0.4p type FST Balzers B4666428.
Just In: Part No. B4666432 (or 034.3115) B 4666 432 Fuse, 20mm. Glass. 630mA FST Slo-Blo Balzers B4666432.
Photo of B4666434 (or 034.3116) B 4666 434 Fuse, 20mm 250v 0.8A Balzers B4666434.
Photo of B4666436 (or 034.3117) B 4666 436 Fuse, 20mm, 1A Balzers B4666436.
Photo of B4666440 (or 034.3119) B 4666 440 Fuse, 20mm 1.6AT Balzers B4666440.
Just In: Part No. B4666442 (or 034.3110) B 4666 442 Fuse, 20mm. Glass. 200mA FST Slo-Blo Balzers B4666442.
Photo of B4666444 B 4666 444 Fuse, 250V 2.5A Balzers B4666444.
Just In: Part No. B4666446 (or MCF06G3.15A) B 4666 446 Fuse, 20mm. Glass. T3.15A Slo-Blo Balzers B4666446.
Photo of B4666448 B 4666 448 Fuse, Schurter 20mm 4AT Balzers B4666448.
Just In: Part No. B4666452 (or 034.3125) B 4666 452 Fuse, 20mm. Glass. 6.3A FST Slo-Blo Balzers B4666452.
Photo of B4666454 B 4666 454 Fuse, 20mm Slow 250V 8A Balzers B4666454.
Just In: Part No. B4666456 (or 034.3127) B 4666 456 Fuse, 20mm. Glass. 10A FST Slo-Blo Balzers B4666456.
Just In: Part No. B4666471ES (or MCF03C-6.3A) B 4666 471 ES Fuse, 20mm. Ceramic. T6.3A Slo-Blo Balzers B4666471ES.
Just In: Part No. B4666471FA (or MCF03C-10A) B 4666 471 FA Fuse, 20mm. Glass. 10A Slo-Blo Balzers B4666471FA.
Part No. B4666530 B 4666 530 Fuse, 20mm. Glass. 500mA FST Slo-Blo Balzers B4666530.
Photo of B4666592DC (or 034.5004) B 4666 592 DC Fuse, 20mm. Glass. 125mA FTT Super-Slo-Blo Balzers B4666592DC.
Photo of B4666592DJ B 4666 592 DJ Fuse, 20mm. Glass. 250mA FTT Super-Slo-Blo Balzers B4666592DJ.
Photo of B4666592EC B 4666 592 EC Fuse, 20mm slow blow, 1,25 A Balzers B4666592EC.
Photo of B4668101 (or CF3-A2-A3-A6) B 4668 101 Circuit Breaker, SZ 33, CF3, 35A, 50Hz, 3 Kve, 380V Balzers B4668101.
Photo of B4668101CS (or CF3-G2-G3-G3) B 4668 101 CS Protective Switch CF3, 60A, 380AC, 50/60Hz, 3 Kve Balzers B4668101CS.
Part No. B4668101ZE (or 24655A1332) B 4668 101 ZE circuit breaker Balzers B4668101ZE.
Photo of B46682021NP B 4668 202 1NP Circuit Breaker, 1A Balzers B46682021NP.
Photo of B46682041NP B 4668 204 1NP Circuit Breaker, 2A Balzers B46682041NP.
Photo of B46682042NP B 4668 204 2NP Circuit Breaker, 2A Balzers B46682042NP.
Photo of B46682061NP B 4668 206 1NP Circuit Breaker, 4A Balzers B46682061NP.
Photo of B46682062NP B 4668 206 2NP Circuit Breaker Balzers B46682062NP.
Photo of B46682071NP B 4668 207 1NP Circuit Breaker, 6A Balzers B46682071NP.
Photo of B46682072NP B 4668 207 2NP Circuit Breaker, 6A Balzers B46682072NP.
Photo of B46682091NP B 4668 209 1NP Circuit Breaker, 10A Balzers B46682091NP.
Photo of B46682101NP B 4668 210 1NP Circuit Breaker, 16A Balzers B46682101NP.
Photo of B46682111NP B 4668 211 1NP Circuit Breaker, 20A Balzers B46682111NP.
Photo of B46682112NP B 4668 211 2NP Circuit Breaker, 25A Balzers B46682112NP.
Photo of B46682132NP B 4668 213 2NP Circuit Breaker, 2X 32A Balzers B46682132NP.
Photo of B46682141NP B 4668 214 1NP Circuit Breaker, 40A Balzers B46682141NP.
Photo of B46682143NP B 4668 214 3NP Circuit Breaker, 40A Balzers B46682143NP.
Photo of B4668240SK B 4668 240 SK Circuit Breaker, 6A Balzers B4668240SK.
Photo of B4668801AF B 4668 801 AF Circuit Breaker, Earth Leakage Fl 10,115v, 3 Phase + Neutral Balzers B4668801AF.
Photo of B4671109BA B 4671 109 BA Plastic Pin Balzers B4671109BA.
Photo of B4681841FC B 4681 841 FC Lamp, Indicator Balzers B4681841FC.
Photo of B4683202SA B 4683 202 SA Socket, lamp PFG 035.1501 Balzers B4683202SA.
Photo of B4683205AI B 4683 205 AI LED. Mounted 250V Balzers B4683205AI.
Photo of B4683272C B 4683 272 C Lamp, lens (Green) for EREO10 Balzers B4683272C.
Photo of B4683413 (or 24655A1048) B 4683 413 Lamp Holder for EKS110 etc. (Square) Balzers B4683413.
Photo of B4683471K B 4683 471 K Switch, Lens Assy, Green Balzers B4683471K.
Photo of B4683471N B 4683 471 N Switch, Lens Assy, White Balzers B4683471N.
Photo of B4683473QK B 4683 473 QK Lens assembly, green (used on EKS110, EHV110 etc) Balzers B4683473QK.
Photo of B4683473QN B 4683 473 QN Lens assembly, white (used on EKS110, EHV110 etc) Balzers B4683473QN.
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Part No. B4702186NA B 4702 186 NA Socket, 30way Cannon Socket (Spring Contact Strip) Balzers B4702186NA.
Photo of B4702391ZA B 4702 391 ZA Adaptor 5ST2120 Balzers B4702391ZA.
Photo of B4707498AF B 4707 498 AF Box SW 2+PE.40RO3.1111 sEV Balzers B4707498AF.
Photo of B47074992G B 4707 499 2G Gasket Balzers B47074992G.
Photo of B4710605FN B 4710 605 FN Socket, B4N Balzers B4710605FN.
Photo of B4710605JR B 4710 605 JR Socket, B8N Balzers B4710605JR.
Photo of B4711661ZA B 4711 661 ZA Plug, 1way, 40A single way (mates with BB163408) Balzers B4711661ZA.
Photo of B4713411BG B 4713 411 BG Connector Balzers B4713411BG.
Photo of B4716121A B 4716 121 A Terminal strip Balzers B4716121A.
Photo of B4717181PE B 4717 181 PE Connector, PCB, 18way, PCC B 18 SO 4-GEOOJO Balzers B4717181PE.
Photo of B4717181QE B 4717 181 QE Connector, PCB, 2x18way, PCCD B 18 SO 4-GEOO30 Balzers B4717181QE.
Photo of B471719156 B 4717 191 - 56 Connector, PCB, 56way, ETS110 to EKS110 Balzers B471719156.
Photo of B4717840CP B 4717 840 CP Transfer Module Balzers B4717840CP.
Photo of B4717840CQ B 4717 840 CQ Transfer Module CON 700 Balzers B4717840CQ.
Photo of B4717840CQP B 4717 840 CQP Transfer Module CON 700 Balzers B4717840CQP.
Photo of B4720185NA B 4720 185 NA Plug, 30way, J4 on EKS110. (c/w Housing B4720906NA) Balzers B4720185NA.
Photo of B4720186NA B 4720 186 NA Socket, 30way, Fits on J4 on EKS110, c/w Housing. Balzers B4720186NA.
Photo of B4720903NA B 4720 903-NA End Housing 3039. F 30/39-Pol Balzers B4720903NA.
Photo of B4720906NA B 4720 906 NA Housing, for 30way Canon Plug/Socket on EKS110 Balzers B4720906NA.
Photo of B4720932HA B 4720 932 HA Housing Balzers B4720932HA.
Photo of B4720999CD B 4720 999 CD Pin Insertion Tool Balzers B4720999CD.
Photo of B4722015LA B 4722 015 LA Connector.Lemo 2way Balzers B4722015LA.
Photo of B4722015LM B 4722 015 LM Socket, 2P. RAOS 302T C200 Balzers B4722015LM.
Photo of B4722071FF B 4722 071 FF Connector, Free, Shielded, 2way Balzers B4722071FF.
Photo of B4722103CA B 4722 103 CA Plug, 7way, chassis mounting Balzers B4722103CA.
Photo of B4722103CB (or T3104.001) B 4722 103 CB Plug, 7way, straight, free, 250V 6A. 3104001 Balzers B4722103CB.
Photo of B4722111CB (or T3109.021) B 4722 111 CB Low Frequency Regulator Balzers B4722111CB.
Photo of B4722113CB (or T3105.021) B 4722 113 CB Plug, 7way, straight, free Balzers B4722113CB.
Photo of B4722123CB (or T3106.021) B 4722 123 CB Plug, 7way, chassis mounting Balzers B4722123CB.
Photo of B4722128MC (or MS3102E18-5P) B 4722 128 MC Plug, 3way, MS 3102 E18 - 5P, for EKS110 J2 Balzers B4722128MC.
Photo of B4722318FA (or S104A066) B 4722 318 FA Connector, 8way Balzers B4722318FA.
Photo of B4722403CA (or T3262) B 4722 403 CA Plug, 3way, chassis mounting (used on EKS110 etc) Balzers B4722403CA.
Photo of B4722404CA (or T 3302) B 4722 404 CA Plug, 4way, chassis mounting (used on EKS110 etc) Balzers B4722404CA.
Photo of B4722409MK B 4722 409 MK Socket, Free, 7way Canon Balzers B4722409MK.
Photo of B4722410MJ B 4722 410 MJ Plug, 7way, Chassis Mounting Balzers B4722410MJ.
Photo of B4722410MK B 4722 410 MK Plug, 7way, Cable mounting, Amphenol Balzers B4722410MK.
Photo of B4722463CA (or T3263.000) B 4722 463 CA Socket, 3way Chassis Mounting Balzers B4722463CA.
Photo of B4722463CAF (or 24655A0987) B 4722 463 CAF Socket, 4 way Balzers B4722463CAF.
Photo of B4722464CA (or T3303) B 4722 464 CA Socket, 4way, chassis mounting (used on EKS110 etc) Balzers B4722464CA.
Photo of B4722531FD (or D4J5-06Z062) B 4722 531 FD Socket, Crucible Motor, 10way Balzers B4722531FD.
Photo of B4722553MC (or MS3102E18-1S) B 4722 553 MC Socket, 10way, MS 3102 E18 - 1S, for EKS110 J2 Balzers B4722553MC.
Photo of B4722659FE (or WDE106AZ019-2) B 4722 659 FE Feedthrough, 8way / way, 32mm Balzers B4722659FE.
Photo of B4722681MC (or MS3102E20-29S) B 4722 681 MC Socket, 17way, MS 3102 E20 - 29S, for EKS110 J6 Balzers B4722681MC.
Photo of B4722682MC (or MS3102E20-29P) B 4722 682 MC Plug, 17way, MS 3102 E20 - 29P, for EKS110 J7 Balzers B4722682MC.
Photo of B4722754 (or MS3102E24-28P) B 4722 754 Plug, 24way, MS 3102 E24 - 28P, for EKS110 J3 Balzers B4722754.
Photo of B4728011CA (or 83-766) B 4728 011 CA Plug, coaxial, PL259, UHF, for RG58 coax. Balzers B4728011CA.
Photo of B4728131SC (or SMC-50-0-2) B 4728 131 SC Socket, Coaxial SMC 50ohm (quartz) Balzers B4728131SC.
Photo of B4728213AA B 4728 213 AA Adaptor BNC Balzers B4728213AA.
Photo of B4740151BB (or NZM 64-100) B 4740 151 BB Main Switch for ST700, Master 4P 100A for 50Hz Klockner Moeller NZM 64-100 Balzers B4740151BB.
Photo of B4740152HA B 4740 152 HA Switch, Klockner Moeller Balzers B4740152HA.
Photo of B4740152HC B 4740 152 HC Switch, Master, for 50Hz Klockner Moeller NZM9-250 Balzers B4740152HC.
Photo of B4743012K1 B 4743 012 K1 Knob, Red Balzers B4743012K1.
Photo of B4743105AG B 4743 105 AG Switch, Rotary, 500v 16A Balzers B4743105AG.
Photo of B4743106AG B 4743 106 AG Switch, Rotary, 500v 16A Balzers B4743106AG.
Photo of B4743155PA B 4743 155 PA Switch, Rotary Balzers B4743155PA.
Photo of B4743501KA B 4743 501 KA Switch, Rotary, 660v 40A, 3pole (for EHV rack. For 6pole version see B 4743 505 KA) Balzers B4743501KA.
Part No. B4746102BA (or 1SX1-T) B 4746 102 BA Switch, micro for QSK610 Head Balzers B4746102BA.
Photo of B4746115BB (or V3-9015M) B 4746 115 BB Switch, micro, v3 Balzers B4746115BB.
Photo of B4746116BA (or 311SX5-T) B 4746 116 BA Switch, micro Balzers B4746116BA.
Part No. B474612BC (or BZ-2RQ 181) B 4746 12 BC MICRO-SWITCH Balzers B474612BC.
Photo of B4746165EA (or 521-875) B 4746 165 EA Switch, micro Balzers B4746165EA.
Photo of B4746183EB (or GVCSPYR1) B 4746 183 EB Switch, micro Balzers B4746183EB.
Photo of B4746341EB (or GVCSP-GVAB) B 4746 341 EB Switch, micro Balzers B4746341EB.
Photo of B4746611GB (or X06-2-F51) B 4746 611 GB Switch, Micro X06-2-F51 Balzers B4746611GB.
Photo of B4747111SE (or V1-GL15) B 4747 111 SE Switch, Flow V 16 Balzers B4747111SE.
Photo of B4747205SE B 4747 205 SE Diaphragm 8-16 L/min Balzers B4747205SE.
Photo of B4747455SS B 4747 455 SS Switch, Water Flow 74m Balzers B4747455SS.
Photo of B4747911SE (or 24655Z0301) B 4747 911 SE Eletta Flow Switch Repair Kit Seal Kit Balzers B4747911SE.
Photo of B4750021EA B 4750 021 EA Switch, push button, momentary, with lamp holder, used on ETS110 Balzers B4750021EA.
Photo of B4750322HA B 4750 322 HA Actuation Unit Balzers B4750322HA.
Photo of B4750641EA B 4750 641 EA Switch, Push button (HV on/off etc on EKS110) Balzers B4750641EA.
Photo of B4750745EA B 4750 745 EA Lens assy, green (for EKS110 HV etc) Balzers B4750745EA.
Photo of B4750749EA B 4750 749 EA Lens assy, white (for EKS110 HV etc) Balzers B4750749EA.
Photo of B4751011JA B 4751 011 JA Push Buttons BG 517 707 Balzers B4751011JA.
Photo of B4751111BL B 4751 111 BL Switch, Keyboard, Red Led for PC101 PC 101 KB101 KB 101 Balzers B4751111BL.
Photo of B4751451AN B 4751 451 AN Switch, Emergency, Klockner-Moeller K10 K01 Balzers B4751451AN.
Photo of B4752022SA B 4752 022 SA Switch, miniature toggle 2PDT (used on EKS110 etc) Balzers B4752022SA.
Photo of B4754109BA B 4754 109 BA Machine interlock Balzers B4754109BA.
Part No. B4763108KA B 4763 108 KA Relay Balzers B4763108KA.
Photo of B4767491AM B 4767 491 AM Switch, Motor Protection 0-16A GV1M06 Telemecanique Balzers B4767491AM.
Photo of B4767491AT (or GV1-M10) B 4767 491 AT Trip For 3-Phase Motor, 4-6A, DIN Rail Mounting Balzers B4767491AT.
Part No. B4771206NA (or 24655A0206) B 4771 206 NA Contactor, 24V 50HZ Balzers B4771206NA.
Photo of B4771206NB (or B4771207NA) B 4771 206 NB Contactor, 24VAC coil, 4pole, 600V, 12A, IOS 12 40 24V, 60Hz, CT 76 N 182 R1 Balzers B4771206NB.
Photo of B4771226NB (or B12-40-00 24VAC) B 4771 226 NB Contactor, 24VAC coil, 4pole, 600V, 20A, DIN rail mounting, used for pump in EPC201, with ROS 8 DM (ROS8DM) Balzers B4771226NB.
Photo of B4771406NA (or IOS 20 40) B 4771 406 NA Contactor, 24VAC coil, 600V, 20A, CT 76 N 182 R1 Balzers B4771406NA.
Photo of B4771406NB (or B25-40-00) B 4771 406 NB Contactor, 24-28VAC coil. 3phase, 600VAC, 45A, +1 auxiliary 10A contact, DIN rail mounting Balzers B4771406NB.
Part No. B4774105SA B 4774 105 SA Relay, Safety Balzers B4774105SA.
Photo of B4775143NT B 4775 143 NT Relay, Thermal (Overload), 0.16-0.24A Petercem Ros 20DM Balzers B4775143NT.
Photo of B4776011NH B 4776 011 NH Wiring Boxes Balzers B4776011NH.
Photo of B4776060NTP B 4776 060 NTP Relay, Thermal (Overload), 3phase, 0.6-0.9A, 500VAC,6A, (Brown Boveri T25DM) with DIN rail adaptor Balzers B4776060NTP.
Photo of B4776064NT (or T 25 DM) B 4776 064 NT Relay, Thermal (Overload), 3phase, 1.3-1.9A, 500VAC,6A, (Brown Boveri T25DM) with DIN rail adaptor Balzers B4776064NT.
Photo of B4776100AL B 4776 100 AL Relay, Thermal (Overload), 7-10A, Telemecanique LR1-D09 314 Balzers B4776100AL.
Photo of B4776108HT B 4776 108 HT Overload, Motor, Contactor Balzers B4776108HT.
Photo of B4776110NT B 4776 110 NT Relay, Thermal (Overload), 3phase, 0.6-0.9A, 500VAC,6A, (Brown Boveri T25DM) with DIN rail adaptor Balzers B4776110NT.
Photo of B4776112NZ B 4776 112 NZ Shorting Link Balzers B4776112NZ.
Photo of B4776114NT B 4776 114 NT Relay, Thermal (Overload), BBC T25 DM 1.9A Balzers B4776114NT.
Photo of B4776116NT (or ROS 8 DM 124) B 4776 116 NT Relay, Thermal (Overload), 1.6-2.4Amps, 3 phase. Balzers B4776116NT.
Photo of B4776118NT B 4776 118 NT Relay, Thermal (Overload), T25DM 2.1-3.2A Balzers B4776118NT.
Photo of B4776120NT B 4776 120 NT Relay, Thermal, ROS 8 DM 145 3-4.5A Balzers B4776120NT.
Photo of B4776132NT B 4776 132 NT Relay, Thermal (Overload), 3phase, 8-13A, Petercem ROS12DM Balzers B4776132NT.
Photo of B4776132NW (or RV-BC6/60) B 4776 132 NW Varistor. Surge suppressor for Contactor, 24-60VAC Balzers B4776132NW.
Photo of B4776136NT B 4776 136 NT Relay, Thermal (Overload), 12-18A, 660VAC,60A, (Brown Boveri -BBC) Balzers B4776136NT.
Photo of B4776156NT (or T 85 DM) B 4776 156 NT Relay, Thermal (Overload), 3phase, 17-29A, 600VAC,70A Balzers B4776156NT.
Photo of B4776513GT B 4776 513 GT Relay, Thermal (Overload), 3phase, 4.5-7A Balzers B4776513GT.
Photo of B4779003DJ (or M Z192-110-11) B 4779 003 DJ Relay, Time delay, 0-10secs, 110VAC, 2PDT (2pole c/o), 11pin (circle) base, MZ192-110-11 Balzers B4779003DJ.
Photo of B4779006DJ (or MZ 191-110-19) B 4779 006 DJ Relay, Time delay, 0-10secs, 110VAC, SPDT (1pole c/o), Octal Base. replacement for B4779521EJ Balzers B4779006DJ.
Photo of B4779109DJ B 4779 109 DJ Relay, Time delay, 0-3secs, 220VAC, SPDT (1pole c/o), Octal Base. Balzers B4779109DJ.
Photo of B4779116DJ B 4779 116 DJ Relay, Time delay, 10sec MZ102-024 11pin 24volt Balzers B4779116DJ.
Photo of B4779256DJ B 4779 256 DJ Relay, Time delay, 10sec MZ102-024 11pin 24v Balzers B4779256DJ.
Photo of B4779521EJ B 4779 521 EJ Relay, Time delay, 0-10secs, 110VAC, SPDT (1pole c/o), Octal Base. Balzers B4779521EJ.
Part No. B4779531EJ B 4779 531 EJ Relay, Time delay, Octal (8-pin).110v 0-3seconds. Balzers B4779531EJ.
Photo of B4780012TZ B 4780 012 TZ Thermostat Insert Balzers B4780012TZ.
Photo of B4782011RA B 4782 011 RA Relay, 0.5VDC, DPDT (2pole c/o), 6A@220VAC, 1.3 ohm Current coil, Type Elesta MR, (K11 in EKS110A) Balzers B4782011RA.
Photo of B4782123KA B 4782 123 KA Relay, 24VDC, 3PDT (3pole c/o), 2A@220VAC, Type Elesta FR11P (for EKS110A) Balzers B4782123KA.
Photo of B4782124DD (or REL14-A3-1.3 24V) B 4782 124 DD Relay, 24VDC, SPDT (1pole c/o), 4A@250VAC, PCB mounting Balzers B4782124DD.
Part No. B4782124DS (or SCHRACK RU 110024) B 4782 124 DS Relay, 24VDC for Output Card (6A 120VAC Contacts) Balzers B4782124DS.
Photo of B4782135KA B 4782 135 KA Relay, 110VDC, 3PDT (3 pole c/o), 2A@220VAC, Type Elesta FR11P, plug in/PCB Balzers B4782135KA.
Just In: Part No. B4782172HA B 4782 172 HA Relay, 24VDC, 3PDT (3pole c/o), 10A@250VAC, 11 pin (circle) base, Type Elesta SKR 115 Balzers B4782172HA.
Photo of B4782529ZC (or DSP1-24V) B 4782 529 ZC Relay, 24VDC, DPST (1 n/c plus 1 n/o), 5A@250VAC, DIL base Balzers B4782529ZC.
Photo of B4783103KA B 4783 103 KA Relay, 3VAC, 3PDT (3pole c/o), 2A@220VAC, Type Elesta FR11P, plug in/PCB Balzers B4783103KA.
Photo of B4783108KA B 4783 108 KA Relay, 24VAC, 3PDT (3pole c/o), 2A@220VAC, Type Elesta FR11P, plug in/PCB Balzers B4783108KA.
Photo of B4783115KA B 4783 115 KA Relay, 110VAC, 3PDT (3 pole c/o), 2A@220VAC, Type Elesta FR11P, plug in Balzers B4783115KA.
Photo of B4783158HA (or 180969) B 4783 158 HA Relay, 24VAC, 3PDT (3pole c/o), 10A@250VAC, 11 pin (circle) base, Type Elesta SKR 115 Balzers B4783158HA.
Photo of B4783160LK (or RS72 001 L1) B 4783 160 LK Relay, 24VAC, SPDT (1pole c/o), 10A@250VAC, PCB Mounting Balzers B4783160LK.
Photo of B4783165HA (or SKR115 A 110VDC) B 4783 165 HA Relay, 110VAC, 3PDT (3pole c/o), 10A@250VAC, 11 pin (circle) base, Type Elesta SKR 115 Balzers B4783165HA.
Photo of B4783168HA (or A01 09-10-25-002) B 4783 168 HA Relay, 220VAC, 3PDT (3pole c/o), 10A@250VAC, 11 pin (circle) base, Type Elesta SKR 115 Balzers B4783168HA.
Photo of B4783301RA B 4783 301 RA Relay, 110VAC, DPDT (2pole c/o), 6A@220VAC, Type Elesta MR, K9 in EKS110 Balzers B4783301RA.
Photo of B4783302RA B 4783 302 RA Relay, 110VAC, 4PDT (4pole c/o), 6A@220VAC, Type Elesta MR, chassis mounting Balzers B4783302RA.
Photo of B4783307RA B 4783 307 RA Relay, 110VAC, 4PST (4pole n/o), 6A@220VAC, Type Elesta MR, K8 & K10 in EKS110 Balzers B4783307RA.
Photo of B4783362RA B 4783 362 RA Relay, 220VAC, 4PDT (4pole c/o), 6A@220VAC, Type Elesta MR, chassis mounting Balzers B4783362RA.
Photo of B4783902RA B 4783 902 RA Relay, 0.3A 50Hz, SPDT (1-Pole c/o) Balzers B4783902RA.
Photo of B4787100LR B 4787 100 LR Relay module, Lutze RE-3-2-310 100v Balzers B4787100LR.
Photo of B4787149HA B 4787 149 HA Relay Module 16way 24VDC 2OM1 Balzers B4787149HA.
Photo of B4789301AE B 4789 301 AE Contact DRR-129 Balzers B4789301AE.
Photo of B4793101EF B 4793 101 EF Socket, ZB 86. for FR11P Balzers B4793101EF.
Photo of B4797101PS B 4797 101 PS Knob large (for Emission control on EKS110 etc) Balzers B4797101PS.
Photo of B4797115DC B 4797 115 DC Cap, Red Balzers B4797115DC.
Photo of B4797115PA B 4797 115 PA Cover, knob B4797101PS Balzers B4797115PA.
Photo of B4797115DCBlu B 4797 115DC Blu Cap, blue Balzers B4797115DCBLU.
Photo of B4797117PB B 4797 117 PB Pointer for knob B4797101PS Balzers B4797117PB.
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Photo of B4836125XY (or LN50J25R) B 4836 125 XY Resistor, 25R (25 ohms), 50W, Wirewound, non-inductive Balzers B4836125XY.
Photo of B4836150WC B 4836 150 WC Resistor, 50 ohms, 12W Balzers B4836150WC.
Photo of B4836156VC B 4836 156 VC Resistor, 56R (56ohms), 4.2W Balzers B4836156VC.
Photo of B4836210X7 B 4836 210 X7 Resistor, 100R, 60w Balzers B4836210X7.
Photo of B4836684XA (or HVR30 8M4) B 4836 684 XA Resistor, 8M4 (8.4M), 5%, 25W @ 20deg C. (or 8M2, (8.2M)) Balzers B4836684XA.
Photo of B4837030XP (or D50K3R0) B 4837 030 XP Resistor, 3R0 (3 ohms), 50W, Variable wirewound, vitreous enamelled Balzers B4837030XP.
Photo of B4837068XV (or GRF 12/102L 6R8) B 4837 068 XV Resistor, 6R8 (6.8ohms), 50W Balzers B4837068XV.
Photo of B4837147XW B 4837 147 XW Resistor, 47R (47ohms), 50W, wire wound Balzers B4837147XW.
Photo of B4837222YL B 4837 222 YL Resistor, 220R (220 ohms) 100w Balzers B4837222YL.
Photo of B4837447YL (or GRF 20/140 47K) B 4837 447 YL Resistor, 47K, 100W Balzers B4837447YL.
Photo of B4863311RB (or ERZC20DK11) B 4863 311 RB Varistor (transient absorber), 85V. Balzers B4863311RB.
Photo of B4870250LA (or 350-126) B 4870 250 LA Potentiometer, 470K, long 1/4" shaft Balzers B4870250LA.
Photo of B4870410HT (or 106-477) B 4870 410 HT Potentiometer, 10K with Switch (EKS110 Emission control pot) Balzers B4870410HT.
Photo of B4870410LA B 4870 410 LA Potentiometer, 10K Balzers B4870410LA.
Photo of B4870410LF B 4870 410 LF Potentiometer, LIN 0,25W 10KOHM Balzers B4870410LF.
Photo of B4870425LA (or 350-084) B 4870 425 LA Potentiometer, 50NF Balzers B4870425LA.
Photo of B4870510HS (or 350-102) B 4870 510 HS Potentiometer, 100K, long 1/4" shaft Balzers B4870510HS.
Photo of B4873410DA B 4873 410 DA Potentiometer, 0.05W 10Kohm Balzers B4873410DA.
Photo of B4877350UE B 4877 350 UE Potentiometer, 5K Balzers B4877350UE.
Photo of B4879310UE B 4879 310 UE Potentiometer, 1K, 10turn Balzers B4879310UE.
Photo of B4886350R3 (or 960-9679) B 4886 350 R3 Potentiometer, 5K, 20 turn Trimmer panel or pcb mount Balzers B4886350R3.
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Part No. B4901525P7 B 4901 525 P7 Capacitor, 40V 2500uF (obsolete - see B4902522QW) Balzers B4901525P7.
Photo of B4902510Y7 B 4902 510 Y7 Capacitor, 1000uF, 250V Balzers B4902510Y7.
Photo of B4902522QH B 4902 522 QH Capacitor, 40V 2200uF Balzers B4902522QH.
Photo of B4902522QW (or B4111-B7228-T) B 4902 522 QW Capacitor, 40V 2200uF for EKS110 (replacement for B4901525P7) Balzers B4902522QW.
Photo of B4902668HS (or 2222 106 16683) B 4902 668 HS Capacitor, 68000uF 25V (for Red Box) Balzers B4902668HS.
Part No. B4902668LK (or 24655A1136) B 4902 668 LK Capacitor, 68000 MF 16V Balzers B4902668LK.
Photo of B4931610R8 B 4931 610 R8 Capacitor, 250V 1uF Balzers B4931610R8.
Photo of B49336107Z (or 512406) B 4933 610 7Z Capacitor, 10KVDC 1uF Balzers B49336107Z.
Photo of B4955221M7 B 4955 221 M7 Capacitor, ceramic, 1n2F Balzers B4955221M7.
Photo of B49593488R B 4959 348 8R Capacitor, 20KV, -20/+80% 4.8nF (4800pF) Balzers B49593488R.
Photo of B49855256D (or TPM 100-254) B 4985 525 6D Capacitor, 10KV.HVS107N Balzers B49855256D.
Photo of B4985610XE (or 06-703340-11) B 4985 610 XE Capacitor, 1uF Balzers B4985610XE.
Photo of B4988531RK B 4988 531 RK Capacitor, 250VAC, 0.3uF+ 2x2500pF. (for EKS110) Balzers B4988531RK.
Photo of B4988708AL (or PMR 205 AB) B 4988 708 AL R/C combination - 0.25uF + 600R (600 ohms) Balzers B4988708AL.

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