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Balzers B Series spares from 4100 000 to 4199 999

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Photo of B4101518CM B 4101 518 CM Fitting, Brass 6-G >1/8M Balzers B4101518CM.
Photo of B4101527CM B 4101 527 CM Fitting, Brass 8-G > 1/8M Balzers B4101527CM.
Photo of B4101537MN B 4101 537 MN Adaptor fitting Balzers B4101537MN.
Photo of B4102528CM B 4102 528 CM Elbow. SO 2400-8-G 1/4 Balzers B4102528CM.
Photo of B4104519CM B 4104 519 CM Tee 1/4-6-6 Balzers B4104519CM.
Photo of B4106423MY (or SO 52000-12) B 4106 423 MY Elbow, Connector for Triode - Stainless Balzers B4106423MY.
Photo of B4107410CM B 4107 410 CM T piece MS SO 3000-6 Balzers B4107410CM.
Photo of B4113361CM B 4113 361 CM Hex Nipple 40- 1/4-1/4 Balzers B4113361CM.
Photo of B4117203Z B 4117 203 Z T-piece, GF 134. VZN G 1/4 Balzers B4117203Z.
Photo of B4117556GM B 4117 556 GM Fitting, Brass D6 -M10X1 Balzers B4117556GM.
Photo of B4117557GM B 4117 557 GM Nut, Connection 20-6-G 1/4 Balzers B4117557GM.
Photo of B4117563GM B 4117 563 GM Nut, Connection 20-8-g 1/4 Balzers B4117563GM.
Photo of B4117568X B 4117 568 X Nut, 10mm SS Balzers B4117568X.
Photo of B4117569GM B 4117 569 GM Serto Nut 20-10-G 3/8" Balzers B4117569GM.
Photo of B4117569GN B 4117 569 GN Nut, connection, 20-10-G 3/8" Balzers B4117569GN.
Photo of B4117571MX (or SO 50020-12) B 4117 571 MX Nut, Compression M16x1 Stainless Balzers B4117571MX.
Photo of B4117572GM B 4117 572 GM Nut, Connection 20-12-g 1/2 Balzers B4117572GM.
Part No. B4117572MX (or 24655Z0988) B 4117 572 MX Nut, Compression. Serto 18.2-12- M18x1.5 Stainless Balzers B4117572MX.
Photo of B4117577MX B 4117 577 MX Nut, S/S Nut SO 50020-15-M 20X1.5 Balzers B4117577MX.
Photo of B4119314M (or SO 40001-10) B 4119 314-M Ferrule, clamp-sleeve Balzers B4119314M.
Photo of B4119314X B 4119 314-X Ferrule, compression SS 10mm Balzers B4119314X.
Photo of B4119317X (or SO 50001-12) B 4119 317 X Olive, Clamp-Sleeve, 12mm, Serto, Balzers B4119317X.
Photo of B4119359M B 4119 359 M Ferrule, clamp-sleeve 1-6 Balzers B4119359M.
Photo of B4119363M B 4119 363 M Clamp, sleeve MS SO1-8 Balzers B4119363M.
Photo of B4119367M B 4119 367 M Clamping Ring for 8/10mm Pipe Balzers B4119367M.
Photo of B4119367X B 4119 367 X Tube, Sexto Balzers B4119367X.
Photo of B4119369M (or 24200Z0084) B 4119 369 M Olive stiffener sleeve 1-10 Balzers B4119369M.
Photo of B4119387M B 4119 387 M End cap MS SO 2-6 Balzers B4119387M.
Photo of B4119409M (or SO 40003-6-4) B 4119 409 M Support Tube Brass Balzers B4119409M.
Photo of B4119413M (or SO 40003-8-6) B 4119 413 M Support Tube Brass Balzers B4119413M.
Photo of B4119418M (or SO 40003-10-8) B 4119 418 M Support Tube Brass Balzers B4119418M.
Photo of B4119418X (or SO 50003-10-8) B 4119 418 X Support Tube Stainless Steel Balzers B4119418X.
Photo of B4119421X (or SO 50003-12-10) B 4119 421 X Support Tube / Sleeve Stainless Steel Balzers B4119421X.
Photo of B4119421M B 4119 421-M Support Tube / Sleeve Mild Steel Balzers B4119421M.
Photo of B4119532K B 4119 532 K Seal, Copper SO 7 -G 1/4 Balzers B4119532K.
Photo of B4119533K B 4119 533 K Seal, Copper SO7-g 3/8 Balzers B4119533K.
Photo of B4133403GM B 4133 403 GM Adjusting Connector SO 2600-6 Balzers B4133403GM.
Photo of B4133405GM B 4133 405 GM Elbow, Connector MS Serto 2600-10 Balzers B4133405GM.
Photo of B4133424GM B 4133 424 GM Adjusting Connector 3600-A-8-8 Balzers B4133424GM.
Photo of B4138511MT B 4138 511 MT Front ferrule Balzers B4138511MT.
Photo of B4138511XU B 4138 511 XU Swagelok Olive 1/8 Balzers B4138511XU.
Photo of B4148150EF (or 5207003) B 4148 150 EF Valve, Pressure Reduction 0-8bar Balzers B4148150EF.
Photo of B4148150FF B 4148 150 FF Shutter Control for BA710 Balzers B4148150FF.
Photo of B4148151FH B 4148 151 FH Valve Balzers B4148151FH.
Photo of B4149305 B 4149 305 Valve, Non Return Balzers B4149305.
Photo of B4149500BD (or 24655Z0863) B 4149 500 BD Valve, Non Return 7251-112" Balzers B4149500BD.
Photo of B4149501EC B 4149 501 EC Valve, Non Return DN13 IT-100 Balzers B4149501EC.
Photo of B4150054BL (or 420-G-SL6/4) B 4150 054 BL Valve, Solenoid, 24V 50-60Hz Coil Balzers B4150054BL.
Photo of B4150293XA B 4150 293 XA Valve, Ball1/2 Balzers B4150293XA.
Photo of B4150400AG (or SC263209LT) B 4150 400 AG Valve, Solenoid, LN2 24Vac, without Fittings, 400425-101 Balzers B4150400AG.
Photo of B4150401AN B 4150 401 AN Valve, Solenoid, 110V/60Hz Balzers B4150401AN.
Photo of B4150454EG (or 044511R) B 4150 454 EG Valve, Solenoid, 24/50 Burkert 0425388 Balzers B4150454EG.
Part No. B4150487P2 B 4150 487 P2 Valve, solenoid Balzers B4150487P2.
Photo of B4150504BL B 4150 504 BL Solenoid Valve, 24V Balzers B4150504BL.
Photo of B4150570AG B 4150 570 AG Valve, Solenoid, 24/50-60 Balzers B4150570AG.
Photo of B4150700AG (or 107-659-9) B 4150 700 AG Valve, Solenoid, 107-659-9 24V 50Hz Coil Balzers B4150700AG.
Part No. B4150700FG (or 24655A0775) B 4150 700 FG Valve, Solenoid, 420-G-3-B-SL-614-24V 50Hz Coil Balzers B4150700FG.
Photo of B4150700GL B 4150 700 GL Coil, 24V 50-60Hz Balzers B4150700GL.
Photo of B4150704KG (or 420/G) B 4150 704 KG Coil, 24V 50Hz Balzers B4150704KG.
Photo of B4150720A2 B 4150 720 A2 Coil, 24V DC - Eugen Seltz Balzers B4150720A2.
Photo of B4150720AB B 4150 720 AB Coil, 115V, 60Hz Balzers B4150720AB.
Photo of B4150720AC (or 24655A0127) B 4150 720 AC Coil, 24V 50Hz Balzers B4150720AC.
Photo of B4150735BH (or X AP X 044 K54 D11) B 4150 735 BH Coil, 24V, 60Hz Balzers B4150735BH.
Photo of B4150737BA (or 24654A1669) B 4150 737 BA Coil, 220v, 50Hz / 230v Balzers B4150737BA.
Photo of B4150737BB B 4150 737 BB Coil, 110V 60Hz Balzers B4150737BB.
Photo of B4150737BG (or 24655A0125) B 4150 737 BG Coil, 24V 50Hz Balzers B4150737BG.
Photo of B4150788BA B 4150 788 BA Bracket, AL SW-ELOX.T-523 Balzers B4150788BA.
Photo of B4158440AS B 4158 440 AS Seal, flat For ZLA-50 Balzers B4158440AS.
Photo of B4158440BS B 4158 440 BS Seal, flat for ZLA-36 Balzers B4158440BS.
Photo of B4158440DS B 4158 440 DS Seal, flat for ZLA-70 Balzers B4158440DS.
Photo of B416121111F B 4161 211 11F Filter Balzers B416121111F.
Photo of B4163102A B 4163 102 A Hose Clamp Inox (25mm max) Balzers B4163102A.
Photo of B4164561CDP B 4164 561 CDP Coupling, EVA 100 PA Balzers B4164561CDP.
Photo of B4164566ZF B 4164 566 ZF Hose fitting Balzers B4164566ZF.
Photo of B4168440DS B 4168 440 DS Gasket, flat, 70x0.5 Balzers B4168440DS.
Photo of B4169387 B 4169 387 Nipple, hose Balzers B4169387.
Photo of B4169398 B 4169 398 Hose Nipple 13WR017021.3/8-14 Balzers B4169398.
Photo of B4169979EM B 4169 979 EM 1/2" Hose Connector Balzers B4169979EM.
Photo of B4175203Z B 4175 203 -Z T-piece, 1/4 inch Balzers B4175203Z.
Photo of B41960252D B 4196 025 2D Nut, ST VERZ M6 NR.14125 Balzers B41960252D.

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