Relays, Circuit Breakers & Contactors

Part Number 1 Part Number 2 Part Number 3 Description Supplier
27275 27275 27275 Circuit Breaker NC100H C80A MERLIN GERIN
315138 06-21074-00 315-138 CONTACTOR DTF SCO RS
315267 06-21073-00 315-267 CONTACTOR AUXILLA RS
329890 329890 329-890 Relay DIN / surface Base 4-pole PTF14AE RS
344170 28236440 344-170 CONTACTOR 24VDC RL1.2 TANK RS
778848 778848 778-848 Circuit Breaker Type C MCB 32A 6KA 1-pole Moeller FAZN C32 RS
778905 778905 778-905 Circuit Breaker Finger-Safety Moeller LN 6463s RS
853719 853719 853-719 Circuit breaker Type C MCB Dual approval 16a 10KA 1-pole RS
5000110 5000110 5000110 Relay Base EATON
60338110 60338110 Relay Innesto FINDER
120001044 120001044 1200-01044 Relay Time delay Potter and Brumfield CB-1023B-78 APPLIED (N-CONS)
120001048 120001048 1200-01048 Relay IPS main contactor. Westinghouse A201K6CAC APPLIED MATERIALS
122245600 122245600 122-245-600 Relay type R10 SPDT n/a
135928200 135928200 135-928-200 Relay 4DPDT 115V n/a
604110620 604110620 6041-1062-0 Relay 24VDC. P&B 1962401+H17 TEMESCAL
604126300 604126300 6041-2630-0 Relay HV SPOT 26. 5VDC coil in kit 0040-7490-1 TEMESCAL
06-09067-00 n/a n/a CONTACTOR 3-POLE AG ASSOCIATES
06-68053-00 550421 550421 CONTACTOR LC1 323B SURFACE TECH.
06-77014-00 23382 23382 RELAY. SOLIDSTATE FUSION
10111060 101-110-60 101-110 60 Relay 11pin base METRONIC
20050 20050 20050 Circuit Breaker 1A.240/415V MERLIN GERIN
2160B240EA16 2160B240EA16 2160-B240EA16 Contactor from telemechanique ROWAN CONTROLLER
2160BX640EA1 2160BX640EA1 2160BX640EA-1 Contactor 24V 50/60Hz 4-pole Telemecanique ROWAN CONTROLLER
2200EB530AA 2200EB530AA 2200EB530AA Contactor 3-pole. 50A inductive 60A resistive 600VAC TELEMECANIQUE
2200EBA730AA 2200EBA730AA 2200-EBA-730-AA Contactor 74A 3 Pol. From telemechanique ROWAN CONTROLLER
24255220 10185602REVE 10-1856-02 REV-E CONTACTOR 52-pin ASECO SI SILTEST
24310A0001 615715030 6157-1503-0 contactor A-H ACC-300-UM20 3-pole n/a
24310A0041 604126300 6041-2630-0 relais HT TEMESCAL
24655A0984 615715060 6157-1506-0 Contactor TEMESCAL
24655A1317 88893813 88893813 Relais temporisť 24VAC TRK SYRELEC
28285530 11005001 110.0500.1 CONTACTOR QUICK ESEC
326XBX48P60F 326XBX48P60F 326XBX48P60F Relay Delay on Operate 60s 120Vac Octal Base STRUTHERS DUNN
37031A0012 LC1D0910M7 LC1D0910M7 Contactor TELEMECANIQUE
3VE10202J 3VE10202J 3VE1020-2J Circuit breaker SIEMENS
3VE10202K 3VE10202K 3VE1020-2K Circuit breaker SIEMENS
41013 41013 41013 Circuit breaker C125N-H MERLIN GERIN
425AXX 425AXX 425AXX Relay Bare 120Vac 30A 50-60Hz STRUTHERS DUNN
553424 553424 55.34.24 Relay Innesto Type 55.34 24 volt ac 5 Amps FINDER
5SX4 5SX4 5SX4 Circuit Breaker C20 3-pole SIEMENS
60411455D24 60411455D24 6041-1455-D24 Relay Flange Mount 3PDT. 24VDC Coil. Potter and Brumfield KUP-14D55-24 .From kit 0040-7490-1 TEMESCAL
73041 73041 73041 Relay module RE 3-4-001/3 LUTZE
73510 73510 73510 Relay module SG 060 LUTZE
73511 73511 73511 Relay module RE 3-4-001/2 LUTZE
80118970 604127010 6041-2701-0 RELAY Temescal TIME DELAY 6041 MS VACUUM
801350600 604149930 6041-4993-0 RELAY P&B KUP14A15 TEM VAC. TEC.
8015471F01 125C2 125C-2 RELAY DIL 349-399 MEGATEST FARNELL
80154720 349383 349-383 RELAY DIL 349-383 MEGA LI COMPONENT
8015853F01 R10E1X2115VAC R10-E1-X2-115VAC RELAY CVPLOTT R10-E1-X2-11 Pennine
8015854F01 R10E1Y4V18S R10-E1-Y4-V18S RELAY CVPLOTT R10-Y4-V185 Pennine
8017356F01 KUP11D1124 KUP11D1124 RELAY VOLT REG PE Pennine
8019473F01 7090071A 709-007-1A RELAY CON SCP 709-007-1A SCP GLOBAL TEC
80201390 3905107 0-39-05107 RELAY DAIN MY2N DC24V ETC MACROTRON
80213480 604127300 6041-2730-0 RELAY TEM TD CUF-41-70030 LI COMPONENT
8022111F01 11307 01/130/7 RELAY 24V OVERLOAD MTE THE WM C YUILLE
8022137F01 107004 107-004 RELAY 107-004 3PDT 24V SVG SVG
80234130 n/a+D49 n/a RELAY VWR-OVEN DP VWR
8024138F02 PS003 PS-003 RELAY PS-003 SANKYO SANKYO
8025046F01 CH487001 CH-4870-01 RELAY MAIN POWER ATCOR METRON
80251650 21000841 210-0084-1 RELAY 24V ESEC ESEC
8026499F01 81728000 081728-000 RELAY SSR45A WJ ELEMENT WATKINS JOHNSON
8027366F01 051323F 051323F RELAY DNS INTERLOCK FARNELL
8027924F01 9633120 9633120 RELAY CA4 9C 24V FICO
80289720 22002310 2200-2310 RELAY 2200 2310 MAGATEST RHOPOINT COM
8030168F01 9633170 9633170 RELAY TFM GS4P FICO
80309230 6.44006E+11 644-005878-001 RELAY LAM490 LAM
AM2SA8LA15DA AM2SA8LA15DA AM2S-A8-LA-15-D-A Circuit Breaker 50A 250VAC HEINEMANN
AM3SA3LA15DA AM3SA3LA15DA AM3S-A3-LA-15-D-A Circuit Breaker 50A 250VAC HEINEMANN
AM4A3A AM4A3A AM-4-A3-A Circuit Breaker 30A 240V HEINEMANN
AZ420C564L AZ420-C56-4L 167101 Relay 1284 2.5K ohm (48V)??? AMERICAN ZETTLER
B0147290 B0147290 B0147290 Contactor 220K Petercem X125 50/60Hz BALZERS
B4668101ZE B4668101ZE 24655A1332 circuit breaker BALZERS
B46682021NP B46682021NP B46682021N-P Circuit Breaker 1A BALZERS
B46682041NP B46682041NP B46682041N-P Circuit Breaker 2A BALZERS
B46682042NP B46682042NP B46682042N-P Circuit Breaker 2A BALZERS
B46682061NP B46682061NP B46682061N-P Circuit Breaker 4A BALZERS
B46682062NP B46682062NP B46682062N-P Circuit Breaker BALZERS
B46682071NP B46682071NP B46682071N-P Circuit Breaker 6A BALZERS
B46682072NP B46682072NP B46682072N-P Circuit Breaker 6A BALZERS
B46682091NP B46682091NP B46682091N-P Circuit Breaker 10A BALZERS
B46682101NP B46682101NP B46682101N-P Circuit Breaker 16A BALZERS
B46682111NP B46682111NP B46682111N-P Circuit Breaker 20A BALZERS
B46682112NP B46682112NP B46682112N-P Circuit Breaker 25A BALZERS
B46682132NP B46682132NP B46682132N-P Circuit Breaker 2X 32A BALZERS
B46682141NP B46682141NP B46682141N-P Circuit Breaker 40A BALZERS
B46682143NP B46682143NP B46682143N-P Circuit Breaker 40A BALZERS
B4763108KA n/a n/a Relay BALZERS
B4771206NA B4771206NA 24655A0206 Contactor 24V 50HZ BALZERS
B4771207NA B4771206NB B4771207NA (new part number B4771206NB) Contactor IOS 12 40 24V 60Hz CT 76 N 182 R1 BALZERS
B4771226NB B4771226NB B4771226NB Contactor from ABB FPL1611201R0006 B12-40-00 BALZERS
B4771406NA B4771406NA 24655A0203 Contactor 24V 50HZ BALZERS
B4771406NB B4771406NB 24655A1058 Contactor 24V 50HZ BALZERS
B4771406NB B4771406NB B4771406NB Contactor B25-40-00.24VAC BALZERS
B4775143NT B4775143NT B4775143NT Relay Thermal 0.16-0.24A Petercem Ros 20DM BALZERS
B4776100AL B4776100AL B4776100AL Relay Telenecanique LR1-D09 314 BALZERS
B4776110NT B4776110NT B4776110NT Relay Thermanl 0.6-0.9 BALZERS
B4776114NT B4776114NT B4776114NT Relay Thermal T25Dm 1.9A BBC BALZERS
B4776116NT B4776116NT B4776116NT Relay Thermal Petercem Ros 8DM 1.6-2.4 BALZERS
B4776136NT B4776136NT B4776136NT Relay Thermal 12-18A BALZERS
B4779006DJ B4779006DJ B4779006DJ Relay timer- metronic 191-110-19 8-pin. BALZERS
B4782123KA B4782123KA 24655A0327 Relay Elesta FR11P 24Vdc for EKS110A BALZERS
B4782124DD B4782124DD B4782124DD Relay Erni A1-1.3 24V BALZERS
B4782124DS B4782124DS 24655A1301 Relais RU 110024 24VDC pour carte out put BALZERS
B4782529ZC B4782529ZC B4782529ZC Relay 24Vdc 1920 Ohm BALZERS
B4783108KA B4783108KA B 4783 108 KA Relay Elesta FR11P 24Vac BALZERS
B4783115KA B4783115KA B 4783 115KA Relay FR11 110Vac for EKS BALZERS
B4783160LIT B4783160LK B4783160-LK Relay KACO K16 13C RS72001L1 BALZERS
B4783160LK B4783160LK 24655A0349 Relais KACO 24 VAC BALZERS
B4783301RA B4783301RA B4783301RA Relay 110Vac Elesta MR Series BALZERS
B4783362RA B4783362RA B4783362RA Relay Elesta 6A/220V BALZERS
B4783902RA B4783902RA B4783902RA Relay 0.3A 50Hz BALZERS
B4787100LR B4787100LR B4787100LR Relay Lutze RE-3-2-310 100V BALZERS
B4787100T2 B4787100T2 B4787100T2 Relay module 24Vdc LUTZE
B4787149HA B4787149HA B4787149HA Relay module 16 way 24VDC BALZERS
B5181852AA B5181852AA B5181852AA Circuit Breaker BALZERS
B5181852AJ B5181852AJ B5181852AJ Circuit breaker s213-K4002 BALZERS
B5181852SB B5181852SB B5181852SB Contactor No Coil 25A 50Hz BALZERS
B5261101PA B5261101PA B5261101PA Relay PCB 15V Log-in 84 BALZERS
BG202813UL BG202813UL BG202813UL Relay Card BALZERS
BG527032BU BG527032BU BG527032-BU Relay Input Board BALZERS
BG527032UA BG527032UA BG527032UA Relay o/p BALZERS
BG527036BU BG527036BU BG527036BU Relay Input Card BALZERS
BG527450TA BG527450TA BG527450-TA Relay Board BALZERS
BG537867T BG537867T BG537867-T Circuit Breaker BALZERS
BG549610T BG549610T BG549610T Relay Module BALZERS
BN845450T BN845450T BN845450-T Circuit Breaker Siemens 5SN3 325 NG 25A BALZERS
BN845481T BN845481T BN845481-T Circuit Breaker NG10A BALZERS
BN845488T BN845488T BN845488-T Circuit Breaker 3-pole Siemens 5SN3 332 NG 32A BALZERS
C324G C324G C3-24G Relay K2 24V 2NO 1N RAPA
CB1023B78 CB1023B78 CB1023B78 Relay Time Delay 0.6~60s Octal Base P&B
CD2A3U202402 CD2A3U202402 CD2-A3-U-20-2402 Circuit Breaker HEINEMANN
CF2G3ABCF2G3AB000301B CF2G3ABCF2G3AB000301B CF2-G3-AB CF2-G3-AB0003-01B Circuit breaker 2-pole 480V HEINEMANN
CF3A2A3A6 CF3A2A3A6 CF3-A2-A3-A6 Circuit breaker SZ 33 HEINEMANN
CGC3820010S CGC3820010S CGC-38-20010S Relay Time Delay 10" 12Vdc Octal P&B
CGC3828010M CGC3828010M CGC-38-28010M Relay Time Delay 10' 12Vdc 11-pin P&B
CRYD1225 CRYD1225 CRYD1225 Relay Solid State In: 3~32Vdc Out: 120Vac 25A CRYDOM
CUA4170001 801351000 CUA-41-70001 Relay TD 120 Input 1Sec Delay P&B
CUA4170001 CUA4170001 CUA-41-70001 Relay Time Delay 1" 120Vac Plug-in P&B
CUA4170003 801350800 CUA-41-70003 Relay TD 1/3HP 120v input 10Amp 240vac P&B
CUA4171004 CUA-41-71004 CUA 41-71004 relay fixed time delay on operate contact 10AMP 120V P&B
CUF4170030 801350900 CUF-41-70030 Relay Time Delay Tem 2 120 input P&B
D38501200 D38501200 D385 01 200 Relay unit s/n57345-5 EDWARDS
D5PR3R1 D5PR3R1 D5PR3R1 Relay (K1) for 794002 CUTLER HAMMER
DIL00M DIL00M DIL00M Contactor 24V 50Hz MOELLER
DIL3M80 DIL3M80 DIL3M80 Contactor MOELLER
DIL4M DIL4M DIL4M Contactor 24V 50Hz MOELLER
DPNNVigi DPNNVigi DPN N Vigi Circuit Breaker MERLIN GERIN
E099800011 E099800011 E-0998-0001-1 Relay unit SWISS STEP
FAZ3C10 FAZ3C10 FAZ-3-C10 Circuit Breaker 3-pole 10kA MOELLER
FAZ3C25 FAZ3C25 FAZ-3-C25 Circuit Breaker 3-pole 10kA MOELLER
FAZ3C32 FAZ3C32 FAZ-3-C32 Circuit Breaker 3-pole 10kA MOELLER
FAZC10 FAZC10 FAZ-C10 Circuit Breaker 1-pole 10kA MOELLER
FAZC16 FAZC16 FAZ-C16 Circuit Breaker 1-pole 10kA MOELLER
FAZC6 FAZC6 FAZ-C6 Circuit Breaker 1-pole 10kA MOELLER
FB4100 FB4100 FB4100 Circuit breaker WESTINGHOUSE
HE751A1210 HE751A1210 HE751A12-10 Relay 4-pins HAMLIN
JA1SB6AB01DA JA1SB6AB01DA JA1S-B6-A-B-01-D-A Circuit Breaker 28V HEINEMANN
KA14DY KA14DY KA14DY Relay Open Frame 24Vdc P&B
KAP11DY24 KAP11DY24 KAP-11DY-24 Relay Octal Base 24Vdc P&B
KRP11A KRP11A KRP11A Relay Octal Base 6Vac P&B
KRP11AG KRP11AG KRP-11AG Relay Octal Base 6Vac P&B
KRP11DG24 KRP11DG24 KRP-11DG-24 Relay Octal Base 24Vdc P&B
KRP11DY24 KRP11DY24 KRP-11DY-24 Relay Octal Base 24Vdc P&B
KUP11D1524 KUP11D1524 KUP-11D15-24 Relay Plug-in 24Vdc P&B
KUP17DE524 KUP17DE524 KUP-17DE5-24 Relay Plug-in 24Vdc P&B
n/a AG45010030 AG 4501-0030 CONTACTOR-3-POLE 24 VA METRON
n/a CA32310 CA3-23-10 Contactor Sprecher & Schuh
n/a CA49C10 CA4-9C-10 Contactor CA49C10 Motor Starter + Overload Relay 24Vdc Coil Sprecher & Schuh
n/a LN1E100lugkit LN1-E100 lug kit Circuit Breaker and moulded Switch parts Siemens
R10E1Y2J100K R10E1Y2J100K R10-E1-Y2-J10.0K Relay Plug-in 120Vac P&B
RL301024 RL 301024 RL 301 024 Relay 24v 10amp SCHRACK
S441 S441 S441 Relay 240Vac 4A MASTER ELECTRONIC
UPGH111116520209 UPGH111116520209 UPGH1111-1-65-20209 Circuit breaker 250V 50/60Hz AIRPAX
VWS110 VWS110 VWS110 Relay driver s/n 153 BALZERS
W6110DTX1 W6110DTX1 W6110DTX-1 Relay AC Solid State MAGNECRAFT
W92X11250 W92X11250 W92-X112-50 Circuit Breaker ~Twin P&B
Y14033 Y14033 Y14033 Contactor DNG PCD310E-24VDC Square D ELECTROTECH

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