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Ual,  UCC,  Ul,  Ulrick Matter,  Ultratech,  Ulvac,  Ulvac Cryogenics,  Unaxis, 
Unbranded,  Und Lab Inc,  Unimation,  Unit Instruments,  United Electric, 
Unitrode,  Unitta,  Unknown,  US Dynamics,  US Gauge,  Ushio,  Uuniphase/Cyonics, 

Photo of 4362820 4362820 Burst Fire Module ZVS BM2 4362820
Photo of 75351340G 75351340G Filter 75351340G.
Photo of A48W091500141 A48W091500-14/1 Transformer, Input: 120VAC, 60Hz, 20W, Output: 9VAC, 1500mA A48W091500141.
Photo of MUAW10V MU-AW-10V AC-DC Converter MUAW10V.
Photo of 0525358900 (or 0525-358900) 05-2535-8900 Bearing, FIXED Guide Y UTS 0525358900.
Photo of 0525596500B1ATI (or 0525-596500) 0525-596500-B1-ATI Bearing, Adjustable Guide Y 0525596500B1ATI.
Photo of 0535577200 0535-577200 Bearing, Air short UTS 0535577200.
Photo of 0535577300B1 (or 0535-577300) 0535-577300-B1 Bearing, Air Medium UTS 0535577300B1.
Photo of 0535577400B 0535-577400-B Bearing, Air Long UTS 0535577400B.
Photo of 0564700237 0564-700237 Shutter, Exposure, UTS 0564700237.
Photo of 070801073 07-08-01073 Paper Printer 070801073.
Photo of 1056598900 1056-598900 Rod, X drive UTS 1056598900.
Just In: Part No. 1064700108 1064-700108 Window, Fused Silica. (Blast Shield) 1064700108.
Part No. 10800545 (or 01-08-00545) 10800545 Box Shutter Driver UTS 10800545.
Photo of 10801165 (or 01-08-01165) 10801165 Reticle, finger UTS 10801165.
Photo of 2522110203 2522-110203 Coupling, Theta UTS 2522110203.
Photo of 2602000021 2602-000021 Filter, Gas Line PECVD 2602000021
Photo of 30800090 (or 03-08-00090) 30800090 PCB, 944 Servo 30800090.
Part No. 30800096 (or 03-08-00096) 30800096 PCB, Stage Motor Driver UTS 30800096.
Part No. 3106000003 3106-000003 Laser receiver, UTS 3106000003.
Just In: Part No. 4210000001 4210-000001 PCB, Autoload UTS 4210000001.
Part No. 5107000016 (or 5107-000016) 510-700-0016 Switch, micro, Theta Limit UTS 5107000016.
Photo of 5107000002 5107-000002 Actuator Micro-switch UTS 5107000002.
Part No. 553626000 (or 0553-626000) 553626000 PCB, WAS UTS 553626000.
Just In: Part No. 553662600 (or 0553-662600) 553662600 PCB, System Driver UTS 553662600.
Just In: Part No. 553700974 (or 0553-700974) 553700974 PCB, Laser Comparator UTS 553700974.
Part No. 564700462 (or 0564-700462) 564700462 Mirror, Elipsoidal, UTS 564700462.
Photo of 67400 67400 Cable, Send Robot 67400.
Photo of 101000010 101000010 Flange, cathode teflon V-325 10-44 101000010.
Photo of 103311180 (or T88012 T88-012) 103311180 Lamp, Halogen (short) Spade terminals 103311180.
Photo of 105111120 (or SSPA94N-729) 105111120 Quartz Plate/Electrode Facing MCH9004-051-12 105111120.
Photo of 106911010 (or SSPA94N-547) 106911010 Cover, Quartz Plate MCH 9004-069-01 106911010.
Photo of 4114799 (or MODEL DI-1) 4114799 Temperature Indicators 125V 4114799.
Photo of 4500MHR001 (or MCH4503-044-08) 4500MHR001 Heater Lamp 4500MHR001.
Photo of 4500MPT005 (or 573608705) 4500MPT005 Screw, TIN /MCH4500-092-05 4500MPT005.
Just In: Part No. 8027139EO1 8027139EO1 Target Support ULVAC 4 8027139EO1.
Photo of AC6200 (or 58-7000-27001) AC 6200 PCB, A/A converter board 0~2V/0~10V AC6200.
Photo of AMC1A AMC 1A Controller, Auto matching AMC1A.
Photo of C2W303 C2W303 Compressor (Cryomini) C2W303.
Photo of RBH8 RBH-8 Cryo Pump Heating Jacket, RBH-8 (CRYO-U8/U8U) (CRYO-U8H/U8H-U) RBH8.
Photo of FU84B FU84B Sensor, Fibre FU84B.
Photo of IG6200 (or IG ISO AMP) IG6200 CHAMB2 Vacuum 10 PA IG {WI-T} 0~10V IG6200.
Photo of RFP1A RFP 1A RF Power Controller RFP1A.
Photo of RFS005A RFS-005A RF Generator 500W, 200V, 2A, 13.56MHz, 19" Rack Mounting, (S/N=92008, L/N=203924-3) RFS005A.
Photo of SSPA94N615 (or 4500MTR001) SSPA94N-615 Belt, Spring MCH4500 SSPA94N615.
Photo of SSPA94N692 SSPA94N-692 Belt, Spring GN569232 L=800 SSPA94N692.
Photo of SSPA94N729 SSPA94N-729 Quartz Plate/Electrode Facing MCH9004-051-12 SSPA94N729
Photo of SSPA96N503 (or GNE21521) SSPA96N-503 Belt, Spring L=800 4500MTR001 SSPA96N503.
Photo of T92C697 (or R-1030L-01) T92C-697 Bearing, 3/10x4 T92C697.
Just In: Part No. T92N697 (or R-7) T92N-697 Oil, R-7, 2l T92N697.
Photo of URS50A (or URS 50A) URS-50A Power Supply, 90-110VAC 40-60Hz URS50A.
Photo of VDC1A VDC 1A VDC Monitor VDC1A.
Photo of WIT18 WI-T 18 Guage, Ionisation WIT18.
Photo of WIB WIB Guage, Ionisation WIB.
Part No. BD481778T BD481778-T Coating Material HfO2 (+Zr) tablets 100g 99.9% BD481778T.
Photo of 63100100 (or 816-322) 63100-100 Potentiometer, 100 ohm 63100100.
Photo of BZ2RW84412A2 BZ-2RW84412-A2 Switch, micro, lever actuated, 15Amps 250VAC. BZ2RW84412A2.
Photo of C141AE1 C141AE1 Tool Adaptor for Pump C141AE1.
Photo of 2000081000 (or 200 008 1000) 200-008-1000 Adaptor, MFC Service 2000081000.
Photo of 5101001000 510-100-1000 Kit, Unit UFC 1000 Viton 5101001000.
Photo of 5101002000 510-100-2000 Kit, Unit UFC 2000 Viton 5101002000.
Just In: Part No. 5101051000 510-105-1000 Kit, Kal-Rez O-ring repair 1100 5101051000.
Just In: Part No. 5101051500 510-105-1500 Kit, Teflon/Viton O-ring repair 5101051500.
Photo of 5101101000 510-110-1000 Kit, Unit UFC 1000 NEOPREW 5101101000.
Photo of 5101151001 510-115-1001 Kit, Kal-Rez O-ring repair kit 1001 5101151001.
Photo of 5101152000 510-115-2000 Kit, Kal-Rez O-ring repair 2000 5101152000.
Photo of 5201001006 520-100-1006 Grommet, SP UNIT 01-A7- 5201001006.
Part No. 56011401004 (or 560-11401004) 560-114-01004 Cover, PCB MFC 2020 56011401004.
Photo of 5601141003 (or 560 114 1003) 560-114-1003 Cover, PCB MFC 2000 5601141003.
Photo of 5601141004 560-114-1004 Cover, PCB MFC 1100 5601141004.
Photo of 7001001019 (or 700 100 1019) 700-100-1019 Outlet, MFC 1/4 Swagelok 7001001019.
Photo of 7001001020 (or 700 100 1020) 700-100-1020 Inlet, MFC 1/4 Swagelok 7001001020.
Photo of 7001001021 (or 700 100 1021) 700-100-1021 Inlet, MFC 1/4 Swagelok 7001001021.
Photo of 7001201026 (or 700 120 1026) 700-120-1026 Outlet, MFC 1/4 VCR 7001201026.
Photo of 7001201027 (or 700 120 1027) 700-120-1027 Inlet, MFC 1/4 VCR 800 7001201027.
Photo of 7001201028 (or 700 120 1028) 700-120-1028 Inlet, MFC 1/4 VCR 80 7001201028.
Photo of 8500701001 850-070-1001 Jet, MFC, size 1 8500701001.
Photo of 8500701002 850-070-1002 Jet, MFC, size 2 8500701002.
Photo of 8500701003 850-070-1003 Jet, MFC, size 3 8500701003.
Photo of 8500701004 850-070-1004 Jet, MFC, size 4 8500701004.
Photo of 8500701005 850-070-1005 Jet, MFC, size 5 8500701005.
Photo of 8500701006 850-070-1006 Jet, MFC, size 6 8500701006.
Photo of 8500701007 850-070-1007 Jet, MFC, size 7 8500701007.
Photo of 8500701008 850-070-1008 Jet, MFC, size 8 8500701008.
Photo of 8500701009 850-070-1009 Jet, MFC, size 9 8500701009.
Photo of 8500701010 850-070-1010 Jet, MFC, size 10 8500701010.
Photo of 8500701011 850-070-1011 Jet, MFC, size 11 8500701011.
Photo of 8500701012 850-070-1012 Jet, MFC, size 12 8500701012.
Photo of UFC1000200SCCMPH3N2 (or UFC1000) UFC-1000 200SCCM PH3/N2 Mass Flow Controller, Thermco UFC-1000 200SCCM 15%PH3/N2 UFC1000200SCCMPH3N2.
Photo of UFC10002SLMN2 (or UFC1000) UFC-1000 2SLM N2 Mass Flow Controller, Thermco UFC-1000 2SLM N2 UFC10002SLMN2.
Photo of UFC1000300SCCMSiH4 (or UFC1000) UFC-1000 300SCCM SiH4 Mass Flow Controller, Thermco UFC-1000 300SCCM SIH4 UFC1000300SCCMSIH4.
Photo of UFC1000400SCCMO2 (or UFC1000) UFC-1000 400SCCM O2 Mass flow controller, Thermco UFC-1000 400SCCM O2 UFC1000400SCCMO2.
Photo of UFC1020200SCCMCCL4 (or UFC1020) UFC-1020 200SCCM CCL4 Mass Flow Controller, UFC-1020 200SCCM CCL4 UFC1020200SCCMCCL4.
Photo of UFC1020200SCCMPH3N2 (or UFC1020) UFC-1020 200SCCM PH3/N2 Mass Flow Controller, Thermco UFC-1020 200SCCM 15%PH3/N2 UFC1020200SCCMPH3N2.
Photo of UFC1100100SCCMHCL (or UFC1100) UFC-1100 100SCCM HCL Mass flow controller, Thermco UFC-1100 100SCCM HCL UFC1100100SCCMHCL.
Photo of UFC1100150SCCMSiH4 (or UFC1100) UFC-1100 150SCCM SiH4 Mass flow controller, UFC-1100 150SCCM SiH4 UFC1100150SCCMSIH4.
Photo of UFC11001SLMN2 (or UFC1100) UFC-1100 1SLM N2 Mass flow controller, Novel UFC-1100 1SLM N2 UFC11001SLMN2.
Photo of UFC1100300SCCMSiH4 (or UFC1100) UFC-1100 300SCCM SiH4 Mass Flow Controller, Thermco UFC-1100 300SCCM SIH4 UFC1100300SCCMSIH4.
Photo of UFC1100A10SLMH2 (or UFC1100A) UFC-1100A 10SLM H2 Mass flow controller, Thermco UFC-1100A 10SLM H2 UFC1100A10SLMH2.
Photo of UFC1100A150SCCMSiH4 (or UFC1100A) UFC-1100A 150SCCM SiH4 Mass Flow Controller, UFC-1100A 150SCCM SiH4 UFC1100A150SCCMSIH4.
Photo of UFC1100A1SLMN2 (or UFC1100A) UFC-1100A 1SLM N2 Mass flow controller, Novel UFC-1100A 1SLM N2 UFC1100A1SLMN2.
Photo of UFC1100A200SCCMPH3N2 (or UFC1100A) UFC-1100A 200SCCM PH3/N2 Mass Flow Controller, Thermco UFC-1100A 200SCCM 15%PH3/N2 UFC1100A200SCCMPH3N2.
Photo of UFC1100A2SLMN2 (or UFC1100A) UFC-1100A 2SLM N2 Mass Flow Controller, Novel UFC-1100A 2SLM N2 UFC1100A2SLMN2.
Photo of UFC1100A2SLMNH3 (or UFC1100A) UFC-1100A 2SLM NH3 Mass Flow Controller, Novel UFC-1100A 2SLM NH3 UFC1100A2SLMNH3.
Photo of UFC1100A300SCCMSiH4 (or UFC1100A) UFC-1100A 300SCCM SiH4 Mass Flow Controller, Thermco UFC-1100A 300SCCM SIH4 UFC1100A300SCCMSIH4.
Photo of UFC1100A400SCCMO2 (or UFC1100A) UFC-1100A 400SCCM O2 Mass Flow Controller, Thermco UFC-1100A 400SCCM O2 UFC1100A400SCCMO2.
Just In: Part No. UFC1100A5SCCMN2 (or UFC-1100A) UFC-1100A 5SCCM N2 Mass Flow Controller, UFC-1100A 5SCCM N2 UFC1100A5SCCMN2.
Just In: Part No. UFC1200200SCCMAR (or UFC-1200) UFC-1200 200SCCM AR Mass Flow Controller, UFC-1200 200SCCM AR UFC1200200SCCMAR.
Photo of UFC1200200SCCMO2 (or UFC1200) UFC-1200 200SCCM O2 Mass Flow Controller, UFC-1200 200SCCM O2 UFC1200200SCCMO2.
Photo of UFC1200200SCCMSiH4 (or UFC1200) UFC-1200 200SCCM SiH4 Mass Flow Controller, WJ UFC-1200 200SCCM SiH4 UFC1200200SCCMSIH4.
Just In: Part No. UFC120050SCCMAR (or UFC-1200) UFC-1200 50SCCM AR Mass Flow Controller, UFC-1200 50SCCM AR UFC120050SCCMAR.
Just In: Part No. UFC120050SCCMN2 (or UFC-1200) UFC-1200 50SCCM N2 Mass Flow Controller, UFC-1200 50SCCM N2 UFC120050SCCMN2.
Photo of UFC120050SCCMO2 (or UFC-1200) UFC-1200 50SCCM O2 Mass Flow Controller, UFC-1200 50SCCM O2 UFC120050SCCMO2.
Photo of UFC1200A15SLMAr (or UFC1200A) UFC-1200A 1.5SLM Ar Mass Flow Controller, UFC-1200A 1.5SLM Ar UFC1200A15SLMAR.
Photo of UFC1200A1000SCCMHE (or UFC1200A) UFC-1200A 1000SCCM HE Mass Flow Controller, UFC-1200A 1000SCCM HE UFC1200A1000SCCMHE.
Photo of UFC1200A10SCCM02 (or UFC1200A) UFC-1200A 10SCCM 02 Mass Flow Controller, UFC-1200A 10SCCM O2 TEL/LA UFC1200A10SCCM02.
Photo of UFC1200A200SCCMCCL4 (or UFC1200A) UFC-1200A 200SCCM CCL4 Mass Flow Controller, UFC-1200A 200SCCM CCL4 UFC1200A200SCCMCCL4.
Photo of UFC1200A200SCCMSiH4 (or UFC1200A) UFC-1200A 200SCCM SiH4 Mass Flow Controller, UFC-1200A 200SCCM SiH4 UFC1200A200SCCMSIH4.
Photo of UFC1200A300SCCMB2H6N2 (or UFC1200A) UFC-1200A 300SCCM B2H6/N2 Mass Flow Controller, WJ UFC-1200A 300SCCM 5%B2H6/N2 UFC1200A300SCCMB2H6N2.
Photo of UFC1200A300SCCMSiH4 (or UFC1200A) UFC-1200A 300SCCM SiH4 Mass Flow Controller, UFC-1200A 300SCCM SiH4 UFC1200A300SCCMSIH4.
Photo of UFC1200A3SLMO2 (or UFC1200A) UFC-1200A 3SLM O2 Mass Flow Controller, UFC-1200A 3SLM 02 UFC1200A3SLMO2.
Photo of UFC1200A600SCCMB2H6N2 (or UFC1200A) UFC-1200A 600SCCM B2H6/N2 Mass Flow Controller, UFC-1200A 600SCCM 5%B2H6/N2 UFC1200A600SCCMB2H6N2.
Photo of UFC1500A100SCCMNH3 (or UFC1500A) UFC-1500A 100SCCM NH3 Mass Flow Controller, UFC-1500A 100SCCM NH3 UFC1500A100SCCMNH3.
Photo of UFC1500A100SCCMSiH2C12 (or UFC1500A) UFC-1500A 100SCCM SiH2C12 Mass Flow Controller, DCS UFC-1500A 100SCCM SiH2C12 UFC1500A100SCCMSIH2C12.
Photo of UFC1500A100SCCMSiH2CL2 (or UFC1500A) UFC-1500A 100SCCM SiH2CL2 Mass Flow Controller, UFC-1500A 100SCCM SiH2CL2 UFC1500A100SCCMSIH2CL2.
Photo of UFC1500A100SCCMSiH4 (or UFC1500A) UFC-1500A 100SCCM SiH4 Mass Flow Controller, UFC-1500A 100SCCM SiH4 UFC1500A100SCCMSIH4.
Photo of UFC1500A1SLMHE (or UFC1500A) UFC-1500A 1SLM HE Mass Flow Controller, UFC-1500A 1SLM He UFC1500A1SLMHE.
Photo of UFC1500A200SCCMSiH4 (or UFC1500A) UFC-1500A 200SCCM SiH4 Mass Flow Controller, UFC-1500A 200SCCM SiH4 UFC1500A200SCCMSIH4.
Photo of UFC1500A20SCCMSiH4 (or UFC1500A) UFC-1500A 20SCCM SiH4 Mass Flow Controller, UFC-1500A 20SCCM SiH4 UFC1500A20SCCMSIH4.
Photo of UFC1500A5000SCCMNH3 (or UFC1500A) UFC-1500A 5000SCCM NH3 Mass Flow Controller, UFC-1500A 5000SCCM NH3 UFC1500A5000SCCMNH3.
Photo of UFC1500A50SCCMSiH4 (or UFC1500A) UFC-1500A 50SCCM SiH4 Mass Flow Controller, UFC-1500A 50SCCM SiH4 UFC1500A50SCCMSIH4.
Photo of UFC2050A20SLMN2 (or UFC2050A) UFC-2050A 20SLM N2 Mass Flow Controller, UFC-2050 20SLM N2 UFC2050A20SLMN2.
Just In: Part No. UFC1100A10SLMO2 (or UFC1100A) UFC1100A--10SLMO2 Mass flow controller, Thermco UFC-1100A 10SLM O2 UFC1100A10SLMO2.
Just In: Part No. UFC1200A20SLMN2 (or UFC1200A) UFC1200A-20SLMN2 Mass flow controller, UFC-1200A 20SLM N2 UFC1200A20SLMN2.
Just In: Part No. UFC1210A20SLMN2 (or UFC1210A) UFC1210A-20SLMN2 Mass flow controller, WJ UFC-1210A 20SLM N2 UFC1210A20SLMN2.
Just In: Part No. UFC166020SLMN2 (or UFC1660) UFC166020SLMN2 Mass flow controller, UFC-1660 20SLM N2 UFC166020SLMN2.
Photo of UPC1000100SCCMN2 (or UPC1000) UPC-1000 100SCCM N2 Mass Flow Controller, TEGAL 903 UPC-1000 100SCCM N2 UPC1000100SCCMN2.
Photo of UPC1300100SCCMN2 (or UPC1300) UPC-1300 100SCCM N2 Mass Flow Controller, TEGAL UPC-1300 100SCCM N2 UPC1300100SCCMN2.
Photo of UPC1300N22SLM (or UPC1300) UPC-1300 N2, 2SLM Mass Flow Controller, UPC-1300 2SLM N2 UPC1300N22SLM.
Photo of J4014031 (or 06-32093-00) J40 14031 Switch, vacuum, Type J40, Model 140 J4014031.
Photo of TVS505 TVS 505 Diode, TSTR TVS505.
Photo of TVS515 TVS 515 Diode, transient voltage suppressor, 25V TVS515.
Photo of TVS524 TVS 524 Diode, Zener 24V TVS524.
Photo of 2092GT (or CT023-000832-1) 209-2GT Belt, timing 2092GT.
Photo of 3453GT (or B2023-000055-1) 345-3GT Belt, toothed, L=345mm x 115 teeth, W=15mm (TELMKVZ M/A T) 3453GT.
Photo of 6873GT (or CT023-001280-1) 687-3GT Belt, toothed, L=687mm x 229 teeth, W=8mm (TELMKVZ M/A T) 6873GT.
Photo of 050006067090 05 000 606 70 90 View port 4" (022-1014100) 050006067090.
Just In: Part No. 312C130BMS 312-C-13,0-B-MS FLNSCH-F-000 312C130BMS.
Just In: Part No. 79x552mm 79x55/2mm Sight Glass, 79x55/2mm 79X552MM.
Photo of CERAMICCOPPERWIRE CERAMIC COPPER WIRE Ceramic Bead Insulated Copper Wire, DST R 5.5-8, 27cm long CERAMICCOPPERWIRE.
Photo of EN60309 (or P110) EN60309 Socket, 3way, 6h/ 200 - 250V, BS4343 EN60309.
Photo of TELTRACK TEL-TRACK TEL-Track Extract Fan, Control panel TELTRACK.
Photo of ZLACFV5020D ZLA C FV 50/20 D Short-stroke piston, 133979 793 ZLACFV5020D.
Photo of 6228401 6228401 Electrode, Top 6228401.
Photo of 6228404 6228404 Electrode, Bottom 6228404.
Photo of 6228407 6228407 Ring, exhaust 6228407.
Photo of P844UK (or 2906-11) P-844UK Gauge, pressure, 0-60 PSI, Spec 164428, Panel mounting P844UK.
Photo of EKE (or 9204-0001) EKE Lamp, Halogen, for Projector, 21V, 150W EKE.
Photo of QIR2302300F2 QIR 230-2300/F2 Lamp, Tungsten Halogen Infra Red 230V 2300W Bullet QIR2302300F2
Photo of QIR2451500UEBV QIR245-1500UE-BV Lamp, IR 1500W QIR2451500UEBV.
Photo of UVL2000RS (or UVL 2000RS) UVL-2000RS Lamp, UV (Ultra Violet) Rapidcure, Detaper UVL2000RS.
Just In: Part No. 22025BCT 2202-5BCT Laser Transducer 22025BCT.

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