Evap Spares

We hold in stock thousands of spare parts for machinery used in
the semiconductor, optical and opthalmic manufacturing industries.
Spares from: 
Tomita,  Torrington,  Toshiba,  Total Control,  Traco,  Traforma,  Tranilamp, 
Transfluide,  Trasfor,  Tri-Tronics,  Trident Systems,  Trigon Adcotech, 
Trikon Technologies,  Tritec Industries,  Tronix,  Trubert, 
Trubert Eurotherm,  Truesdell,  TRW,  Tschudin Heid A.G., 
Tsukasa Electric Co.,  Turck,  Turnbull Control Sys.,  TW Pancon, 
Tyco Electronics,  Tylan, 

N35L45O100%DC24V Solenoid, Shutter wee unit Photo of N35L45O100DC24V
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NTA-1220 BRG. Thrust Needle Ring for information.
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120 Air Conditioner Ring for information.
1K FBK8 Motor, 3Ph IND 200-220V 3.3A0.7KW 1410-1720RPM 71-3343 713343 Photo of 1KFBK8
71-3343 Motor, 3Ph Induction, 200-220V 1410-1720RPM Just In: Photo on request.
74HC32AP IC, DIL 74HC32 quad 2 input OR gate Photo of 74HC32AP
S50B Breaker, No-fuse, S50B 3-Pole, 20A Photo of S50B
TOCP155 Bus Connectors Photo of TOCP155
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Part No. not known Message Centre 128K MEM NO Clock 4Line X 5mm Photo of Part No. not known
5412 Greyline 5400 Micro Message Center Photo of 5412
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TLB 222 C Power Block Pink Photo of TLB222C
TLB 222 C K 841245 Power Block Blue Photo of TLB222CK841245
TSL030-124 Power Supply Photo of TSL030124
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891439 Isolation transformer WN1 Photo of 891439
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FHB AMBER Lens, panel,bezel,metal housing,22.5mm mount,23.5mm flat,28.5mm chromed brass,amber Photo of FHBAMBER
TMU/120/4 Lampholder, 100-120V, 50/60Hz Photo of TMU1204
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CHP 1 Shell Assy Photo of CHP1
RHP RS3X2 End Fitting RHP 3/8 Photo of RHPRS3X2
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11-9039 R Resistive Source Transformer (Thermal Boat), 3.8kW Photo of 119039R
440325 Resistive Source Transformer (Thermal Boat), 3.8kW Photo of 440325
B 5128 771 HS Resistive Source Transformer (Thermal Boat), 3.8kW, VDE0551 Photo of B5128771HS
B5128.300HL Triode Heater Transformer for EHV 110 Photo of B5128300HL
BP 216469 A Resistive Source Transformer Photo of BP216469A
TNM BN 3K8/N Resistive Source Transformer (Thermal Boat), 3.8kW Photo of TNMBN3K8N
TNM FN6K3/N Isolation Transformer, 6kW, U1 208-220-240V, U2 220V Photo of TNMFN6K3N
TNM-AMC-3K8 Resistive Source Transformer (Thermal Boat), 3.8kW, VDE0551 Photo of TNMAMC3K8
VDE0551 Isolation Transformer, 6kW, U1 208-220-240V, U2 220V Photo of VDE0551
ZSK 1/8 Isolation transformer WN1 Photo of ZSK18
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MODEL SAL Sensor, Smartey Module, Photo-controller Assy. Photo of MODELSAL
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3011217 Socket, Anode Assy Lscribe Photo of 3011217
3011254 Socket, Cathode Assy Lscrib Photo of 3011254
6170006 Assembly, Optical Scanner Lis Photo of 6170006
TS4067 Relay, Temp Control Laser S Photo of TS4067
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003-05500 Cylinder, input shuttle (Clippard) Photo of 00305500
003-05794 Valve, Solenoid 4way, "Mini-Myte" 12VDC, 7.8W Photo of 00305794
003-05809 Switch, Push Button, Momentary, 250V/2A, 28V Lamp, AML 21 Series Photo of 00305809
105-00124 Arm rotate, SMD9000 Photo of 10500124
120-01256 Sensor, LED, SMD Photo of 12001256
130-03063 Switch, Tube detect, with cable Photo of 13003063
210-00917 Output slide block pusher SM Photo of 21000917
321-00233 Sensor, Input shuttle, Adcotec Photo of 32100233
351-00366 Bearing, Ball FLGD 8000 SCN 0.25/.5x02 Flanged Photo of 35100366
351-02218 Bearing, ball, output SMD Photo of 35102218
351-02273 Spring, input SMD Photo of 35102273
352-00286 Sensor, Skanamatic SMD Photo of 35200286
353-00111 Cylinder, singulate SMD Photo of 35300111
353-00129 Cylinder, input lift Photo of 35300129
353-00259 Cylinder, input stop Photo of 35300259
353-00262 Cylinder, output stop SMD2 Photo of 35300262
353-00331 Cylinder, pickup SMD9000 Photo of 35300331
353-00359 Actuator, Rotary Transporter Photo of 35300359
353-00363 Cylinder, rotate, SMD Photo of 35300363
615-00032-002 Diffuser, coplan SOIC Photo of 61500032002
645-00025 Motor, input shuttle, SMD9000 Photo of 64500025
645-00026 Motor, Load Conveyor SMD9000 Photo of 64500026
721-02861 Sensor, shuttle detect Photo of 72102861
721-02862 Sensor, fibre, SMD Photo of 72102862
762-01736 Arm, stop rotation SMD9000 Photo of 76201736
762-02966-02 Rail, Input Right Photo of 7620296602
762-0296601 Rail, input, left Photo of 7620296601
880-00594 Spring, pickup rod Photo of 88000594
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103103 Nozzle, Gas Ceramic Photo of 103103
172060 Isolator PE440 PVC BAS Photo of 172060
172115-L12 Platen, 100mm METAL PE4 Photo of 172115L12
172196D06 Electrode PE440 small Photo of 172196D06
172198 Shield PE440 Dark Spac Photo of 172198
172223D02 Washer, PTFE PE440 stand off Photo of 172223D02
172230 Plate, Base, PE440 E874 Just In: Photo on request.
172321D07 Feedthro PE440 Gas Inl Photo of 172321D07
178096D03 Insulator, stud, PTFE, PE440 standoff Photo of 178096D03
196476 Wafer Shield Ref 200 (Ceramic) Photo of 196476
196494D01 Wafer Shield Cover 200mm (Ceramic Ring) Just In: Photo on request.
196670 Bell Jar - Ren, D00401 Photo of 196670
2000-11-RF Transformer, RF PF440 Photo of 200011RF
201187 O-Ring, 6.07x1.78, Kalrez 8375UP, 1/4x3/8x1/16 inch Just In: Photo on request.
201458 O-Ring, 178x6.9, Viton, PF 440 Chamber Photo of 201458
212283 Pirani Gauge type PRE 10K, with extension lead Photo of 212283
223205 Valve, P440 5way (03-5 Photo of 223205
223220 Cylinder, Pin Lift PF44 Photo of 223220
256002 Gearbox, indexer, ETE 44 Photo of 256002
256011 Sensor, Infra-red PF440 Photo of 256011
60202000050 Cylinder, PF440 ARM ENO Photo of 60202000050
A000E8-01 Valve, PF440 Poppet Photo of A000E801
A41133/00 Power Supply, PF440 RF (660 RF supply) Photo of A4113300
A43032/A0 PCB, P440 CB3032 RF Power Photo of A43032A0
A43121/OD PCB, P440 CPU (CB-3011). CB 3121, issue 8. Photo of A43121OD
A72248D01 Piston, Slice lift PE440 Photo of A72248D01
A78113B05 Electrode PE440 Base Photo of A78113B05
CB3014 PCB, P440 CB3014 Triac Photo of CB3014
CB3121A PCB, P440 CPU CB3011 SL Photo of CB3121A
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3000405 ADS 600 Controller Photo of 3000405
A 000795 Wafer Counter (220V) Photo of A000795
TD 009 Wafer Counter (220V) Photo of TD009
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SCORPIUS-305 Keyboard (S/N= 0001000114) Just In: Photo on request.
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9100-945 3/4"Connections Thermostatic Mixer Eurotherm Ring for information.
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455 857 00 00 623 7828 Thermostatic mixer with interchangeable cartridge. filters and non return valves SE T1 3-28l/min Photo of 45585700006237828
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SM 250B Quick Connector SM-251-B to S-252-B Photo of SM250B
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JC0-166 Motor, 27VDC, with coupling Photo of JC0166
JCO-167 Motor, prealign, 27VDC, STN DSW Photo of JCO167
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400100 Switch, Momentary, for ETS110 etc. Photo of 400100
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TG-07C-AM-25-A104 Brush, motor, 821F Photo of TG07CAM25A104
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46250 Switch, proximity, BIM-PST-AP6X-V1131 Photo of 46250
Ni10-G18-AN7X Inductive Proximity Sensor Photo of Ni10G18AN7X
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8263 TCS Programming Terminal Ring for information.
TA6850 TCS Terminal Assembly Photo of TA6850
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100-000-012 Male or Female Connectors Photo of 100000012
100-000-017 Adaptor Photo of 100000017
100-332-131 Connector, 32way Ring for information.
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1311322-1 Plug, co-axial, BNC, Free, 50ohm Photo of 13113221
1311322-2 Plug, co-axial, BNC, Free, 50ohm, Silver Plated Ring for information.
1393162-8 Base, relay, 4-pole, DIN Rail Mounting Photo of 13931628
205839-3 Plug, 28way Cable (Free) Size 17, 7.5A Photo of 2058393
322335 Terminal, Stud, M5, Solid Ni Photo of 322335
33461 Terminal, M6 Ring. 6.7-10.5mm2, Solistrand Photo of 33461
33462 Terminal, M8 Ring. 6.7-10.5mm2, Solistrand Photo of 33462
5206478-3 Backshell/Cable Clamp Photo of 52064783
HFT5000-70/35-0-RSU-5M Heat Shrinking Fabric Cable Sleeving Photo of HFT500070350RSU5M
MT78750 Socket, for 11pin DIN relay (MT3) Photo of MT78750
SBCHE113R3K Resistor, 3R3 (3.3ohms), 11W, Wirewound Photo of SBCHE113R3K
V23105A5476A201 Relay, Reed, 12VDC. DIL, Photo of V23105A5476A201
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814560392 AdapTorr Pressure Controller model AC-2 S04 Vacuum General Photo of 814560392
9515 REV AD-023 Valve, Voltage at 40 PSI AT 100% Flow Ring for information.
ACR-28 Valve, Adaptorr Throttle, Control (Vacuum General) Photo of ACR28
FC 260 300SCCM N2 Mass Flow Controller FC-260 3SLPM N2 3000SCCM Photo of FC260300SCCMN2
FC 280 2SLPM AR FC-280, 2 SLPM, Argon Photo of FC2802SLPMAR
FC-260 1SLPM CF4 Mass Flow Controller FC-260, 1 SLPM CF4 Photo of FC2601SLPMCF4
FC-260 200SCCM NH3 Mass Flow Controller FC-260 200sccm NH3 Photo of FC260200SCCMNH3
FC-260 20SCCM N2/O2 Mass Flow Controller FC-260 20SLPM N2/O2 Photo of FC26020SCCMN2O2
FC-260 2SLPM N2/SIH4 Mass Flow Controller FC-260 2SLPM N2/SiH4 Photo of FC2602SLPMN2SIH4
FC-260 2SLPM O2 Mass Flow Controller FC-260 2SLPM O2 Photo of FC2602SLPMO2
FC-260 50SCCM NH3 Mass Flow Controller FC-260N 50 SCCM NH3 Photo of FC26050SCCMNH3
FC-260 5SLPM N2/O2 Mass Flow Controller FC-260 5SLPM N2/O2 Photo of FC2605SLPMN2O2
FC-2900V 300SCCM N2 FC2900 300SCCM N2 Photo of FC2900V300SCCMN2
FC-2900V 50SCCM O2 FC2900 Series, 50sccm, O2 Photo of FC2900V50SCCMO2
FC260 4V 3SLPM NH3 NEO Mass Flow Controller PECVD 3SLPM NH3 NEO 4V Photo of FC2604V3SLPMNH3NEO
FC260 500SCCM AR Mass Flow Controller FC-260 500sccm Ar Photo of FC260500SCCMAR
FC280-SA 200SCCM SiH4 FC 280-SA 200sccm SiH4 VITON Photo of FC280SA200SCCMSiH4
FC2900 200SCCM SiH4 FC2900, 4V, 200sccm, SiH4, VITON Photo of FC2900200SCCMSiH4
FC2900 50SCCM SiH2C12 VITON FC2900 4V, 50sccm, SiH2C12, VITON Photo of FC290050SCCMSiH2C12VITON
FC2900 50SCCM SiH2CL2 FC2900 4V, 50sccm, SiH2CL2, KALREZ Photo of FC290050SCCMSiH2CL2
FM-360 500 SCCM AR Mass Flow Controller FM 360, 500 SCCM AR Photo of FM360500SCCMAR
Model 0-ACR AC-2 to ACR-26 connector Photo of Model0ACR
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