Evap Spares

We hold in stock thousands of spare parts for machinery used in
the semiconductor, optical and opthalmic manufacturing industries.
Spares from: 
Tenax Corp,  Tencor,  Tepla America,  Teradyne Ltd,  Tescom Corp,  Testbourne, 
Texas Instruments,  Texmate Inc,  Textool,  Textron,  Thames Elect,  Therma-Wave, 
Thermadyne,  Thermatronics,  Thermco,  Thermocoax,  Thistle Bear,  THK,  Thomson, 
Thornton,  Tiger-Vac,  Times,  Togi,  Tokyo Electron (TEL),  Tokyo Materials, 

M1530P Kit Plate Deflexion IBM P/N 24F8958 Photo of M1530P
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100447 Motor, (Pittman) 24VDC with HEDS 5310 encoder Photo of 100447
103306 Holder, Puck Handler SURF/7 Ring for information.
104185 Manifold, flat Photo of 104185
104795 Sensor, Assembly, Optical FFM Photo of 104795
108278 Sensor, Vacuum start, 2P SUR Photo of 108278
108626 Bearing, Theta-Axis MAIN 0.2/0.5x0.25 Photo of 108626
108669 Bearing, Z-Tower Leadscrew 0.125/0.3125x0.1406 Series 518 Photo of 108669
108707 Slide and Track Z-Axis SURF/ Photo of 108707
108715 Belt, timing R-axis motor drive Photo of 108715
108723 Belt, timing Z-axis motor drive Photo of 108723
108731 Belt, timing Theta-Axis SUR Photo of 108731
108910 Belt, timing Theta-Axis SUR Photo of 108910
108928 Belt, timing R-Axis SURF/70 Photo of 108928
111775 Blower, for Laser SURF/7000 Ring for information.
113794 Sensor, Integral MAG 4MA SU Photo of 113794
113808 Sensor, Integral MAG 8MA SU Photo of 113808
115746 Switch, micro, roller arm, SPDT SURF/7000 Photo of 115746
116874 Motor, assembly, R-Axis & Decode Ring for information.
117672 Sensor Assembly, MAG Z-HOME Photo of 117672
118672 Assembly, Puck handler SURF Ring for information.
120 391 Stylus, 12.5 micron radius, model 10-00080 Photo of 120391
129160 P/S + 5V Just In: Photo on request.
187186 Motor, (Pittman) 24VDC with HEDS 5310 encoder Photo of 187186
34509 Bearing, Flanged Elevator 0.25/0.625x0.2 Photo of 34509
35-0038 Switch, Hall effect, PMX Photo of 350038
500-900848-00 Lamp, Monitor KLA, 12V 0.1A, Screw Fitting Photo of 50090084800
500-907177-00 Lamp, Illuminator Olympus 304 Photo of 50090717700
52-0035-01 Sensor, Theta (rotary) RS-50 Optical Photo of 52003501
59625 Sensor, Autozero/Cal SF4500 Ring for information.
59650 Detector Below wafer SF4500 Ring for information.
61115 PCB, Home/Encoder Photo of 61115
61336 Indexer platform Ring for information.
65650 Motor, stepper, 1.2V, 3.8A, 200steps/rev. Photo of 65650
71307 Belt, Drive indexer SF4500 Ring for information.
71510 Sender, IR wafer sense SF4500 Photo of 71510
7170 Sensor, Surfscan ELEV ENCD Photo of 7170
88820 Laser Assembly REP Ring for information.
R108693 Slide and track R-Axis SURF/ Photo of R108693
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2973-002 Probe IPC Temp Just In: Photo on request.
70058-07 Capacitor, 1000PF Photo of 7005807
71294-04 Crystal, 3100 13-5 Photo of 7129404
71361-01 Tube, Electron PR Photo of 7136101
C10250-REVA PCB, IPC3100 FANSP Photo of C10250REVA
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103490 Filter, Q2 XX MEGA Photo of 103490
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44-2261-242 Pressure Regulator Photo of 442261242
44-2661-A42-042 Pressure regulator Photo of 442661A42042
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388558 Liner, graphite, 12cc, 1.35"x0.665" Photo of 388558
P4805 Liner, molybdenum, 12cc, 1.35"x0.665" Photo of P4805
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2N6055 Transistor, 2N6055 Photo of 2N6055
561 6841 OF 336941 IC Photo of 5616841OF336941
5MT 13-DO3L Input Module, 3-28VDC, 50/60Hz Photo of 5MT13DO3L
5MT 14-30CL Output Module 10-28VDC Photo of 5MT1430CL
CD74AC244M IC AC Series, DUAL 4-BIT Driver, True Output, PDS020, Green, Plastic, SOIC-20, Bus Driver/Transceiver Photo of CD74AC244M
DM74LS08N IC, SN74LS08, quad 2 input AND Photo of DM74LS08N
MC74HC75 IC, quad latch Just In: Photo on request.
NE556N IC, Dual Timer 14-DIL Photo of NE556N
SN7406N IC, SN7406 Photo of SN7406N
SN7412N IC, Triple 3-Input NAND gate with Open Collector Outputs Ring for information.
SN7417N IC, Hex open collector buffer, high voltage outputs Photo of SN7417N
SN74182N IC, Look-Ahead Carry Generator 16-DIL Photo of SN74182N
SN74192N IC, Up/down BCD counter, dual clock Photo of SN74192N
SN74ALS245AN IC, Octal Buffer / Line Driver with 3-State Input Photo of SN74ALS245AN
SN74ALS273N IC, Octal D-Type Flip Flop Photo of SN74ALS273N
SN74HC132N IC, Quad NAND Gate with Schmitt Trigger Input 14pin DIL Photo of SN74HC132N
SN74HC190N IC, 4-Bit Synch. Up/Down BCD Counter Photo of SN74HC190N
SN74HC191N IC, 4-Bit Synch. Up/Down Binary Counter Photo of SN74HC191N
SN74HC193N IC, 4-BIT Synch. Up/Down Counter (Dual Clock with Clear) Photo of SN74HC193N
SN74HC365N IC, Hex Buffer & Line Driver with 3-State Output 16-DIL Photo of SN74HC365N
SN74HC379N IC, Quad D Type Flip Flops, Double Rail Outputs Photo of SN74HC379N
SN74HC86N IC, Quad 2-Input Ex-Or Gate Photo of SN74HC86N
SN74LS00N IC, SN74LS00, quad 2 input NAND Photo of SN74LS00N
SN74LS04N FTA9522 IC, SN74LS04, Hex inverter Photo of SN74LS04NFTA9522
SN74LS12N IC, Triple 3-input NAND gate with open collector outputs Photo of SN74LS12N
SN74LS20N IC, Dual 4-input NAND gate Photo of SN74LS20N
SN74LS244N IC, Octal Buffer / Line Driver with 3-State Output 20-DIL Photo of SN74LS244N
SN74LS27N IC, SN74LS27, Triple 3 input NOR Photo of SN74LS27N
SN74LS30N IC, SN74LS30, 8 input NAND Photo of SN74LS30N
SN74LS32N IC, SN74LS32, quad 2 input OR Photo of SN74LS32N
SN74LS353N IC, Dual 4 line to 1 line multiplexer, tri-state outputs Photo of SN74LS353N
SN74LS37N IC, SN74LS37 Photo of SN74LS37N
SN74LS47N IC, BDC to 7-Segment Decoder/Driver Photo of SN74LS47N
SN74LS74AN IC, SN74LS74, Dual D-type flip flop Photo of SN74LS74AN
SN75069NE IC, 16-DIL Photo of SN75069NE
SN75176AP IC, Differential Bus Driver Photo of SN75176AP
SN75437ANE IC, Quad peripheral driver Photo of SN75437ANE
SN75463P IC, Dual HV High-Current Peripheral Driver 8-DIL Photo of SN75463P
SN75464P IC, Dual HV OR Peripheral Driver 8-DIL Photo of SN75464P
SNJ54LS132J IC, Quad 2-input NAND Gate with Schmitt Trigger Input 14pin DIL Photo of SNJ54LS132J
SNJ54LS132N IC, Quad 2-input NAND Gate with Schmitt Trigger Input 14pin DIL Just In: Photo on request.
TIL119 IC, opto coupler Photo of TIL119
TIL31 Infra-red emitter, TIL31 Photo of TIL31
TIL81 Sensor, brake SEARCH T1L81 Photo of TIL81
TIP50 Transistor, TIP50 Photo of TIP50
TL062CP IC, BI-FET low power Op amp Photo of TL062CP
TM990/100 PCB, CPU Card 990/100 for TM990 system Photo of TM990100
TM990/101MB PCB, TM990 CPU 101MB, Cermaic 9900, NV ram. Photo of TM990101MB
TM990/310 PCB, TM990 I/O Board TM 990 Photo of TM990310
TMS9900JDL Microprocessor 16-Bit 64-DIP Photo of TMS9900JDL
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PM 35 U Panel Meter 3.5 Digit PM-35U Photo of PM35U
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228-3598 Receptacle, Textool 28-pin Photo of 2283598
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09508-00616 Clinchnut, Zinc plated steel standard, M6 Photo of 0950800616
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UPC5010P Paper Up-5000P CO Just In: Photo on request.
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18-003510 DC Chopper wheel Photo of 18003510
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HPL500-15-4F-4F Gas regulator, -30 to +30psi, +model HPL500-15-4F-4F Photo of HPL500154F4F
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0969 Element, Upper ICO 7751 Photo of 0969
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106991-01 Pad, low profile Just In: Photo on request.
118730 PCB, Tylan Micro CVD Control board Photo of 118730
118730-001 PCB, Tylan Micro CVD Control board Photo of 118730001
163607-002 Harness Assembly, Ext. Heater Photo of 163607002
164178-001 Assembly, Harness, Leybold to pump Photo of 164178001
164186-001 Assembly, HRS. Pump IF to GIF Photo of 164186001
530070-001 MV30 Liner 6 1/8" x6 3/4" x 60" Just In: Photo on request.
600779-01 Thermocouple sensor, K type Photo of 60077901
907951-001 Heater Jacket, ELB 30 Deg Just In: Photo on request.
907952-001 Heater Jacket, ELB NW80 Photo of 907952001
907954-001 Insulator, FLG CVD Just In: Photo on request.
908190-001 Heater Jacket, Manometer Just In: Photo on request.
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TJA 15/10/NN Thermocouple Photo of TJA1510NN
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0215683EO1 Nut, 1UNC S/S Photo of 0215683EO1
0318018EO1 Screw, 1/4 28 UNF SPNDL Photo of 0318018EO1
0321969EO1 Screw, M4x6 Hexagon, non-metallic Photo of 0321969EO1
0321970EO1 Screw, M6x16 Nylon, DAIN Photo of 0321970EO1
0321971EO1 Screw, M6x20 DAIN Photo of 0321971EO1
0326508EO1 Screw, M3 X 25 SS CAP M Photo of 0326508EO1
0326509 Screw, M2.5x20 SS MU Photo of 0326509
0326510EO1 Screw, M3x10 SS CAP Photo of 0326510EO1
0326511EO1 Screw, M3x6 SS CAP Photo of 0326511EO1
0326600EO1 Screw, M3x16 SS CAP M Photo of 0326600EO1
0327619EO1 Screw, 8UNC X 3/8 SS C/SK Photo of 0327619EO1
0327741 Screw, M4x6 C/SK SOC Photo of 0327741
0328047EO1 Screw, M3x25 Photo of 0328047EO1
0328348EO1 Screw, M4x8, cap head Photo of 0328348EO1
0329327EO1 Screw, M2x10, pan head Photo of 0329327EO1
0329336EO1 Screw, M2.5x10 PAN HD Photo of 0329336EO1
0330957EO1 Screw, 2-56UNC X 1/8" C Photo of 0330957EO1
261900010 Shim, Shuttle Multitest Photo of 261900010
4626664EO1 Shim, Singulator track Photo of 4626664EO1
600322 Bearing, blower motor, ASEC 6003 ZZ C3 17/35x10 Photo of 600322
630322 Bearing, ASECO Photo of 630322
8902-462 Belt, Vee ASECO Blower SI5, 462mm long Photo of 8902462
DIN 963 A2 Screw, M3x8, C/S stainless steel Just In: Photo on request.
SFR4-ZZ Bearing, ASECO (800-002) 0.25/0.625x0.2 SFR4ZZ Photo of SFR4ZZ
SFR6-ZZ Bearing, ASECO (800-004) 0.375/0.875x0.275 Photo of SFR6ZZ
SFRW144-ZZ Bearing, ASECO (800-006) 0.125/0.25x0.1 Ext. Series 418 Photo of SFRW144ZZ
SFRW163-ZZ Bearing, ASECO (800-013) 0.25/0.375x0.15 Ext. Photo of SFRW163ZZ
SFRW166-ZZ Bearing, ASECO (800-010) 0.1875/0.375x0.125 Photo of SFRW166ZZ
SFRW188-ZZ Bearing, ASECO (800-003) 0.25/0.5x0.22 Series 814 Photo of SFRW188ZZ
SFRW4-ZZ Bearing, ASECO (800-005) 0.25/0.625x0.2 Ext. Photo of SFRW4ZZ
SR1-4-ZZ Bearing, ASECO (800-008) 0.078/0.25x0.14 Photo of SR14ZZ
SRFX422 Bearing, Binner Pulley, ASE Photo of SRFX422
SRW166-ZZ Bearing, ASECO (800-009) 0.2/0375x0.15 Photo of SRW166ZZ
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Part No. not known Bearing, Linear 123x32 Photo of Part No. not known
HSR12R1UUM+310LM Bearing, Linside CTR3 Photo of HSR12R1UUM310LM
LM10 Bearing, Linear Bush Photo of LM10
LM10 MG Bearing, Linear Bush Photo of LM10MG
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4322146EO1 Bushing, Ball, SVG Photo of 4322146EO1
A61014-SS Ball bushing linear bearing Photo of A61014SS
OPN122026 Ball bushing linear bearing Photo of OPN122026
PBO-12-OPN Ball Bushing Linear Bearing Pillow Block Photo of PBO12OPN
SUPER 8 OPN Ball bushing linear bearing Photo of SUPER8OPN
SUPER12OPN Bearing, Linear super 12 OPN * Photo of SUPER12OPN
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3930-01002 Monitor resistivity. Thornton type 702 Photo of 393001002
W203-242 Conductivity / Resistivity Sensor Photo of W203242
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211027 Filter, ULPA. Photo of 211027
211069 Bag, filter, latex paper with microliner for clean rooms Photo of 211069
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3190-321A Microwave Connector Nuts and Bolts Photo of 3190321A
3190-321B Microwave Seals, 21/33X4mm Photo of 3190321B
3190-322 Micrwave connector EIA 7/8" for cable LMR 900 Photo of 3190322
3190-333A Microwave Connector Male Inserts Photo of 3190333A
3190-333B Microwave Connector Female Inserts Photo of 3190333B
PN 3190 321 Times Microwave Connector Photo of PN3190321
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AT10 Terminal Block, 1 pole, spring loaded contacts, for use with C-type 20mm rail. Photo of AT10
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Part No. not known Motor, reversible, Z-axis, reversible, 100v 50/60Hz, 0.75A, 1250/1500rpm Photo of Part No. not known
Part No. not known Assembly for Flat Cable (CP-34X193) Just In: Photo on request.
022-100350-1 Washer, Thrust, 081S TEL480 Photo of 0221003501
024-006915-1 Filter, cup vacuum, Z X 1 -F Just In: Photo on request.
027-000787-1 O-Ring, 50.39x3.53 Photo of 0270007871
036-002671-1 Sensor, Fiber Optic Photo of 0360026711
10932710-001 PCB, Assy, MDIF-01A-1 Photo of 10932710001
1380-000860-11 Chuck, Dev TEL Ring for information.
1386-443921-11 Sensor, capacitance Ring for information.
150XL037 Belt, toothed, L=15" x 75 teeth, W=3/8" Photo of 150XL037
310-290647-7 Pincette Arm Ceramic Photo of 3102906477
3100270 Fuse, 1A 250V, Quick blow Photo of 3100270
3RE-000420-0 Encoder, rotary, (elevator) Photo of 3RE0004200
4725109EO1 Tube, Flat, 'Y' Photo of 4725109EO1
500438-001 PCB, CP-8010A TEL/Thermco Photo of 500438001
500439-001 PCB, CP-8040A TEL/Thermco Photo of 500439001
500440-001 PCB, CP-8060A TEL/Thermco Photo of 500440001
500442-001 PCB, CP-8070 TEL/Thermco Photo of 500442001
6301-UI Bearing, 12/37x12 Photo of 6301UI
6901 Bearing, 12/24x6 Photo of 6901
7METERS Hose Differt TEL480 Just In: Photo on request.
999901000 Switch, Float SEMIF Ring for information.
AZD114290 Shield, Glo-start filament Ring for information.
B2023-000043-1 Belt, timing, lenght 789mm, 394.5x12mm 263 Teeth Photo of B20230000431
B2023-000055-1 Belt, toothed, L=345mm x 115 teeth, W=15mm (TELMKVZ M/A T) Photo of B20230000551
B2024-006915-1 Filter, cup vacuum, Z X 1 -F Just In: Photo on request.
B21380-100351-11 Fuse, Thermal, UL200T, 250V, 10A Photo of B2138010035111
B2138000125313 Spin Chuck (80)-CP Photo of B2138000125313
CT012-001227-1 Valve, solenoid Ring for information.
CT023-000585-1 Belt, 550mm Long, 6mm wide, 275 teeth Photo of CT0230005851
CT023-000831-1 Belt, 120X9mm, 297 J Photo of CT0230008311
CT023-001280-1 Belt, toothed, L=687mm x 229 teeth, W=8mm (TELMKVZ M/A T) Photo of CT0230012801
CT023-001290-1 Belt, length 207, 103.5X19mm, 69 Teeth Photo of CT0230012901
CT024-000358-1 Valve, dispensing pump Photo of CT0240003581
CT024-001853-1 Cylinder, Air OAP Shutter T Photo of CT0240018531
CT024-002279-1 Cylinder, Air L/L Door TEL Ring for information.
CT027-100301-1 O-Ring, 52.07x2.62 Brown Viton TP TEL480 Photo of CT0271003011
CT027-100419-1 O-Ring, 39.34x2.62 Silicone TP TEL480 Photo of CT0271004191
CT030-010037-1 Pin, ELCO 1855TC TEL480 Photo of CT0300100371
CT045-012103-1 Fuse, ATG 0.5A 250V TEL480 Photo of CT0450121031
CT1380-001035-11 Nozzle body 6" (E2 Ring for information.
CT1380-100546-11 Belt, 59x9mm, 90 teeth Photo of CT138010054611
D114290 Shield, Glo-start filament Photo of D114290
D116936 Heatsink, copper (Cooling Disc). Photo of D116936
D124942 Roller, ARM,CCW Photo of D124942
DES-C00000-5 PCB, AUTO CAP SC-96A E04881 Photo of DESC000005
DS1MT-000365-0 Motor, stepper, 4ohms .75A 5PH 0.72DEG, BE727 X-AX Photo of DS1MT0003650
DS1MT-000381-0 Motor, STEPPING TEL Ring for information.
DS1MT-001200-0 Motor, reversible, Q-axis, 100v 50/60Hz, 0.25A, 1250/1500rpm Photo of DS1MT0012000
DS3AC-000210-0 Actuator X-Axis CP-800 Ring for information.
DS3BR-008810-0 Bearing, X-Axis CP-800 Photo of DS3BR0088100
DS3CR-006500-0 Coupling, Z Brake Photo of DS3CR0065000
DSC0000046 PCB, CP-8130A TEL/Thermco ( Photo of DSC0000046
DSC0000047 PCB, CP-8280 TEL/Thermco (5 Photo of DSC0000047
DSDSW-T00000-7 Belt, Head Tosh Transfer B-122 Photo of DSDSWT000007
DSDSW-T00001-5 PCB, Driver DC Motor J5 H-7 Photo of DSDSWT000015
DSDSW-T00001-7 PCB, Power Supply H-708 Photo of DSDSWT000017
DSDSW-T00002-3 Switch, Photo-electric (Sensor, Boat) A-37 TOSH TXFE Photo of DSDSWT000023
DSDSW-T00006 Belt, Toothed, 3mm pitch, 153 teeth, TOSH TXFER B-14 Photo of DSDSWT00006
DSDSWT-000041 Motor, DC W/TRANSFER Photo of DSDSWT000041
DSDSWT-000042 Motor, DC W/TRANSFER, Ratio 1:150 Photo of DSDSWT000042
DSDSWT-000050 Guide, Wafer, TOP TOSH TXFER Photo of DSDSWT000050
DSDSWT-000051 Gate, half pitch,TOSH TXFER Photo of DSDSWT000051
DSE-000000-3 PCB, AUTO CAP SC-854F Photo of DSE0000003
DSE-C00000-1 PCB, AUTO CAP SC-851 E0480 Photo of DSEC000001
DSE-C00000-2 PCB, AUTO CAP SC-852B Photo of DSEC000002
DSE-C00000-4 PCB, AUTO CAP SC-95 E0487(S Photo of DSEC000004
ES022-100463-1 Bearing, S-FR188 TEL480 0.25/0.5x0.125 Ext. No Cage Photo of ES0221004631
ES022-100469-1 Bearing, SS-L-1910 TEL480 0.4/0.75x0.2 Photo of ES0221004691
ES027-100523-1 O-Ring, 278.77x5.33 Silicone TEL480 Photo of ES0271005231
ES027-100667-9 O-Ring, 148.82x3.53 PC TEL480 Photo of ES0271006679
ES027-100882-1 PTFE WASHER 0.625"x0.05" (15.88x1.3) Photo of ES0271008821
ES027-100883-1 Ring, MS27595-114 LL T480 Photo of ES0271008831
ES027-100967-1 O-Ring, 44.04x3.53, Nitrile (LL TEL480) (Chucks 125) Photo of ES0271009671
ES028-002414-1 Gasket, UJR-6 TEL480 (E Photo of ES0280024141
ES045-060179-1 Fuse, AGC-6A 32V TEL480 Photo of ES0450601791
ES045-070148-1 Fuse, MLS-7 125V 7A Tel Photo of ES0450701481
ES045-125250-1 Fuse, GTE-1 125V 1A TEL480 Photo of ES0451252501
ES045-125253-1 Fuse, GTE-6 125V 6A TEL480 Photo of ES0451252531
ES045-320170-1 Fuse, ATG-6 32V 15A Tel Photo of ES0453201701
ESM05-400003-1 Spring, return TEL480 (M05- Photo of ESM054000031
ESM07-400002-1 Window, Rear, TEL480 Photo of ESM074000021
ESM86-005070-1 Connector, short TEL480 Photo of ESM860050701
ESM87-000052-1 Box, Autotune, TEL 480 Photo of ESM870000521
F1-532 Motor, 30W-R TOSH AUTOCAP Ring for information.
F1-540 Motor, 20W-R TOSH Autocap, with gearbox Photo of F1540
F2-532 Motor, 30W-L TTOSH Autocap, with gearbox,. Ring for information.
F2-540 Motor, 20W-L TOSH AUTOCAP Ring for information.
IMC-000110-0 Actuator CP-800 Just In: Photo on request.
IMF0021600 Fan, 100VAC, 50/60Hz, 26/31W Photo of IMF0021600
IMT-003970-0 Brake, Z-axis ELEV, 24VDC Photo of IMT0039700
ISL-000100-00 Switch, micro (Switch, Limit) BE727 Photo of ISL00010000
M80-000045-1 Valve, Man ISI Tel 48 Photo of M800000451
M87-200002-1 Module, Recipe, TEL480 Photo of M872000021
MCSB 8-01 Brake, Z-axis ELEV, 24VDC Photo of MCSB801
MM16F-J2-150 Motor, DC W/TRANSFER, Ratio 1:150 Photo of MM16FJ2150
QL-C-100 Rod, OAP Upper TEL MKII Photo of QLC100
QL-C-75 Rod, Glass, OAP Lower TEL MKII Photo of QLC75
S3M459 Belt, Toothed, 3mm pitch, 153 teeth, TOSH TXFER B-14 Photo of S3M459
SM13GU-2 Bearing, TEL/Thermco Photo of SM13GU2
SM25GUU-S Bearing, Z-Axis CP-800 Photo of SM25GUUS
SS13-13N Pillow Block Photo of SS1313N
TS281-500694-1 PCB, KLA 8085 Photo of TS2815006941
TTX-56-H P/N 039002351 Transformer, Prim.412v 3PH .sec.200.129w.96KVA Ring for information.
UT-03B-427 Tube, Curl, 'Z' Photo of UT03B427
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20-10MC6-H Union, Half DAIN HZ-101 Photo of 2010MC6H
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