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Highland Scientific supply high-vacuum spare parts and systems.
We stock thousands of new, pre-owned and obsolete parts sourced globally from leading companies.

Spares from: 
Souriau,  Souriau Inc.,  South Scotland,  Southco,  Span,  Spectrol,  Spectronics, 
Spectronics Corp,  Spellman,  Sprague,  Spraying Systems Co, 
Sprecher & Schuh,  Square D,  Ssac,  SSS,  ST Microelectronics,  Sta-Rite, 
Stabilus,  Stancor,  Starkstrom,  Starrett,  Stegmann,  Stotz,  Struthers Dunn,  Suco, 
Sud Electric (Sued),  Suhner,  Sunx,  Superior Electric,  Surface Technology, 

Photo of FR8748 FR87-48 Socket, D-type, 25way FR8748.
Photo of 85106EC84PW50 851-06EC8-4PW50 Plug, 4way straight with pins 85106EC84PW50.
Photo of 6LE4HBFR4VR4 6L-E4HB-FR4-VR4 Valve, Excess flow, magnetic 6LE4HBFR4VR4.
Photo of SS6BKV1610 SS-6BK-V16-10 Valve, NUPRO PECV SS6BKV1610.
Photo of SS8BKVCR (or 06-02125-00) SS-8BK-VCR Valve, FSS RV NUPRO SS8BKVCR.
Photo of 821424016 82-14-240-16 Fastener Flush Head 821424016.
Photo of 823530215 82-35-302-15 Steel Spring Fastener 823530215.
Photo of B45040312 B4-50-403-12 Handle B45040312.
Photo of SOU973016012 SOU973016012 Fastener SOU973016012.
Photo of 1505446 1505446 Gauge, Pressure (S122) 1505446.
Photo of 043321X64W50KK 043321X 64W 50K-K Potentiometer, Cermet, multiturn, 50K, PCB mounting 043321X64W50KK.
Photo of PAR38100WFLOOD PAR38 100W FLOOD Lamp, Mercury H44JM-100 PAR38100WFLOOD.
Photo of SD14101L SD-1410-1L Photodarlingtons SD14101L.
Photo of X2621 (or MG8N10X2621) X2621 Power Supply, Magnetron, model MG8N10X2621 rev A1 X2621.
Photo of 058939487 (or 8638H) 05.8939487 Capacitor, 50UF+ 30D+ TE 1100 0-6VDC 058939487.
Photo of 059479205 (or 8316H) 05.9479205 Capacitor, 30D+TEI162 100-16DC 059479205.
Photo of 36D183G025BC2A (or 18000-25DC) 36D183G025BC2A Capacitor, 18000uF 25VDC 36D183G025BC2A.
Photo of 409P504AA05099 409P504AA05099 Capacitor, 5uF, 50VDC 409P504AA05099.
Just In: Part No. 2850SS 2850 SS Nozzle, Fluid 00007 2850SS.
Photo of 91509505 91.509.505 Terminal segment, vr 1-16, 16mm2 91509505.
Photo of CA110N CA 1-10-N Contactor, 110VAC coil, 3phase, 1aux (NC), 16A, 600VAC, CA110N.
Photo of CA125 CA 1-25 Motor, 3-Phase, V 220 ICE 158-1 CA125.
Photo of CA140N CA 1-40-N Contactor, 24VAC Coil, 3-Phase, 80A, Aux Contact, 10A, with 0-72A Overload Relay CA140N.
Photo of CA49C10 CA 4-9C-10 Contactor, 24VDC coil, 3phase, 500V, 16A, + 1 auxiliary @12A, DIN rail mounting CA49C10.
Part No. CA32310 CA3-23-10 Contactor, 24Vac CA32310.
Photo of CT110 (or CAT 1-10) CT 1-10 Cicuit Breaker CT110.
Photo of CT172 CT 1-72 Contactor, 42-72A CT172.
Photo of EQE627 EQE 627 Switch, Time delay, CLASS 9007 EQE627.
Photo of K1L32G K1L32G Switch, momentary, Green Diffuser, KM32 Series, without contact block, 24V lamp K1L32G.
Photo of TA75522 (or TYPE TA) TA 75522 Contact Block, Class 9001, type TA, 600VAC - 120VDC TA75522.
Photo of TYPETA TYPE TA Contact Block, Class 9001, type TA, 600VAC - 120VDC TYPETA
Photo of X040 (or 9998X23) X0 40 Industrial Control Relay Form HR Series A class 8501, Type X, 24v, 60 Hz X040.
Photo of TH1A4120 (or THIA4120) TH1A4120 Solid state timer 20 seconds TH1A4120.
Photo of HEXBOLTM10X32 HEX BOLT M10X32 Screw, M10x32, Plastic, Hex HEXBOLTM10X32.
Photo of HEXBOLTM16X55 HEX BOLT M16X55 Screw, M16x55, Plastic, Hex HEXBOLTM16X55.
Photo of 2N3055 2N3055 Transistor, NPN, 2N3055, 15A, 60V 2N3055
Photo of GSR4052 GS-R405/2 Regulator, switching, Small size step-down GSR4052.
Photo of LM323K LM323K IC, Voltage Regulator 5v 3A TO3 LM323K
Photo of M74HC253 (or 643-297) M74HC253 IC, dual 4 input multiplexer M74HC253.
Photo of M74HC365B1 M74HC365B1 IC, Hex tri-state buffer M74HC365B1.
Photo of MJ11011 MJ11011 Transistor, PNP Darlington, 60v 30a 200w MJ11011.
Just In: Part No. MSS50800 MSS50-800 SCR module, 800V, 70Amps MSS50800.
Photo of 15213 15-213 Pump, HF Flotec, 3400/2800 RPM, 230V, 50/60Hz. 15213
Photo of SS1P3S101V (or 15-213) SS1P3-S101V Pump, HF Flotec, 3400/2800 RPM, 230V, 50/60Hz. SS1P3S101V.
Photo of Part No. not known Part No. not known Damper Magazine Door (LIFT-O-MAT) Part No. not known
Photo of 0824810100N 082481 0100N Loader, damper Multitest (LIFT-O-MAT) 0824810100N
Photo of P8628 P 8628 Transformer, 117 25CT P8628.
Photo of STA6624 STA-6624 Power Supply, External Plug-In, 1 Outputs, Output; 1.5A, 36W, 120V, 24VDC STA6624.
Photo of ET120104 ET 120-104 Capacitor, HV .1 uF ET120104.
Photo of 385266 385266 Gauge, Set up (centrifuge) 385266.
Photo of AG100S AG-100S Encoder, rotary AG100S.
Photo of K6A K6A Circuit Breaker, S211 Series DIN Rail Mounting K6A.
Photo of 326XBX48P001 326XBX48P-001 Relay, Time delay, 0.1-1sec, 24VDC, 10A@120VAC, octal base 326XBX48P001.
Just In: Part No. 326XBX48P60F120AC 326XBX48P-60F 120AC Relay, Time delay, 60secs fixed, 120VAC, 10A@120VAC, octal base 326XBX48P60F120AC.
Just In: Part No. 326XBX48P60F24DC 326XBX48P-60F 24DC Relay, Time delay, 60secs fixed, 24VAC, 10A@120VAC, octal base 326XBX48P60F24DC.
Photo of 425AXX 425AXX Relay, 120VAC, SPST (1pole n/o), 30A@240VAC, open frame, chassis mounting 425AXX.
Photo of 0159428141001 0159 428 14 1 001 Switch, Diaphragm Pressure, 1-10bar, 220v, 1/4" Internal Thread 0159428141001.
Photo of 0162436143010 (or 162436143010) 0162-436-14-3-010 Contact Manometer 0.5-1Bar 0162436143010.
Photo of 162436143010 162436143010 Contact Manometer 0.5-1Bar 162436143010
Photo of EA135L EA 135 L Motor, Ser 70592 230V 1.15A 50Hz Shaft Diameter 4mm EA135L.
Photo of 11SHV50310133_NE 11 SHV-50-3-10/133_NE Socket, BNC, 50ohm, cable mounting, high voltage 11SHV50310133_NE
Photo of 22541732 (or 11 H4-50-3-1/133_NE) 22541732 Plug, co-axial, BNC, 50ohm, high voltage 22541732.
Photo of SMC5002 SMC-50-0-2 Socket, Coaxial SMC 50ohm (quartz) SMC5002
Photo of PA201 (or 2-39-01460) PA-201 Amplifier, S8 1G, input 12VDC. PA201.
Photo of RS120HFDS4HR (or R5120HFD54HR) RS-120HF-DS4H-R Sensor, System RS120HFDS4HR.
Photo of RS520LD RS520L-D Switch, beam (DAIN RS-520L) RS520LD
Photo of RT41018D RT-410-1 8D Sensor, System RT41018D.
Part No. BM131411 (or SS25) BM131411 Motor, Stepper, S S25 120v 50/60Hz 72rpm BM131411.
Photo of M062LS04 (or 10-0312-00) M062-LS04 Motor, Actuator ASECO, 1.9A, 4.2VDC, 200RPM M062LS04.
Part No. SLOSYN (or SM-200-0015-BT) SLO-SYN Motor, Stepper, 3.6VDC SLOSYN.
Photo of 066803100 (or 201415) 06-68031-00 Gearbox, 640:1 RAT 066803100.
Just In: Part No. 066804100 06-68041-00 Fuse, Cartridge 066804100.
Photo of 066806000 (or 201415) 06-68060-00 Boat, PC ET508 066806000.
Photo of 238037 (or 06-68057-00) 238037 Valve, NUPRO STEM T, SS-4BK-K5 238037.
Photo of 550421 (or LC1 DC 32 10) 550421 Contactor, 24VAC coil, 3phase, 600V, 50A, +1 aux, LC1 DC 32 10, DIN rail mounting 550421.
Photo of AMC1AAC1328 (or 06-68050-02) AMC1A AC1328 Module, Automation AMC1AAC1328.

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