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Photo of NLSW2 NLSW-2 Airflow Controller, used in EHV110, 110V, 40-60Hz NLSW2.
Photo of 1LA50604AB20Z 1 LA5060-4AB20-Z Motor, 3 phase 230/380V 50/60Hz 1LA50604AB20Z.
Just In: Part No. 1P6ED10521FB000BA0 (or C-J1012774) 1P6ED10521FB000BA0 SIEMENS Logo Logik Module, AC115 / 120V, 230/240V, 4x Relay, 8A 1P6ED10521FB000BA0.
Just In: Part No. 3RH11311BB40 3RH1131-1BB40 Contactor, 24VDC coil, 3phase, 690V, 1 aux. contact, 6A, DIN rail mounting 3RH11311BB40.
Photo of 3RV10211FA10 3RV1021-1FA10 Circuit Breaker, Sirius 3R, 50/60Hz, 3,5-5A 3RV10211FA10.
Photo of 3TB46170A 3TB46 17-0A Contactor, 220-250VAC coil, 3phase, 1 aux, 63A, 660V 3TB46170A.
Photo of 3TX65060C 3TX6506-0C Filter, suppression, R/C, 0.47uF/22R (22ohms), 264V, 50/60Hz 3TX65060C.
Photo of 3UA59001C 3UA59 00-1C Relay, Thermal (Overload), 3phase, 1.6-2.5A, with auxiliary contacts, DIN rail mounting 3UA59001C.
Photo of 3UA59001E 3UA59 00-1E Relay, Thermal (Overload), 3phase, 2.6-4A, with auxiliary contacts, DIN rail mounting 3UA59001E.
Photo of 3VE10202J 3VE1 020-2J Circuit Breaker 3VE10202J.
Photo of 3VE10202K 3VE1 020-2K Circuit Breaker 3VE10202K.
Photo of 3VU91351AB03 3VU9135-1AB03 Busbar, 3way 9-Pole 3VU91351AB03
Photo of 3VU91351AB04 3VU9135-1AB04 Busbar, 4way 12-Pole 3VU91351AB04
Photo of 5SN1G10A 5 SN 1 G 10 A Circuit Breaker, 1 Pole , G 10 A, 220/380v, 10A, 5 SN 1 5SN1G10A.
Photo of 5SN1G4A 5 SN 1 G 4 A Circuit Breaker, 1 Pole, G 4 A, 220/380v, 4A, 5 SN 1 5SN1G4A.
Photo of 5SN1G40A 5 SN 1 G 40 A Circuit Breaker, 1-Pole, G 40A, 380V, DIN Rail Mounting, 40A 5SN1G40A.
Photo of 5SN1NG16A 5 SN 1 N G16A Circuit Breaker, Din Rail Mounting, 220/380V, 240/415V, N G16A 5SN1NG16A.
Photo of 5SN3 5 SN 3 Circuit Breaker, DIN Rail Mounting, 16A, 3-Pole 5SN3
Photo of 5SN3C16A 5 SN 3 C 16A MCB 16A Triple Pole Type C, DIN Rail Mounting, C16 A 5SN3C16A
Photo of 5SN3G10A 5 SN 3 G 10 A Circuit Breaker, 3 pole, G 10 A, 220/380v, 10A, 5 SN 3 5SN3G10A.
Photo of 5SN3G25A 5 SN 3 G 25 A Circuit Breaker, 3 pole, G 25A, 5 SN 3, 380v 5SN3G25A.
Photo of 5SN3G4A 5 SN 3 G 4 A Circuit Breaker, 3 Pole, G 4 A, 220/380v, 4A, 5 SN 3 5SN3G4A.
Photo of 5SN3G40A 5 SN 3 G 40 A Circuit Breaker, 3-Pole, G 40A, 380V, DIN Rail Mounting, 40A 5SN3G40A.
Photo of 5SX43 5 SX43 Circuit Breaker, C20 3-Pole 5SX43.
Photo of 5SB2510A 5SB 25 10A Fuse, Cartridge 5SB2510A.
Photo of 5SB231 5SB231 Fuse, 6A 500V 5SB231.
Photo of 5SE2225 5SE2 225 Fuse 25amp, Neozed DO2 5SE2225
Photo of 6EP13111SH02 6EP1311-1SH02 Power Supply, 100-240VAC, out 5V/3A. 6EP13111SH02
Photo of 6ES54007AA13 6ES5 400-7AA13 Simatic S5-110 E/I 6ES54007AA13.
Photo of 6ES54107AA11 6ES5 410-7AA11 A/O Simatic S5-110 6ES54107AA11.
Photo of 6ES59007AD11 6ES5 900-7AD11 Simatic S5-110A ZB/CPU 6ES59007AD11.
Photo of 6ES59307AA31 6ES5 930-7AA31 Simatic S5-110A SV/PS 6ES59307AA31.
Photo of 7PU2020201AH22 7PU2020 20-1AH22 Relay, Time delay, 6secs, 110VAC, SPDT (1pole c/o), 220VAC@3A, DIN rail mounting modified to Octal 7PU2020201AH22.
Photo of 90A3022287 90A3022287 Capacitor, Tantalum, 4.7uF, 20v, axial. 90A3022287.
Photo of B4111B7228T B4111-B7228-T Capacitor, 40V 2200uF for EKS110 (replacement for B4901525P7) B4111B7228T
Photo of B43555K2108T B43555-K2108-T Capacitor, 1000UF 250V B43555K2108T.
Photo of BP0952025NZ4055 (or 5408.0400.002) BP095202 / 5NZ4055 Unit, UV Ignition 4.5 KW BP0952025NZ4055.
Photo of G1A G1A Circuit breaker, G1A, 1-pole, 220/380V, 5 SN 1 G1A.
Photo of G4A G4A Circuit breaker, 1-pole, 5 SN 1 G4A.
Photo of LN1E100 (or LN1 E  100) LN1-E100 Kit, Lug (30-100 A ) LN1E100.
Photo of NG16A (or 5 SN 3) N G 16 A Circuit Breaker, DIN Rail Mounting, 16A, 3-Pole NG16A.
Photo of NG6A N G 6A Circuit Breaker, N G 6A, 1-pole, 220/380v, 5 SN 1 NG6A.
Photo of NG32A (or 9922172) NG32A Circuit breaker, 1-pole, 5 SN 1, NG32A.
Photo of WG32A380V W G 32A 380V Circuit Breaker, DIN Rail Mounting, 32A, 380v WG32A380V.
Photo of WNG10A380V WN G 10A 380V Circuit Breaker, DIN Rail Mounting, 10A, 380v WNG10A380V.
Photo of WNG4A380V (or 8995137) WN G 4A 380V Circuit Breaker, DIN Rail Mounting, 4a, 380v WNG4A380V.
Photo of S1430 (or S-1430, 0-.5SLPM, AIR) S1430 Mass Flow Controller 0-0.5 SLPM Air. Side Trak 3 S1430.
Photo of 191TE1C15S (or HE721C0500) 191TE1C1-5S Relay, 5VDC, SPDT (1pole c/o), 250mA@175V, DIL base 191TE1C15S.
Photo of 203450D200F12 20-3450D200-F1.2 Motor, Stepper, 203450D200F12.
Photo of A4117528 A41-175-28 Transformer, 230/115v input, 14-0-14V (28VCT) 6.25A A4117528.
Photo of DPC122000 DPC-12-2000 Transformer, 230/115v input, 12.6V/2A or 6.3v 4A output DPC122000.
Photo of DPC161500 DPC-16-1500 Transformer, 230/115v input, 16V/1.5A or 8v 3A output DPC161500.
Photo of DPC34700 DPC-34-700 Transformer, 115/230v input, 34v, 700mA output DPC34700
Photo of HT4617 HT4617 Transformer, 115/230v input, 12v output KAS HT4617
Photo of S725SLM (or 06-41006-00) S-725-SLM Signatone Position GR S725SLM.
Photo of 38010D 3-8010-D Mount, universal, DIN, for Compak transmitter 38010D.
Photo of P51530V0 P51530-V0 Rotor-X flow sensor PVDF 1/2" - 4" P51530V0.
Photo of 400045 40.0045 Right Angle Prism 19.1mmx19.1 mm 91509254310072-E 400045.
Photo of 74F373N 74F373N IC, Octal transparent latch 74F373N.
Photo of 82LS135N 82LS135N IC, 256 x 8 TTL PROM 82LS135N.
Photo of ADC0809CCN ADC0809CCN IC, Analog to Digital converter ADC0809CCN.
Photo of DM74LS253N (or FFP1765 8915VE) DM74LS253N IC, Dual 4 bit mutiplexer, tri-state outputs DM74LS253N.
Photo of PLS105AN PLS105AN IC, Field programmable logic sequencer (16 x 48 x 8) PLS105AN.
Photo of PLS153N PLS153N IC, Programmable Logic Arrays (18 x 42 x 10) PLS153N.
Photo of PLS157N PLS157N Fuse, Programmable Logic Sequencer, 6 Registered o/ps PLS157N.
Photo of SE556 SE 556 IC, Dual timer SE556.
Photo of 812065 812065 Cable, Quiktest Stage 812065.
Photo of DG303BP DG 303BP IC, CMOS Analog Switch DG303BP.
Photo of DG300ABK DG300ABK IC, Dual Spst Cmos Switch 15V 14-DIL DG300ABK.
Photo of SD5000N SD5000N IC, DMOS Quad FET Switch 16-DIL SD5000N.
Photo of SIL9505 SIL 9505 Ceramic Ring SIL9505.
Photo of 4000115 4000115 Static Eliminator Air Gun 10000V Model H164G s/n 019001 4000115.
Photo of 10004700 10-0047-00 Spring, Pusher ASECO 10004700.
Photo of 10008503 10-0085-03 Pin, Gate ASECO S150 10008503.
Photo of 10008702 10-0087-02 Spring, cover, ASECO S150 10008702.
Photo of 10009500 10-0095-00 Link, lower Singulator ASE 10009500.
Photo of 10011000 10-0110-00 Solenoid, Mount Testsite S 10011000.
Photo of 10014500 10-0145-00 Tube, Top pivot ASECO 10014500.
Photo of 10014600 10-0146-00 Tube, bottom pivot, ASECO 10014600.
Photo of 10015000 10-0150-00 Link, Q Actuator 10015000.
Photo of 10015900 10-0159-00 Manifold, Vacuum input ASECO 10015900.
Photo of 10016700 10-0167-00 Shaft, crank assembly ASECO 10016700.
Photo of 10016900 (or 195206-231) 10-0169-00 Solenoid, Singulator ASECO 10016900.
Photo of 10017200 10-0172-00 Link, Singulator, Aseco S150 10017200.
Photo of 10017302 10-0173-02 Pivot, Singulator, Aseco S150 10017302.
Photo of 10021400 10-0214-00 Lever, Singulator ASECO S150 10021400.
Photo of 10022002 10-0220-02 Cover, Lower chute, Testsite 10022002.
Photo of 10022802 10-0228-02 Mount, Singulator ASECO 10022802.
Photo of 10026701 10-0267-01 Clamp, Gate Assy. ASCEO 10026701.
Photo of 10030800 10-0308-00 Belt, Output binner ASECO 10030800.
Photo of 10031200 10-0312-00 Motor, Actuator ASECO, 1.9A, 4.2VDC, 200RPM 10031200
Photo of 10031400 10-0314-00 Guide, rear binner assembly 10031400.
Photo of 10032902 10-0329-02 Cover, Front Track, Testsite 10032902.
Photo of 10034000 10-0340-00 Pin, Crank shaft S150 10034000.
Photo of 10034401 10-0344-01 Gate assembly, Left front ASEC 10034401.
Photo of 10034501 10-0345-01 Gate assembly, Right rear, ASEC 10034501.
Photo of 10037300 10-0373-00 Nut, Rod end, Right hand ASECO 10037300.
Photo of 10044800 10-0448-00 Gasket, Contact Assembly ASECO 10044800.
Photo of 10045000 10-0450-00 Heater Element S150 10045000.
Photo of 10045802 10-0458-02 Plate, Spring Cover Aseco SI5 10045802.
Photo of 10046500 10-0465-00 Photoswitch, Pusher Assy 10046500.
Photo of 10047800 10-0478-00 Spring, Track Locator ASECO 10047800.
Photo of 10060400 10-0604-00 Clamp, Escapement 10060400.
Photo of 10060500 10-0605-00 Hook, Escapement 10060500.
Photo of 10060601 10-0606-01 Frame, Escapement 10060601.
Photo of 10061500 10-0615-00 Cover, Track top S150 10061500.
Photo of 10061901 10-0619-01 Chute, Upper ASECO 10061901.
Photo of 10065201 10-0652-01 Block, mount LH S150 10065201.
Photo of 10065301 10-0653-01 Block, mount RH S150 10065301.
Photo of 10065500 10-0655-00 PCB, RAM Aseco SI150 10065500.
Photo of 10072400 10-0724-00 Sensor, optical, ASECO 10072400.
Photo of 10072600 10-0726-00 Sensor, Door ASECO Hall 10072600.
Photo of 10073000 10-0730-00 Sensor, optical, Assembly ASECO 10073000.
Photo of 10073300 (or MODEL SAL) 10-0733-00 Sensor, Smartey Module, Photo-controller Assy. 10073300.
Photo of 10074802 10-0748-02 Bucket, Binner S150 10074802.
Photo of 10075000 10-0750-00 Mount, Pivot binner ASECO SI5 10075000.
Photo of 10081100 10-0811-00 Cap, blower housing, S150 10081100.
Photo of 10082500 10-0825-00 Shaft Blower Assembly ASE 10082500.
Photo of 10091000 10-0910-00 Pulley, Loader S150 10091000.
Photo of 10095401 10-0954-01 Cover Contacts S150 ASECO 10095401.
Photo of 10096100 10-0961-00 Tube, contact air assembly, ASECO 10096100.
Photo of 10096205 10-0962-05 Bearing, Escapement ASECO 10096205.
Photo of 10099100 (or HK5221R97) 10-0991-00 Flexible Polymide heater, 97 ohms with cable S150 DEFR 10099100.
Photo of 10100900 10-1009-00 Gasket, contact assembly 10100900.
Photo of 10104501 (or HK5231R27.8L 12B) 10-1045-01 Heater strip, Long defrost 10104501.
Photo of 10105900 10-1059-00 Disc, Timing ASECO 10105900.
Photo of 10106001 (or SV94P56HC23G-J98) 10-1060-01 Valve, Nitrogen, 24V, 15W, 10106001.
Photo of 10113700 10-1137-00 Heater, Defrost Air ASECO 10113700.
Photo of 10120100 10-1201-00 Spring, Upper Chute Singulator 10120100.
Photo of 10121400 10-1214-00 Clamp, Mount Singulator AS 10121400.
Photo of 10121501 10-1215-01 Block, Singulator ASECO S150 10121501.
Photo of 10121600 10-1216-00 Clamp, Input Singulator AS 10121600.
Photo of 10121700 10-1217-00 Bracket, ASECO 10121700.
Photo of 10123200 10-1232-00 Track Extension, input ASECO 10123200.
Photo of 10124100 10-1241-00 Spring, Rear converyor 10124100.
Photo of 10126402 10-1264-02 Pin, Lower Escapement S150 10126402.
Photo of 10127500 10-1275-00 Bracket, Lower Escapement SI5 10127500.
Photo of 10127601 10-1276-01 Stop, Singulator Testsite 10127601.
Photo of 10134701E 10-1347-01 E Support Lower chute S150 10134701E.
Photo of 10135700 10-1357-00 Heater, short output ASECO 10135700.
Photo of 10146100 10-1461-00 Cam, Binner door ASECO S150 10146100.
Photo of 10165900 10-1659-00 Blade, Binner Aseco S150 10165900.
Photo of 10171902 10-1719-02 Insert, Wear Plate Input T 10171902.
Photo of 10174700 10-1747-00 Cable and head Assy. IONIS 10174700.
Photo of 10185602REVE 10-1856-02 REV-E Socket, IC, 52-pin Adesco SI 10185602REVE.
Photo of 30000600 30-0006-00 Shaft, Blower ASECO S150 30000600.
Photo of 30013400 30-0134-00 Roller, ejector guide 30013400.
Photo of 30081300 30-0813-00 Pulley, large, E SI30 30081300.
Photo of 30182801 30-1828-01 Pulley, small, ASECO 30182801.
Photo of 30299501 30-2995-01 Pulley, large ASECO 30299501.
Photo of 30333600 30-3336-00 Plenum Top (30-0959-01) 30333600.
Photo of 4528072EO1 4528072EO1 PCB, Driver, Cold Temp 50 4528072EO1.
Photo of 708101 708-101 Phototransistor OP805 ASE 708101.
Photo of 708201 (or OP 133) 708-201 LED, Infrared Photoemitter, OP133 Aseco SI5 708201.
Photo of 708202 (or 551436) 708-202 LED, infrared, F5D1, 880 nm, narrow angle, TO-46 package. 708202.
Photo of 708303 (or OPB865N51) 708-303 Sensor, optical. index DETE 708303.
Photo of 712001 712-001 Sensor, RTD ASECO 712001.
Photo of 712523 712-523 Heater, Air, S150 240V ASEC 712523.
Photo of 719901 719-901 Bushing, Feedthrough Ceramic 719901.
Photo of 719902 719-902 Cover, terminal, ceramic ASECO 719902.
Photo of 800008 800-008 Bearing, 2mm BORE .250 OD 0.078/0.25x0.175 800008.
Photo of 800009 800-009 Bearing, RAM S150 0.1875/0.375x0.125 Series 6632 800009.
Photo of 800026 800-026 Bearing, Flanged S150 0.125/0.25x0.14 Ext. 418 800026.
Photo of 800501 800-501 Rod, End R/hand ASECO Binner 800501.
Photo of 800502 800-502 Bearing, rod end, L/hand, ASECO Binn 800502
Photo of 800503 800-503 Rod, End R/hand ASECO 800503.
Photo of 800504 800-504 Rod, End L/hand ASECO 800504.
Photo of 800705 800-705 Ring, Retainer SI30 BIN 800705.
Photo of 800801 800-801 Bearing, Slide binner ASEC 800801.
Photo of 801008 801-008 Ring, Retaining, blower assembly 801008.
Photo of 801309 801-309 Ring, Retaining, blower assembly 801309.
Photo of 801319 801-319 Ring, C type blower shaft 801319.
Photo of 802003 802-003 Spring, tension, T/Track Sing ASECO 802003.
Photo of 802005 802-005 Spring, tension, Singulator return 802005.
Photo of 802007 802-007 Spring, Pusher return 802007.
Photo of 802010 802-010 Spring, Singulator Aseco S150 6" Wafer Holder 802010.
Photo of 802401 802-401 Spring, Output Binner S150 802401.
Photo of 802702 802-702 Spring, ASECO 802702.
Photo of 802703 802-703 Spring, gates ASECO 802703.
Photo of 802707 802-707 Spring, shuttle Aseco 802707.
Photo of 802712 802-712 Spring, Torsion shuttle 802712.
Just In: Part No. 802907 802-907 Washer, Wavy, RAM S150 802907.
Photo of 802908 802-908 Spring, Flat pusher Binner 802908.
Photo of 809002 809-002 Ball stud receiver, ASECO 809002.
Photo of 809003 809-003 Ball, Stud 0-447 Long ASEC 809003.
Photo of 812004 812-004 O-Ring, 4.5x1.45, brown Silicone RAM S150 812004.
Photo of 812201 812-201 Seal, blower assembly, ASECO 812201.
Photo of 814201 814-201 Blower Wheel Aseco S150 814201.
Photo of 816601 (or 6R23M085060) 816-601 Belt, Binner Drive ASECO, 83.5X6mm, 255 3M 816601.
Photo of 816604 (or 6R23M097060) 816-604 Belt, Conveyor Drive Aseco, 35 Teeth, 145x6mm, Neoprene 816604.
Photo of 817002 817-002 Belt, Leader Aseco, 78.7x12.7 817002.
Photo of 834202 834-202 Boot Silicone Aseco S150 834202.
Photo of 9060691 906-06-9-1 Pin, Binner ASECO S150 9060691.
Photo of 9090681 909-06-8-1 Pin, split dowel (pin, roll) Singulator ASECO 9090681.
Photo of B11763 B-11763 Solenoid, Inker B11763.
Photo of L331070137 L33107 0137 Sensor, Thru-beam, Skanamatic Type L331 L331070137
Photo of L34040 L34040 Automation Control Device L34040.
Photo of S27344 (or 52-0035-01) S27344 Sensor, Theta (rotary) RS-50 Optical S27344.
Photo of S32251 S32251 Scanner Optical Fibre (Fiber) S30 Series S 32251 S32251.
Photo of S32254 S32254 Scanner S32254.
Photo of S32255 S32255 Scanner Optical Fibre (Fiber) S30 Series S 32255 S32255.
Photo of T32521 T32521 Sensor T32521.
Part No. T3521 T3521 Automation Control Device T3521.
Photo of 29326E 29326 E Bearing 29326E.
Photo of 4327952 (or 9235140) 4327952 Bearing, Bush LBAS 8-2LS ( LBAS82LS) 4327952.
Photo of 60012RS1 6001-2RS1 Bearing, 12/28x8 with Dual Rubber Shield 60012RS1
Photo of 6242Z (or 7227) 624-2Z Bearing, 4/13x5 Series 624 2Z 6242Z.
Photo of LC2RAB4150DC2 LC2-RAB4150DC2 Valve, 24VDC LC2RAB4150DC2.
Photo of V52DB1125 V52DB1125 Valve, Solenoid 115V V52DB1125.
Photo of M061LS08 M061-LS08 Motor, stepper, 1.2V, 3.8A, 200steps/rev. M061LS08
Photo of M093FF411C2006 (or 9640532) M093-FF-411C2006 Motor, Stepper, TFM, 4.5v, 3.0A, 200 steps/rev. M093FF411C2006.
Photo of 0119625FT (or 050006441607) 01196-25FT Cable, Assy, Ion Collector, 25ft 0119625FT.
Part No. S6800ZZ S6800ZZ Bearing. 10/19x7 ZZ Twin Shields S6800ZZ.
Photo of Part No. not known Part No. not known Switch, Pressure SMC Part No. not known
Photo of 0160PSI 0-160 PSI Gauge, 0-160psi, 0-11 bar. 0160PSI.
Photo of 4629337 (or ZH10DS-06-06) 4629337 Ejector VAC GEN SMD MOD 4629337.
Photo of 4F11008 4F110-08 Valve, solenoid, 24VDC 1.5-9.9Kgf/cm2 4F11008.
Photo of AR2000 AR2000 Air regulator fittings AR2000.
Photo of AS200 AS200 Speed Controller AS200.
Photo of CQ2B1615D CQ2B16-15D Cylinder, 16x15 double actuating CQ2B1615D.
Photo of DXT192105A DXT 192-10-5A Air regulator fittings DXT192105A.
Photo of HEC200W2X2 (or HEC 200 W-2-X2) HEC200 W-2-X2 Thermo-Con Temperature Controller HEC200W2X2.
Just In: Part No. HEC200W2X5 (or HEC 200-W-2-X5) HEC200 W-2-X5 Temperature Controller HEC200W2X5.
Photo of ISE10118 ISE1-01-18 Switch, Pressure type ISE1-01-18 ISE10118
Photo of MXS610AS MXS6-10AS Pnematic Air table slide MXS610AS.
Photo of NVJ114A5LOZ NVJ114A-5LOZ Valve, solenoid, 24VDC NVJ114A5LOZ.
Photo of NVZ110 (or NVZ110 -5MZ-M5-X51) NVZ110 Valve, Solenoid 24V DC, 9515 REV AD-023 NUPRO NVZ110.
Photo of NZM052HT NZM052HT Generator VAC 4052 NZM052HT.
Photo of VF31303DZ02 VF3-130-3DZ-02 Valve, Solenoid VF31303DZ02.
Photo of VZ1105MNM5 VZ110-5MN-M5 Valve, solenoid, (Temescal) VZ1105MNM5
Photo of VZ3120 VZ3120 Valve, solenoid, AT4600 VZ3120
Photo of VZ3140 VZ3140 Valve, Solenoid, 24VDC 1.5-7Kgf/cm2 VZ3140.
Photo of VZ3240 VZ3240 Valve, Solenoid, 24VDC 1-7Kgf/cm2 with various mono-blocks, c/w leads VZ3240.
Part No. VZ5120 VZ5120 Valve, solenoid, 12VDC VZ5120.
Photo of VZ51206MNZ01 (or 2429728EO1) VZ5120-6MNZ-01 Solenoid, SMD VAC MOD VZ51206MNZ01.
Photo of ZH10DS060608 ZH10D S-06-06-08 Ejector, Vacuum ZH10DS060608.
Photo of ZSE10015 ZSE1-00-15 Sensor, VAC 4070 (Vacuum switch) 12-24V ZSE10015.
Just In: Part No. CA7646SLE CA7646SLE Monitor, 15.5" (100-240VAC, 6/50Hz, 1.5A) (S/N=IV0570313) CA7646SLE.
Photo of 2626 2626 Standoff Ceramic 3.000x1 OD 1/4-20THD 2626.
Photo of VEX67CE1T VEX6 7CE1 T Bearing, Matched Pairs 6/17x6 EX6 7CE1 VEX67CE1T.
Photo of NU209EG15 (or NU209W) NU.209.E.G15 Bearing, roller, 45/85x20 NU209EG15.
Photo of 45102E1210S50 (or 451 02 E 12-10 S 50) 451-02E-12-10S50 Socket, Female 10way 45102E1210S50.
Photo of 45102E123P 451-02E-12-3P Plug, 3way, (female) 45102E123P.
Photo of 45102E123S 451-02E-12-3S Socket, Female 3way 45102E123S.
Photo of 45102E1419S 451-02E-14-19S Socket, Female 19way 45102E1419S.
Photo of 45106EC1210P 451-06EC-12-10P Plug, 10way 45106EC1210P.
Photo of 45106EC123P 451-06EC-12-3P Socket, male 3way 45106EC123P.
Photo of 45106EC123S 451-06EC-12-3S Socket, Female 3way 45106EC123S.
Photo of 45106EC1419P 451-06EC-14-19P Socket, Male 19way 45106EC1419P.
Photo of FMDR14V FMDR 14V Plug, 4way, Female, Fitting to SL FMD SL FFD Type 30 47379 +SL BMR 14V FMDR14V.
Photo of SLFMD14V SLFMD 14V Connector, 4way, male, for SL FMD type 10 47377 N 93-21 SLFMD14V.
Photo of UAV51495 UAV 51495 Y' packing - rubber seal UAV51495
Photo of 40182000 40182000 Motor, Spin SCE156, 24V, 6A, Torque Const. 5.7 40182000
Photo of MR3758752AL MR-375-875-2 AL Resistor, 50R (50ohm), Uncoated MR3758752AL.
Photo of SC628A (or 06-02084-00) SC628A Sounder, Mallory, 8840 1A B29014 SC628A.
Part No. SC628P (or 06-02085-00) SC628P Mallory 6-28VDC, 6-26MA SC628P.
Part No. 5927557EO1 (or SWISS STEP) 5927557EO1 Internal Beige Floppy Disk Drive for PC, MFU",PC,MPF920,5927557EO1,,,SKU 966967,SWISSSTEP,2P2-04,2,0.00,0.00,0.00,,ZC 05 5927557EO1.
Just In: Part No. CPD200SFT CPD-200SFT Monitor, 15.5" Trinitron Multiscan 200sf (100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 2-1A) (S/N=6903083) CPD200SFT.
Photo of MPF920 MPF920 IC/5 Replacement Floppy Disk Drive 035013, E/131, 720K MPF920

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