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SA,  Samco,  Sankyo,  Sargent Welch,  Sartorius,  Satec Water,  Satis Vacuum, 
Satis Vacuum Industried,  Sawamura Denki Kogyo,  Scanelectric,  Schaffner, 
Schlumberger,  Schmersal,  Schneeberger,  Schrack,  Schroff,  Schurter, 
Schurter Inc,  Scobie & Junor,  Scodip,  Scotia Office,  SCP, 
SCP Global Tec,  SDP,  Seagate,  Sealectro,  Second Source,  Seeka,  Seiko Seiki, 
Seimens,  Selectron,  Semco,  Semikron,  Semitool,  Semtek Associates,  Semy,  Sensym, 
Sequential Information Systems,  Serto,  Servoland,  Sfernice,  SGS,  Sharp, 
Shield Electronics,  Shimaden,  Shinohara Electric Inst. Works,  Siba, 

Photo of BLR53981 B LR53981 Power Supply for AT Computer, 180W BLR53981
Just In: Part No. G81104 G811/04 Syringe, 10ml, all glass G81104.
Just In: Part No. Part No. not known Part No. not known Control/Power Supply SCC D Part No. not known
Photo of 4527342 4527342 Pulley, Chuck/Bar set 4527342.
Photo of ETP30 ETP-30 Bush, HUB MIKI Pulley, SCC D ETP30.
Photo of PE001 (or A3PJ-704) PE-001 Switch, push, Lamp Max. 28V/1.2W, 5A-125VAC, 3A-250VAC PE001.
Photo of PE007 PE-007 Switch, push, (G)A3PJ-5703 PE007.
Photo of PE013 PE-013 LED, DO-A7P (O), 100V-125V PE013.
Photo of PE025 PE-025 PLC processor unit, W100H PE025
Photo of PE030 (or LSS-39-24) PE-030 Module, PE-030 Input in ZW- PE030.
Just In: Part No. PE033 PE-033 Module, PE-033 Input INZW-4 PE033.
Photo of PE5917 PE-5917 Sensor Amplifier PS2-61 SA PE5917.
Photo of PH116 PH-116 Heater Rubber RS Tank type (Type 230 SR), 240V, 628W PH116.
Photo of PM003 PM-003 Valve, Main (AIR N2)FUK-31P PM003.
Photo of PM022 PM-022 Valve, air, (C), 2" PVC PM022.
Photo of PM023 PM-023 Valve, compact, air, (C) PM023.
Photo of PM024 PM-024 Valve, air, (C), DIA50 4F M1 PM024.
Photo of PM026 PM-026 Valve, air, (C), DIA50 4F M1 PM026.
Photo of PM028 PM-028 Valve, (C) air, DIA50 4F M1 PM028.
Photo of PM029 PM-029 Valve, (C) air, DIA50 4F M1 PM029.
Photo of PM030 PM-030 Valve, (C) air, DIA50 4F M1 PM030.
Photo of PM031 PM-031 Valve, (C) AIR DIA50 4F M1 PM031.
Photo of PM032 PM-032 Valve, air, (C), DIA50 4F M1 PM032.
Photo of PM035 PM-035 Valve, air, (S), DIA10 4F PM035.
Photo of PM036 PM-036 Valve, (C) air, 1 1/2" PVC PM036.
Photo of PM039 PM-039 Valve, (S) Bypass, Air 3/4", model BZ41001 PM039.
Photo of PM041 PM-041 Gauge, PM-041 pressure (5K) W/ PM041.
Photo of PM042 PM-042 Gauge, PM-042 pressure (10K) W PM042.
Photo of PM079 PM-079 Motor, Induction, 100VAC, 15W o/p, 1200/1550 rpm PM079
Photo of PM088 PM-088 Sensor, Draft Monitor 91-30 PM088.
Just In: Part No. PM089 PM-089 Tank, Quartz SHA/B PM089.
Photo of PM104 PM-104 Valve, air, 3/4" PVC CZ40615 PM104.
Photo of PM113 PM-113 Motor, Induction, 100VAC, 15W o/p, 1200/1550 rpm PM113
Part No. PM116 PM-116 Valve, BALL 3/8 342.PVDF PM116.
Photo of PM117 PM-117 Heater Rubber RS Tank, 240V, 462W, 63042203 PM117.
Photo of PM118 (or 169.346.204) PM-118 Valve, ball, with union ends, 3/4" 342. PVDF PM118.
Photo of PM120 (or TYPE 346) PM-120 Valve, ball, Double Union, Industrial FPM, PVDF, 32mm, 1 1/4" PM120.
Photo of PM125 PM-125 Valve, air, DIA16 4F CZ41009 PM125.
Photo of PM127 (or BZ40504) PM-127 Valve, bypass, air, 1/2 PVDF PM127.
Photo of PM129 PM-129 Valve, air, 3/4" 4F+PP BZ410 PM129.
Just In: Part No. PM5030 PM-5030 Bush, Robot chuck PM5030.
Photo of PS003 (or HC2-H-DC24V) PS-003 Relay, PS-003, 250V AC 3A30V DC PS003.
Photo of PS005 PS-005 Motor, Induction, 200VAC, 15W o/p, 1200/1500 rpm PS005
Photo of PS011 PS-011 Switch, illuminated cover PS011.
Photo of PS012 PS-012 Switch, illuminated cover PS012.
Photo of PS019 PS-019 Regulator, Filtered PS-019 PS019.
Photo of PS27 PS-27 PCB, Tacho Sensor SCC Drier PS27.
Photo of Z00298101 Z00298101 Panel Control SCC Dryer Z00298101.
Photo of Z830E07 Z830E07 Cover, Vacuum Seal Rotor SC Z830E07.
Photo of Z830E08 Z830E08 Flange Rotor Housing SCC D Z830E08.
Photo of Z999D01 Z999D01 Disc Encoder SCC Dryer Z999D01.
Photo of Z999EO2A Z999EO2A Spindle, Rotor Drive SCC DR Z999EO2A.
Photo of ZW501CU (or PE-026) ZW-501CU PLC PE-026 CPU, Satellite W51 ZW501CU.
Photo of 416431 41-6431 Lamp, for 41-6441 416431.
Photo of 416634 41-6634 Switching Module 416634.
Photo of 5923687EO1 (or 08 9 000 08020/91) 5923687EO1 Cartridge, Polypro 5923687EO1.
Photo of 216E801A 216E-80-1A Seal, Carbon 216E801A.
Photo of 428RA 428RA Seal, kit, aquamatic valve 428RA.
Photo of 524RA 524RA Diaphragm seal, aqua 524RA 524RA.
Photo of 0600019G 0600019G O-Ring, 16.25x5 Viton 0600019G.
Photo of 3655917 3655917 Seal, Quad, 20/20X27.26X 3655917.
Photo of 6500220D017 6500220D-017 O-Ring, 40.87x3.53 Blue Viton 6500220D017
Photo of 6500220D018 (or B 4070 673 PP) 6500220D-018 O-Ring, 42.86x3.53 Blue Viton 6500220D018.
Photo of 6500221E008 6500221E-008 O-Ring, 28.17x3.53, Brown Silicone 6500221E008
Photo of 6500221E013 6500221E-013 O-Ring, 36.09x3.53 6500221E013.
Photo of 6500221E036M 6500221E-036M O-Ring, 34.52x3.53 Brown silicone 6500221E036M.
Photo of 65002506001 65002506-001 O-Ring, 27.94x5.33 Blue viton 65002506001.
Just In: Part No. 6500250G004 6500250G-004 O-Ring, 6.02x2.62 6500250G004.
Photo of 6500631P015 (or DN8 PN10) 6500631 P015 Valve, Ball 1/8, F1-22, 6500631P015.
Photo of 7500157L004 7500157L004 Thermocouple, 4x100 7500157L004.
Photo of 7500448N003 7500448N-003 Crystals 6MHz Au, Pack of 10 7500448N003
Photo of 7500823PU35 7500823PU35 Gasket, RL 3/8 SET OF 4 7500823PU35
Photo of 987003C007 987003C007 Titanium Monoxide (TiO) Granules 100g 987003C007.
Photo of 9990116ICT001 9990116-ICT001 Aulon Vapor Pills, Bottle of 12 9990116ICT001.
Photo of A0220073S001P A0220073S-001P O-Ring, 532.26x6.99 A0220073S001P.
Photo of A6500221E012M A6500221E-012M O-Ring, 34x3 A6500221E012M.
Photo of A6500226K036M A6500226K-036M O-Ring, 215.3x7, P60 A6500226K036M
Photo of A6500227P026 A6500227P-026 O-Ring, 177.2x7, Viton A6500227P026
Photo of A6500278H001M A6500278H-001M O-Ring, 183.52x5.34, Viton A6500278H001M
Photo of B4070643PP (or 6500220D-017) B 4070 643 PP O-Ring, 40.87x3.53 Blue Viton B4070643PP.
Photo of B4071582PV (or A6500227P-026) B 4071 582 PV O-Ring, 177.2x7, Viton B4071582PV.
Photo of B4071602PV (or A6500278H-001M) B 4071 602 PV O-Ring, 183.52x5.34, Viton B4071602PV.
Photo of B4071695PP (or A6500226K-036M) B 4071 695 PP O-Ring, 215.3x7, P60 B4071695PP.
Photo of 7500448N018 7500448N018 Crystals 5,98MHz, Gold, Pack of 10 7500448N018.
Photo of MM40C2H325 (or PS-16038) MM40C2-H3-25 Motor, Elevator CDE8 MM40C2H325.
Photo of 502510 5025-10 Transformer, 220v 50Hz, 12-0-12V, 25VA, with fuse 502510.
Photo of FN352Z1003 FN352Z-10-03 Filter, 110/240VAC, 10Amps FN352Z1003.
Photo of 30000354 (or 06-70043-00) 30000354 PCB, I/C Multi IVS 30000354.
Photo of 622058100 (or 06-70039-00) 62-20581-00 PCB, Processor 622058100.
Photo of EX3180 (or SOLARTRON EX3180) EX3180 Current Adaptor, Serial No-200232 EX3180.
Photo of JVRH64 JVRH 64 Transformer, 50-60Hz, 0,6/3kV, 50A, Sec: 5A, 5VA Cl 1 JVRH64.
Photo of AZ15zvr1876 (or 193-5755) AZ 15 zvr-1876 Switch, Safety AZ15ZVR1876.
Photo of AZ15zvrk22541 AZ 15 zvrk-2254-1 Switch, Safety AZ15ZVRK22541.
Photo of AZ1602zvrk22541 AZ 16-02 zvrk-2254-1 Switch, Safety AZ1602ZVRK22541.
Photo of AZ1602ZVR (or 9632901) AZ16-02ZVR Switch, safety, SC AZ1602ZVR.
Photo of AZM16013YPA1987 (or 9632931) AZM 160-13YPA-1987 Switch, Interlock, Topcover, 600VAC, 10A AZM16013YPA1987.
Photo of B2 B2 Small Radius Switch Actuator B2 B2
Photo of AA625Roller AA-6 25 Roller Cage Roller AA625ROLLER.
Photo of JJ621 (or JJ 6,21 BALLS) JJ 6,21 Cage Ball Bar JJ621.
Photo of R6250 R6250 Rail R6250.
Photo of R6400 R6400 Rail R6400.
Photo of SK3075 SK 3075 Bearing, Linear SK3075.
Photo of LR14385 LR14385 Relay, 24VDC, SPST (1pole n/o), 6A@250VAC, DIL base LR14385
Photo of PT570024 PT 570 024 Relay, 24VDC, 4PDT (4pole c/o), 6A@250V, 14-Pin, plug in PT570024
Photo of PT570524 (or PT 507504) PT 570 524 Relay, 24VAC, 4PDT (4pole c/o), 6A@250V, with manual button PT570524.
Photo of PT78704 PT 78704 Base, Relay, for DIN rail, 14 pin PT78704.
Photo of RP818524 RP 818524 Relay, 24VAC, SPDT (1pole c/o), 12A@250V, Plug in/PCB mount RP818524
Photo of RTB74024 RTB74024 Relay, 24VDC, SPDT (1pole c/o), 10A@250V, RT1 sensitive, PCB mounting RTB74024
Just In: Part No. RTE24524 RTE24524 Relay, 24VAC, DPDT (2pole c/o), 8A@250V, PCB mounting RTE24524.
Photo of 30493484 30493 484 Handle 14169 30493484.
Just In: Part No. 0012535 (or E54000034) 001.2535 Fuse, T12.5A 1.25" (32.5mm) slow blow 0012535.
Photo of 00343129 (or 210.0072.1) 0034.3129 Fuse, 20mm, 16A, 250VAC, Type FST 00343129.
Just In: Part No. 0343114 (or 210-0052-1) 034.3114 Fuse, 20mm T500mA slow blow 0343114.
Photo of 0343123 (or E54000036) 034.3123 Fuse, 20mm T4A slow blow 0343123.
Just In: Part No. 0343130 (or 210.0073.1) 034.3130 Fuse, 20mm T20A slow blow 0343130.
Just In: Part No. 0343110 034.3110 Fuse, 20mm. Glass. 200mA FST Slo-Blo 0343110.
Just In: Part No. 0343115 034.3115 Fuse, 20mm. Glass. 630mA FST Slo-Blo 0343115.
Photo of 0343116 034.3116 Fuse, 20mm 250v 0.8A 0343116
Photo of 0343117 034.3117 Fuse, 20mm, 1A 0343117
Photo of 0343119 034.3119 Fuse, 20mm 1.6AT 0343119
Just In: Part No. 0343125 034.3125 Fuse, 20mm. Glass. 6.3A FST Slo-Blo 0343125.
Just In: Part No. 0343127 034.3127 Fuse, 20mm. Glass. 10A FST Slo-Blo 0343127.
Photo of 0345004 034.5004 Fuse, 20mm. Glass. 125mA FTT Super-Slo-Blo 0345004
Photo of 3016011EO1 3016011EO1 Wire, sealing VC999 Vacuum 3016011EO1.
Photo of IP13077 IP13077 Wire Cutting 1100 mm IP13077.
Photo of 4581200 4581200 Ring 4581200.
Photo of 6207613 6207613 Wheel axle for IBM 6207613.
Photo of 6207619 6207619 Axle bobin 6207619.
Photo of 0701060023 (or 701060023) 07010-60023 Wiper, HP7010 X-AX15 60023 0701060023.
Just In: Part No. HP5517B HP5517B Laser Stage HP5517B HP5517B.
Photo of Part No. not known Part No. not known Relay, 120VAC, SPDT (1pole c/o), 10A@250VAC, plug in Part No. not known
Photo of 14001062 14001-062 Controller, Nitride, SCP, Modubath 14001062
Photo of 3030084A 303-008-4A Coil, Cooling 3030084A.
Photo of 3240021A 324-002-1A Connector, SCP 3240021A.
Photo of 3240141A 324-014-1A Connector, SCP 3240141A.
Photo of 3260121A 326-012-1A Controller, SCP 326-012-1A 3260121A.
Photo of 3260131A 326-013-1A AT8500 Automatic Transfer 3260131A.
Just In: Part No. 4030051A 403-0051A Housing, SCP 4030051A.
Photo of 4040041A 404-004-1A Connector, SCP, 1/4" 4040041A.
Photo of 4320011A 432-001-1A Gun with filter 4320011A.
Photo of 6360041A 636-004-1A Panel Face, 004 SCP 6360041A.
Photo of 6360051A 636-005-1A Panel Face 005 SCP 6360051A.
Photo of 6360091A 636-009-1A Panel Face 009 SCP 6360091A.
Photo of 6882711A 688-271-1A 1300 low CT Bath 6882711A.
Photo of 6883694A 688-369-4A Monitor SCP 688-369-4A 6883694A.
Photo of 6883954A (or 684-003-1A) 688-395-4A Module, POW SCP 6883954A.
Photo of 7020041A (or 101 AD) 702-004-1A Extension box, USA 110V, 4 Socket, 15A 7020041A.
Photo of 7090017A (or RH1B-U AC24V) 709-001-7A Relay, 24VAC, SPDT (1pole c/o), 10A@250VAC, plug in 7090017A.
Photo of 8500A 8500 A UNKNOWN Controller NO numbers or I.D. Marks 8500A.
Photo of 8910111A 891-011-1A Timer QDR SCP 891-011-1A 8910111A.
Photo of 8910121A 891-012-1A Timer Remote SCP 891-012-1 8910121A.
Photo of 8910141A 891-014-1A Switch, Reed, SCP 8910141A.
Just In: Part No. 8910151A 891-015-1A Switch, Elec SCP 8910151A.
Photo of 9730071A 973-007-1A Valve, 1/4" 007-1A SCP 9730071A.
Photo of 66G16090025 66G16-090025 Belt, Toothed SDP 6G16 090025 66G16090025.
Photo of 6B16270025 (or 202-418) 6B16 270025 Belt, Toothed, Urethane, reinforced (Kevlar), .080" pitch, 0.25" wide. 6B16270025.
Photo of 6G16060012 6G16-060012 Belt, timing Z-axis motor drive 6G16060012
Photo of 6G16070012 6G16-070012 Belt, timing R-axis motor drive 6G16070012
Part No. 6G6100018 6G6 100018 Belt, Toothed SDP 6G6 100018 6G6100018.
Just In: Part No. 946001022 946001-022 External Hard Drive (120-240V), (with Seagate ST42100N) 946001022.
Photo of 50607314131 50-607-3141-31 Socket, Coaxial Male 50607314131.
Photo of 0055953 0055953 Seal 0055953.
Photo of F5RNPNP F5RN-PNP Sensor, Optical, F5RPNP F5RNPNP
Photo of FRS505 FRS505 Sensor, Light Carrier ES FRS505
Just In: Part No. STP300H01 (or STP-300H (01)) STP300H(01) Pump, Turbo molecular, S/no. 4503 STP300H01.
Just In: Part No. STP300H02 (or STP-300H (02)) STP300H(02) Pump, Turbo molecular, S/no. 4502 STP300H02.
Photo of RS3012CL RS 3012 CL Triode, Air Cooled for EHV 215 RS3012CL
Photo of GZU2021 GZU 20/21 Universal Timer 11-Pin 24V GZU2021.
Photo of GZU30 GZU 30 Time Delay GZU30.
Photo of RT7 RT 7 Relay, Time delay, 0-10seconds, 24VAC, DPDT (2pole c/o), 5A@250VAC, 11pin (circle) base RT7.
Photo of 063231700 (or 06-32317-00) 063231700 Semco, Bottle Extractor 063231700.
Photo of 2106 (or 06-32295-00) 2106 Semco, Bottle Extractor, SO -7435 2106.
Just In: Part No. NBE125250 (or 06-32266-00) NBE 125/250 SOG Bottle Extractor NBE125250.
Photo of B50044515 B500/445-1,5 Avalanche Bridge Rectifier, 1300 V, for HV reg. PSU PCB B50044515.
Photo of 1096801 (or 06-46084-00) 10968-01 Gasket, manifold, H20 8 POS 1096801.
Photo of 11389501 (or 06-46027-00) 11389-501 Actuator VLV Assy. 11389501.
Photo of 11424509 11424-509 Valve, DRN Actuator NO W DV 11424509.
Photo of 116R000205 (or 06-46155-00) 116R0002-05 Seal, rear bowl, "Chemtemp" 116R000205.
Photo of 14837503 14837-503 PCB 14837503.
Photo of 331R000401 (or 06-46077-00) 331R0004-01 Manifold, H20 Teflon 331R000401.
Photo of 341R001001 (or 06-46074-00) 341R0010-01 Nozzle, 270 Cone S 341R001001.
Photo of 60456 (or 06-46163-00) 60456 Sensor, level (EM 60456.
Photo of 6045601 (or 06-46164-00) 60456-01 Sensor, Level (RE 6045601.
Part No. 6273001 62730-01 Damper, CRT Vibration 6273001.
Photo of 7090301 (or MPF4463F002ESTH11) 70903-01 Filter, 02U A Teflon 7090301.
Part No. 7300901 73009-01 Heater tank Immersion 7300901.
Photo of 7308031 (or 06-46014-00) 73080-31 Heater, 2000W 208V 7308031.
Photo of 73301 (or 06-46150-00) 73301 Floppy disc drive, 3.5 inch 73301.
Part No. 7602208 76022-08 O-Ring, 12 1/2 x 13 TEF O S 7602208.
Photo of 7602509 76025-09 O-Ring, 25.07x2.62, Nitrile 7602509
Photo of A7240MB (or 1600-3) A72.40MB Rotor, SRD, Verteq class 1 (4") (A72.40MB 9828.5 L) A7240MB.
Photo of R11001 (or 06-46072-00) R110-01 Valve, STI Teflon R11001.
Photo of 10675851 1067585-1 Block, mounting Mace ALE VE 10675851.
Photo of 17500032 175-00032 Belt, Input Conveyor SMD9000 17500032.
Photo of 35102157 (or 105MXL) 351-02157 Belt, toothed, L=8.4" x 105 teeth, W=1/4" 35102157.
Photo of 4114350 (or FRD115F) 4114-350 Sensor, SPEED 1600 4114350.
Photo of 4114350 4114350 Sensor, speed 4114350
Photo of 61500036001 615-00036-001 Diffuser, 84LD Coplan 61500036001.
Photo of 61500036002 615-00036-002 Diffuser, 68LD Coplan 61500036002.
Photo of 61500036003 615-00036-003 Diffuser, 52LD Coplan 61500036003.
Photo of 61500036004 615-00036-004 Diffuser, 44LD Coplan 61500036004.
Photo of 76109675 761-09675 Cylinder, Pusher output 76109675.
Photo of 76201794 762-01794 Belt, Output Conveyor SMD9000 76201794.
Photo of PS840034S PS 84 0034.S Controller, PS 84 0034.S from SEMY engineering POT SAPY PS840034S
Photo of LX1602D LX1602D Sensor, low pressure, 0-30 psid LX1602D.
Photo of 12977 (or 644-0327-014) 12977 Drive Carriage Assy PE, Type- HEM 3512-12, 1000 cycles, 12977.
Photo of 50003129 50003-12-9 Support Tube / Sleeve Stainless Steel 50003129.
Photo of SO4000110 SO 40001-10 Ferrule, clamp-sleeve SO4000110
Photo of SO4000210 (or SO4000210=SO40002952) SO 40002-10 Brass end stops SO4000210.
Photo of SO40003108 SO 40003-10-8 Support Tube Brass SO40003108
Photo of SO4000364 SO 40003-6-4 Support Tube Brass SO4000364
Photo of SO4000386 SO 40003-8-6 Support Tube Brass SO4000386
Photo of SO405111338 (or CH-8355) SO 40511-13-3/8 M MESSING / LAITON M /BRASS M 13-3 / 8 SO405111338.
Photo of SO5000112 SO 50001-12 Olive, Clamp-Sleeve, 12mm, Serto, SO5000112
Photo of SO50003108 SO 50003-10-8 Support Tube Stainless Steel SO50003108
Photo of SO500031210 SO 50003-12-10 Support Tube / Sleeve Stainless Steel SO500031210
Photo of SO5002012 SO 50020-12 Nut, Compression M16x1 Stainless SO5002012
Photo of SO5200012 SO 52000-12 Elbow, Connector for Triode - Stainless SO5200012
Photo of SMCM4A1 SMCM4-A1 Controller, Servo, SMCM4A1.
Photo of RW1694 RW16.94 Ceramic Resistance 620ohm RW1694.
Photo of CD4040BE (or 636-895) CD4040BE IC, CMOS, 14 bit binary counter, HEF 4020BE CD4040BE.
Photo of 8H000344 8H000344 ZW-4AD2 Analogue Input Module (0123999E02) 8H000344.
Photo of PT5011 PT5011 Photo transistor DAIN (BLU PT5011
Photo of ZW1HCU (or PE-025) ZW-1HCU PLC processor unit, W100H ZW1HCU.
Photo of ZW2CC ZW-2CC Connector, (with manuals not in english) ZW2CC.
Photo of ZW32N2T ZW-32N2T PLC Input Module 12/24V ZW32N2T.
Photo of MSD3 MS D3 Connector, WABCO 10A A 250V MSD3.
Photo of 8022474EO1 8022474EO1 Thermocouple type K (Sheath couple) 8022474EO1.
Photo of PAC25 (or 5926048) PAC25 Thyristor Power Regulator 220ac20a/4-20ma DC. PAC25.
Photo of SR45P SR-45P Meter, Panel, 20A, Range AC20A SR45P.
Photo of 500020140 5000201 40 Fuse, 40A, HRC, 80kA rupture 500020140.
Photo of TFM4x10 TF M4 x 10 Vis screw TFM4X10.

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