Evap Spares

We hold in stock thousands of spare parts for machinery used in
the semiconductor, optical and opthalmic manufacturing industries.
Spares from: 
RS,  RS Components,  RTC,  RTC Systems,  Rudolph Research,  Rushmore Tec, 
Ryoka Matthey, 

2483 Variac Just In: Photo on request.
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Part No. not known Sensor, Temperature, Sheated, Platinum film Photo of Part No. not known
100 V TA4 Transformer, Line Output, 100v Photo of 100VTA4
100 VOLT LINE Transformer, Line Output, 100v Photo of 100VOLTLINE
101-8793 Fan tray with 3 fans- APW 192 Standard thermal management fan tray #: 502-253243D,1U 250mm deep Just In: Photo on request.
108-227 Capacitor, 4u7F (4.7uF), 25V, Aluminium, surface mount Just In: Photo on request.
111-172 IC, Opto-isolator, H11G2, 5300Vac/60mA DIP6 Photo of 111172
114-626 Capacitor, 470nF (0.47uF) 1000V, Axial, Polypropylene Photo of 114626
115-2017 Plug, cable mounting, 6 way, 10A Photo of 1152017
129-2783 Han Clamp/Cable Gland PG21 0900 000 5104 Photo of 1292783
136-373 Resistor, Network, SMT 8-isolated resistors, 33R Photo of 136373
158-244 Sensor, Temperature, Sheated, Platinum film Photo of 158244
158-3376 Screw, M4x6, slotted, countersunk, stainless steel Just In: Photo on request.
158-590 Plug, 3way, Cable Mounting Photo of 158590
158-758 Socket, 3way, Cable Mount Ring for information.
159-039 Thermocouple, K s/steel sheath, 1.5mm x 1Metre Photo of 159039
15A 380 V Terminal Block, 15A, 380V (Chocolate blocks) Photo of 15A380V
161-1257 Terminal, Stud, M5, Solid Ni Photo of 1611257
164-6304 Dial, Mechanism, 15 Turn, 46mm Dia, 6.35mm Shafts Photo of 1646304
170-6147 Adhesive Edging Strip, 0.61-1.63mm Just In: Photo on request.
173-439 Potentiometer, wirewound, 10 turn, linear, 50Kohms Photo of 173439
173-568 Potentiometer, servo mount, 2K lin, 1W, 22mm, 157-22 Photo of 173568
177-065 Potentiometer, surface mount, Cermet, 1K Photo of 177065
183-2167 Rectifier, Bridge, 800V. 2.7A Photo of 1832167
183-789 Foot, Adjustable, 70mm dia, M16x200mm, st. Steel Photo of 183789
184-5135 Filter, Media for 92x92mm Frame Photo of 1845135
184-6728 Diode, BYD11G, rectifier Photo of 1846728
185-9982 Sensor, Flow, 5VDC, light weight, compact Photo of 1859982
187-0507 Washer, M8, Shakeproof, Stainless Steel Photo of 1870507
187-0686 Grub Screw, M3x6 Cup Point SS Photo of 1870686
193-124 Terminal, Earth, DIN rail, WPE2.5 Photo of 193124
193-5755 Switch, Safety Photo of 1935755
196-303 Transformer, 240V Input, 12V+12V Output Photo of 196303
197-716 Plug, 50way, Speedblock (IDC) PCB Vertical Mounting Photo of 197716
200-1904 Relay, 24VAC, DPDT (2pole c/o), 8A@250V, PCB mounting Just In: Photo on request.
206-1287 Resistor, 3R3 (3.3ohms), 11W, Wirewound Photo of 2061287
207-324 Transformer, 0-120v.0-120v input, 50V+50V output 100VA Photo of 207324
209-6615 Circlip, External 8mm Stainless Photo of 2096615
209-9709 Screw, M5x20, Hexagon socket, Bright zinc plated steel, FASTENERS Just In: Photo on request.
209-9715 Screw, M5x30, Hexagon socket, Bright zinc plated steel, Just In: Photo on request.
210-4586 Fuse, terminal, Lever action, LED, DIN rail. Photo of 2104586
210-4615 Cover, End, grey for fuse terminal, DIN rail. Photo of 2104615
210-522 Capacitor, 0.22uF X2, 275vac, for SCR board Just In: Photo on request.
211-1562 Small Radius Switch Actuator B2 Photo of 2111562
212-7100 Socket, BNC, 50ohm, high voltage, chassis mounting Ring for information.
212-7371 Plug, BNC, 50ohm, high voltage, cable mounting Photo of 2127371
212-7400 Socket, BNC, 50ohm, high voltage, chassis mounting Just In: Photo on request.
212-7416 Socket, BNC, 50ohm, high voltage, cable mounting Photo of 2127416
214-6114 Switch, 2way rocker, with IEC Inlet Filter and neon Photo of 2146114
215-3106 Resistor, 4K32, 0.125W, surface mount, NRG0805 Photo of 2153106
215-4395 Resistor, 61K9, 0.125W, surface mount, NRG0805 Just In: Photo on request.
215-5449 Socket, for 11pin DIN relay (MT3) Photo of 2155449
216-7458 Plug, female, Cable Mounting, 3way IP68 Mini, 7.5A Photo of 2167458
216-7492 Plug, Female, Panel Mounting 3way IP68 Mini, 7.5A Photo of 2167492
219-4551 Cable, type K Thermocouple, Compensating Photo of 2194551
219-4876 Plug, panel mounting, miniature,Type T, Thermocouple Photo of 2194876
219-4882 Socket, Panel mounting, Miniture Type T, line Photo of 2194882
220-0375 Socket, Type K panel mounting. Photo of 2200375
220-0381 Plug, line, Type K, for Thermocouple Photo of 2200381
221-2441 Socket, Male, Cable Mounting, 3way IP68, 7.5A Photo of 2212441
221-2463 Socket, Male, Cable Mounting, 5way IP68, 7.5A Photo of 2212463
221-2485 Plug, Panel 3way IP68, 7.5A Photo of 2212485
222-610 Spacer, Nylon Pillars Female/Female M5x25mm Photo of 222610
223-0146 Resistor, 0R0, 0.125W, surface mount, CRG0805 Just In: Photo on request.
223-0152 Resistor, 10R, 0.125W, surface mount, CRG0805 Just In: Photo on request.
223-0304 Resistor, 120R, 0.125W, surface mount, CRG0805 Just In: Photo on request.
223-0332 Resistor, 220R, 0.125W, surface mount, CRG0805 Just In: Photo on request.
223-0562 Resistor, 10K, 0.125W, surface mount, CRG0805 Just In: Photo on request.
223-0584 Resistor, 15K, 0.125W, surface mount, CRG0805 Just In: Photo on request.
223-0641 Resistor, 47K, 0.125W, surface mount, CRG0805 Just In: Photo on request.
223-582 Suppresor, transient voltage, 600W, 7.5V DO214 Just In: Photo on request.
223-9733 Capacitor, 0.22uF 2KV Polypropylene Photo of 2239733
224-0626 Nut, M5 brass Photo of 2240626
225-4350 Cover, End, blue, for 2.5-10mm end terminal DIN rail Photo of 2254350
225-8194 Commoning link for PKZO, 2way, 3-Phase Photo of 2258194
229-3614 Relay, 24VDC, SPDT (1pole c/o), 10A@250V, RT1 sensitive, PCB mounting Photo of 2293614
233-468 Unloader matting Ring for information.
235-1697 Socket, Socket 32A 400V 3way+ Neutral +Earth MK LN 9144 Photo of 2351697
235-717 Manual Motor Starter 2.5-4A, GV2, FLC Photo of 235717
235-739 Circuit Breaker, 6-10A, (Trip for 3-phase motor) Photo of 235739
236-3870 Cable, Thermocouple Extension, Type T, Unscreened Photo of 2363870
236-704 Screw, M5x16, Slotted Cheese Head, Bright Zinc Plated Photo of 236704
236-797 Screw, M5x12, Slotted Cheese Head, Bright zinc plated, Just In: Photo on request.
237-3928 Appliance to Solenoid connector 240VAC Photo of 2373928
238-5606 Socket, 3way + Earth Surface mo+B2unting 400V 32A Photo of 2385606
238-706 Screw, M6x30, Slotted Cheese Head, Bright zinc plated, Just In: Photo on request.
239-1162 Socket, IEEE 488 24 way, PCB mount Photo of 2391162
240-6214 Switch, Emergency stop DP N/C Photo of 2406214
243-7375 Contactor, 24VDC coil, 3phase, 690V, 1 aux. contact, 6A, DIN rail mounting Just In: Photo on request.
248-8014 Pin, busbar triple way 12way Photo of 2488014
249-429 Sounder, 2 Tone, flange mounting, 5-30VDC, 80dbA at 30V Just In: Photo on request.
250-075 Lamp, projector, tungsten halogen capsule, A1/223 Photo of 250075
251-8907 Guard, Finger, Axial Cooling Fan, 120mm x 120 mm Photo of 2518907
255-9627 Motor, Geared, 12V, 20RPM, 200:1 Gearbox Photo of 2559627
260-2484 End plate for connect terminal Photo of 2602484
261-5963 Plug, 8way Cable Mount, 5A, Series 723 Photo of 2615963
261-5979 Plug, 12way Cable Mount, 3A, 723 Series Photo of 2615979
261-6051 Socket, 12way Cable Mount, 3A, 723 series Photo of 2616051
262-4541 Capacitor, 22uF, 15V, Solid Tantalum, surface mount Just In: Photo on request.
270-580 Cylinder Pin, SS H8 4X20 Photo of 270580
276-768 Nut, Steel, Zinc Plated, M16 Photo of 276768
276-926 Washer, Flat, Zinc plated, M16 Photo of 276926
278-455 Fastener, Dzus, Camnose Standard Spiral Quarter Turn Photo of 278455
281-029 Screw, M4x8, Hexagon socket, Bright zinc plated steel, FASTENERS Just In: Photo on request.
281-4261 Cable marker, Helagrip, A 1-2mm (Pack of 250) Photo of 2814261
281-4277 Cable marker, Helagrip, C 1-2mm (Pack of 250) Photo of 2814277
281-4299 Cable marker, Helagrip, D 1-2mm (Pack of 250) Photo of 2814299
281-4312 Cable marker, Helagrip, F 1-2mm (Pack of 250) Photo of 2814312
281-4328 Cable marker, Helagrip, G 1-2mm (Pack of 250) Photo of 2814328
281-4378 Cable marker, Helagrip, L 1-2mm (Pack of 250) Photo of 2814378
281-4407 Cable marker, Helagrip, N 1-2mm (Pack of 250) Photo of 2814407
281-4429 Cable marker, Helagrip, P 1-2mm (Pack of 250) Photo of 2814429
281-4687 Cable marker, Helagrip, A 2-4mm (Pack of 250) Photo of 2814687
281-4693 Cable marker, Helagrip, B 2-4mm (Pack of 250) Photo of 2814693
281-4700 Cable marker, Helagrip, C 2-4mm (Pack of 250) Photo of 2814700
281-4716 Cable marker, Helagrip, D 2-4mm (Pack of 250) Photo of 2814716
281-4744 Cable marker, Helagrip, F 2-4mm (Pack of 250) Photo of 2814744
281-4794 Cable marker, Helagrip, K 2-4mm (Pack of 250) Photo of 2814794
281-4801 Cable marker, Helagrip, L 2-4mm (bag of 250) Photo of 2814801
281-4823 Cable marker, Helagrip, N 2-4mm (Pack of 250) Photo of 2814823
281-4845 Cable marker, Helagrip, P 2-4mm (Pack of 250) Photo of 2814845
281-5113 Cable marker, Helagrip, B 4-7mm (bag of 250) Photo of 2815113
281-5129 Cable marker, Helagrip, C 4-7mm (bag of 250) Photo of 2815129
281-5214 Cable marker, Helagrip, K 4-7mm (bag of 250) Photo of 2815214
281-5220 Cable marker, Helagrip, L 4-7mm (bag of 250) Photo of 2815220
281-5258 Cable marker, Helagrip, N 4-7mm (bag of 250) Photo of 2815258
283-0730 Earth Block Screw, 3way Photo of 2830730
285-5925 Switch, Emergency stop (turn to reset) IP65 Photo of 2855925
285-5947 Switch, Emergency stop, Pull, 40mm, IP65 Photo of 2855947
287-392 Transistor, NPN, BC846B 0.1A Ic 5Vce Just In: Photo on request.
290-073 Screw, M4x50, slotted Pan Head, Zinc plated steel Just In: Photo on request.
291-183 Clinchnut, Zinc plated steel standard, M6 Photo of 291183
291-9647 Relay, Reed, 24V, SPNO (1pole NO), 500mA@300V), DIL, through hole mounting Photo of 2919647
294-255 Transistor, Darlington, MPN 80V, 10A Photo of 294255
294-5242 Lamp, T6.8 60V 20mA Telephone slide 45mm, for EKS & EHV Photo of 2945242
295-450 Transistor, MOSFET, power, IRF840 Just In: Photo on request.
303-120 Grub Screw, M12 x 25mm Ball Bearing Insert Photo of 303120
304-526 IC, DIL Counter/timer for Z80A Photo of 304526
304-560 Switch, Opto, Standard. Just In: Photo on request.
306-320 IC, SN7406 Photo of 306320
309-133 IC, Quad 2-input NAND Gate with Schmitt Trigger Input 14pin DIL Just In: Photo on request.
309-420 Clock generator, 921.6Khz Photo of 309420
310-634 Filter, Pump Photo of 310634
311-0037 Fuse holder, panel mounting, 20mm, 250VAC Photo of 3110037
312-5304 Circuit breaker, 400V, 10A, DIN Rail Mounting Photo of 3125304
315-740 Contactor, 110VAC coil, 3phase, 600V, 20A, DIN rail mounting Photo of 315740
317-134 Switch, pressure, Industrial, red spring (20-50 psi) Photo of 317134
319-376 Switch, pressure, Industrial, red spring (20-50 psi) Just In: Photo on request.
319-922 Switch, micro, SPDT, HD Roller Plunger, 15A Photo of 319922
329-840 Relay, 24VDC, 4PDT (4pole c/o), 10A@240VAC, Plug In Photo of 329840
329-890 Base, Relay, 4-Pole, Surface Mounting Photo of 329890
330-648 Counter, mechanical/electical reset, 24VDC, 0-999999 Photo of 330648
332-509 Switch, Key, with Key, 2-Pole, Change-over Photo of 332509
334-0020 Relay, 24VDC, 4PDT (4pole c/o), 6A@250V, 14-Pin, plug in Photo of 3340020
335-659 Switch, Push Button, Momentary, 250V/2A, 28V Lamp, AML 21 Series Photo of 335659
335-722 Guard, Switch (Square) Photo of 335722
338-456 Square grey buttons Photo of 338456
338-614 Mounting bracket 6 switch Photo of 338614
340-314 Switch, Emergency Stop, 22mm Photo of 340314
340-358 Relay, 24VDC, 4PDT (4pole c/o), 5A@240VAC, plug in Photo of 340358
341-3279 Heat Shrinking Fabric Cable Sleeving Photo of 3413279
342-4718 Cable, Assembly 15way Photo of 3424718
343-9502 Enclosure, aluminium, 52x27x38mm Photo of 3439502
344-142 Socket, Relay IPC RF INTERL Ring for information.
344-265 Contactor, 110VAC coil, 3phase, 600V, 35A, DIN rail mounting Photo of 344265
344-366 Relay, Thermal (Overload), 3phase, 6-10A, 1n/o, 1n/c contacts Photo of 344366
346-845 Relay, Reed, 12VDC. DIL, Photo of 346845
346-968 Relay, 110VAC, DPDT (2pole c/o), 10A@130VAC, plug in Photo of 346968
347-0424 Cover, for 37way D-Connector (Plastic Hood) Photo of 3470424
347-084 Reflector Disc, Spare Photo of 347084
347-775 time Delay Relay, 0.3-10m, 24Vdc Just In: Photo on request.
348-380 Valve, Solenoid, 240VAC coil, 10bar max (150psi) Photo of 348380
348-778 Relay, 115VAC, DPDT (2pole c/o), 10A@250VAC, Octal base Photo of 348778
348-813 Relay, 11-pin 230VAC coil Photo of 348813
349-327 Relay, 24VAC, DPDT (2pole c/o), 10A@240VAC, Octal base Photo of 349327
349-383 Relay, Reed. 5VDC, SPST (1pole NO), 500mA@100V, 14-Pin DIL Photo of 349383
349-428 Relay, Reed, DIL, Double pole N/O. Photo of 349428
349-901 Relay, Time delay, 5-200secs, 110VAC, DPDT (2pole c/o), 10A@240VAC, Octal base Photo of 349901
350-686 Relay, 24VDC, 3PDT (3pole c/o), 10A@250VAC, 11-pin(circle) Photo of 350686
350-721 Relay, 24VAC, 3PDT (3-Pole c/o), 10A@250VAC, with manual button, 11-Pin (Circle) base Photo of 350721
350-838 Switch, Key, IP65 Keylock Removable "OFF" Photo of 350838
351-926 Socket, DIN rail for TM Series Relay Ring for information.
352-2272 Plug, 3pole + Neutral + Earth, 16A, 400V, MK K9015 Photo of 3522272
352-2575 Socket, 3way + Neutral + Earth 16A, 400V. MK K9215 Photo of 3522575
352-2581 Socket, 3way + Neutral + Earth 32A. 400V. MK K9241 Photo of 3522581
353-180 Relay, 24VDC, SPST (1pole n/o), 6A@250VAC, DIL base Photo of 353180
353-758 Relay, 24VDC, 3PDT (3pole c/o), 5A@240VAC, 11pin (circle) base Photo of 353758
355-0312 Wound Cartridge Photo of 3550312
358-228 Hood, Top Entry, 9way Dsub Photo of 358228
358-5576 Connector, Appliance, Type 2508m, 10A Photo of 3585576
359-560 Cable, Industrial, Intemp250,1sq.mm Photo of 359560
359-7298 Oldham Coupling Hub 4mm Photo of 3597298
360-4958 Socket, BNC, Chassis mounting. Ring for information.
364-7466 Filter, IEC inlet, 250V 1A. With transient protection. Photo of 3647466
372-513 Plug, 28way Cable (Free) Size 17, 7.5A Photo of 372513
373-320 Terminal, M6 Ring. 6.7-10.5mm2, Solistrand Photo of 373320
373-336 Terminal, M8 Ring. 6.7-10.5mm2, Solistrand Photo of 373336
376-228 Relay, 24VAC, SPDT (1pole c/o), 12A@250V, Plug in/PCB mount Photo of 376228
376-442 Relay, 24VDC, 4PDT (4pole c/o), 3A@120VAC, Plug in Photo of 376442
376-458 Relay, 24VAC, 4PDT (4pole c/o), 3A@120VAC, Plug in Photo of 376458
376436 Relay, 12VDC 4pole C/O (4PDT) Photo of 376436
384-049 Fuse holder, 20mm, Panel Mount. IP67 Finger Release Photo of 384049
384-7773 Capacitor, 0.047uF (47nF) 3KV Photo of 3847773
387-5194 Lens, panel,bezel,metal housing,22.5mm mount,23.5mm flat,28.5mm chromed brass,amber Photo of 3875194
394-9071 Relay, 24VDC, 4PDT (4pole c/o), 5A@250VAC, plug in Photo of 3949071
398-149 Heat Shrinkable Sleeving 25.4mm Bore Black Photo of 398149
402-355 Base, relay. Octal, screw connectors. Photo of 402355
402-361 Socket, 11 Pin Relay Compact Photo of 402361
402-377 Din Rail Clips Relay Bases Photo of 402377
402-721 Socket, 11 Pin (round), cable mounting Photo of 402721
403-257 Base, relay, 4-pole, DIN Rail Mounting Photo of 403257
403-285 Socket, Relay, (4PDT) Din rail mounting, 14way Photo of 403285
411-438 Cable Clamp, Shell Size 17, Type 2, For 28way Circular Photo of 411438
412-295 Fuse, 32mm 3A PK Photo of 412295
412-318 Fuse, Quick Blow LBC min fuse,7A 6.3x32mm Photo of 412318
412-778 Fuse, 20mm, T3.15A 250V Slow blow Photo of 412778
413-181 Fuse, Thermal, Opening Temperature 184 deg. C Photo of 413181
413-529 Fuse, 25A, A3 HRC Photo of 413529
415-165 Fuse, 25A, A2 HRC Photo of 415165
416-073 MCB, Type U, 2A, 1-Pole Photo of 416073
416-534 Fuse, 20mm Semi-delay 4A Photo of 416534
418-603 Fuse holder, Low profile, 5x20mm, D panel mount Photo of 418603
418-782 MCB, Type 3, 20A, 1-Pole. Photo of 418782
418-798 MCB, 32 A, single pole, Type 3 Photo of 418798
418-849 Circuit Breaker, 2-Pole, Type 3, MCB, 20A, M9 BS 3871 Photo of 418849
418-855 Circuit Breaker, 2-Pole, Type 3, MCB, 32A, 415V, M9 BS 3871 Photo of 418855
419-246 Fuse, 30A 600V Photo of 419246
421-845 Fuse Holder NH 00 - E Photo of 421845
423-655 Terminal Block, 2A (Chocolate blocks) Photo of 423655
424-751 Standard terminals 4mm, grey, DIN rail Photo of 424751
424-765 Standard terminals 6mm, grey, DIN rail Photo of 424765
424-787 Standard terminals 16mm, grey, DIN rail Photo of 424787
424-866 Cover, End, grey, for 2.5-10mm standard DIN rail terminal Photo of 424866
424-901 Cover, End, grey, for double deck standard terminal, DIN rail Photo of 424901
424-951 Screw, Contact 4 x 4 mm 10 in a Row Photo of 424951
424-989 Pre-assembled jumper bars for 16 sq.mm standard Photo of 424989
425-162 Ceramic Blocks, 2/30A Photo of 425162
425-544 Earth Blocks, 4way Photo of 425544
425-550 Earth Block 5way Photo of 425550
425-594 Standard terminal, 2.5sq.mm 24A, Biege, DIN rail Photo of 425594
425-702 End cover AP2.5 for SAK terminal Just In: Photo on request.
425-869 Terminal Block, 4way Leaf Screw, 500V, 32A Photo of 425869
425-998 Standard terminal, 4sq.mm, blue, DIN rail Photo of 425998
426-171 Standard terminal, 2.5sq.mm, grey, DIN rail Photo of 426171
426-187 Standard terminal, 2.5sq.mm, blue, DIN rail Photo of 426187
431-321 Relay, 24VDC, SPDT (1pole c/o), 16A@250vAC, PCB mounting Photo of 431321
431-394 Relay, 24VDC, DPDT (2pole c/o), 5A@250vAC, PCB mounting Photo of 431394
439-098 Valve, Solenoid, 2way, 24VDC Photo of 439098
439-3312 Front Panel, black finish, 483x44mm Photo of 4393312
440-391 Motor, synchronous, reversible, 37.5mNm 220/240VAC, base speed 250RPM Photo of 440391
447-702 Plug, 9way, D-type (D-sub), Shield Termination Photo of 447702
447-718 Plug, 15way, D-type (D-sbu), solder cup. Photo of 447718
447-724 Plug, 25way, D-type, (D-sub), terminated shield, solder cup Photo of 447724
447-746 Socket, 9way D-Type, terminated shield, solder bucket Photo of 447746
447-768 Socket, 25way D-type, terminated shield, solder bucket Photo of 447768
449-922 Plug, Rewireable, Reverse Configuration Straight, IEC Photo of 449922
449-938 Plug, 3way, IEC, female shell, Right Angle, free Photo of 449938
452-007 Plug, 3way, Cable Mounting Photo of 452007
452-013 Plug, 6way, Cable Mounting Photo of 452013
452-029 Socket, 3way, Cable Mounting Photo of 452029
452-035 Socket, 6way, Cable Mounting Photo of 452035
452-057 Plug, 7way, Chassis Mounting Photo of 452057
454-659 Standard terminal, 24A, SAK2.5 blue Photo of 454659
454-801 Jumper Bar Photo of 454801
455-624 Plug, co-axial, BNC, Free, 50ohm Photo of 455624
455-652 Plug, co-axial, BNC, Free, 50ohm, Silver Plated Ring for information.
455-674 Socket, co-axial, BNC, Round, Chassis mounting, 50ohm Photo of 455674
455-949 Plug, co-axial, N Type, Solder, for RG9/RG214 co-ax. Photo of 455949
456-289 Plug, co-axial, SMB Straight free Photo of 456289
456-324 Socket, co-axial, SMB Straight, chassis mounting Photo of 456324
456-469 BNC Earth Tags Photo of 456469
458-0768 PCB, Aluminium Case, Clear Anodized, 160X103X54, (casing for PC boards or interfacing equipment) Photo of 4580768
458-392 Plug, 10way, Straight, IDC, PCB Mounting, BR224 Style Photo of 458392
458-6716 PVC-U adaptor bush,1 1/2 BSP 1 1/2in skt, 20mm THREADED, 22mm OPEN Photo of 4586716
458-897 Bootlace Ferrules 6.0 sq mm Photo of 458897
460-033 Terminal marker, 100 blanks 6mm pitch universal, DIN rail Photo of 460033
460-575 Terminal marker, 100 blanks 5mm pitch universal, DIN rail Photo of 460575
462-559 Socket, D-Type, IDC, 50way, Amphenol Type. Photo of 462559
462-587 Plug, 25way D Type, IDC, Metal Shell Photo of 462587
463-0986 Power Supply, 100-240VAC, out 5V/3A. Photo of 4630986
464-397 Socket, 3way Cable Mounting, 3A, 719 Series Photo of 464397
465-255 Plug, 9way, D-type, Solder Pins Photo of 465255
466-2242 Converter, Isolating signal, Type BM303 Photo of 4662242
467-560 Header, PCB, 4way Straight, 2.54mm Pitch Photo of 467560
469-572 Cover, Black, Screw Down for 15way D Connectors, C/W Screws etc. Photo of 469572
469-588 D' Sub Miniature 'Screwdown' Cover 25ways Photo of 469588
470-055 Plug, 26way, P.C.B. Vertical Plug Photo of 470055
470-077 Connector, for IDC, PCB, Vertical, 40way. Photo of 470077
470-083 Plug, 50way, Speedblock, PCB mounting, Vertical Photo of 470083
471-452 Plug, 64way, DIN 41612, 2 row (a&c) Photo of 471452
472-837 Plug, 9way Solder D-type Photo of 472837
472-887 Socket, 37way, D-type, (D-sub), Chassis mounting Photo of 472887
473-947 Plug, 37way, D-type (D-sub), Chassis mounting Just In: Photo on request.
474-271 Socket, 10way, IDC, bump polarised Photo of 474271
476-413 Plug, Shell (no pins) 38way, cable mounting (EDAC516) Photo of 476413
476-463 Cover, for 38way plug 476-413 Photo of 476463
477-084 Socket, BNC, PCB mounting, insulated Photo of 477084
479-181 Header, PCB, 6way Straight, 2.54mm Pitch Photo of 479181
479-838 Socket, co-axial, SMC Straight Photo of 479838
479-850 Socket, co-axial, SMC elbow Photo of 479850
480-119 9way D-Connector Unshielded Plastic Hood Photo of 480119
480-125 Cover, Black, Screw Down For 15way D Connectors, C/W Screws etc. Photo of 480125
480-131 Connector, 25way D Photo of 480131
480-1504 Fuse, 20mm Glass 125mA 250V Photo of 4801504
480-254 Plug, 34way, IDC Cable Mounting Photo of 480254
481-443 Socket, 15way, PCB mount D-type, 5A 350V (VGA) Photo of 481443
482-424 Shell, socket, RF interlock Photo of 482424
488-191 Plug, 3way, IEC, Mains Chassis Mounting to CEE 22 Photo of 488191
488-595 Cable assembly, BNC to 2x4mm plugs, 1.2Meter 50ohm Photo of 488595
488-905 Socket, 3way, IEC, Right Angle Cable, male shell Photo of 488905
490-100 Socket, 4way, Female shell, 400V Mennekes Type 1268 Photo of 490100
490-481 Plug, 5way, 240/415V, 32A Photo of 490481
491-563 Plug, 4way (3way + Earth) Free Ring for information.
491-642 Socket, 4way (3way + Earth) Free Photo of 491642
498-075 Fan, Dionex PM 906 Ring for information.
498-665 Knob, nylon matt black 21mm Photo of 498665
502-332 Box, Grey standard ABS, 75x49x27mm Photo of 502332
503-537 Multi-Turn Dial 15 Turns Precision Dial Photo of 503537
508-071 Fan, 240VAC Photo of 508071
509-721 Dial assy, 10 turn, silver, (Thermco) Photo of 509721
520-116 Screw, M6x10, Hexagon head, Stainless steel Just In: Photo on request.
520-122 Screw, M6x16, Hexagon head, Stainless steel Just In: Photo on request.
520-150 Screw, M6x30, Hexagon head, Stainless steel Just In: Photo on request.
520-194 Screw, M8x16, Hexagon head, Stainless steel Just In: Photo on request.
521-2646 Fuse, 50A, HRC, BS88 415V industrial A3 fuse,50A Photo of 5212646
526-372 Washer, M5, fibre, red, vulcanised Photo of 526372
526-681 Tamper proof machine screws 100-M5x19mm Bag 10 Photo of 526681
528-3531 Plug, 9way D-type (D-sub) PCB vertical mounting Just In: Photo on request.
528-3553 Plug, 25way D-type (D-sub) PCB vertical mounting Photo of 5283553
528-3604 Socket, 15way D-type (D-sub) PCB vertical mounting Just In: Photo on request.
531-778 Socket, 12way, chassis mounting, 7.5A Photo of 531778
531-790 Plug, 9way Cable Mount 7.5A Photo of 531790
531-807 Plug, 12way, Cable Mounting Photo of 531807
533-8243 IC, Dual op amp, 8pin DIL Just In: Photo on request.
533-9195 IC, Quad op amp, LF347N 4MHz 14pin, DIL Just In: Photo on request.
543-210 Moulded Grommets Cable Hole 9.5mm. Panel Hole 12.7mm Photo of 543210
544-213 Bracket, mounting, size A Photo of 544213
544-229 Bracket, mounting, size B, 25X10X1.2 Photo of 544229
544-4045 9way D Type Plastic Hood Photo of 5444045
544-4427 Cover, For 50way D Connector (Plastic Hood) Photo of 5444427
544.308 IP55 polyethylene flex conduit,20mm 5m L Photo of 544308
546-506 Bracket, mounting, size C Photo of 546506
553-683 Screw, M6x16, Cross Panhead, Bright zinc plated steel Just In: Photo on request.
554-620 Cable marker, Helagrip, 0 2.25-5mm (Pack of 250) Photo of 554620
554-636 Cable marker, size C symbol 1 Photo of 554636
554-670 Cable marker, Helagrip, 5 2.25-5mm (Pack of 250) Photo of 554670
554-686 Cable marker, Helagrip, 6 2.25-5mm (Pack of 250) Photo of 554686
560-114 Screw, M6x10, Slotted Panhead, Zinc plated Photo of 560114
561-713 Lampholder, 100-120V, 50/60Hz Photo of 561713
564-144 Adaptor, PSU AME Securisat Photo of 564144
564-497 Lamp, T5.5 60V 20mA Telephone slide 30mm, for EHV and EKS Photo of 564497
566-099 Lamp, Tungsten Halogen 240V/500W Photo of 566099
569-307 Clear Lacquer Photo of 569307
577-207 8mm Mounting LED red Photo of 577207
578-244 Lamp, for Torch 2.4V 0.3A Photo of 578244
580-017 Support, PCB, Nylon, Stick-on, 29.3mm High Ring for information.
581-903 Knob, Black Control, D21.1H15.2 for 0.25" Shafts Photo of 581903
581-975 Knob Skirt for 29.5mm Diameter Control Knob Photo of 581975
584-227 Rack case, 2U 19"x10" (254mm) Photo of 584227
585-995 Insulating Boots Photo of 585995
586-122 Lamp, III PANEL SW 0021 Ring for information.
586-302 Lamp, LES, 6V, 55mA Photo of 586302
586-481 Lamp, T5.5 Wedge CEE-TE Photo of 586481
586-756 Lamp, Solabasc Switch Ring for information.
587-636 Lamp, 24V 50mA, 1.2W MBC, BA9s, bayonet Photo of 587636
587-939 Lamp, LES, 12v, 83mA Photo of 587939
590-187 LED, Kingbright L813GD, green diffused, 25mA,10mm Photo of 590187
591-326 DC POWER SUPPLY Just In: Photo on request.
594-498 Power Supply, open frame switch mode 120VAC 240VAC 5VDC@5A +/-15VDC@1A 24VDC @1A 40W Photo of 594498
597-318 Cell, Lithium, Coin type 2450 312082 Photo of 597318
601-085 Tie wrap, M4 Screw Mounted, 150mmx3.6mm Nylon (100 PCS) Photo of 601085
614-233 Trunking 50x50mm Straight Coupler Photo of 614233
622-256 Trunking 75X50mm Reducer Photo of 622256
626-753 Xenon Beacon Amber 240V ac IP65 Photo of 626753
628-9451 Fuses Just In: Photo on request.
630-819 Rectifier, Bridge, 4A Photo of 630819
630-910 IC, Differential Bus Driver Photo of 630910
636-700 IC, Quad, Gated Inverting Power Drivers CA3262E Just In: Photo on request.
636-930 IC, 4024BE Tegal Record Photo of 636930
637-220 IC, 4069UBE Photo of 637220
637-359 IC, Endpoint BD IPC (40 Ring for information.
637-680 IC, CMOS, Hex Schmitt trigger Photo of 637680
638-964 IC, SN74LS00, quad 2 input NAND Photo of 638964
638-986 IC, SN74LS02, Quad 2 Input NOR Just In: Photo on request.
639-024 IC, SN74LS08, quad 2 input AND Photo of 639024
639-147 IC, DIL 74LS32 quad 2 input OR gate Photo of 639147
639-260 4 bit binary counter Photo of 639260
639-311 IC, SN74LS123, Dual monostable Photo of 639311
643-023 IC, 3 to 8 line decoder Photo of 643023
643-865 IC, SN74LS04, Hex inverter Photo of 643865
644-004 IC, SN74LS27, Triple 3 input NOR Photo of 644004
644-026 IC, SN74LS30, 8 input NAND Photo of 644026
644-032 IC, SN74LS32, quad 2 input OR Photo of 644032
644-054 IC, SN74LS37 Photo of 644054
644-098 IC, BDC to 7-Segment Decoder/Driver Photo of 644098
644-161 IC, SN74LS74, Dual D-type flip flop Photo of 644161
661-633 Tip, TCP 800 F Screwdriver 3 PT-M8 Photo of 661633
713-7203 Resistor, 2M2, 0.125W, surface mount, CRG0805 Photo of 7137203
713-7238 Resistor, 4M7, 0.125W, surface mount, CRG0805 Just In: Photo on request.
718-919 Gearbox, adaptable, 250:1 Photo of 718919
718-947 Gearbox adaptor kit Photo of 718947
730-903 3way communing link for PKZO. Meoller 3.1/3 PKZO Photo of 730903
748-623 Adaptor, clutch coupler Just In: Photo on request.
751-499 Spring, Compression, 38.5mm long 5.63mm diameter Photo of 751499
751-562 Spring, Compression, 34.5mm long 6mm diameter Photo of 751562
752-133 Enclosure Locks 7 Lever Spring Bolt Rim Lock - Locks for Cabinet Doors (key) Photo of 752133
768-157 Plug, BNC, crimp for RG59 coax. Photo of 768157
778-848 Circuit Breaker, Type C MCB 32A 6KA 1-Pole Moeller FAZN C32 Photo of 778848
778-905 Circuit Breaker, 4-pole, RCD, 63A. DIN Rail Mounting Photo of 778905
798-410 Washer, fibre, for 3/4 in. tap connector Photo of 798410
802-890 Base, Relay, SPDT, Din rail mounting Photo of 802890
802-991 Back EMF Diode Module Photo of 802991
803-039 Relay, 12VDC, SPDT (1pole c/o), 10A@250vAC, PCB mounting Photo of 803039
804-098 Busbar, 2way 6-Pole siemens Photo of 804098
804-105 Busbar, 3way 9-Pole Photo of 804105
804-111 Busbar, 4way 12-Pole Photo of 804111
804-133 Connection block for 3UU13 Siemens 3VU9135-1BB01 Photo of 804133
812-061 Pneumatic pushin equal elbow fitting,6mm Photo of 812061
817-274 IC, Opto-isolator, IS4N46 5300Vac/40mA DIP6 Photo of 817274
819-387 Clip, Wire harness 6.4mm Photo of 819387
819-393 Clip, Wire harness 9.5mm Photo of 819393
824-424 Capacitor, 470nF (0.47uF) 630V, R60 metallised polyester Photo of 824424
847-326 Socket, Male 5way 32A 200/346V Mennekes Photo of 847326
847-360 Socket, 5way, 32A, 200/346V, Mennekes 3-Phases+Neutral+Earth Photo of 847360
848-543 Base, Octal, Chassis Mounting, Ceramic. Photo of 848543
853-719 Circuit Breaker, Type C MCB Dual Approval 16A 10KA 1-Pole Photo of 853719
867-314 Straight Adaptor Female parallel G3/8"x10mm Photo of 867314
B2 25.4MM C BLK Heat Shrinkable Sleeving 25.4mm Bore Black Photo of B2254MMCBLK
DM74LS123N IC, SN74LS123, Dual monostable Photo of DM74LS123N
IN5401 Fuses Just In: Photo on request.
MJ 3001 Transistor, Darlington, MPN 80V, 10A Photo of MJ3001
RS 330-963 Switch, miniature, Single pole, change over, 250V Photo of RS330963
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79536 PCB, SCR Single Phase A/C Photo of 79536
PC 100203 PCB, RTC 830 Thermocouple Amplifier Photo of PC100203
PC 100213 PCB, RTC 830 Thermocouple Interconnection Photo of PC100213
PC 100233 PCB, RTC 830 System Card Photo of PC100233
PC 100243 PCB, RTC 830 SCR Control card Photo of PC100243
PC 100253 PCB, RTC 830 Analog Input Card Photo of PC100253
PC 100263 PCB, RTC 830 Machine I/O Card Assembly Photo of PC100263
PC 100273 PCB, RTC 830 Machine Control Electronics Photo of PC100273
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012-2140-900 Chain, Roller Single Photo of 0122140900
120-144-000 Switch, micro Photo of 120144000
122-074-400 Valve, Solenoid, 1/4 Photo of 122074400
122-245-600 Relay, 115VAC, SPDT (1pole c/o), 250Ma@120VAC, Type R10, PCB mounting. Photo of 122245600
135-444-200 Switch, Reed SPST Photo of 135444200
135-928-200 Relay, 4DPDT 115V Photo of 135928200
176-630-000 Screw, SS 6-32x1.25" Photo of 176630000
18477L Cross Piece, 10KF AL Photo of 18477L
221-247-200 Insulator, table, split - 85A Photo of 221247200
221-247-300 Insulator, table, solid - 85A Photo of 221247300
221-281-500 Kit, Feedthrough Chamber Photo of 221281500
221-290-000 Bearing, Microseal 0.25/0.625x0.2 Photo of 221290000
221-370-700 PCB, Assembly Photo of 221370700
221-371-000 PCB, Assembly Photo of 221371000
221-437-800 Collar, Mod for Valve Photo of 221437800
221-587-500 Bolton Target Kit. 42"x1/2" Tape Photo of 221587500
221190300 Screw, Target-Holder Photo of 221190300
222-076-900 Connector Photo of 222076900
261-6247 Socket, chassis mounting, 12ways, Binder 723 Series Photo of 2616247
28662L Measurement Flange 160 ISO (M) Photo of 28662L
4711243 Pin, MTG Bearing Photo of 4711243
4711244 Bearing, actuator Photo of 4711244
4711248 Rod, spring retainer Photo of 4711248
4711252 Actuating Lever Photo of 4711252
4787124 Pin, for IBM Photo of 4787124
4787125 Pin, Carbide Photo of 4787125
4787195 Key Gripper Retainer Photo of 4787195
500-581-100 Poppet and Bellow ASSE Photo of 500581100
5663976 Flange Photo of 5663976
600318400 Nut, Plate Photo of 600318400
6052675 Spacer, Actuator for IBM Photo of 6052675
6210340 Insulator, transformer Photo of 6210340
6210342 Retainer Photo of 6210342
6379639 Pin Photo of 6379639
6446294 Shaft Y Drive made up for IBM Photo of 6446294
64X0632 PCB, Motor controller board Photo of 64X0632
64X0635 PCB, X-Y Display Board from IBM Photo of 64X0635
64x2747 PCB, Magnetic focus card made up for IBM Photo of 64x2747
64x2750 PCB, Magnetic correction card made up for IBM Photo of 64x2750
682-0137-026 Valve, Solenoid, 2W Photo of 6820137026
700038000 Assembly, Sensor Photo of 700038000
71x2093 Washer, SS Dia6 Photo of 71x2093
71X2104 Washer, for shutter Photo of 71X2104
71x2106 Support Photo of 71x2106
71x2110 Small Support for IBM Photo of 71x2110
71X2135 Support Photo of 71X2135
71x2139 Holder plate Photo of 71x2139
71x2143 Axe Rod Photo of 71x2143
71x2144 Carter Switch for IBM Photo of 71x2144
71x2145 Bracket, for IBM Photo of 71x2145
71x2147 Support made up for IBM Photo of 71x2147
71x2163 Screen Photo of 71x2163
71X2699 Holder Photo of 71X2699
71x7166 PCB, X-Y Motor Drive Board made up for IBM Photo of 71x7166
720898000 Nut, Acme Photo of 720898000
7475779 Optical condenser Photo of 7475779
7834498 Base LH corner 4.5" Photo of 7834498
7834502 Base LH corner 6" Photo of 7834502
7834503 Right Hand Corner 6" base Photo of 7834503
7872696 Shaft CBM for IBM Photo of 7872696
7888410 PCB, Mag Preamp & Heater made up for IBM Photo of 7888410
7888413 PCB, Correction Photo of 7888413
7888434 Summer Card made up for IBM Photo of 7888434
83524L Blanking Flange Rotatable 63CF Photo of 83524L
8637229 Shaft Worm for IBM Photo of 8637229
8637326 Button Contact 2nd Photo of 8637326
8712909 Insulator, Mica Aperture Photo of 8712909
8835904 Spacer, Insulator Photo of 8835904
88746L Cross Piece, 100 ISO Photo of 88746L
88747L Cross Piece, 160 ISO Photo of 88747L
9399396 Rod, spring Photo of 9399396
9399410 Lever carrier retainer Photo of 9399410
AGP-SI31 AGP-SI31 Video Card 8MB Ring for information.
B 4070 262 PN O-Ring, 15x5 Nitrile Photo of B4070262PN
B5077434 GC Multiplicator, 20-102-2 Photo of B5077434GC
BB 163 347 Disc Washer, 12/16x3.5 Photo of BB163347
BG548483-TP IKR Cable, 15m Photo of BG548483TP
BP411552-R Bistribution Box RBP650449 Photo of BP411552R
CHC 4 40 7/16 MOD Screw, CHC 4-40 7/16" Photo of CHC440716MOD
ISO320 500WC Clamp Photo of ISO320500WC
ISO63/250DC Claw Clamp Double Photo of ISO63250DC
MOS2 Molybdenum Powder, MoS2 500g Ring for information.
R070-01 HPBN Rough Sawn Plates 170x170x40Thk Photo of R07001
R10-20 Crystal 5MHz Ag Photo of R1020
R10-21 Crystal 5MHz Au Photo of R1021
R10-23 Crystals 6MHz Au, Pack of 10 Photo of R1023
R20-05 Keyboard 401 Photo of R2005
R20-56 Fuse, for MKII Ion Source 30A Photo of R2056
R20-68 Cryo Eproms & Decoder Photo of R2068
R20-71 PCB, Interface Photo of R2071
R50-037 Insulator, Hub Photo of R50037
R50-055 Adaptor excluding washer, 32mm/1" Photo of R50055
R50-14 Filament, Ion gun Photo of R5014
R50-27 Heater Head Ceramics IPB4 Metway 1Kg Photo of R5027
R50-34 Spacer, for QSK, Tufnal Photo of R5034
R50-46 Heater, Tungsten Halogen Lamp for Floodlighting 110V 1000W PA 577 Photo of R5046
R50-58 Waferclamp Shoulder Screw Photo of R5058
R50-59 Waferclip (Motorola)M Photo of R5059
R80-011 Hose, Protective Metal per mtr Photo of R80011
SPECCABLE 9pole Speccable 10m Photo of SPECCABLE
U80-PT30 Carbon Rotating Face , 10X22/11mm Photo of U80PT30
U80-PT33 Ceramic Static Face, 11/25X10mm Photo of U80PT33
XCCLEAD XCC101/QSK610 cable 8m Ring for information.
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A9944 Power supply Photo of A9944
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FSS-CB Controller, FSS Photo of FSSCB
FSS-DM1 Motor, FSS Drive Photo of FSSDM1
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AL-1%Si-0.5%Cu Sputtering target, C-type, AL-1%Si-0.5%Cu Photo of AL1Si05Cu
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