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Pheonix Semicon Corp,  Philips,  Phillips,  Phoenix Contact,  Pic,  Pieces Fab, 
Pillar Industries,  Pilz,  Pipeline Supplies,  Pittman,  Plasmatherm, 
Plastic Capacitors, Inc.,  Platon,  PMI,  Pomona,  Porter Insrument Co., 
Portescap,  Potter & Brumfield,  Power General,  Power One,  Power Sonic, 
Power Technics,  Power Technology,  Powerex,  Powerise,  Powertec,  PPE, 
Precision Ceramics,  Precision Design Services, 
Precision Dynamics Inc.,  Predyne,  Pressure Controls Inc,  Presto, 
Price Pump Co,  Price Pump Co.,  Pro-Tronix,  Procon Products,  Prolabo, 
Prometrix,  Prominent,  Proteus Industries,  Provac,  PTC,  Pulnix,  Pulsar,  Pureron, 
Pyrex,  Pyromation, 

Photo of 022048C (or 022048T) 02-2048-C Seal, Bottle, Resis-T-matic 1000 022048C.
Photo of 990411106331 9904 111 06331 Motor, 110v 50Hz, 250 RPM 990411106331.
Photo of B5011112 B5011112 Lamp, 6V, 20W (GSM210) B5011112.
Photo of HEF40106BP HEF40106BP IC, CMOS, Hex Schmitt Trigger HEF40106BP.
Photo of HEF4023BP HEF4023BP IC, CMOS DIL triple 3 input NAND gate HEF4023BP.
Photo of LDB4401 LDB 4401 Mini Cassette LDB4401.
Photo of A1223 A1223 Lamp, projector, tungsten halogen capsule, A1/223 A1223
Photo of VDE0611 VDE 0611 Terminal with fuse plug, grey type K5 VDE0611.
Photo of 4410 4410 Shoulder screw 4410.
Photo of B159 B15-9 Bushing, Flange B159.
Photo of B46 B4-6 Spacer B46.
Photo of CS18 CS-18 Screw, set CS18.
Photo of E12ABEC7 (or E1-2 ABEC-7) E1-2 ABEC 7 Bearing, Ball E12ABEC7.
Photo of E312ABEC7 E3-12 ABEC 7 Bearing, Ball E312ABEC7.
Photo of E35 E3-5 Bearing, Ball, Precision E35.
Photo of EG2 EG-2 Standoff 4-40 3/16 EG2.
Photo of 4753623 4753623 Pin 4753623.
Photo of 363A343H90 363A343H90 PCB 363A343H90.
Photo of 774056 774056 Relay, Safety, Emergency stop monitor, 230VAC, AC, 4,0A, DIN Rail Mounting 774056
Photo of PNOZX7AC (or 774056) PNOZ X7 AC Relay, Safety, Emergency stop monitor, 230VAC, AC, 4,0A, DIN Rail Mounting PNOZX7AC.
Photo of 11818987 11-818-987 Regulator, precision, Max 115psig, range 0.3-8psig 11818987
Part No. 9434G167 9434 G167 Motor, 30.3VDC 9434G167.
Photo of GM8712D242 GM8712D242 Gear Motor 24VDC Ration 10:1 GM8712D242.
Photo of GM94132 (or 10-0716-00) GM9413-2 Motor, 19.7:1 ratio, 12VDC, ASECO, GM94132.
Photo of GM94133 (or GM9413.3) GM9413-3 Gear Motor 12VDC Ratio 65.5:1 GM94133.
Photo of GM9413C316 (or 112-012) GM9413C316 Gear Motor 15VDC Ratio 5.9:1 112-012 GM9413C316.
Photo of GM9413D109 (or 112040) GM9413D109 Gear Motor 30.3VDC Ratio 38.3:1 112-040 GM9413D109.
Photo of GM9413E478 GM9413E478 DC Control Gear Motor 12V 4000RPM ratio 65.5:1 Torque 2000m Nm GM9413E478.
Photo of GM9413E478 (or 10-0716-02) GM9413E478 Motor, Tube eject, ASECO SI, 12VDC, 5:1 Ratio, 3-29-94 GM9413E478.
Photo of GM9413H116 (or 645-00025) GM9413H116 Motor, input shuttle, SMD9000 GM9413H116.
Photo of GM9413L156 (or 06-32282-00) GM9413L156 Motor, 24VDC, with 65.5:1 Gearbox GM9413L156.
Part No. SVG112044 (or 06-32182-00) SVG 112-044 Elcom Brushless DC Servomotor 5112B325 SVG112044.
Photo of 10032 10032 Coupler, Directional, RF,10KW 10032.
Photo of 11408 11408 Rectifier, Bridge HVCA HVSC5K-P 11408.
Photo of 118020019 11802-0019 RF Inductor 90MH. 50 118020019.
Photo of 118030002 (or 4488531) 11803-0002 Choke, RF 118030002.
Photo of 25050013 25050-013 Ferrite Core 25050013.
Photo of 48030009 48030-009 Rectifier, Card Z1 FI 48030009.
Photo of 51020045 51020-045 Contact, Auxiliary, for contactor 51020045.
Photo of ATPAC15KW ATPAC 15KW Detector R.F. Plasma UG-352/U 74868 ATPAC15KW.
Just In: Part No. 15KVDCW (or LK150-105) 15 KVDCW Capacitor LK150-105, 1 MFD 15KVDCW.
Photo of 22115 (or A6HS) 22115 Flow Meter Tube 2-25 L/mn Air 22115.
Photo of 22153 (or A6D-PC) 22153 Flow Meter Tube 1-12 L/mn Air 22153.
Photo of 23153 (or A10D) 23153 Flow Meter Tube 6-50 L/MN air 23153.
Photo of 50571200 (or A10HS-PC) 50571-200 Flow meter Type GTV/1 1-6 L/mm Air 50571200.
Photo of 50571300 50571-300 Flow meter Type GTV/1 50571300.
Photo of FGTF3AHSB (or ATP) FGTF3AHS-B Flow Meter Tube 10-100 L/mn Air FGTF3AHSB.
Photo of U9M4HT U9M4HT Motor-Tach Assembly s/n 1G09666 U9M4HT.
Photo of 3778 3778 Connector, BNC, isolated ground 3778.
Photo of b1256 b-125-6 Flow Meter 0-15 B1256.
Photo of 23L21213E 23L 21 213E Motor, Brush, 12vdc, 7500rpm (no load), 8.2nMn torque, Escap 23L21213E.
Photo of 27E893 27E-893 Socket, Relay, 11 pin, for 80173 etc 27E893.
Photo of 27E122 27E/122 Socket, Octal, for relay 27E122.
Photo of 621D012 (or 103-072) 621D012 Relay, 12VDC, DPDT (2pole c/o), 6A@250VAC, 8pin PCB mounting 621D012.
Photo of 621D024 (or 103-072) 621D024 Relay, 24VDC, DPDT (2 pole c/o), 6A@240VAC, PCB mounting 621D024.
Photo of CB1023B78 (or CB-1023B-78) CB-10-23B-78 Relay, Time delay, 0.6 - 60sec 120vac input, 11 Pin Round Base CB1023B78.
Photo of CB1023B78 CB-1023B-78 Relay, Time delay, 0.6 - 60sec 120vac input, 11 Pin Round Base CB1023B78
Photo of CGB3879010S CGB-38-79010-S Relay, Time delay, 1-10secs, 120VAC, DPDT (2pole c/o), 10A@240VAC, Octal base CGB3879010S.
Photo of CGC3820010S CGC-38-20010S Relay, Time delay, 10secs fixed, 12VDC, DPDT (2pole c/o), 10A@240VAC, Octal base CGC3820010S.
Photo of CGC3820010S CGC-38-20010S Relay, Time delay, 10secs fixed, 12VDC, DPDT (2pole c/o), 10A@240VAC, Octal base CGC3820010S
Photo of CGC3828010M CGC-38-28010M Relay, Time delay, 10mins fixed, 12VDC, DPDT (2pole c/o), 10A@240VAC, 11-pin(round) CGC3828010M.
Photo of CKF3839010 CKF-38-39010 Relay, Time delay, 0.1-10secs(Ext), 24VAC, DPDT (2pole c/o), 11pin(circle) CKF3839010.
Photo of CUA4170001 CUA-41-70001 Relay, Time delay, 1sec fixed, 120VAC, DPDT (2pole c/o), 10A@240VAC, plug-in CUA4170001.
Photo of CUA4170003 CUA-41-70003 Relay, Time delay, 3secs fixed, 120VAC, DPDT (2pole c/o), 10A@240VAC, plug in CUA4170003.
Photo of CUA4170005 CUA41-70005 Relay, Time delay, 5secs fixed, 120VAC, DPDT (2pole c/o), 10A@120VAC, plug in CUA4170005.
Photo of CUF4170030 CUF-41-70030 Relay, Time delay, 1-30secs(Ext), 120VAC, DPDT (2pole c/o), 10A@240V, plug in CUF4170030.
Photo of KA14DY24V KA14DY-24V Relay, 24VDC, DPDT (2pole c/o), 5A@120VAC, Open Frame, screw mounting KA14DY24V.
Photo of KAP11DY24 KAP-11DY-24 Relay, 24VDC, DPDT (2pole c/o), 5A@120VAC, Octal Base KAP11DY24.
Photo of KHU17D9112 (or KHU-17D91-12) KHU-17-D91-12 Relay, 12VDC, 4PDT (4pole c/o), 3A@120VAC, plug in KHU17D9112.
Photo of KHU17A1124 KHU-17A11-24 Relay, 24VAC, 4PDT (4pole c/o), 3A@120VAC, plug in.PCB mounting KHU17A1124.
Photo of KHU17D9112 KHU-17D91-12 Relay, 12VDC, 4PDT (4pole c/o), 3A@120VAC, plug in KHU17D9112
Photo of KRP11A KRP-11A Relay, 6VAC, DPDT (2pole c/o), 5A@120VAC, Octal Base KRP11A.
Photo of KRP11AG KRP-11AG Relay, 6VAC, DPDT (2pole c/o), 10A@250VAC, Octal Base KRP11AG.
Photo of KRP11DG24 KRP-11DG-24 Relay, 24VDC, DPDT (2pole c/o), 10A@250VAC, Octal Base KRP11DG24.
Photo of KRP11DY24 KRP-11DY-24 Relay, 24VDC, DPDT (2pole c/o), 5A@120VAC, Octal Base KRP11DY24.
Photo of KRP14AG24 (or KRP11AG24) KRP-14AG-24 Relay, 24VAC, 3PDT (3pole c/o), 6A@250VAC, 11pin Base(round) KRP14AG24.
Part No. KRP14AY24 (or KRP11AY24) KRP-14AY-24 Relay, 24VAC, 3PDT, Octal Base KRP14AY24.
Photo of KRPA11AG24 KRPA-11AG-24 Relay, 24VAC, DPDT (2pole c/o), 10A@230VAC, Octal Base KRPA11AG24.
Photo of KRPA14AG24 KRPA-14AG-24 Relay, 24VAC, 3PDT (3pole c/o), 6A@240VAC, 11-Pin (circle) base KRPA14AG24.
Photo of KRPA14AN KRPA-14AN Relay, 24VAC, 3PDT (3pole c/o), 6A@250VAC, 11-Pin (circle) Base, with Indicator KRPA14AN.
Photo of KUP11D11 KUP-11D11 Relay, 24VDC, DPDT (2pole c/o), 5A@240VAC, plug in KUP11D11.
Photo of KUP11D1524 KUP-11D15-24 Relay, 24VDC, DPDT (2pole c/o), 10A@240VAC, Plug-in KUP11D1524.
Photo of KUP14A55120 KUP-14A55-120 Relay, 120VAC, 3PDT (3pole c/o), 10A@250VAC, Flange Mount, from kit 0040-7490-1 KUP14A55120.
Photo of KUP14D5524 (or 6041-1455-D24) KUP-14D55-24 Relay, 24VDC, 3PDT (3pole c/o), 10A@250VAC, Flange Mounting KUP14D5524.
Photo of KUP17DE524 KUP-17DE5-24 Relay, 24VDC, 4PDT (4pole c/o), 10A@250VAC, Plug-in KUP17DE524.
Photo of KUP14A15 (or 6041-4993-0) KUP14A15 Relay, 120VAC, 3PDT (3pole c/o), 10A@250VAC, plug in KUP14A15.
Photo of PRD7AY012V (or CH-4870-01) PRD-7AY0-12V Relay, 12VAC, DPST (2pole n/o), 25A@240VAC, open frame, chassis mounting PRD7AY012V.
Photo of R10E2L1 R10 E2-L1 Relay, 115VAC, SPDT (1pole c/o), 250Ma@120VAC, Type R10, PCB mounting. R10E2L1
Photo of R10E1X4115V (or 602 80 14) R10-E1-X4-115V Relay, 115VAC, 4PDT (4pole c/o), 5A@120VAC, plug in or chassis mounting R10E1X4115V.
Photo of R10E1Y2J100K R10-E1-Y2-J10.0K Relay, 120VAC, DPDT (2pole c/o), 2A@28VDC, plug in or mounted R10E1Y2J100K.
Photo of R10E1Y4V185 R10-E1-Y4-V185 Relay, 12VDC, 4PDT (4pole c/o), 2A@120VAC, plug in or chassis mount R10E1Y4V185.
Photo of R10E1X2115V R10-E1X2-115V Relay, 115VAC, DPDT (2pole c/o), 5A@120VAC, plug in or chassis mount R10E1X2115V.
Photo of R10E1Z4V700 (or 644-005878-001) R10-E1Z4-V700 Relay, 24VDC, 4PDT (4pole c/o), 2A@120VAC, plug in/solder contacts R10E1Z4V700.
Photo of R10E6X2V700 R10-E6-X2-V700 Relay, 24VDC, DPDT (2pole c/o), 5A@120VAC, chassis mounting, From kit 0040-7490-1 R10E6X2V700
Photo of W92X1125 (or 06-01096-00) W92-X112-5 Circuit Breaker, 2 pole, 5A W92X1125.
Photo of W92X11250 W92-X112-50 Circuit Breaker, 2 pole, 50A W92X11250.
Photo of 325ACM 325ACM Power Supply, 110V 325ACM.
Photo of HAD1504A HAD15-0.4-A Power Supply, +/- 15V, 0.4A HAD1504A.
Photo of HB2412 HB24-1.2 Power Supply, 115-230VAC 24V@1.2A 28V@1A HB2412.
Photo of HC282A HC 28-2-A Power Supply, 110-240V Input, 28V 2A Output HC282A.
Photo of HDCC150WA (or 10-0874-00 10087400) HDCC-150W-A Linear and Switching Power Supplies, 115-230VAC 5VDC@12A +/-12V@3.4A +/-15V@3A HDCC150WA.
Photo of HN1251A HN 12-5.1-A Power Supply,115-230VAC 12V@5.1A HN1251A.
Photo of NRG3A35D4B4B4F NRG3A35D4B4B4F Power Supply, 115-230VAC 5VDC@35A 24V@4A 12V@4A NRG3A35D4B4B4F.
Just In: Part No. RD515OVP RD5-15/OVP Power Supply, 115-230VAC 5VDC 15A RD515OVP.
Photo of PS1219 PS-1219 Lead Acid Gell Battery, 12Volts PS1219.
Photo of PTPS5S5000C1 (or 06F5264) PTPS 5S5000/C1 Power Supply, 50128 PTPS5S5000C1.
Photo of 19EA00RBCD 19E-A00-RBCD Power Supply, DC_5V 40A 19EA00RBCD.
Photo of CD4312908713 (or POW-R-BLOK) CD431290 8713 Dual SCR Isolated Module, 90A, 1600V CD4312908713.
Photo of POWRBLOK POW-R-BLOK Dual SCR Isolated Module, 90A, 1600V POWRBLOK
Photo of EAA8350U60 (or EAA-8350-60) EAA-8350-U-60 Metal End Gas Strut, 8mm rod diameter, 19mm tube diameter, 11.9" extended, 3.5" stroke, Includes clip, ball stud and gas EAA8350U60.
Photo of 119149200 1191492-00 Power Supply, 115VAC -230VAC o/p 5VDC, 20A, Super Switcher 119149200
Photo of 9N512017C (or 1191492-00) 9N5-120-17C Power Supply, 115VAC -230VAC o/p 5VDC, 20A, Super Switcher 9N512017C.
Photo of SPAR03015 SPAR03-015 O-Ring, 69.59x1.78mm E70Q compound SPAR03015.
Photo of SPAR03016 SPAR03-016 O-Ring, 14x1.78mm E70Q compound SPAR03016.
Photo of NL523W01004 NL523W01-004 Spacer, ceramic, Glazed steatite, 0.375" x 0.5", threaded NL523W01004
Photo of 56SB 56SB 56SB DSP PCB, with cables and carrying case etc. 56SB.
Photo of 632UNCX58 6-32 UNC X 5/8 Screw, Nylon 6-32 UNC x 5/8, Slotted Counter Sunk 632UNCX58.
Part No. A2013V A2013-V Valve, solenoid, 24VDC DC 6W 1/16" orifice A2013V.
Photo of A2017PF A2017-PF Valve, Solenoid, 24VDC, 6W, Orifice 5/32 A2017PF.
Photo of B2016520 B2016-520 Valve, Solenoid, 24VDC, 7W, Orifice 5/32 B2016520.
Photo of B3313S1 (or 0101-00191) B3313-S1 Valve, solenoid, 24VDC DC 7W 75psi B3313S1.
Photo of AR6 (or 0150-09276) AR-6 Pressure sensor, set -15psi AR6.
Photo of 1626801 (or 06-32265-00) 16268-01 Base, ARC 1626801.
Photo of HP75CN (or 06-20052-00) HP75CN Pump, Water HP75CN-600-06111-75-36-3D6 HP75CN.
Photo of HP75KN500 (or 701-500-S111-2133) HP75KN-500 Water Pump (BOD# 701-500-S111-2230) (110/220V, 17.4/8.7A, 2850/3450rpm, 50/60Hz) (S/N=9007) HP75KN500.
Photo of 701500S1112133 701-500-S111-2133 Water Pump (BOD# 701-500-S111-2230) (110/220V, 17.4/8.7A, 2850/3450rpm, 50/60Hz) (S/N=9007) 701500S1112133
Photo of D921X014NA (or TYPE T) D921X014NA Digital Setpoint Temperature Controller (0-325C), 115VAC, 50/60Hz D921X014NA.
Photo of C02607AFC C 0260 7AFC Pump, Freon C02607AFC.
Photo of 9897918 (or 09 897 918) 9897918 Seal Ring pk of 10 9897918.
Part No. 540005 54-0005 PCA .Current Supply 540005.
Photo of SP1206 (or ZS55-0122) SP1206 Cable, 34way, RS-50, Daisy Chain for 2 Floppy Drives SP1206.
Photo of SP1208 (or ZP55-0125) SP1208 Cable, 34way, RS-50, For External Floppy Drive. SP1208.
Photo of SP31130 (or DN35-T13G2B) SP3113-0 Motor, Door, RS-50 24V SP31130.
Photo of 305096 30 50 96 Quality Test for Dulcotest pH Probe, PHEX112SE 305096.
Photo of 0100C220 0100C220 Switch, flow, 230V 10mA 50-60Hz mod: 0100C220 0100C220.
Photo of PESM554123211 P ESM 55412321-1 Bearing, 6201 12/32x10 double SS shield PESM554123211
Photo of PESM573025386 P ESM 573025386 Shaft Seal for E-Gun 25/38x6.5 PESM573025386
Photo of PESM573118080 PESM573118080 O-Ring, 1180x8, Viton PESM573118080
Photo of PESM573172070 PESM573172070 O-Ring, 720x7, Viton PESM573172070
Part No. PSSD1302330T PSSD1302330T Bearing, 130/200x33 (6026 Series) for BD104 PSSD1302330T.
Photo of 575CMSS (or B 7418 151 ZA) 575CMSS Spot Check Thermometer 575CMSS.
Photo of 999011 999011 Transistor, TO3 999011.
Photo of TM545 TM-545 Camera CCD SMD 2/3" (660-000 TM545.
Photo of 5118093EO1 5118093EO1 Hood, for inker plug 5118093EO1.
Photo of PGF302VRPC07 PGF-3-02VR-PC07 Filter, in-line gas PGF302VRPC07.
Photo of 100002M 1000/02M Beaker, 50ml LF 100002M
Photo of CYP740170R CYP-740-170R Cylinder, PP, 2000ml CYP740170R.
Photo of 602K 602-K Female Connector 602K.

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