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We stock thousands of new, pre-owned and obsolete parts sourced globally from leading companies.

Spares from: 
OCG Microelectronics,  Oem,  Ohmite,  OKI,  Olin Hunt,  Olson,  Olympus, 
Olympus Optical Co,  Olyt,  Omega,  Omnon,  Omron,  Ondrives,  Ono Sokki,  Optek, 
Optibelt,  Optical Electrical Ind.,  Opto22,  Optometrics,  Orbis Technology, 
Oriel,  Oriental Motor,  Oriental Motor (Vexta),  Origa,  Orsam,  Osram,  Ove, 

Photo of 512440 512440 Probe P P Stack Bubble 512440.
Photo of 1200321 1200321 Filament Insulator Insert, Ion Implanter Spares 1200321.
Photo of 270N12DN57 (or 2051) 270N-12DN-57 Resistor, 10R (10ohms), 12w, Wirewound, with mounting tags 270N12DN57.
Photo of 45F1R0 45F1R0 Resistor, 1R0, (1ohm), 5W 45F1R0.
Photo of B12J10R (or N0.2003) B12J10R Resistor, 10R (10ohms), 12W, Wirewound B12J10R.
Photo of B12J1R0 (or N0.2003) B12J1R0 Resistor, 1R0, (1ohm), 12W, Wirewound, B12J1R0.
Photo of B12J5K0 (or N0.2003) B12J5K0 Resistor, 5K0 (5Kohms), 12W, Wirewound B12J5K0.
Photo of B12J8K0 (or N0.2003) B12J8K0 Resistor, 8K0 (8Kohms), 12W, Wirewound B12J8K0.
Photo of B20NJ100K (or NO1860) B20NJ100K Resistor, 100K, 20W, Wirewound, B20NJ100K.
Photo of D50K3R0 D50K3R0 Resistor, 3R0 (3 ohms), 50W, Variable wirewound, vitreous enamelled D50K3R0
Photo of L100J50K (or 296-2915) L100J50K Resistor, 50K (50K ohms), 100W, Wirewound L100J50K.
Photo of L50J5R0 L50J5R0 Resistor, 5R0 (5 ohms), 50W, Wirewound L50J5R0.
Photo of LN50J25R LN50J25R Resistor, 25R (25 ohms), 50W, Wirewound, non-inductive LN50J25R
Photo of KHP11M13 KHP-11M13 Motor, Stepper, 3.5v 1.03a 1.8deg/step KHP11M13.
Photo of 532697 532697 Control panel assy. Vapor delivery system Vacuum General 532697.
Photo of 532760 532760 PCB, Logic Control A.R.S 532760.
Photo of 532805 532805 Assembly, Control Panel 532805.
Part No. 532820 532820 Assembly, Control Panel, with Cables 532820.
Photo of 533275 533275 Purge Plumbing SUB-A 533275.
Photo of 533276 533276 Refill Plumbing SUB-A 533276.
Photo of 533278 533278 Exhaust Plumbing ASS 533278.
Photo of 533296 533296 Temperature Sensor 533296.
Photo of 533424 533424 LC2 Over Temperature 533424.
Photo of 533431 533431 Multiple Temperature Sensor 533431.
Photo of 533432 533432 Immersed Thermocouple 533432.
Photo of 533442 533442 Pressure Sensor Cable 533442.
Photo of 533718 533718 Filtler, Power Input 533718.
Photo of 533739 533739 1/2 Temp Sensor 533739.
Photo of 533977 533977 Heater, 9.75 Inch 533977.
Photo of 533986 533986 Heater, 4.00 inch 533986.
Photo of 61157 61-157 Filter, .5 Micron 61157.
Photo of 76066 76-066 Power Supply, +5 +24 76066.
Photo of 15A4RUS 15A/4/R US Distribution Panel, American Standard 15A 115V - 125V, 4 sockets 15A4RUS.
Photo of GL4B12S306 (or U240) GL 4B12S306 DC Motor with Gear Box, GL4B12S306.
Photo of AS312400 AS312400 Y-Roller for AL121-SN1, C2-BDT-UL AS312400.
Photo of ZO0121 ZO-01-21 Oil, Special, 0.5L ZO0121.
Photo of ZO012110L (or ZO-01-21) ZO0121 1.0L Oil, Special 1L ZO012110L.
Just In: Part No. 03015287037018012 0301 528703 (70-180-12) Keyboard, 19" Rack Mount (S/N= 001409) 03015287037018012.
Just In: Part No. 38050058 380-50-058 Personal Computer, (P166 @ 133 MHz, 32Mb RAM, Windows 95, Labview 5.1) (S/N= 110814) 38050058.
Photo of CHAL010 (or 6017-0030) CHAL-010 Thermocouple CHAL010.
Photo of JPCONNECTOR JP CONNECTOR Connector, 2way, with Mounting Brackets JP JPCONNECTOR.
Photo of TAC386KC (or 9812-0010-03) TAC-386-KC Thermo-couple Amplifier Box Assembly TAC386KC.
Photo of EESPX301 EE-SPX301 Sensor, Cass Encoder TL EESPX301.
Photo of 800905077 800.905.077 Switch, micro Hinge Lever SS-5GL 800905077.
Photo of A3PJ704 A3PJ-704 Switch, push, Lamp Max. 28V/1.2W, 5A-125VAC, 3A-250VAC A3PJ704
Photo of D4E1A20N (or 63253045) D4E-1A20N Switch, limit D4E1A20N.
Photo of DSDSWT000023 DSDSW-T00002-3 Switch, Photo-electric (Sensor, Boat) A-37 TOSH TXFE DSDSWT000023.
Photo of E2KC25ME2 (or 230084-002) E2K-C25ME2 Switch, proximity (capacitive), 10-40VDC E2KC25ME2.
Photo of E32DC200E E32 DC200E Amplifier, cable fiber-optic (fibreoptic), with cutter E32DC200E
Photo of E32D33 E32-D33 Optical fibre E32D33.
Part No. E32DC200E E32-DC200E Sensor E32DC200E.
Photo of E39F4 E39-F4 Optic (Fibre/thru-SC) , Photo electric Switch, E32 E39F4
Photo of E3CJB4P (or 9600535) E3C-JB4P Amplifier, TFM, 12-24VDC, 2M, E3CJB4P.
Part No. E3CS10 E3C-S10 Sensor E3CS10.
Photo of E3CS30LW E3C-S30LW Sensor, TFM/TFX E3C-S30W E3CS30LW
Photo of E3CS30T E3C-S30T Switch, Photo-electric, Sender/Receiver E3CS30T
Photo of E3S2E41 E3S 2E41 Switch Photoelectric 12-24VDC E3S2E41.
Photo of E3XA41 (or 321-00233) E3X-A41 Sensor, Input shuttle, Adcotec E3XA41.
Photo of E3XF51 E3X-F51 Amplifier, light E3XF51
Photo of EESH3MC EE-SH3MC Photo Sensor 26A EESH3MC.
Photo of H3CA H3CA MDX-Timer, USING H3CA Timer H3CA
Photo of H5A4D H5A-4D Digital Timer H5A4D.
Photo of LY424DC LY424DC Relay, 24VDC, 4PDT (4pole c/o), 10A@240VAC, Plug In LY424DC
Photo of MK3P5S (or 353-758) MK3P5-S Relay, 24VDC, 3PDT (3pole c/o), 5A@240VAC, 11pin (circle) base MK3P5S.
Photo of MY2ND2 MY2N-D2 Relay, 24VDC, DPDT (2pole c/o), 5A@240VAC, PCB or Plug In MY2ND2.
Photo of MY4G (or 340-358) MY4-G Relay, 24VDC, 4PDT (4pole c/o), 5A@240VAC, plug in MY4G.
Photo of PTF14AE PTF14AE Base, Relay, 4-Pole, Surface Mounting PTF14AE
Photo of PYF14AE PYF14A-E Socket, Relay, (4PDT) Din rail mounting, 14way PYF14AE
Photo of SHLW2155 (or ISL-000100-00) SHL-W2155 Switch, micro (Switch, Limit) BE727 SHLW2155.
Photo of XM2S15 XM2S-15 Socket, 15way, 4 cables attached XM2S15.
Photo of Z3F242D10M Z3F2-42D 10M Optical Fibre 20 meters Z3F242D10M.
Photo of Z3F242D20M Z3F2-42D 20M Optical Fibre 20 meters Z3F242D20M.
Photo of Z3F24D1M Z3F2-4D1M Optical Fibre 10 meters Z3F24D1M.
Just In: Part No. EP1510 EP1.5-10 Pin, spirol, Nickel stainless, 10x1.5mm EP1510.
Photo of SP405Z (or 3RE-000420-0) SP-405Z Encoder, rotary, (elevator) SP405Z.
Photo of OP133 OP 133 LED, Infrared Photoemitter, OP133 Aseco SI5 OP133
Photo of SPZ1340LW SPZ 1340 LW Optibelt-SK S=CPLUS V belt SPZ1340LW.
Photo of 9908 9908 IC, Operational Amplifier Oei 9908 9908.
Photo of IAC5A IAC5A Input Module AC/DC Input 180-280VAC, 5VDC Logic IAC5A.
Photo of IDC5 IDC5 Input Module AC/DC Input 10-32, 5VDC Logic IDC5.
Photo of IDC5B IDC5B Input Module AC/DC Input 4-16, 5VDC Logic High Speed IDC5B.
Photo of OAC5 OAC5 Module, OAC5 AC Output OAC5.
Photo of OAC5A OAC5A Module, OAC5A AC Output OAC5A.
Photo of ODC5 ODC5 Module, ODC5 Output ODC5.
Photo of DIXI0005 (or SMC1-3000 / 3.5) DIXI-0005 SMC1-300 DIXI0005.
Just In: Part No. 4116827VERTEQ 4116827 - VERTEQ Power Supply, Megasonic Co 4116827VERTEQ.
Photo of 14501 (or 050 565 1132) 14501 Precision gimbal mount, for 2inch optic 14501.
Just In: Part No. 77250 77250 Monochromator (S/N=1026) 77250.
Photo of Part No. not known Part No. not known Motor, 115V 60Hz Part No. not known
Photo of Part No. not known Part No. not known Motor, (belt drive) 115V 60Hz with gearbox 2GK30KA Part No. not known
Photo of 2GK6K 2GK 6K Gear Head Parallel Shaft, 6:1 RATIO 2GK6K.
Just In: Part No. 2LF25N (or 2LF25N-1) 2LF25N Linear Gear Head 2LF25N.
Photo of 2RK6GKA2 (or DS1MT-001200-0) 2RK6GK-A2 Motor, reversible, Q-axis, 100v 50/60Hz, 0.25A, 1250/1500rpm 2RK6GKA2.
Part No. 2RK6GNAA 2RK6GN-AA Motor, Reversible 115V 0.22A 2.3uF 6W 1500 rpm 2RK6GNAA.
Photo of 2RK6GNAM 2RK6GN-AM Magnetic Brake 100V 0.3A 6W 1200/1450 rpm(AC induction) 2RK6GNAM.
Part No. 3GK10XK 3GK 10XK Gear Head 3GK10XK.
Photo of 3GK10X 3GK 10X Gear Head 3GK10X.
Photo of 3GK25K 3GK 25K Gear Head, WQ809 278 3GK25K.
Photo of 3GK30 3GK 30 Gear Head 3GK30.
Photo of 3IK15GKA2 (or PM-113) 3IK15GK-A2 Motor, Induction, 100VAC, 15W o/p, 1200/1550 rpm 3IK15GKA2.
Photo of 3IK15GKC2 (or PS-005) 3IK15GK-C2 Motor, Induction, 200VAC, 15W o/p, 1200/1500 rpm 3IK15GKC2.
Photo of 3IK15RGKA2 (or PM-079) 3IK15RGK-A2 Motor, Induction, 100VAC, 15W o/p, 1200/1550 rpm 3IK15RGKA2.
Photo of 4GK10XK 4GK 10XK Gear Head 4GK10XK.
Photo of 4GK15K 4GK 15K Gear Head, VS810 590 4GK15K.
Photo of 4GK30K 4GK 30K Gear Head, VT815 660 4GK30K.
Photo of 4GK60K 4GK 60K Gear Head 4GK60K.
Photo of 4RK25GKA2 4RK25 GK-A2 Motor, reversible, Z-axis, reversible, 100v 50/60Hz, 0.75A, 1250/1500rpm 4RK25GKA2.
Photo of 4RK25GKA2 4RK25GK-A2 Motor, Reversible 100V 0.7/.75 25W 1200/1550 rpm 4RK25GKA2.
Photo of OIK1GKA3 (or 0-39-00549) OIK1GK-A3 Motor, DAIN EN35-H13N1B, 100v 50/60Hz OIK1GKA3.
Photo of PH26401BC79 PH264-01B-C79 Motor, Stepper, 4v 1.1A 2PH 1.8DEG PH26401BC79.
Photo of PH26401BC80 PH264-01B-C80 Motor, Stepper, 4v 1.1A 2PH 1.8DEG PH26401BC80.
Photo of PH26601B (or 99-16587-01) PH266-01B Motor, Stepper, 6V, 1.2A, 2-Phase, 1.8deg/Step with Cable etc. PH26601B.
Photo of PH566A (or DS1MT-000365-0) PH566-A Motor, stepper, 4ohms .75A 5PH 0.72DEG, BE727 X-AX PH566A.
Photo of PH599BA5 PH599-B-A5 Motor, Stepper 3.25 ohms 1.15/PH 0.72DEG 5phase PH599BA5.
Photo of PX24402BA (or 99-516098-01-001) PX244-02BA Motor, Stepper, DC 6V 0.8A, 2phase 1.8deg/step PX24402BA.
Photo of SRDC001 SRDC-001 Digital Motor Controller SRDC001.
Photo of SS31G3 SS31-G3 Speed Controller 100V AC 3A SS31G3.
Photo of SS31MAJ (or UD21-012) SS31-MA-J Controller-Speed Pack 100V AC 3A SS31MAJ.
Photo of SS31SSSD SS31-SSSD Controller-Speed Pack 100V AC 3A slow start slow down SS31SSSD.
Photo of 4GK6K 4GK6K Gear head, 4GK-6K DNS 2TRK 4GK6K
Photo of PH261001 PH2610-01 Motor, stepper, 2 phase, 1.8deg step, 6VDC (sort, Multitest) PH261001
Photo of 55382120 (or P210/01) 55382/120 Service Packs P21001 STOKE 120 55382120.
Photo of 55382300 (or P210/01) 55382/300 Service Packs P21001 STOKE 300 55382300.
Photo of 64111 64111 Lamp, wire bond inspection, 12V 5W, BA9s, Halogen 64111
Photo of 64225FHD 64225 FHD Lamp, 210-0518-1 ESEC 64225FHD
Photo of FL6W (or 3-90-4717) FL6W Lamp, fluorescent, 6W, Etch Chamber DNS KL0 FL6W.
Photo of HLX64623 HLX 64623 Lamp, Halogen photo optic, 12V, 100W (Zeiss INSP) HLX64623.
Photo of L18W23 L 18W/23 Standard White light Tube 1200lm L18W23.
Photo of 6A500V 6A500V Fuse, 500V 6A 6A500V.

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