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Nada,  Nais,  Nanometrics,  National Electronics,  National Foam System, 
National Semiconductor,  National Semiconductor (Natsemi), 
Nec Technologies, Inc.,  Nema,  Nemacom,  Neslab,  New Departure,  Newark,  Newport, 
Newton Hydra,  NH Ball Bearings,  Nikon,  Nikon Precision,  Nikon Uk Ltd,  Niles, 
Nippon,  Nippon Bearing Co Ltd,  Nippon Chemi-Con,  Nitto Denko,  NMB,  Norcal, 
Norelem,  Norgen,  Norgren,  Nova,  Novatron S.A,  Novellus,  Novellus Systems,  NSK, 
NTE,  NTN,  Nuclepore,  Numatics Inc,  Nupro,  Nuvmo,  NV Elnor Motors,  Nytronics, 

Photo of MP1501P (or 7-39-30080) MP-150-1-P Printer, DNS Etcher MP-150 MP1501P.
Photo of DSP124V DSP1-24V Relay, 24VDC, DPST (1 n/c plus 1 n/o), 5A@250VAC, DIL base DSP124V
Photo of 73001576 7300-1576 Meter, Digital Panel, (DM350A2 compatible) 73001576.
Photo of 73002116 7300-2116 Switch, push-push, labelled NEW TEST, with LED 73002116.
Photo of 001837 001837 Ring, Inner for Triode Base 001837.
Photo of 5763 5763 Electronic Valve (Vacuum) power pentode (Electron Tube) 5763.
Photo of GEN6KW208 GEN6KW208 6kW, 2.45GHz microwave generator GEN6KW208.
Photo of VHU1031 VHU1031 VHU 1031 VHU1031.
Photo of WR340 WR340 Waveguide tuner, 3 stub, with rt angle section WR340.
Photo of 2153631400 215-363-1400 Controller, NF-Fire 2153631400
Photo of AH5010CN AH5010CN IC, Analog Current Switch 14-DIL AH5010CN.
Photo of CD4029BCN CD4029BCN IC, Presettable Binary/Decade Up/Down Counter 16-DIL CD4029BCN.
Photo of CD4069CN (or LM325N) CD4069CN IC, 4069 CMOS Hex inverter CD4069CN.
Photo of DAC1230LCJ DAC1230LCJ IC, 12-bit 4-quadrant multi. compatible 20-DIL DAC1230LCJ.
Photo of DM7453N (or DM7453N(ITT)) DM7453N IC, Expandable 4-Wide 2-Input AND/OR Invert Gate DM7453N.
Photo of DM74LS175N (or 639-529) DM74LS175N IC, DIL, Quad D-type flip flops DM74LS175N.
Photo of DM74LS193N (or 639-563) DM74LS193N IC, DIL, up-down counter with clear DM74LS193N.
Photo of DM74LS32N (or 639-147) DM74LS32N IC, DIL 74LS32 quad 2 input OR gate DM74LS32N.
Photo of DP8224N DP8224N IC, Clock generator and Driver DP8224N.
Photo of LF147D LF147D IC, Wide Bandwith Quad JFET Input Op. Amp. 14-DIL LF147D.
Photo of LH0033CJ LH0033CJ IC, High Speed Voltage Follower / Buffer LH0033CJ.
Photo of LM320T5 LM320T-5 IC, 5v regulator TO220 LM320T5.
Photo of LM323K LM323K IC, Voltage Regulator 5v 3A TO3 LM323K.
Photo of LM340T15 LM340T15 IC, Voltage regulator, 15v 1A TO220 LM340T15.
Part No. LM395K LM395K Transistor, LM395K, TO3, 36v 2A LM395K.
Photo of LM7905CT LM7905CT IC, Negative Voltage regulator, -5V TO220 LM7905CT.
Photo of MM74C10N (or MC74HC10N) MM74C10N IC, DIL, triple 3 input Nand gate MM74C10N.
Photo of MM74C154N MM74C154N IC, Line Decoder / Demultiplexer MM74C154N.
Photo of MM74C914N (or 74C914N) MM74C914N IC, Hex Schmitt trigger with extended voltage input MM74C914N.
Photo of MM74HC137N (or 643-023) MM74HC137N IC, 3 to 8 line decoder MM74HC137N.
Photo of DM74LS93N DM74LS93N 4 bit binary counter DM74LS93N
Photo of DS75160AN DS75160AN IC, Octal Transciever, DIL, DS75160AN DS75160AN
Photo of DS75161AN DS75161AN IC, Octal Transciever, DIL, DS75161AN DS75161AN
Just In: Part No. LF347N LF347N IC, Quad op amp, LF347N 4MHz 14pin, DIL LF347N.
Just In: Part No. LM358N LM358N IC, Dual op amp, 8pin DIL LM358N.
Just In: Part No. PM80115X PM-80-115X Computer Terminal, PowerMate SX Plus (115V at 3.5A or 220-240V at 2A ) (S/N= 0405121UB) PM80115X.
Photo of L615 L6-15 Locking Connector, 15A 250V, Twist lock coneector. L615.
Photo of RM0093172 RM-00-93-172 LCD & Touchscreen, 17" Industrial RM0093172.
Just In: Part No. RM0400122 RM-04-00-122 LCD RES/Touch serial interface RLITE17RM 17" Rack Mount RM0400122.
Just In: Part No. HX300WK (or 375007) HX+300W/K Chiller 3 Phase 50Hz (SPEC Sheet on side of chiller) HX300WK.
Photo of Z99R8XR3C Z99R8 XR3C Bearing, ball, MRC Z99R8XR3C.
Photo of 81F5177 81F5177 Plug, 15way, D-type (D-sub), solder cup, 81F5177
Photo of 203A3C1D1 203A-3 C1D1 Temperature Monitor 203A3C1D1.
Photo of 220016456 (or 213-4) 2200164-56 Voltmeter Panel Model 2134 5VDC 220016456.
Photo of 329010356 3290103-56 Universal Panel Counter 6130A 240VAC 10W 329010356.
Photo of 813026611 8130266-11 Meter, Digital Panel 203A 813026611.
Photo of 813093311 8130933-11 Meter, Digital Panel 203A 813093311.
Photo of 845010811 8450108-11 Power Meter 203A 845010811.
Photo of UCPG4511120 UC-PG-4511120 Gauge, pressure, 0-250 BAR, 0-3500 psi. UCPG4511120.
Photo of SSR201ZZSD651TEA7 SSR-201ZZSD651TEA7 Bearing, Ball SSR201ZZSD651TEA7.
Photo of KBB00650 (or 4S602-014-1AN) KBB00650 Minimotor, with Gearbox, 22/2K 5.4:1 KBB00650.
Part No. KBA001011813A KBA00101+1813A Coupling, Wafer Stage Nikon G KBA001011813A.
Photo of KBB00035533A KBB00035-533A Drive Belt S33A Orange Wafer loader NSRG4 KBB00035533A.
Photo of KBB00101G5 KBB00101 G5 Filter, Main I/F Body 4 KBB00101G5.
Photo of KBB022014 (or HCS3-4X6) KBB02201-4 Coupling, Flexible I8 stage KBB022014.
Photo of MGA11100A4 MGA11100-A4 Solenoid, stem & armature - WH L40907 MGA11100A4.
Photo of NEU675R NEU675R Progammable Sweep Remote NEU675R.
Photo of PRECIUMII PRECIUM II Progammable Sweep Unit PRECIUMII.
Photo of KB30 (or 3BR0091) KB-30 Bearing, linear, 54/54x74 KB30.
Photo of PS6132 PS-6132 Sensor, Magner PS6132.
Photo of CE02W CE02W Capacitor, 63v, 2200 uF (m), 85deg C CE02W.
Photo of DS3BR0194150 DS3BR-019415-0 Bearing, Z-Axis CP-800 DS3BR0194150
Photo of ELPBT315 (or 0503511) ELP BT315 Film, adhesive, 38mm x 100M ELPBT315.
Photo of V8S V-8-S Film, adhesive, 230mm x 100M V8S.
Photo of SSL840 (or 102411340) SSL-840 Bearing, SSL-840 NMB 4/8x2 SSL840.
Photo of 221014100 (or 6067 090) 221-014100 Viewport 3-1/4 aperture 221014100.
Photo of 9707113 (or FTWS62002NWBISO) 970711-3 SS Cold trap 9707113.
Photo of 9710302 971030-2 SS 9710302.
Photo of ESVP1002NWB ESVP-1002-NWB Valve, Angle, KF 25 ESVP1002NWB.
Photo of FCT62002NW FCT-6-2002-NW SS Particle trap FCT62002NW.
Photo of FCT63002 FCT-6-3002 Particle trap FCT63002.
Just In: Part No. FH200202NW (or 06-02327-00) FH-200-20-2NW Hose, NW. Flexi. SS FH200202NW.
Just In: Part No. FH200242NW (or 06-02328-00) FH-200-24-2NW Hose. NW. Flexi. SS FH200242NW.
Just In: Part No. Nonumber No number Unkown NONUMBER.
Photo of 22800Z0028 (or 303-120) 22800Z0028 Grub Screw, M12 x 25mm Ball Bearing Insert 22800Z0028.
Photo of QM332 QM/33/2 Piston Position Sensor, Standard Reed Autoswitch for Cylinder QM332.
Photo of 100600600 100600600 T Fitting 6mmX6mm WONMOL 0081890 100600600.
Photo of 102251038 (or 701-4995) 102251038 Adaptor, straight, 10mm x 3/8 102251038.
Photo of 102470618 102470618 Elbow, Fitting 6mm-1/8DSPP 102470618.
Photo of 102470628 102470628 Elbow, Fitting 6mm-1/4DSPP 102470628.
Photo of 11018100 11-018-100 Pressure Regulator 11018100.
Photo of 11818987 11-818-987 Regulator, precision, Max 115psig, range 0.3-8psig 11818987.
Photo of 57050903 57 0509 03 Enots Stopper 5mm Dia 57050903.
Photo of 57150303 57 1503 03 Double Fitting 57150303.
Photo of 57151103 57 1511 03 Elbow, Connection Right Angle 57151103.
Photo of M384110 M384110 Solenoid, Coil- Valve 24VAC M384110.
Photo of M431130 M431130 Solenoid Coil-Valve 24VAC 50/60HZ M431130.
Photo of M449970 M449970 Solenoid, Coil- Valve 24VDC M449970.
Photo of R07100RNKA R07-100-RNKA Pressure Regulator Type R07 5-100PSIG R07100RNKA.
Photo of X3044102 X3 0441 02 Valve, P440 5way (03-5 X3044102
Photo of X418550G000 X4 1855 0G 000 Solenoid, operated superxin line valve X418550G000.
Just In: Part No. X421550G000 X4 2155 0G 000 Solenoid Air Valve (2-10 bar, 24VAC, 2.5W) X421550G000.
Photo of 1132820 1132820 Drive Shaft Cooling 1132820.
Photo of 1400530 (or 1400530 REV B) 1400530 PCB, Temp. Limit Control Board 1400530.
Photo of 1140043 (or 06-32362-00) 1-140-043 Valve, IDI input AS 1140043.
Photo of 2103003 2-103-003 Sensor, liquid level, IDI 2103003
Photo of 2103004 2-103-004 Sensor, absolute pressure, 0-50psi, model AB 2103004
Photo of 2110036 2-110-036 Valve, 3way 2110036
Photo of 2110040 (or 06-32364-00) 2-110-040 Valve, IDI Pilot 2110040.
Photo of 2139021 (or 06-32368-00) 2-139-021 IDI Copmmunication 2139021.
Photo of T402701 T4027-01 Detector Harness Wire QIT T402701.
Photo of T402702 T4027-02 Detector Harness Wire QIT T402702.
Photo of T402704 T4027-04 Detector Harness Wire QIT T402704.
Photo of T5027 T5027 Nest QIT Quarz T5027.
Photo of T519902V T5199-02-V Pad, jaw QIT Cross Vespel T519902V.
Photo of UR33535353510 UR-335-35-353510 Disc Vestibule 4 Port Next UR33535353510.
Photo of 0067449301 (or 67449301) 00-674493-01 Spring, Ceramic, Ring RTNER 0067449301.
Photo of 2267831100 2267831100 Ring, Sputter RET 2267831100.
Photo of 4719775 4719775 SCR 3180 Heaters 674-424 ( 4719775.
Just In: Part No. 66411900 66411900 Shield, R-Plate Sputter 66411900.
Photo of 67319000 67319000 Switch, pressure, 35PSI 3180 67319000
Photo of 68590300 68590300 Shield, 1 Heater DCB1AS3180 68590300.
Photo of NU209W NU209W Bearing, roller, 45/85x20 NU209W
Photo of NTE162 NTE162 Transistor, NPN 400V, 10A, TV Vertical Deflection NTE162.
Photo of 8302 (or 6301-UI) 83-02 Bearing, 12/37x12 8302.
Photo of 608150 608150 Max Operating Pressure Gas Fil 36cm2 608150.
Photo of 031SA400B 031SA400B Valve, solenoid, 12VDC 6W Single 150 psi max 031SA400B.
Photo of 031SS400B 031SS400B Power Valve System Parts 031SS400B.
Photo of 213050 (or 06-32337-00) 213-050 Valve, Fine Metering 213050.
Photo of 9420228001 942-0228-001 Filter, Gas inlet, Nupro SS-4TF-V87 9420228001.
Photo of R35K30903B R35K30903B Bellows assembly R35K30903B
Photo of S54FW2 S5-4FW-2 Filter, Air, 2micron, E500 S54FW2
Part No. SS4BYV681C SS 4BY V68 1C Valve, 3way SS4BYV681C.
Photo of SS4BAK1 (or R35K30903B) SS-4BA-K1 Bellows assembly SS4BAK1.
Photo of SS4BYV351C SS-4BY-V35-1C Valve, 3way SS4BYV351C.
Photo of SS4CVCR13 SS-4C-VCR-1/3 Filter, In line SS4CVCR13.
Photo of SS4F05 (or 4020-90027) SS-4F-05 Filter, In-Line 0,5 Micron SS4F05.
Photo of SS4H SS-4H Valve, Shut-Off, 1/4 In Swagelok, "H" (Manual), Metal (conical) SS4H.
Photo of SS4TFV8705 SS-4TF-V87-05 Filter 0.5 Micron Filter (Special) SS4TFV8705.
Photo of SS4TFVCRLL SS-4TF-VCRLL Filter, Gas inlet SS4TFVCRLL.
Photo of SS4UK1 SS-4UK1 Kit soufflet pour vanne nupro serie U BELLOWS SS4UK1.
Photo of SS53F2 SS-53F2 Valve, check, 1/8" lift (Swagelock/Whitey) SS53F2.
Just In: Part No. SSBNV510 SS-BNV51-0 Valve SSBNV510.
Photo of SSBNV51C SS-BNV51-C Valve SSBNV51C.
Photo of 34PGS301 34PG S 30:1 Reducer Metal 34PGS301.
Photo of PM052667 PM 052 667 Pascal Vacuum Pump 10 (S/N= 268827) PM052667
Photo of WEE100 WEE 10.0 Inductor, 10MH 10% WEE100.

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