Evap Spares

We hold in stock thousands of spare parts for machinery used in
the semiconductor, optical and opthalmic manufacturing industries.
Spares from: 
MRC,  MRL,  MST,  MSVS,  MTE,  Mte Limited,  Muffin,  Muhlbauer,  Muller Feind,  Multicomp, 
Multitest,  Murata,  Murrelektronik,  Muvmo,  Mykrolis,  Myotoko,  Myriad, 

112-41-300 Oscillator, RF Generator, with 13.560MHz crystal Photo of 11241300
30399B SI Doped (frosted rectangle glass) Photo of 30399B
3160440 Diode, Zener GEN Photo of 3160440
812-16-003 Filament, Glow Start (in packs of five) Photo of 81216003
880-82-000 PCB, MRC 880-82-000 PCB Motion Monitor Photo of 88082000
A111572 Cathode 30.K.W. Photo of A111572
A113254 Shield assembly Etch 150M Photo of A113254
AZ3100270 Fuse, 1A 250V, Quick blow Photo of AZ3100270
AZ310032P Fuse, 15A 250V Photo of AZ310032P
CTI CT100 Pump, Cryo L/L Photo of CTICT100
D111388 Etch Catcher Photo of D111388
D111978 Stud, standoff, etch catcher Photo of D111978
D116936 Heatsink, copper (Cooling Disc). Photo of D116936
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32806887 Nextel Collar 200x240x30mm Photo of 32806887
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9012-5301 Remote Sensor Head w/F2 Sensor Fluorine, NR. 5607 Photo of 90125301
9104 Sampling System, Gas Monitoring, 230V/50Hz 5W. Photo of 9104
FMK-9002 Remote Sensor Head w/F2 Sensor Fluorine, NR. 5607 Photo of FMK9002
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912-006-00 Guage, TC 9999-0011-0 Photo of 91200600
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01000130-008 Relay, Overload, 660V, 3ph, 20A, Type AXTO Photo of 01000130008
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01/130/7 Relay, Thermal (Overload), 2-10Amps, Type AXTO 01000130-007 Photo of 011307
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MU2B1 Fan, 115V, 50/60Hz Just In: Photo on request.
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220060034 O-Ring, 50x2, (Casting mass) Photo of 220060034
22060006 O-Ring, 5x1, Nitrile (Dosing Head) Photo of 22060006
22060084 O-Ring, 9x1.5, Viton, (Casting mass) Photo of 22060084
22060085 O-Ring, 44.17x1.78, Viton Photo of 22060085
22060211 O-Ring, 12.42x3 Viton, Dabber station Photo of 22060211
22060250 Seal, vector Photo of 22060250
22060251 O-Ring, 10.82x1.78, Viton Photo of 22060251
22140192 Spring, pressure Photo of 22140192
22140291 Spring, tension Photo of 22140291
22140425 Spring, tension Photo of 22140425
22140426 Spring, tension Photo of 22140426
28060332 Pin, SPEA Pogo Photo of 28060332
28220001 Thermal element Photo of 28220001
28220017 Heater cartridge Photo of 28220017
28220072 Switch, Thermal, Dosing Photo of 28220072
28220124 Thermal element Photo of 28220124
28220128 Heater cartridge Photo of 28220128
28250292 Heater Controller Photo of 28250292
28280014 Amplifier, light Photo of 28280014
28340020 Optical cable Photo of 28340020
60603479 Brake band Photo of 60603479
60604902 Nozzle Photo of 60604902
60605670 Nut, Var Z table Photo of 60605670
6060567Z Bearing, fashion Photo of 6060567Z
60606507 Sieve, container, Mass Photo of 60606507
60606508 Sieve, Casting, Mass Ring for information.
60704852 Nozzle Photo of 60704852
60709864 Piston, dosing head Photo of 60709864
S077AG Belt, toothed, Gates S077AG Photo of S077AG
S097AG Belt, toothed, Gates S097AG Photo of S097AG
S156AG Belt, toothed, Gates S097AG Photo of S156AG
S266AG Belt, toothed, Gates S266AG Photo of S266AG
S333AG Belt, toothed, Gates S333AG Photo of S333AG
S463AG Belt, toothed, Gates Power Grip S463AG Photo of S463AG
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53397W015 Wire Bond 1470 Auto Photo of 53397W015
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1169653 Plug, SMC, Straight, Clamp, Male, RG174, 26-04L-TGG Just In: Photo on request.
MCF03C-10A Fuse, 20mm. Glass. 10A Slo-Blo Just In: Photo on request.
MCF03C-6.3A Fuse, 20mm. Ceramic. T6.3A Slo-Blo Just In: Photo on request.
MCF06G3.15A Fuse, 20mm. Glass. T3.15A Slo-Blo Just In: Photo on request.
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0.92.0672 POS 13 Spring, leaf 52 Lead UL90 Photo of 0920672POS13
0.92.0672 POS 5 Tongue, UL90 52 Lead Photo of 0920672POS5
0.94.0387 POS 11 Plate, top load head UL90 Photo of 0940387POS11
0.94.0387 POS.12 Spring, leaf 0940387 POS12 Photo of 0940387POS12
0.94.0387 POS.13 Spring, leaf 0940387 POS13 Photo of 0940387POS13
0.94.0387 POS.4 Head Back Plate 0940387 POS4 Photo of 0940387POS4
0.94.0388 Head side plate, UL90 84UNLOA Photo of 0940388
01-31062-204 PCB, Dual Driver at 4070 Photo of 0131062204
01-90011-421 Sensor, Chuck home AT40 Photo of 0190011421
01-90016-631 Valve, MAC AT4010, 8.5W, 24VDC Photo of 0190016631
01-90018-527 Sensor, I/P AT4010 Photo of 0190018527
01-90018-528 Sensor, Emitter I/P AT4 Photo of 0190018528
01-90019-729 Sensor, Home Chuck AT4052 Photo of 0190019729
01-90022-186 Sensor, Emitter Good o/p Photo of 0190022186
01-90022-188 Sensor, Emitter Rej AT4 Photo of 0190022188
01-90022-189 Sensor, Good O/P AT4010 Photo of 0190022189
01-90022-194 Sensor, REJ AT4010 Photo of 0190022194 Block, contacts Photo of 0100935401 Block, release Photo of 01010301 Fan, Chamber Multitest Photo of 01010605 Bearing, chamber, Bush/Wheel Photo of 01010612 Coupling, rear Photo of 01010622 Housing, Fan, Multitest Photo of 01010627 Fan, Assembly M Photo of 01010632 Heater Magazine Photo of 01010802 PCB, Magazine S Photo of 01011900 Carrier, shuttle, Multitest Photo of 01015003 Housing, insert Photo of 01015007 Cylinder, Block Photo of 01015016 Slide, bottom stop, Multitest Photo of 01015028 Knob, stop turn shuttle Photo of 01015029 Stopper, Contactor Multitest Photo of 01015040 Pin, Stop, Multitest 44KIT Photo of 01015041 Distance piece Photo of 01015053 Stop, Singulator Assy PLCC52 Photo of 01015113 Singulator ASS Photo of 01015131 Stop Singulator Assy DIL 300 Photo of 01015133 Guide, bridge, S Photo of 0101530093 Stop, contactor, Multitest Photo of 01015308 Stop, contactor, PLCC68 Multitest Photo of 01015312 Pin, Stop, Multitest 44CONT Photo of 01015314 Pin, Stop, 52PLCC ContactOR Multitest Photo of 01015318 Stopper Upper Multitest 8 Photo of 01015321 Pin, Stop, SOIC Photo of 01015333 Pin, Stop, 115PGA Contactor Photo of 01015339 Plate, thrust, 68PLCC contactor Photo of 01015367 Plate, thrust, 52PLCC Contactor Photo of 01015369 Plate, thrust, 44PLCC Contactor Photo of 01015370 Shuttle, base sort, Multitest Photo of 01016003 Stop, Nod shuttle Photo of 01016005 Plate, sort shuttle Photo of 01016006 Plate, sort shuttle Photo of 01016007 Bearing, NOD CA 0.3/8.0x0.4 Photo of 01016107 Disc, shuttle S Photo of 01016116 Contactor, body plastic Multitest Photo of 01016302 Plate, thrust .6 contactor Photo of 01016303 Stop, Multitest Photo of 01016304 Bush, Assembly Photo of 01016307 Body, s/steel Photo of 01016308 Plate, thrust, D Photo of 01016310 Spindle assy, s Photo of 01016801 Block, 6 Dil to ? Photo of 01016806 Base, input Singulator DIL Photo of 01016904 Stop, Singulator Photo of 01016905 Plate, Singulator Photo of 01016906 Guide, input Singulator TO Photo of 01016908 Drive, flexible, Multitest Photo of 01017203 Drive, Flexible, marked 33.As Photo of 0101720601 Coupling, flexible drive 8 Photo of 0101720602 Drive, Flexible, marked 77.77.As Photo of 0101720603 Coupling, fan, M Photo of 01020636 Block, bearing Photo of 01020901 Block, bearing Photo of 01020904 Heater, Testsit Photo of 01022723 Plate, Thrust Photo of 01025318 Insert, feed shuttle, .600 Photo of 01106801 Stop, bottom shuttle Photo of 01106810 Insert, Feed Shuttle 28PLCC Photo of 01175001 Insert, Shuttle, Photo of 01185002 Shuttle, turn S Photo of 01185003 Shuttle, sort, T Photo of 0121600202 Insert, Feed Shuttle 84PLCC Photo of 01245001 Insert, shuttle, Multitest Photo of 01255000 Guide, Top Singulator DIL 300 Photo of 01255103 Guide, Singulator DIL300 Photo of 01255105 Guide, Strips .3 Contactor Photo of 01255306 Adaptor, sort shuttle, Multitest Photo of 01256000 Insert, feed shuttle, DIL 7 Photo of 01415001 Insert, turn shuttle, DIL 7 Photo of 01415003 Insert, Feed Shuttle 84 PGA Photo of 01695001 Insert, Feed Shuttle 115 PG Photo of 01705001 Loader, tongue, DIL 600 Photo of 02025315 Plate, top loader tongue DIL 300 Photo of 02025345
07855N Sensor, LS-MOD 2 Separation Photo of 07855N
07856A Card, safety VPL1 UL90 Photo of 07856A
07857-A PCB, Logic input card, EPL UL90 Photo of 07857A
07858-A Sensor, Light card LSR UL90 Photo of 07858A
07983A Sensor, DL20 Photo of 07983A
07985A Amplifier Photo of 07985A
08-90012-155 Cup, Vacuum Pick-up 4010 Photo of 0890012155
082678 0150N Damper Magazine Door (LIFT-O-MAT) Photo of 0826780150N
0920672-POS305 Spring, Cylinder, short stroke Photo of 0920672POS305
0940388 P0S47 Output LED Assembly Photo of 0940388P0S47
100XU-24-1533 Power Supply,, + 24V AT4052 Photo of 100XU241533
101018 UPG Connecting Cable Power board MT8501 Photo of 101018
1015029 Knob, stop turn shuttle Photo of 1015029
1015053 Distance piece Photo of 1015053
1015312 Stop, contactor, PLCC68 Multitest Photo of 1015312
1016308 Body, s/steel Photo of 1016308
101720601 Drive, Flexible, marked 33.As Photo of 101720601
101720603 Drive, Flexible, marked 77.77.As Photo of 101720603
114231 Belt, Clamp Tray indexer Photo of 114231
130478 Circlip, (Ring, retaining) Photo of 130478
131038 O-Ring, 8.5x2.1, Viton, (vacuum probe) Photo of 131038
131039 O-Ring, 3x0.8, Viton, (vacuum probe) Photo of 131039
132229 O-Ring, 4x0.85, Viton, (vacuum probe) Photo of 132229
132373 O-Ring, 6x0.75, Viton, (vacuum probe) Photo of 132373
142343 Encoder, optical AT4060 Photo of 142343
150572-01 PCB, Tube Module Driver Photo of 15057201
2025315 Loader, tongue, DIL 600 Photo of 2025315
24654Z1914 Spacer, ring Photo of 24654Z1914
2830594EO1 Cconnector Cable MDI Photo of 2830594EO1
37.250.025 Head Dampening Cylinder Photo of 37250025
38.150.012 Kuhnke Cylinder Photo of 38150012
4.90.0078 Spring, leaf Photo of 4900078
4.92.0686 Head Assembly Photo of 4920686
4.92.0700 Pin, Singulator Photo of 4920700
4.92.0701 Assembly, Singulator Photo of 4920701
4.94.0584A Clamping Lever Photo of 4940584A
4228407 Spring, contact Photo of 4228407
4326026 Bearing, NOD SH 20/32x7 61804 (N4001121) Photo of 4326026
4326959 Bearing, TI L/ 6/14x7 Extended Photo of 4326959
4528786 Driver, stepper AT4600 Photo of 4528786
4528841 Belt, toothed, Turn shut 8 Synch T2.2/145 16mm Photo of 4528841
4627261 Pusher piston Photo of 4627261
4628629 Stud, door BRAC Photo of 4628629
4629003 Plug, LN2 (MPV-028) Photo of 4629003
4629330 Block, mounting Photo of 4629330
4629701 Damper, hydraulic AT4070 (SE3 Photo of 4629701
4731416 Assembly, VAC Probe Photo of 4731416 Switch, digit 0 Photo of 49141900 Motor, loader drive, multitest. MiniMotor, 2230EO12S 308:1 gearbox K188 Photo of 49160200 Motor, Feed wheel Photo of 49160300 Motor, magazine, 97.3:1 gearbox Photo of 49161000
5130066 Detector, orientation Ring for information.
53-01-26-00 Valve, Solenoid operated Photo of 53012600
6201 Bearing, 12/32x10 Open cage Photo of 6201
6206 Bearing, 30/62x16 N206 C3 Roller Photo of 6206
6428792EO1 Plate, Bearing Fan MT85 Photo of 6428792EO1
7014 Cord, door, UL90 Photo of 7014
702-L Hinge cover support, left Photo of 702L
702-R Hinge cover support, right Photo of 702R
7063 Roller, UL90 Photo of 7063
7123 Spring, Groundframe large Photo of 7123
7129 Spring, Helical UL90 KIT (992 Photo of 7129
7130 Spring, Clamp lever Photo of 7130
7131 Spring, input clamp Photo of 7131
7136 Bearing, 608-2RS, 8/22x7 (Multitest base unit) Photo of 7136
7193 Spring, Tension Photo of 7193
7200 Spring, Stopper Photo of 7200
7227 Bearing, 4/13x5 Series 624 2Z Photo of 7227
7548 Fork Connection UL90 Photo of 7548
7553 Cylinder, retro holder Photo of 7553
7800 Power Supply, 5V U1 UL90, 100-240VAC, o/p 5VDC@10A Photo of 7800
7801 Power supply, 100-240VAC, o/p 12VDC@8.5A Photo of 7801
7804 Switch, micro Photo of 7804
78550 Sensor, LS-MOD 4 Jam detection Photo of 78550
7859-A Controller, APL card UL90 Photo of 7859A
7865 Power Supply, 6V U2 UL90, 85-250VAC 110-330VDC, o/p 6VDC@8.4A Photo of 7865
7978 Lamp, input UL90 Photo of 7978
9-92-0513-07120 Spring, Frame UL90 Photo of 992051307120
9.929672 POS 32 Side plate input UL90 Photo of 9929672POS32
9890083-27-07578 Socket, UL90 Base Unit Photo of 98900832707578
9890417 07855N Sender and receiver, optical, TY Photo of 989041707855N
9890417-07855C Sender, Optical 2 UL90 Photo of 989041707855C
9890417-07855D Receiver, optical 2 UL90 Photo of 989041707855D
9920608-30307112 Belt, toothed, L=160mm x 80 teeth, W=4mm (UL90 kit) Photo of 992060830307112
9920608-30707099 Screw, Springed Ball UL 90 KI Photo of 992060830707099
9920608-30807182 O-Ring, 27.5x2, Viton Photo of 992060830807182
9920608-32207585 Cylinder, UL90 Kit 9920608-32 Photo of 992060832207585
9920608-32307584 Cylinder, UL90 Kit 9920608-32, 8mm, Hub: 4mm, max. 10 bar Photo of 992060832307584
9920609-31107134 Spring, Tension UL90 Kit Photo of 992060931107134
9920673-30807180 O-Ring, 34.5x3 UL90 Kit DIL Photo of 992067330807180
9920674-30707584 Cylinder, UL90 KIT 9920674-30, 8mm, Hub: 4mm, max. 10 bar Photo of 992067430707584
A01. Socket Plate, 132pin Quad Flat Pack (QFP) Photo of A0100425402
A01. Contact, clamp 132 QFP (A0 Photo of A0100425403
A01.00.42.540401 Contact plate 132 QFP (A01.0 Photo of A010042540401
A01.00065449-01 Comb SO150 Multitest Photo of A010006544901
A01.01.02.12 Strip Bounce M Photo of A01010212
A01.01.04.08 Spring, Loader Photo of A01010408
A01.01.07.07 Coupling, fan drive, Multitest Photo of A01010707
A01.01.09.01 Valve, Solenoid 24v Cryogenic, 3.1 bar, LN2 Multitest Photo of A01010901
A01.01.09.02 Plates Magazine 1 Multitest Just In: Photo on request.
A01.01.09.18 Plates Magazine 2 Multitest Just In: Photo on request.
A01.01.09.19 Plates Magazine 3 Multitest Just In: Photo on request.
A01.01.09.20 Plates Magazine 4 Multitest Just In: Photo on request.
A01.01.10.18 Roller, DRIVE M Photo of A01011018
A01.01.10.19 Pin, roller drive Photo of A01011019
A01.01.11.60 Stud, door bracket Photo of A01011160
A01.01.11.66 Bracket, R/H door, Multitest Photo of A01011166
A01.01.11.67 Bracket, L/H door, Multitest Photo of A01011167
A01.01.25.04 Kit, Lever Clamp Multitest Photo of A01012504
A01.01.50.17 Insulator, ring contact Photo of A01015017
A01.01.50.23 Stop, thru shuttle Photo of A01015023
A01.01.50.27 Bearing, Disc, bronze Photo of A01015027
A01.01.50.28 Plate, stop, bas Photo of A01015028
A01.01.50.29 Kit, knob, output stop MT85 Photo of A01015029
A01.01.50.56 Piston, Release Photo of A01015056
A01.01.50.57 Rod, Pusher, contactor stop Photo of A01015057
A01.01.50.58 Pin, Stop, Return spring RIN Photo of A01015058
A01.01.50.62 Pin, contact Photo of A01015062
A01.01.51.01 Brdige release gate PLCC Photo of A01015101
A01.01.51.10 Spring, LEAF SI Photo of A01015110
A01.01.51.12 Wedge release gate lifter Photo of A01015112
A01.01.51.13 Pin, Singulator stop, PLCC52 Photo of A01015113
A01.01.51.28 Base, Singulator, SOIC Multitest Photo of A01015128
A01.01.51.32 Base, Singulator Track DIL 30 Ring for information.
A01.01.52.03 Pusher piston Photo of A01015203
A01.01.52.06 Pusher piston Photo of A01015206
A01.01.52.13 Seal, contact B Photo of A01015213
A01.01.53.03 Shaft, thrust plate PLCC C Photo of A01015303
A01.01.53.12 Shaft, Contactor Actuator Photo of A01015312
A01.01.53.13 Plate, Locating/guide CONT Photo of A01015313
A01.01.53.15 Contact, Return Spring RIN Photo of A01015315
A01.01.53.21 Distance Plate Guide DIL300 Photo of A01015321
A01.01.53.71 Plate, thrust, 28PLCC CONTAC Photo of A01015371
A01.01.56.11 Pin, connector Photo of A01015611
A01.01.60.06 Base, sort shuttle, Multitest Photo of A01016006
A01.01.60.12 Spacer, plastic Photo of A01016012
A01.01.60.27 Stop, Nod shut Photo of A01016027
A01.01.61.06 Wheel, Pulley, S Photo of A01016106
A01.01.61.09 Ring, Locking S Photo of A01016109
A01.01.61.15 Bush, Nod Cam M Photo of A01016115
A01.01.61.18 Spacer, disc, so.. Photo of A01016118
A01.01.61.19 Guide, Rail SOR Photo of A01016119
A01.01.62.09 Disc shuttle T Photo of A01016209
A01.01.63.03 Rod, pusher, DIL Photo of A01016303
A01.01.63.05 Collar, ceramic Photo of A01016305
A01.01.63.10 Spring, Stopper Photo of A01016310
A01.01.63.40 Guide, contactor Photo of A01016340
A01.01.68.06 Block, 6 Dil to ? Photo of A01016806
A01.01.68.12 Stopper, Carbon Photo of A01016812
A01.01.69.02 Stop, Singulator U Photo of A01016902
A01.01.69.03 Assy, Bar tie R Photo of A01016903
A01.01.69.05 Bridge, release gate .6 TO Photo of A01016905
A01.01.69.07 Bridge, release gate B Photo of A01016907
A01. Linkage, turn s Photo of A0101720302
A01. Clamp, Shuttle Photo of A0101723004
A01.02.06.09 Seal, Fan Multitest Photo of A01020609
A01.02.09.06 Block, bearing Photo of A01020906
A01.02.32.02 Spring, output Photo of A01023202
A01.10.14.20 Plate, Output Track Large Just In: Photo on request.
A01.10.14.21 Plate, Output Track Small Just In: Photo on request.
A01.10.63.02 Guide, Bridge Contact Site Photo of A01106302
A01.10.63.15 Guide, .600 DIL Photo of A01106315
A01.10.63.18 Plate, removeable Photo of A01106318
A01.10.64.10 Contact, receptacle, QFP Photo of A01106410
A01.10.69.04 Stop, Singulator Photo of A01106904
A01.10.69.06 Plate, DIL600 R Photo of A01106906
A01.10.69.10 U-lockplate .600 Multitest Photo of A01106910
A01.11.50.11 Shaft Kit BOTT Photo of A01115011
A01.11.50.16 Stop, turn shuttle PLCC Photo of A01115016
A01.11.50.17 Stop, turn shuttle PLCC Photo of A01115017
A01.11.51.06 Gate, front Singulator, Multitest Photo of A01115106
A01.11.53.03 Guide, COMDS 68PLCC Multitest Photo of A01115303
A01.11.53.07 Shim comb 68PLCC Multitest Photo of A01115307
A01.11.54.10 Contact, PLCC outer Multitest Photo of A01115410
A01.11.60.05 Adaptor, sort shuttle, Multitest Photo of A01116005
A01.12.54.09 Contact Soic Inner Photo of A01125409
A01.12.54.10 Contact Soic Outer Photo of A01125410
A01.13.51.04 Stop, end Singulator PLCC52 Photo of A01135104
A01.15.50.01 Insert, feed shuttle, 44PLC Photo of A01155001
A01.15.51.08 Guide, Top Singulator PLCC Photo of A01155108
A01.15.53.03 Guide, COMDS 44PLCC Multitest Photo of A01155303
A01.15.60.05 Adaptor, sort shuttle, Multitest Photo of A01156005
A01.17.53.03 Guide, COMDS 28PLCC Multitest Photo of A01175303
A01.17.53.05 Shim, Comb 28PLCC Multitest Photo of A01175305
A01.17.60.05 Adaptor, sort shuttle, Multitest Photo of A01176005
A01.18.50.09 Screw, SOIC contactor Photo of A01185009
A01.18.50.16 Stop, Multitest Photo of A01185016
A01.18.53.16 Guide, contactor Photo of A01185316
A01.18.53.46 Insert, Thrust Photo of A01185346
A01.18.60.05 Adaptor SOIC Multitest Photo of A01186005
A01.19.50.01 Insert, Feed Shuttle 52 PGA Photo of A01195001
A01.19.51.06. Plate, Release Gate PLCC52 MU Photo of A01195106
A01.19.53.01 Body, contactor Steel PLCC52 Photo of A01195301
A01.19.53.03 Guide, COMDS 52PLCC Multitest Photo of A01195303
A01.19.53.05 Shim, comb 52PLCC Multitest Photo of A01195305
A01.19.60.05 Adaptor, sort shuttle, Multitest Photo of A01196005
A01.21.60.02 Plate, Aligning Photo of A01216002
A01.24.51.08 Guide, Top Singulator PLCC Photo of A01245108
A01.24.53.03 Guide, COMDS 84PLCC Multitest Photo of A01245303
A01.24.53.05 Shim, Comb 84PLCC Multitest Photo of A01245305
A01.24.53.06 Plate, thrust, 84PLCC Contactor Photo of A01245306
A01.24.60.05 Adaptor, sort shuttle, Multitest Photo of A01246005
A01.25.51.01 Plate, shuttle base, 300DIL Photo of A01255101
A01.25.51.06 Plate, 300 release gate, Multitest Photo of A01255106
A01.25.51.07 Guide, Singulator DIL.300 Photo of A01255107
A01.25.53.02 Bridge, contactor adjuster Photo of A01255302
A01.25.53.03 Guide, Bridge Contact Site Photo of A01255303
A01.25.53.04 Adjuster block DIL300 CON Ring for information.
A01.25.53.07 Clamp, pin I con Photo of A01255307
A01.25.53.10 Guide, .3 Contacts Multitest Photo of A01255310
A01.25.53.12 Guide, Device contactor L/H Photo of A01255312
A01. Guide, DIL.3 contactor L/H MU Photo of A0125531202
A01.25.53.13 Guide, devide contactor, R/ Photo of A01255313
A01. Guide, DIL.3 contactor R/H MU Photo of A0125531301
A01.25.54.17 Socket, Multitest 0.3 DIP Photo of A01255417
A01.41.51.06 Plate, 750 Release gate MU Photo of A01415106
A01.41.51.10 Plate, U Lock D12750 Multitest Photo of A01415110
A01.41.53.02 Guide, Bridge DIL750 CONTA Photo of A01415302
A01.41.53.06 Guide, DIL750 R/H Contactor Photo of A01415306
A01.41.53.07 Guide, DIL750 L/H Contactor Photo of A01415307
A01.41.60.00 Adaptor, sort shuttle, Multitest Photo of A01416000
A01.45.53.12 Contact, locknut DIL300 Photo of A01455312
A01.59.53.05 SHIM COMB 44PLCC Multitest Photo of A01595305
A01.67.51.05 U-lockplatte PGA115 Multitest Photo of A01675105
A01.69.53.02 Thrust plate, P G115 Photo of A01695302
A01.69.53.03 Guide, Comb 84PGA Multitest Photo of A01695303
A01.69.53.05 Shim, comb 84PGA Multitest Photo of A01695305
A01.69.60.00 Adaptor, sort shuttle, Multitest Photo of A01696000
A01.70.53.03 Guide, comb 115PGA Multitest Photo of A01705303
A01.70.53.05 Shim, comb, 115PGA Multitest Photo of A01705305
A01.70.60.01 Adaptor, sort shuttle, Multitest Photo of A01706001
A02.01.02.04 Slide, autoloader sides, Multitest Photo of A02010204
A02.01.02.10 Guard, rubber, Loader Multitest Photo of A02010210
A02.01.03.04 Shaft, loader knob end Multitest Photo of A02010304
A02.01.04.10 Wheel, feed, rubber QFP Multitest Photo of A02010410
A02.01.06.06 Roller, Driver autoloader Multitest Photo of A02010606
A02.01.06.08 Disc loader Photo of A02010608
A02.01.07.30 Wheel, feed, body QFP Multitest Photo of A02010730
A02.01.08.13 Guide, Loader MID Multitest Ring for information.
A02.01.08.19 Guide, Loader top Multitest Photo of A02010819
A02.01.10.01 Standoff, loader Photo of A02011001
A02.01.10.08 Guide, loader top slide, Multitest Photo of A02011008
A02.01.53.17 Shaft, SOIC, contactor Photo of A02015317
A09. IC, Dual Peripheral AND Driver 8-DIL BP 6017 Photo of A0901010057
A11. Guide, top singlulator PLCC Photo of A1100811003
A11. Shaft, pusher, contactor, MEM Photo of A1110014005
A11. Contact, Spring Photo of A1115115054
A60. Contact, spring, 132QFP Middle Photo of A6001000109
A60. Contact, Spring 132QFP Outer Photo of A6001000110
A60. Contact, Spring 68QFP Inner Photo of A6001000111
A60. Contact, spring 68QFP outer Photo of A6001000112
D486DXC/33-4 PCB, CPU AT4052/60/70 Just In: Photo on request.
E21NRFA-JNN-NS00 Motor, Centre X 4060/70 Photo of E21NRFAJNNNS00
EE.1001 Connector, AT4070 Photo of EE1001
EFA.002 Circuit Breaker Photo of EFA002
EHD.103 LED, standard Multitest (D Photo of EHD103
EHI.035 Sensor, temperature, 2 terminal IC Photo of EHI035
EHT.101 Sensor, IR Photo of EHT101
EHT.102 Sensor, MT8503 Kit Photo of EHT102
EMM.208 Motor, stepper, 2 phase, 1.8deg step, 6VDC (sort, Multitest) Photo of EMM208
EMS.012 Solenoid, 24VDC, Loader Multitest Photo of EMS012
EMS.014 Solenoid, 24VDC for Multitest input loader Photo of EMS014
ES-0003 Switch, digit + Photo of ES0003
ES.0106 Lamp, multitest Photo of ES0106
ESW3623 Switch, proximity, AT4600600 Photo of ESW3623
EV.1613 Socket, Strip, 50way Wire Wrap Low Profile Gold Plated Photo of EV1613
F4T5/CW Lamp, TI scanner Photo of F4T5CW
FEC119 Sensor, reflective AT4600 Photo of FEC119
FMS 455 Sensor, Thru beam AT4600 Photo of FMS455
FMS471F Sensor, reflective AT4600 Photo of FMS471F
FMV385 Valve, solenoid, AT4600 Photo of FMV385
MAZ.010 Belt, Autoloader Multitest 129 Synch T2.2/145 7mm Photo of MAZ010
MFD.061 Stopping return Spring DIL300 Photo of MFD061
MFD.062 Spring, Stop pre-t Photo of MFD062
MFD.064 Spring, Kit MUL Photo of MFD064
MFG.001 Loader, damper Multitest (LIFT-O-MAT) Photo of MFG001
MFR-010 Socket, pin, Multitest PGA (pin with Socket, on top) Photo of MFR010
MFR-012 Pin, pogo, Multitest PGA Photo of MFR012
MFZ.009 Spring, input L Photo of MFZ009
MFZ.010 Spring, PLCC52-pin 1 Photo of MFZ010
MFZ.013 Spring, PIN1 Adjust DIL300 Photo of MFZ013
MLG.006 Bush, 6 contact Photo of MLG006
MLG.013 Bush, kit guage Photo of MLG013
MLG011 Bush, Distance Guide DIL 3 Photo of MLG011
MLG034 Bush, loader Multitest Photo of MLG034
MLG035 Bush, stop pin, Distance DI Photo of MLG035
MLG063 Contact return Spring DI Photo of MLG063
MLW.015 Bearing, Sort G 0.3/1.0x0.4 Photo of MLW015
MLZ.001 Seal, linear bearing Photo of MLZ001
MLZ.012 Ring, Nilos, Multitest Photo of MLZ012
MOLD-5897 Sensor, Thru beam AT4600 Photo of MOLD5897
MP6-001 Connector, Air contactor Multitest Photo of MP6001
MPG.001 Contactor, air Photo of MPG001
MPV.021 Valve, defrost, type 7802 Photo of MPV021
MPV.125 Solenoid, 48V, 50Hz, 12W 100% Duty Cycle Photo of MPV125
MSD-033 Seal, Piston PGA115/84 CONT Photo of MSD033
MSD.014 Seal, Piston RE Photo of MSD014
MSD.015 Seal, Piston PL Photo of MSD015
MSD.065 Seal, fan, Multitest Photo of MSD065
MSD032 O-Ring, 4x1.45 Nitrile DIL 300 Multitest Photo of MSD032
MSS.002 Circlip, External SP220 3 x 0.5 (Multitest) Photo of MSS002
MT/ PCB, Magazine D Photo of MT49092200
MT/ PCB, Magazine E Photo of MT49092500
MT/51-11-10-01 Motor, sort shuttle, 8501 U Photo of MT51111001
MVD9021.004 Washer, (contact for spring?) Photo of MVD9021004
MVP-048 Ball, plunger Loader Multitest Photo of MVP048
MVP.010 Knob, loader end, Multitest Photo of MVP010
MVP.045 Ball, plunger S Photo of MVP045
R/07983 Sensor, O/P Count AT401 Photo of R07983
SFR1885SW3 Bearing, Drive 4052/60/ 0.25/0.5x0.2 Ext. Photo of SFR1885SW3
SPA-IE Pin, Pogo Leighton Photo of SPAIE
ZB36-EXT/CON-5 Extender card, Oven, D 4/1 Photo of ZB36EXTCON5
ZP08UGN-M5 Tip, Pick-up ATHO70 Photo of ZP08UGNM5
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NMXS0505S0 DC / DC converter Photo of NMXS0505S0
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102634 Relay module (16 relays) Photo of 102634
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3557K024C+C0115012A Motor + Encoder + Set 34PG Faulhaber Photo of 3557K024CC0115012A
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AA1330596 FC2900 4V, 50sccm, SiH2C12, VITON Photo of AA1330596
AAS060497 FC2900 4V, 50sccm, SiH2CL2, KALREZ Photo of AAS060497
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TKY-W-10x10 Cylinder, pickup SMD9000 Photo of TKYW10x10
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0100-00434 Coupling, spindle 00212 Photo of 010000434
0101-00223 Gauge, Kasper Canist 0-360 Photo of 010100223
0440-00027 Controller, Motor KASP 4K Photo of 044000027
501-07025 Motor, (buffer 7025), 28VDC Photo of 50107025
6 BEC-50FT Chain, bead roll Photo of 6BEC50FT
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