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M.I. Cables,  Mac,  Macam,  Mace,  Mack,  Mack Corporation,  Macro,  Macromatic, 
Macrotron,  Mae,  Magnecraft,  Magnet-Schultz,  Magnetek,  Magtor Manchester, 
Mallory,  Malouvis,  Mann Filter,  Markall Mach,  Marquardt, 
Marquest Scientific,  Martin Sprocket And Gear,  Massip,  Master Appliance, 
Master Electronic,  Materials,  Materials Research,  Matheson,  Matrix, 
Matrix Europe,  Matsushita,  Matsushuita,  Mattson,  Maxi Switch Co.,  Maxim, 
Maxon Motor,  MBL,  Mcgill,  Mclennan,  MDA Scientific,  MDC,  Mec Tech Inc,  Mecro, 
Megatech,  Megatest,  Meggitt CGS,  Melcher,  Melec,  Mem,  Memshield (Mem),  Memtec, 
Merck,  Mercotac,  Merit,  Merlin Gerin,  Metal Bellows Corp,  Metek,  Metra, 
Metro-Line,  Metron,  Metronic, 

Photo of 10071600 10-0716-00 Motor, 19.7:1 ratio, 12VDC, ASECO, 10071600
Part No. 10071601 10-0716-01 Motor, Storage ASECO 150 10071601.
Photo of 10071602 10-0716-02 Motor, Tube eject, ASECO SI, 12VDC, 5:1 Ratio, 3-29-94 10071602
Photo of 10132200 10-1322-00 Motor, Flotation Pressure, 12VDC 10132200
Part No. 3325261EO1 3325261EO1 Tape, Sumiron 3325261EO1.
Photo of 3VH101JDD12 3VH10-1JDD12 Connector, Viking, 5way ASE 3VH101JDD12.
Photo of 822001 822-001 Optical Fibre (Fiber) Right angle O 822001.
Photo of 822002 822-002 Optical Fibre (Fiber) Right angle O 822002.
Photo of 822003 822-003 Optical Fibre (Fiber) Right angle A 822003.
Photo of 822006 822-006 Optical Fibre (Fiber) Right angle A 822006.
Photo of 822007 822-007 Optical Fibre (Fiber) Right angle A 822007.
Photo of 822008 822-008 Optical Fibre (Fiber) Straight ASEC 822008.
Part No. 900RED 900-RED Hinge, ASECO S150 900RED.
Photo of 90PAR38H 90PAR38/H Lamp, SMD 9000/90W/120V CO 90PAR38H.
Photo of CA20EC33W CA20EC-3-3W Connector, Viking, HC11 ASE CA20EC33W.
Photo of CAECB203 CAEC/B20-3 Connector, Viking, HC11 SPA CAECB203.
Photo of TW75 (or TW65) TW75 Lamp, Tweeze SMD 9000 65W TW75.
Photo of 130B501BAAF 130B-501BA AF Valve, 6W, 24VDC, Vacuum to 150 psi 130B501BAAF
Photo of 6113BRA (or 2235041) 6113B-RA Valve, 25-250 psi, (532622 PREDEP) 6113BRA.
Photo of 611B11613BAAA (or 01-90016-631) 611B-11-613BAAA Valve, MAC AT4010, 8.5W, 24VDC 611B11613BAAA.
Photo of MCG202 MCG202 Optical monitor MCG202.
Photo of MMD2 MMD 2 Monochromater Drive Unit, MMD 2 MMD2.
Photo of 801134700 (or 8011344700) 801134700 Valve, solenoid, 115VAC 12V 120 psi 801134700.
Photo of 85011441 (or 781) 850-1144-1 Solenoid, FLU Etch Teflon 85011441.
Photo of 9901444110 990-1444-110 Valve, P/C 042 SVG 9901444110
Photo of 15952SS 1595-2-SS Slide Cylinder R200 15952SS.
Photo of 15964SSI 1596-4-SSI Actuator, Pneumatic, Lo-Profile, 150psi 15964SSI.
Photo of S21371 S.2137-1 Elevator 2nd floor S21371.
Photo of LM135AH LM135AH Sensor, Output temperature THERMON LM135AH.
Photo of SS626211TB SS 6262 11 TB Relay, Time delay, 1-15secs, 120VAC, SPDT (1pole c/o), 3A@120VAC, Octal base SS626211TB.
Photo of SS10223HH SS-10223 HH Timer Reset 24VDC SS10223HH.
Photo of Part No. not known Part No. not known Kit, PM DNS Spin Etcher Part No. not known
Just In: Part No. Part No. not known Part No. not known Kit, PM DNS Spin Etcher Part No. not known
Photo of 006B4476 0-06-B4476 Chuck, spin, Dain 006B4476
Photo of 006B5188 0-06-B5188 Seat, Teflon, for Dain shutter 006B5188
Photo of 03904009 0-39-04009 Belt, toothed, (timing dair) 90XL, 9mm, 5tpi 03904009
Photo of 06B4240 06B 4240 Roller, feed, DAIN (IN01-01 06B4240
Photo of 73913839 7-39-13839 Roller, Absorbent 73913839
Photo of EC21032 EC21-032 Photo transistor assembly, transmitter and receiver EC21032
Photo of HY2003424470A8 HY 200-3424-470 A 8 Motor, Stepper, 200 Steps per Revolution HY2003424470A8.
Photo of W6110DTX1 W6110DTX-1 Relay, Solid State, 3-32VDC in, o/p 120VAC, 10A W6110DTX1.
Photo of XAPX044K54D11 X AP X 044 K54 D11 Coil, 24V, 60Hz XAPX044K54D11
Photo of XBRX022K54D32 X BR X 022 K54 D32 Solenoid, 3VDC, 8mm hole XBRX022K54D32.
Just In: Part No. 342510001 (or IBM 52G7947) 3425-10-001 Power Supply, AT, 100W for IBM Computer (P/N 52G7947) 342510001.
Photo of IA05570 IA0 5570 Step down transformer IA05570.
Photo of CG223U035W4C (or 14971) CG223U035W4C Capacitor, 22000UF 35VDC CG223U035W4C.
Photo of CGS252U075R4C CGS252U075R4C Capacitor, 2500UF 75VDC CGS252U075R4C
Photo of CGS413U025V4C CGS413U025V4C Capacitor, Electrolytic, 41000uF, 25VDC, 85deg C. CGS413U025V4C.
Photo of 50f5568 50f5568 Screw, M3.5x4 50F5568.
Photo of 9908933 9908933 Screw, CSK SS M3.5*4mm TF M2x6 9908933.
Photo of W94018 W940/18 Filter, Cartridge W94018.
Photo of 37583C 37583-C Pad, printing Adcotech pin 37583C.
Photo of 01750201 0175.0201 Switch, 2pin, 2-pole, Toggle Switch, for Central Fixing, 6A, 250V 01750201.
Photo of 300951001 300951-001 Valve, needle, Globe Saturn 300951001.
Photo of 40B40 40 B 40 Sprocket, 40 Teeth, 170mm diameter, 2cm inner diameter 40B40.
Photo of 6207607 6207607 striped wheel 6207607.
Photo of 6207608 6207608 Guide, wheel 6207608.
Photo of 67F9945 67F9945 Served The Pair 67F9945.
Photo of 71X0092 71X 0092 Sheath, PTFE 71X0092.
Photo of 71x2073 71x2073 Bride 71X2073.
Photo of 71X2092 71X2092 Screw, vented 71X2092.
Photo of 71X2698 71X2698 Support, Wafer 71X2698.
Photo of 76x8830 76x8830 Axle 76X8830.
Photo of 8712910 8712910 Washer, Molybdenum 8712910.
Photo of 9399401 939-9401 Toggle 9399401.
Photo of HAS016 HAS-016 Resistor, for Master Appliance Heat Gun HAS016.
Photo of S441 S441 Relay module, 240VAC 4A output S441.
Photo of A112517 (or 06-06649-00) A112517 Assembly, GLOW plug REW A A112517.
Photo of 20486MTI0009000 20-486MTI0009000 Target, Titanium 99.999%, Ulvac 9000 20486MTI0009000.
Photo of 50006439874 (or 05000 6439874) 50006439874 Connection SS DIN6 50006439874.
Photo of 6134T6FF 6134-T6FF Filter 6134T6FF.
Photo of 10000042 (or 1000 0042) 1000-0042 PCB, Operator Interface 10000042.
Photo of 9240270 (or 06-13006-01) 92-40270 Chuck. Heater Etch 9240270.
Photo of HC2HDC24V HC2-H-DC24V Relay, PS-003, 250V AC 3A30V DC HC2HDC24V
Photo of WF9404 WF-9404 Receptacle WF9404.
Photo of 066801900 06-68019-00 Connector, O seal 066801900.
Part No. 066805800 06-68058-00 Kit, Bellows NUPR 066805800.
Photo of 201669 201669 O-Ring, 430.65x5.34, brown Silicone (Door/Backplate) 201669
Just In: Part No. 2190177 2190177 Keyboard (S/N=40983) 2190177.
Just In: Part No. MAX1486CUB MAX1486CUB IC, Transceiver, RS485/RS422, SMD, 1486 MAX1486CUB.
Photo of 410260260000398 41.026.026-00.00-398 Motor, buffer, with 1:199 gearbox. 410260260000398
Photo of 440260000007055 44.026.000-00.07-055 Motor, Maxon 44.026.000-00.07 (-55) with HEDS 5310 encoder 440260000007055
Photo of AOK117 (or 037) AO K 117 MBL Synchrostar 140XL AOK117.
Photo of CF12S CF-1/2-S Cam Follower, Serial CF12S.
Photo of PM12110 PM121-10 Module, Servo Amplifier PM121-10 PM12110.
Photo of 870700 870700 Single Point Monitor 870700
Photo of Part No. not known Part No. not known Connector D9-C40 D-Type, Subminiature Part No. not known
Photo of 110000 110000 DNC16CF flange, ref CFB34 110000.
Photo of 110008 110008 DNC40CF flange, ref CFB70 110008.
Photo of 110025 110025 DNC100CF flange, ref CFB150 110025.
Photo of 110052 110052 DNC40CF flange, ref CF70-44 110052.
Photo of 11005220 110052-20 Flange, fixed bored 11005220.
Photo of 110053 110053 Flange, ref CF114-70 110053.
Photo of 110056 110056 DNC200CF Fange, ref CF250-210 110056.
Photo of 1113220 1113220 Gasket, CGA16 OFHC copper 1113220.
Photo of 1210001 1210001 CVP40 Zero length View port 1210001.
Photo of 130085 130085 Flange, Tapped, DNC40CF, ref CF70-41T 130085.
Photo of 130087 130087 Flange, Tapped, DN63CF, ref CF114-70T 130087.
Photo of 130089 130089 Flange, Tapped, DN160CF flange tapped, ref CF200-156T 130089.
Photo of 150X 150-X DN40CF flex. Coupling, 150-X 150X
Photo of 1510000 1510000 Connector D9-BCON1 9way 1510000.
Photo of 1510002 1510002 Connector D25-BCON1 25way 1510002.
Photo of 1511000 1511000 Connector D9-C40 D-Type, Subminiature 1511000.
Photo of 191070 191070 Gasket, CG250B copper 191070.
Photo of 191076 191076 Gasket, CGA150 copper 191076.
Photo of 191077 191077 Gasket, CGA200 copper 191077.
Photo of 400003 (or 150-X) 400003 DN40CF flex. Coupling, 150-X 400003.
Photo of 401002 401002 Flange, Tabulated, DN40CF, ref CST40-T 401002.
Photo of 401004 401004 Flange, Tabulated, DN63CF, ref CST63-T 401004.
Photo of 401006 401006 Flange, Tabulated, DN100CF, ref CST100-T 401006.
Photo of 402002 402002 Nipple, ref 150-2 402002.
Photo of 403504 403504 Elbow, ref 250-2L-NF 403504.
Photo of 403512 403512 Elbow, ref 300-2L-NF 403512.
Photo of 680000 680000 Universal Joint 680000.
Photo of 71177 (or 9812005) 71177 Caburn MDC, Flange, Tapped (6 holes), 2 Shafts through 71177.
Photo of 730006 730006 UHV DN63-40KF adaptor 730006.
Photo of 9422000 9422000 Feedthrough, DN16CF Power, ref HV2-10A-4-C16 9422000.
Photo of 9452008 9452008 Feedthrough 9452008.
Photo of 9912012 9912012 Gasket, CNG16 DN16CF Contorr 9912012.
Photo of 9912212 9912212 Gasket, CNG40 DN40CF Contorr 9912212.
Photo of 9912412 9912412 Gasket, CNG63 DN63CF Contorr 9912412.
Photo of 99125102 991251-02 Panel with Cable For Auto Indexer 99125102.
Photo of 9912612 9912612 Gasket, CNG100 DN100CF Contorr 9912612.
Photo of 9912812 9912812 Gasket, CNG160 DN160CF Contorr 9912812.
Photo of 9912912 9912912 Gasket, CNG200 DN200CF Contorr 9912912.
Photo of 991813 991813 Adaptor ref# EV-BAI 32mm 991813.
Photo of 9921005 9921005 Gasket, CON-MS4 Circular MS Connector 9921005.
Photo of D9C40 D9-C40 Caburn MDC D9-C40 D-Type, Side Shell, 4550191 D9C40.
Photo of EGV4000V (or EGB-4000V) EGV-4000V Gate Valve EGV4000V.
Photo of IV150PSP IV-150-P-SP Valve, In-Line 40CF IV150PSP.
Photo of MDC6300 MDC6300 Flange, Gas Feedthrough, Tapped (6 Holes), 4 Copper Wires MDC6300.
Photo of MDC6301 MDC6301 Flange, Tapped (8 holes), Shaft with 20pole socket both ends MDC6301.
Photo of MDC6302 MDC6302 Flange, Tapped (6 holes, 7mm diameter), 70mm Diameter, 13mm deep, MDC6302.
Photo of MDC6303 MDC6303 Flange, 70mm Diameter, Tapped (6 holes), Shafts with 10pole socket both ends MDC6303.
Photo of MDC6304 MDC6304 Flange, Tapped (8 holes), 13mm Shaft with 316DIV BOLT MDC6304.
Photo of MDC6305 (or 887-57) MDC6305 Flange, Flange, Stainless steel, Disc, 130mm Diameter, 12mm deep MDC6305.
Photo of MDC6308 MDC6308 Flange, Tubulated, Tapped (8 holes) 153/225 diameter, Height 100mm MDC6308.
Photo of MDC6309 MDC6309 Flange, Tubulated, 73/95mm diameter, Height 102mm MDC6309.
Photo of MDC6310 MDC6310 Flange, Tubulated, 60/113mm diameter, Height 105mm MDC6310.
Photo of MDC9901 MDC9901 Flange, Tapped (16 holes, 9mm), 96/152x19mm MDC9901.
Photo of MDC9902 MDC9902 Flange, Tapped (4 holes, 9mm), 130x12mm MDC9902.
Photo of MDC9903 MDC9903 Flange, Tapped (16 holes, 9mm), 65/152x20mm MDC9903.
Photo of MDC9904 MDC9904 Flange, Tapped (8 holes, 9mm), rubber seal, 150x15mm MDC9904.
Photo of MDC9905 MDC9905 Flange, Tapped (8 holes, 9mm), glass port, 75/113x17mm MDC9905.
Photo of MDC9906 MDC9906 Flange, Tapped (16 holes, 9mm), glass port, 96/152x10mm MDC9906.
Photo of MDC9907 MDC9907 Flange, Tapped (8 holes, 9mm), 25pole Socket both sides, 113x17mm MDC9907.
Photo of MDC9908 MDC9908 Flange, Tapped (20 holes, 9mm), 202x22mm MDC9908.
Photo of MDC9909 MDC9909 Flange, Tapped (4 holes outer 4 innner, 12mm), 59/159x21mm MDC9909.
Photo of MDC9911 MDC9911 Flange, Tapped (8 holes Outer Ring, 6 hole Inner Ring, 9mm), 40/150x15 (28)mm MDC9911.
Photo of MDC9915 MDC9915 Flange, Tapped (16 holes, 9mm), (3 flanges inside 16mm diameter), 151x20mm MDC9915.
Just In: Part No. MEC833061013L MEC83306-1013L Focus Ring Bottom MEC833061013L.
Photo of MEC833061019L (or P7-300056) MEC83306-1019L Switch, push button (pushin) MEC833061019L.
Just In: Part No. MEC833061039L MEC83306-1039L End point cross diffuser. MEC833061039L.
Photo of MEC833061041L MEC83306-1041L Ring, Lexan Pedest MEC833061041L.
Photo of MEC833061044 MEC83306-1044 Screw, Shoulder 83 MEC833061044.
Just In: Part No. MEC833061060L MEC83306-1060L Screw, Cover, Lexan, transparent MEC833061060L.
Photo of OSBBS151S170 OSBBS151S170 O-Ring, 75.87x2.62 Silicone OSBBS151S170
Photo of 38901804 (or 06-06369-00) 389018-04 Silver-plated S/S Gask, SS-10-VCR-2 38901804.
Photo of 6770173004 677-0173-004 Filter, Assembly, Actinic 6770173004
Photo of A8104 A8104 Coupling, Rudolph A8104.
Photo of 108674 108674 Connector, ZIF 200 Pin, for connection to PCB 108674.
Photo of 108693 108693 Connector, ZIF 150 Pin, for connection to PCB 108693.
Photo of HVR308M4 HVR30 8M4 Resistor, 8M4 (8.4M), 5%, 25W @ 20deg C. (or 8M2, (8.2M)) HVR308M4
Photo of PSL5C107K PSL 5C10-7K Switching Regulator (Positive), Input: 8.3-80V, Output: 5V 10A PSL5C107K
Photo of PSR248E7K (or 210.1429.1) PSR 248E-7K Switching Regulator (Positive), Input: 29-80V, Output: 24V, 8A PSR248E7K.
Photo of PSR368E7K PSR 368E-7K Switching Regulator (Positive), Input: 42-80V, Output: 36V 8A PSR368E7K
Photo of 087900 087900 PCB, EAUA 087900, DISCO 087900.
Just In: Part No. D551A (or MD551A) D-551A PM Driver D551A.
Photo of MD5501 MD-5501 PM Driver MD5501.
Photo of SP3785 SP-378-5 PCB, Driver SP3785.
Just In: Part No. SP3786 SP-378-6 Melec SP-378-6 EAUA-023600, Disco ES Circuit Board SP3786.
Just In: Part No. SP3787 SP-378-7 PCB, PB09S579 SP-378-7 EAUA-023600 Disco ES Board SP3787.
Photo of SP3826 SP-382-6 PCB, EAUA 087800, DISCO SP3826.
Photo of SP9096 SP-909-6 PCB, SP909-6 SP9096.
Photo of SP10187 SP1018-7 PCB, SP1018-7 SP10187.
Photo of 160SF6 (or ZZBLBTF160) 160SF6 Fuse, BT-Type Industrial Bolted Pattern - Centre Contact - 110mm 160A 160SF6.
Photo of ZZBLBTF160 ZZBLBTF160 Fuse, BT-Type Industrial Bolted Pattern - Centre Contact - 110mm 160A ZZBLBTF160
Photo of MCH316 (or 5 SN 3 C 16A) MCH316 MCB 16A Triple Pole Type C, DIN Rail Mounting, C16 A MCH316.
Photo of MCH332 MCH332 MCB 32A Triple Pole Type C, DIN Rail Mounting MCH332.
Just In: Part No. BTSH10005FM10V (or 300518-001) BTSH100-05F-M10V Filter BTSH10005FM10V.
Part No. 241115008 (or 06-86037-00) 241/1150/08 Cylinder, measuring 241115008.
Photo of 291853G 29185-3G Mercury Refill Vaccum 291853G.
Just In: Part No. 830 830 Connector, rotating, 8way 830.
Photo of 221057 22-1057 Tip Polythene 5115PP-B 221057.
Photo of 221064B 22-1064B Tip Polythene (5118PE- 221064B.
Photo of 221070 22-1070 Tip Polythene 5120PE-B 221070.
Photo of 221079 22-1079 Tip Polythene 5122PB-E 221079.
Photo of 20050 20050 Circuit Breaker, C32H, 1A.240/415V 20050.
Photo of 27275 27275 Circuit Breaker, NC100H C80A 27275.
Photo of 41013 41 013 Circuit Breaker, C125N-H, 600v, 12kA, 380/415V 41013.
Just In: Part No. C161N C161N Circuit Breaker, 160A C161N.
Photo of C60HC C60HC MCB, Type 3, 20A, 1-Pole. C60HC
Photo of C60HC2POLE C60HC 2-POLE Circuit Breaker, 2-Pole, Type 3, MCB, 20A, M9 BS 3871 C60HC2POLE
Photo of C60HC32A C60HC 32A Circuit Breaker, 2-Pole, Type 3, MCB, 32A, 415V, M9 BS 3871 C60HC32A
Photo of C60HCC32 C60HC C 32 Circuit Breaker, 3pole, 415VAC, 32A, DIN rail mounting C60HCC32.
Photo of DPNNVigi DPN N Vigi Circuit Breaker DPNNVIGI.
Photo of F100 F100 Circuit Breaker, 63A, 660Vac F100.
Photo of G2A220380 G2A220380 MCB, Type U, 2A, 1-Pole G2A220380
Photo of 28746 (or 9399399) 28746 Bellows Elevator 28746.
Photo of CBG26B CB-G26B Gauge, Pressure, 0-15psi, 0006 15G CBG26B
Photo of MATNW40 MAT-NW40 Zeolithe Chamber MATNW40.
Photo of 1220159 122-0159 Valve, Gate - Branson IPC 1220159
Photo of 1235001 12350-01 PCB, 3100 RF Control assembly 1235001.
Photo of 7006101 70061-01 Capacitor, 2000UF Auton DIO 7006101.
Photo of C1297701 C12977-01 Bellows, outlet 3100 IPC C1297701.
Photo of IPC04149 IPC-04149 Tube, exhaust, IPC IPC04149.
Photo of Part No. not known Part No. not known Valve, Needle, Chemfill Manifold Part No. not known
Photo of 0068438301 00-684383-01 Valve, 1 1/2" ROUN 0068438301.
Photo of 102110506F15 102-110-5-06F15 Clip, Nat Filled Poly 102110506F15.
Photo of 1231200608 1231200608 Screw, SOC HD SS V 1231200608.
Part No. 1351 (or 06-10415-00) 1351 PLEX 121/21/2 SHID 1351.
Photo of 1636 1636 Controller, SL15F 1636 FLUS 1636
Photo of 20216 202-16 Valve, Brackets 1/2 " Chemfill 20216
Photo of 2026801 202-68-01 Valve, 1/4" 2way NC Pneumatic 2026801.
Photo of 20271 202-71 Valve, Chemfill Manifold 20271
Photo of 230240001 230240-001 Brush and lug (FOR P/N 23 230240001.
Photo of 2481198800 2481198800 Standoff Varian 2481198800.
Photo of 25040160 2504-0160 O-Ring, 139.37x2.62, Flange to tube 25040160
Part No. 2740302900 2740302900 O-Ring, Sputter 2740302900.
Photo of 290030400 290030-400 PCB, cover open 290030400.
Photo of 290062400A 290062-400A Assembly, Drain Valve interlock 290062400A.
Photo of 290082400A 290082-400A Assembly, Drain Valve Actuator 290082400A.
Part No. 290125400 (or 06-10401-00) 290125-400 Loader program 290125400.
Photo of 290199400 290199-400 PCB, Pump control chem. 290199400.
Photo of 2RK6GKAA 2RK6GK-AA Motor, 115V 60Hz 2RK6GKAA.
Photo of 3H2509 (or 565718) 3-H2509 PCB, Sensor, Photo TPA-8 CDE8 3H2509.
Photo of 300038010 300038-010 O-Ring, 6.07x1.78, Viton (TEM viewport shaft, Manifold KASP) 300038010
Photo of 300038012 (or 06-10068-00) 300038-012 O-Ring, 9.25x1.78, Viton 300038012.
Part No. 300038164 (or 06-10092-00) 300038-164 O-Ring, Viton 300038164.
Photo of 300139002 300139-002 Washer, small cannister SAT 300139002.
Photo of 300145006 (or FMC8-12) 300145-006 Bushing, reducing, PFA, 1/2" FNPT x 3/4" MNPT 300145006.
Photo of 300445002 (or 06-10260-00) 300445-002 Valve, Flow control 300445002.
Photo of 300481001 (or 06-10199-00) 300481-001 Valve, Needle 300481001.
Photo of 300603001 300603-001 Plug, Vinyl port Saturn 300603001.
Part No. 300663018 (or 06-10301-00) 300663-018 Conn. Brass 300663018.
Part No. 300669001 (or 06-10337-00) 300669-001 Valve, Needle 300669001.
Photo of 300750005 (or 06-10311-00) 300750-005 Union, BRS CROSS 300750005.
Photo of 300777008 (or 06-10070-00) 300777-008 O-Ring, 4.48x1.78, purple compound, (E P D M 80 Dur) 300777008.
Photo of 300777010 (or 06-10074-00) 300777-010 O-Ring, 6.07x1.78mm, KALREZ 4079, (E P D M) 300777010.
Photo of 300777022 (or 06-10071-00) 300777-022 O-Ring, 25.12x1.78, purple compound, (E P D M 80 Dur) 300777022.
Photo of 300777030 (or 06-10072-00) 300777-030 O-Ring, 41x1.78, purple compound, (E P D M 80 Dur) 300777030.
Photo of 300888001 300888-001 Cylinder, Air, Saturn 300888001.
Photo of 300916022 300916-022 O-Ring, 25.12x1.78, Kalrez 1045 300916022
Photo of 300916030 (or 06-10077-00) 300916-030 O-Ring, 41x1.78, Kalrez, white, 1 5/8 x 1 3/4 x 1/16" 300916030.
Just In: Part No. 300917008 (or 06-10080-00) 300917-008 O-Ring, 4.47x1.78mm, Kalrez 4079 300917008.
Photo of 300917010 300917-010 O-Ring, 6.07x1.78mm, Kalrez 1050 300917010
Photo of 300917012 (or 06-10083-00) 300917-012 O-Ring, 12.42x1.78, Kalrez, 3/8 x 1/2 x 1/16" 300917012.
Photo of 300917022 (or 06-10081-00) 300917-022 O-Ring, 25.12x1.78mm, Kalrez 300917022.
Just In: Part No. 300917030 (or 06-10082-00) 300917-030 O-Ring, 41.00x1.78mm Kalrez, 1 5/8 x 1 3/4 x 1/16" 300917030.
Photo of 301090004 301090-004 Tee, PVDF 10-32M X 5/32T SA 301090004.
Just In: Part No. 3015162001 3015162-001 Pump Chemblend 20L Yamade 3015162001.
Photo of 3015162001 3015162-001 Diaphragm Pump, DP-20F (S/N= 21586) (5kgf/cm2 MAX Air Pressure) 3015162001
Photo of 301611115 (or FAME-812) 301611-115 Elbow, 3/4 MNPT, 1/2 Flare 301611115.
Photo of 301612115 (or 06-10304-00) 301612-115 Connector, PFA/SS 301612115.
Photo of 302868004 302868-004 Valve, diaphragm,hand operated, 3/4" orifice 302868004
Photo of 302873006 302873-006 Valve, diaphragm, pneumatically operated, 3/4" orifice 302873006
Photo of 302891001 302891-001 Principal Regulator (Remote Operated) 302891001
Photo of 303353001 (or D3632320) 303353-001 Shuttle control Solenoid 303353001.
Photo of 303356001 (or EV-125) 303356-001 Valve, Quick vent Chemblend 303356001.
Photo of 304114001 304114-001 Pump, diaphragm, Chemblend 304114001
Photo of 4M70871 4-M7087-1 Window 4M7087#1 CDE-8 ( 4M70871.
Photo of 4M71001 4-M7100-1 Plate, Angle CDE8 4M71001.
Photo of 4M7518G1 4-M7518-G1 Gear, Nylon, 2 CDE8 4M7518G1.
Photo of 4N8497G1 4-N8497-G1 Gear, Nylon, 1 CDE8 4N8497G1.
Photo of 4P20131 (or 565722) 4-P2013-1 Pusher Blade CDE8 4P20131.
Photo of 400995001 400995-001 Needle, low flow Saturn 400995001.
Photo of 401068001 401068-001 Filter, Aspirator Saturn 401068001.
Photo of 401562002 401562-002 Orifice F/C 090 Saturn 401562002.
Photo of 402160001 402160-001 Pin, shaft Saturn 402160001.
Part No. 48030010 4803-0010 SCR, pair 90A 48030010.
Photo of 600522 600522 Bearing, load/unload, CDE8 0.975/1.85x0.575 24.75/47x14.5 600522.
Photo of 620ZZ 620ZZ Bearing, Pusher load CDE8 10/30x10 620 ZZ 620ZZ.
Photo of 67449301 67449301 Spring, Ceramic, Ring RTNER 67449301
Photo of 67449401 67449401 Spring, Shield 674 67449401.
Photo of 67492901 67492901 Switch, Vacuum, "15"HG 67492901
Part No. 67825401 67825401 Valve, 1/2" Aluminium 67825401.
Just In: Part No. 67831901 67831901 Door Cyl Seal Wfr 67831901.
Just In: Part No. 68540300 68540300 Clamp, 3180 Shutter 68540300.
Photo of 6GC12 6GC-12 Diode, main body, CDE8 6GC12.
Part No. 7100050504 7100-0505-04 Flange, door 7100050504.
Photo of 781 781 Solenoid, FLU Etch Teflon 781
Photo of 846 (or 06-10361-00) 846 Assembly, burst SPR 846.
Photo of 900490001 900490-001 Cont EPROM Flow A215P8 SAT 900490001.
Photo of 902828001 902828-001 Sensor, Speed FSI Saturn 902828001.
Photo of 910016 91-0016 Coupler RS-50 barbed BLAC 910016.
Photo of 962448000 962448-000 Plug, Teflon injector 962448000.
Photo of 97000081 9700-0081 Rack and pinion kit, Nanoline 4 N/S 97000081.
Photo of A0401020215 A040-102-0215 Handle JIG With Locking B A0401020215.
Photo of A724004B0215 A72-40-04B-0215 Handle, carrier, Teflon 4" A724004B0215.
Photo of AB401201 AB-4012-01 Gasket, Gate cylinder ATCOR AB401201.
Photo of AC011601 AC-0116-01 Sprocket, chain drive, ATCOR AC011601.
Part No. AG45010030 AG 4501-0030 Contactor, 3pole, 24 VA AG45010030.
Photo of AT630A AT6-3.0A Fuse, 3A, Driver PC CDE-8 AT630A.
Photo of ATG20A ATG-2.0A Fuse, 2A, Driver PC CDE-8 ATG20A.
Photo of BB026601 BB-0266-01 Switch, pressure, 50PSI, Adjustable, 5A, 250VAC BB026601
Photo of BB028001 BB-0280-01 Coupling, quick disconnect BB028001.
Photo of BB037101 BB-0371-01 Seal, Spring Chamber shaft BB037101.
Photo of BB049301 BB-0493-01 O-Ring, 86x6.8, Nitrile, Seal 3/8 Gallon tank BB049301.
Part No. BB130101 BB-1301-01 Valve, 2way Surf Tank Dispe BB130101.
Photo of BB403101 BB-4031-01 Valve, Air, Mini-Myte, with Solenoid, 120VAC 50/60Hz BB403101
Photo of BB602201 BB-6022-01 Float, DI OF surf tank TEFL BB602201.
Photo of CH487001 CH-4870-01 Relay, 12VAC, DPST (2pole n/o), 25A@240VAC, open frame, chassis mounting CH487001
Photo of CJ142702 CJ1427-02 Motor, (belt drive) 115V 60Hz with gearbox 2GK30KA CJ142702.
Photo of CL031601 CL-0316-01 Fuse, 3A, Atcor CL031601.
Part No. E660615 E66-0615 Tank, Flouroware E66 RECIR E660615.
Part No. E9710161C02 E97-101-61C02 Box, Stat-pro, Black 4"SING E9710161C02.
Photo of H224010615 (or 422-401-0615) H22-401-0615 Cover 4" Storage Box IND H224010615.
Photo of LD414801 LD-4148-01 Key, Pulley, ATCOR LD414801.
Photo of LE050B0340A LE050B03-40A Breaker, No-fuse, S50B 3-Pole, 20A LE050B0340A
Photo of LM13AUU LM13AUU Bearing, Linear 123x32 LM13AUU.
Photo of PS16038 PS-16038 Motor, Elevator CDE8 PS16038
Just In: Part No. TX704 TX704 Wipe, Angel Photomask, 201 TX704.
Part No. 10111060 (or 101-110 60) 101-110-60 Relay, 11-Pin Base 10111060.
Just In: Part No. H024MER102UK H 024 MER 10 2UK Relay, Timer, 11pin base, 0-10seconds, 2Pc/o, 24V ac. H024MER102UK.
Photo of MZ19211011 M Z192-110-11 Relay, Time delay, 0-10secs, 110VAC, 2PDT (2pole c/o), 11pin (circle) base, MZ192-110-11 MZ19211011
Photo of MZ101024 (or MZ101-028) MZ 101-024 Relay, Time delay, 0-10secs, 24V, (SPDT+STST (1pole c/o plus 1pole n/o) 11pin(cirlce) base, MZ101024.
Photo of MZ19111009 MZ 191-110-09 Relay, Time delay, 0-10secs, 110VAC, SPDT+STST (1pole c/o plus 1pole n/o) 11pin(cirlce) base, MZ19111009.
Photo of MZ19111019 MZ 191-110-19 Relay, Time delay, 0-10secs, 110VAC, SPDT (1pole c/o), Octal Base. replacement for B4779521EJ MZ19111019

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