Evap Spares

We hold in stock thousands of spare parts for machinery used in
the semiconductor, optical and opthalmic manufacturing industries.
Spares from: 
Kaco,  Kalrez,  Kanematsu Semi,  KB Electronics,  Keithley,  Kemet,  Kent,  Kepco-Tdk, 
Kevex,  Keyence,  Kilovac,  Kingsway Tech College,  KLA Tencor,  Klixon, 
Klockner Moeller,  KMT,  Knobel,  Kobold,  Kodenstock,  Koganei, 
Kontron Electronics,  Kooltronic,  Koyo,  Kraus & Naimer, 
KS Equipment Inc.,  Kubler,  Kuhnke,  Kulicke And Soffa,  Kuroda,  Kurt J Lesker, 

RS72 001 L1 Relay, 24VAC, SPDT (1pole c/o), 10A@250VAC, PCB Mounting Photo of RS72001L1
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AS-578A O-Ring, 6.07x1.78, Kalrez 8375UP, 1/4x3/8x1/16 inch Just In: Photo on request.
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Part No. not known Sheet DES Lifter cover W10 Ring for information.
130T-80-6-4K Belt, Des Lifter Encoder DR, 264x6mm, 130 teeth Photo of 130T8064K
130T-80-6.4K Belt, timing Pusher the Ash, 165X8mm Photo of 130T8064K
3198L Belt, DES Flat Finder Drive Photo of 3198L
4625692EO1 Sheet DES Lifter cover W105 X3mm Photo of 4625692EO1
AC3-02447(H00266 PCB, Loader speed set DES Photo of AC302447H00266
AP3-04176 Coupling, DES Gas lineE AP3 Photo of AP304176
MSC-2-A-8 Clutch Door DES Asher 1364 Photo of MSC2A8
PM25010-250V Power Supply, Des Plasma Di Photo of PM25010250V
PSC-5902 PCB, Process control output Photo of PSC5902
PSC-5903 PCB, Process control input Photo of PSC5903
PSC-5904 PCB, Process control A/D DE Photo of PSC5904
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KBGE-125C Speed Variator 25A 120VAC Photo of KBGE125C
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427 43490A Current Amplifier 427 (117V 1/4A.234V 1/8A), Cambridge S600 S.C.A Photo of 42743490A
740 Scan Thermometer Photo of 740
7402 Scaning Thermometer Photo of 7402
775A Prog Counter / Timer Photo of 775A
9126 CGM CMTR1 1MHz Capcitance Module 5902 Photo of 9126CGM
9150-SRU Module, Calibration unit 9150 SRU Photo of 9150SRU
CMTR 1 CMTR1 Cable for Capcitance Module 5902 Photo of CMTR1
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T491B226K010AS Capacitor, 22uF, 15V, Solid Tantalum, surface mount Just In: Photo on request.
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M105 Clearspan M105 chart recorder Photo of M105
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PAT 100-0.2R Power Supply, 0-100v 0-0.2A Just In: Photo on request.
RMT 002-AA Power Supply, 5V/10a +/- 15V/1a. Photo of RMT002AA
RMX 15-B Power Supply, 15V. Kepco-TDK RMX 15-B Photo of RMX15B
RMX28-D RMX 28-D Power Supply 28V Photo of RMX28D
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06-37003-00 Lamp, 110-140V, 5/7W Photo of 063700300
KE 4100-0013 Lamp, green Kevex Photo of KE41000013
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PS 52 Sensor, thru-beam, Keyence PS 52 Photo of PS52
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FSCM 16741 Relay, 26.5VDC, SPDT (1pole c/o), Very high voltage, in kit 0040-7490-1 Photo of FSCM16741
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A16045 Power supply, 30V Just In: Photo on request.
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Photomask 76 Ring for information.
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9660B Intensity Relay Photo of 9660B
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31 DIL M Contact, auxilliary for DIL00AM Photo of 31DILM
DIL 0 M Contactor, 110VAC coil, 3phase, 600V, 35A, DIN rail mounting Photo of DIL0M
DIL 00 A M Contactor, 110VAC coil, 3phase, 600V, 20A, DIN rail mounting Photo of DIL00AM
NZM 64-100 Main Switch for ST700, Master 4P 100A for 50Hz Klockner Moeller NZM 64-100 Photo of NZM64100
Z 00-10 Relay, Thermal (Overload), 3phase, 6-10A, 1n/o, 1n/c contacts Photo of Z0010
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420.543.8 Valve, Gate Photo of 4205438
420.599.9 Valve, Gate Photo of 4205999
F 32057-02 Valve, Gate Photo of F3205702
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2bE 380 Spez. Resistive Source Transformer Photo of 2bE380Spez
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41R57 Switch, flow, connector, 250VAC/.4AMP 50VDC/1A SPST Photo of 41R57
DF-24DR15WMG2 Switch, flow, Paddle wheel, Type DF-WM Photo of DF24DR15WMG2
SV-2106R08 Flow meter.Kobold.1.5-6l/m, H2O Photo of SV2106R08
SV-2106R15 Flowmeter.Kobold.2-10l/m, H2O Ring for information.
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RM50 Laser Transducer, 200301 Photo of RM50
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040-4E1 Valve, solenoid, 5port 2 position single Solenoid Photo of 0404E1
050-4E1 Valve, Air, Solenoid operated, 24VDC, Photo of 0504E1
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TC-1 Thermocouple Module Photo of TC1
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7163-2466 Fan, with Enclosure, Motor Type U63 115VAC, 50/60Hz, 1.55A, 1300/1550rpm Just In: Photo on request.
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6815 (61815) Bearing, 75/95x10 Extra Thin (Koyo) Photo of 681561815
83A334ZZSTC4 Bearing, 12/28x8 Stainless C4 Double Shield Photo of 83A334ZZSTC4
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C250 Main Switch, 2 Position, 315A, 660VAC Photo of C250
C42 A203-608 E Switch, 3 phase Photo of C42A203608E
C65 Switch, Rotary Drum C65 2 Pos Main, 63A, 600VAC Photo of C65
VDE 0660-BS 587 Switch, Rotary Drum C65 2 Pos Main, 63A, 600VAC Photo of VDE0660BS587
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677-0173-004 Filter, Assembly, Actinic Photo of 6770173004
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GTI 25-P Impulse Protection Relay Photo of GTI25P
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36.190.060 Cylinder, retro holder Photo of 36190060
39.110.004 Cylinder, UL90 Kit 9920608-32, 8mm, Hub: 4mm, max. 10 bar Photo of 39110004
39.120.004 Cylinder, UL90 Kit 9920608-32 Photo of 39120004
65.112 Solenoid, 220VAC with valve Photo of 65112
701.000 Acuator, Rotary, double acting, Range: 2.0 to 8.0 bar. Photo of 701000
D 32 LOL -M Motor, 24VDC, Magnet, turn left Photo of D32LOLM
D 32 R0R -M Motor, 24VDC, Magnet, turn right Photo of D32R0RM
NW2 Valve, solenoid, 24VDC, 4.5W, 65.231 Photo of NW2
RM32-F-HS2617 Solenoid, 24VDC, Loader Multitest Photo of RM32FHS2617
RM40-F Solenoid, 24VDC for Multitest input loader Photo of RM40F
UD 1535 Relay, Three-phase Voltage Monitoring. 6Amps, 250V. UD 1535.1.2, DIN rail mounting Photo of UD1535
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21091-6000-000 O-Ring, 134.5x3mm Belt Photo of 210916000000
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C-2-50-40-R1 Motor, 20W-R TOSH Autocap, with gearbox Photo of C25040R1
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EFT0023033 Feedthrough, 500V, 12A/pin, 2poles. Photo of EFT0023033
KJL6000-QF16 Thermocouple Gauge Head Photo of KJL6000QF16
MST-250-2QF Filter, In line Photo of MST2502QF
TFT1KY2C153 Feedthrough, with Thermocouple, 5000V, 12A/pin, 2poles. Photo of TFT1KY2C153
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