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Highland Scientific supply high-vacuum spare parts and systems.
We stock thousands of new, pre-owned and obsolete parts sourced globally from leading companies.

Spares from: 
Kaco,  Kalrez,  Kanematsu Semi,  KB Electronics,  Keithley,  Kemet,  Kent,  Kepco-Tdk, 
Kevex,  Keyence,  Kilovac,  Kingsway Tech College,  KLA Tencor,  Klixon, 
Klockner Moeller,  KMT,  Knobel,  Kobold,  Kodenstock,  Koganei, 
Kontron Electronics,  Kooltronic,  Koyo,  Kraus & Naimer, 
KS Equipment Inc.,  Kubler,  Kuhnke,  Kulicke And Soffa,  Kuroda,  Kurt J Lesker, 

Photo of RS72001L1 RS72 001 L1 Relay, 24VAC, SPDT (1pole c/o), 10A@250VAC, PCB Mounting RS72001L1
Just In: Part No. AS578A AS-578A O-Ring, 6.07x1.78, Kalrez 8375UP, 1/4x3/8x1/16 inch AS578A.
Part No. Part No. not known Part No. not known Sheet DES Lifter cover W10 Part No. not known
Photo of 130T8064K 130T-80-6-4K Belt, Des Lifter Encoder DR, 264x6mm, 130 teeth 130T8064K.
Photo of 130T8064K 130T-80-6.4K Belt, timing Pusher the Ash, 165X8mm 130T8064K.
Photo of 3198L (or GN 528980) 3198L Belt, DES Flat Finder Drive 3198L.
Photo of 4625692EO1 (or 2Z016) 4625692EO1 Sheet DES Lifter cover W105 X3mm 4625692EO1.
Photo of AC302447H00266 (or AC302447(H00266) AC3-02447(H00266 PCB, Loader speed set DES AC302447H00266.
Photo of AP304176 AP3-04176 Coupling, DES Gas lineE AP3 AP304176.
Photo of MSC2A8 MSC-2-A-8 Clutch Door DES Asher 1364 MSC2A8.
Photo of PM25010250V PM25010-250V Power Supply, Des Plasma Di PM25010250V.
Photo of PSC5902 PSC-5902 PCB, Process control output PSC5902.
Photo of PSC5903 PSC-5903 PCB, Process control input PSC5903.
Photo of PSC5904 PSC-5904 PCB, Process control A/D DE PSC5904.
Photo of KBGE125C KBGE-125C Speed Variator 25A 120VAC KBGE125C.
Photo of 42743490A 427 43490A Current Amplifier 427 (117V 1/4A.234V 1/8A), Cambridge S600 S.C.A 42743490A.
Photo of 740 740 Scan Thermometer 740.
Photo of 7402 7402 Scaning Thermometer 7402.
Photo of 775A 775A Prog Counter / Timer 775A.
Photo of 9126CGM (or 06-23014-00) 9126 CGM CMTR1 1MHz Capcitance Module 5902 9126CGM.
Photo of 9150SRU (or 06-23013-00) 9150-SRU Module, Calibration unit 9150 SRU 9150SRU.
Photo of CMTR1 CMTR 1 CMTR1 Cable for Capcitance Module 5902 CMTR1.
Just In: Part No. T491B226K010AS T491B226K010AS Capacitor, 22uF, 15V, Solid Tantalum, surface mount T491B226K010AS.
Photo of M105 M105 Clearspan M105 chart recorder M105.
Just In: Part No. PAT10002R PAT 100-0.2R Power Supply, 0-100v 0-0.2A PAT10002R.
Photo of RMT002AA RMT 002-AA Power Supply, 5V/10a +/- 15V/1a. RMT002AA.
Photo of RMX15B (or C-0843-0001-0) RMX 15-B Power Supply, 15V. Kepco-TDK RMX 15-B RMX15B.
Photo of RMX28D (or C-0843-0002-0) RMX28-D RMX 28-D Power Supply 28V RMX28D.
Photo of 063700300 06-37003-00 Lamp, 110-140V, 5/7W 063700300.
Photo of KE41000013 (or 06-37011-00) KE 4100-0013 Lamp, green Kevex KE41000013.
Photo of PS52 PS 52 Sensor, thru-beam, Keyence PS 52 PS52
Photo of FSCM16741 FSCM 16741 Relay, 26.5VDC, SPDT (1pole c/o), Very high voltage, in kit 0040-7490-1 FSCM16741
Just In: Part No. A16045 (or 1P004) A16045 Power supply, 30V A16045.
Part No. Photomask Photomask 76 PHOTOMASK.
Photo of 9660B 9660B Intensity Relay 9660B.
Photo of 31DILM 31 DIL M Contact, auxilliary for DIL00AM 31DILM.
Photo of DIL0M (or 344-265) DIL 0 M Contactor, 110VAC coil, 3phase, 600V, 35A, DIN rail mounting DIL0M.
Photo of DIL00AM (or 315-740) DIL 00 A M Contactor, 110VAC coil, 3phase, 600V, 20A, DIN rail mounting DIL00AM.
Photo of NZM64100 NZM 64-100 Main Switch for ST700, Master 4P 100A for 50Hz Klockner Moeller NZM 64-100 NZM64100
Photo of Z0010 (or 344-366) Z 00-10 Relay, Thermal (Overload), 3phase, 6-10A, 1n/o, 1n/c contacts Z0010.
Photo of 4205438 420.543.8 Valve, Gate 4205438.
Photo of 4205999 420.599.9 Valve, Gate 4205999.
Photo of F3205702 F 32057-02 Valve, Gate F3205702.
Photo of 2bE380Spez 2bE 380 Spez. Resistive Source Transformer 2BE380SPEZ.
Photo of 41R57 41R57 Switch, flow, connector, 250VAC/.4AMP 50VDC/1A SPST 41R57.
Photo of DF24DR15WMG2 DF-24DR15WMG2 Switch, flow, Paddle wheel, Type DF-WM DF24DR15WMG2.
Photo of SV2106R08 SV-2106R08 Flow meter.Kobold.1.5-6l/m, H2O SV2106R08
Part No. SV2106R15 SV-2106R15 Flowmeter.Kobold.2-10l/m, H2O SV2106R15.
Photo of RM50 RM50 Laser Transducer, 200301 RM50
Photo of 0404E1 (or MOGCH602-BY) 040-4E1 Valve, solenoid, 5port 2 position single Solenoid 0404E1.
Photo of 0504E1 (or 0-39-03220) 050-4E1 Valve, Air, Solenoid operated, 24VDC, 0504E1.
Photo of TC1 TC-1 Thermocouple Module TC1.
Just In: Part No. 71632466 7163-2466 Fan, with Enclosure, Motor Type U63 115VAC, 50/60Hz, 1.55A, 1300/1550rpm 71632466.
Photo of 681561815 6815 (61815) Bearing, 75/95x10 Extra Thin (Koyo) 681561815
Photo of 83A334ZZSTC4 83A334ZZSTC4 Bearing, 12/28x8 Stainless C4 Double Shield 83A334ZZSTC4
Photo of C250 C250 Main Switch, 2 Position, 315A, 660VAC C250.
Photo of C42A203608E C42 A203-608 E Switch, 3 phase C42A203608E.
Photo of C65 (or VDE 0660-BS 587) C65 Switch, Rotary Drum C65 2 Pos Main, 63A, 600VAC C65.
Photo of VDE0660BS587 VDE 0660-BS 587 Switch, Rotary Drum C65 2 Pos Main, 63A, 600VAC VDE0660BS587
Photo of 6770173004 677-0173-004 Filter, Assembly, Actinic 6770173004.
Photo of GTI25P GTI 25-P Impulse Protection Relay GTI25P.
Photo of 36190060 36.190.060 Cylinder, retro holder 36190060
Photo of 39110004 39.110.004 Cylinder, UL90 Kit 9920608-32, 8mm, Hub: 4mm, max. 10 bar 39110004
Photo of 39120004 39.120.004 Cylinder, UL90 Kit 9920608-32 39120004
Photo of 65112 65.112 Solenoid, 220VAC with valve 65112.
Photo of 701000 701.000 Acuator, Rotary, double acting, Range: 2.0 to 8.0 bar. 701000.
Photo of D32LOLM D 32 LOL -M Motor, 24VDC, Magnet, turn left D32LOLM
Photo of D32R0RM D 32 R0R -M Motor, 24VDC, Magnet, turn right D32R0RM
Photo of NW2 NW2 Valve, solenoid, 24VDC, 4.5W, 65.231 NW2
Photo of RM32FHS2617 RM32-F-HS2617 Solenoid, 24VDC, Loader Multitest RM32FHS2617
Photo of RM40F (or EMS.014) RM40-F Solenoid, 24VDC for Multitest input loader RM40F.
Photo of UD1535 UD 1535 Relay, Three-phase Voltage Monitoring. 6Amps, 250V. UD 1535.1.2, DIN rail mounting UD1535.
Photo of 210916000000 (or 30003080) 21091-6000-000 O-Ring, 134.5x3mm Belt 210916000000.
Photo of C25040R1 C-2-50-40-R1 Motor, 20W-R TOSH Autocap, with gearbox C25040R1
Photo of EFT0023033 EFT0023033 Feedthrough, 500V, 12A/pin, 2poles. EFT0023033.
Photo of KJL6000QF16 KJL6000-QF16 Thermocouple Gauge Head KJL6000QF16.
Photo of MST2502QF MST-250-2QF Filter, In line MST2502QF.
Photo of TFT1KY2C153 TFT1KY2C153 Feedthrough, with Thermocouple, 5000V, 12A/pin, 2poles. TFT1KY2C153.

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