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Hansatec Ltd,  Harris Semiconductor,  Harting,  Haruna,  Haskel,  Hastings, 
Heathkit,  HEI,  Heidenhain,  Heimann,  Heinemann,  Heirzu,  Helical Products Co., 
Hellermann,  Heraeus,  Herga,  Herion,  Hettich,  Hewlett Packard, 
Hewlett Packard (HP),  Hiden Analytical,  High Vacuum Apparatus, 
Highland Scientific,  Hirschmann,  Hitachi,  Hivolt Capacitors Ltd, 
Hks Japan,  Hoffmann,  Hoke,  Honda,  Honeywell,  Hosiden Besson, 
Howard Industries,  Hp-Tronic,  HSR,  Hubbell,  Huber,  Huber+Suhner,  Humphrey, 
Humphreys,  Hunting Hivolt,  Hurst,  Huttinger,  HVA,  Hydac, 

Photo of 159039 159-039 Thermocouple, K s/steel sheath, 1.5mm x 1Metre 159039
Photo of HH20A250V HH20A250V Plug, 3way, 20A, 250v, size 20 HH20A250V.
Photo of 6ATYPE2M6 6A TYPE2 M6 Circuit Breaker, 6A 6ATYPE2M6
Photo of BS3871 (or 6A TYPE2 M6) BS 3871 Circuit Breaker, 6A BS3871.
Photo of NB320 (or B 20) NB 320 MCB Type B TP 20A 10kA NB320.
Photo of NB363 NB 363 MCB Type B TP 63A 10kA NB363.
Photo of NBN332A NBN332A MCB Type B TP 32A 10kA NBN332A.
Photo of 1P28854 1P28-85.4 Photomultiplier Tube 1P28854.
Photo of HE721C0500 HE721C0500 Relay, 5VDC, SPDT (1pole c/o), 250mA@175V, DIL base HE721C0500
Photo of HE751A1210 HE751A12-10 Relay, 4pole HE751A1210.
Photo of HE751A1210 HE751A1210 Relay, Reed, 12VDC, SPNO (1pole NO), 500mA@240VAC, DIL HE751A1210
Photo of 1455N1601 (or 458-0768) 1455N1601 PCB, Aluminium Case, Clear Anodized, 160X103X54, (casing for PC boards or interfacing equipment) 1455N1601.
Photo of 131090009 1310-90009 Sensor 131090009.
Photo of 2N6667 (or 707-101) 2N6667 Transistor, PNP, 60v 15A TO220 2N6667.
Photo of A124055 (or 8990288) A1-2405-5 IC, 16pin DIL, PRAM 4 channel programmable amps. A124055.
Photo of A251105 (or 6072978) A2 5110-5 IC, Operational amplifier (op-amp) A251105.
Photo of DG301ACJ (or 6100070) DG301ACJ IC, TTL compatible CMOS analogue switch SPDT DG301ACJ.
Photo of HA347415 HA3-4741-5 IC, quad op amp 40V HA347415.
Photo of PROMI8256 PROMI 8256 IC, P1262 (N8T97D), PROM, programmed code: 1820-00238 PROMI8256
Photo of TIP120 TIP120 Transistor, NPN 60v 5A TO220 TIP120.
Photo of 09000005104 0900 000 5104 Han Clamp/Cable Gland PG21 0900 000 5104 09000005104
Photo of 893115348 89311-5348 Fitting, Teflon L46 PT 3/8 893115348
Photo of APV3C125TFT38T (or 0-39-06164) APV3C-125T-FT3/8T Valve, Pressure 3Kg APV3C125TFT38T.
Photo of 27146 27146 High Pressure Pump Haskel Inc, D 620 27146
Photo of ELF300 ELF-300 Mass flowmeter, 0-300cc per minute ELF300.
Photo of 221 221 Semi Conductor Curve Tracer 221
Photo of IT3121 (or 221) IT-3121 Semi Conductor Curve Tracer IT3121.
Photo of 0S521200LW 0S 521 200 LW Switch, Optical (set) 0S521200LW.
Photo of K12CBT K12-CBT Switch, Optical K12CBT.
Photo of VRZ181 (or VRZ 181 ID NO. 2617908) VRZ 181 Heidenhain Position Control Units VRZ181.
Photo of Q72C9506 Q 72-C 9506 Pick up Tube, Sierra Nuvicon Camera Q72C9506
Photo of AM4A3A AM-4-A3-A Circuit Breaker, 30A 240V AM4A3A.
Photo of AM3SA3LA15DA AM3S-A3-LA-15-D-A Circuit Breaker, 50A 250VAC AM3SA3LA15DA.
Photo of CD2A3U202402 CD2-A3-U-20-2402 Circuit Breaker CD2A3U202402.
Photo of CF2G3AB000301B CF2-G3-AB0003-01B Circuit Breaker, 2-Pole 480V CF2G3AB000301B.
Photo of CF3A2A3A6 CF3-A2-A3-A6 Circuit Breaker, SZ 33, CF3, 35A, 50Hz, 3 Kve, 380V CF3A2A3A6
Photo of CF3G2G3G3 CF3-G2-G3-G3 Protective Switch CF3, 60A, 380AC, 50/60Hz, 3 Kve CF3G2G3G3
Photo of JA1SB6AB01DA JA1S-B6-A-B-01-D-A Circuit Breaker, 28V JA1SB6AB01DA.
Photo of UPL1161F353 (or UPL1-1-61F-353) UPL1-1-61-F-353 Breaker Gene LM 35A 9008Line UPL1161F353.
Photo of UPL1161F203 UPL1-1-61F-203 Breaker Gene LM 20A 9008 Line UPL1161F203.
Photo of 2050392 (or 205039-2) 205 039-2 Current Set Meter 2050392.
Photo of 58451212 5845-12-12 Helical Flexible Shaft Coupling 58451212.
Photo of 90110356 901-10356 Cable marker, Helagrip, 0 2.25-5mm (Pack of 250) 90110356
Photo of 90110361 901-10361 Cable marker, Helagrip, 5 2.25-5mm (Pack of 250) 90110361
Photo of 90110362 901-10362 Cable marker, Helagrip, 6 2.25-5mm (Pack of 250) 90110362
Photo of MLFHG13WE250A MLFHG1-3WE-250 A Cable marker, Helagrip, A 1-2mm (Pack of 250) MLFHG13WE250A
Photo of MLFHG13WE250B MLFHG1-3WE-250 B Cable marker, Helagrip, C 1-2mm (Pack of 250) MLFHG13WE250B
Photo of MLFHG13WE250D MLFHG1-3WE-250 D Cable marker, Helagrip, D 1-2mm (Pack of 250) MLFHG13WE250D
Photo of MLFHG13WE250F MLFHG1-3WE-250 F Cable marker, Helagrip, F 1-2mm (Pack of 250) MLFHG13WE250F
Photo of MLFHG13WE250G MLFHG1-3WE-250 G Cable marker, Helagrip, G 1-2mm (Pack of 250) MLFHG13WE250G
Photo of MLFHG13WE250L MLFHG1-3WE-250 L Cable marker, Helagrip, L 1-2mm (Pack of 250) MLFHG13WE250L
Photo of MLFHG13WE250N MLFHG1-3WE-250 N Cable marker, Helagrip, N 1-2mm (Pack of 250) MLFHG13WE250N
Photo of MLFHG13WE250P MLFHG1-3WE-250 P Cable marker, Helagrip, P 1-2mm (Pack of 250) MLFHG13WE250P
Photo of MLFHG25WE250A MLFHG2-5WE-250 A Cable marker, Helagrip, A 2-4mm (Pack of 250) MLFHG25WE250A
Photo of MLFHG25WE250B MLFHG2-5WE-250 B Cable marker, Helagrip, B 2-4mm (Pack of 250) MLFHG25WE250B
Photo of MLFHG25WE250C MLFHG2-5WE-250 C Cable marker, Helagrip, C 2-4mm (Pack of 250) MLFHG25WE250C
Photo of MLFHG25WE250D MLFHG2-5WE-250 D Cable marker, Helagrip, D 2-4mm (Pack of 250) MLFHG25WE250D
Photo of MLFHG25WE250F MLFHG2-5WE-250 F Cable marker, Helagrip, F 2-4mm (Pack of 250) MLFHG25WE250F
Photo of MLFHG25WE250K MLFHG2-5WE-250 K Cable marker, Helagrip, K 2-4mm (Pack of 250) MLFHG25WE250K
Photo of MLFHG25WE250L MLFHG2-5WE-250 L Cable marker, Helagrip, L 2-4mm (bag of 250) MLFHG25WE250L
Photo of MLFHG25WE250N MLFHG2-5WE-250 N Cable marker, Helagrip, N 2-4mm (Pack of 250) MLFHG25WE250N
Photo of MLFHG25WE250P MLFHG2-5WE-250 P Cable marker, Helagrip, P 2-4mm (Pack of 250) MLFHG25WE250P
Photo of MLFHG49WEB MLFHG4-9WE B Cable marker, Helagrip, B 4-7mm (bag of 250) MLFHG49WEB
Photo of MLFHG49WEC MLFHG4-9WE C Cable marker, Helagrip, C 4-7mm (bag of 250) MLFHG49WEC
Photo of MLFHG49WEK MLFHG4-9WE K Cable marker, Helagrip, K 4-7mm (bag of 250) MLFHG49WEK
Photo of MLFHG49WEL MLFHG4-9WE L Cable marker, Helagrip, L 4-7mm (bag of 250) MLFHG49WEL
Photo of MLFHG49WEN MLFHG4-9WE N Cable marker, Helagrip, N 4-7mm (bag of 250) MLFHG49WEN
Just In: Part No. 19882 1-988-2 Lens, Protective 19882.
Photo of 121031 1.210.31 Diffuser PE340 HPC 121031
Photo of EK0805 (or 1.210.31) EK0805 Diffuser PE340 HPC EK0805.
Photo of 67020001 6702-0001 Switch, pressure, Industrial, red spring (20-50 psi) 67020001
Photo of 0200 0200 Solenoid, 48V, 50Hz, 12W 100% Duty Cycle 0200
Photo of 18M3R 18M-3R Inductive Proximity Sensor 18M3R.
Photo of 007719 007719 Laser 6328A HP5517A 007719.
Photo of 0333066535 (or 3330-66535) 03330-66535 PCB, Extender card 0333066535.
Photo of 0913369560 (or 9133-69560) 09133-69560 PCB, Control Board 0913369560.
Photo of 10746 10746 PCB, Binary Interface XY 10746.
Part No. 149 (or J2522 60013) 149 Jet Direct Card Print Server 149.
Photo of 2040U03295 2040U03295 HP-IB Extender, 37203A 2040U03295
Photo of 333066535 3330-66535 PCB, Extender card 333066535
Photo of 37302A (or 2040U03295) 37302A HP-IB Extender, 37203A 37302A.
Photo of 5517A 5517A Laser, Helium-Neon type 5517A 5517A.
Photo of 6281A 6281A Power Supply, DC 0~7.5V 0~5A 6281A.
Photo of 6282A 6282A Power Supply, DC 0-10V 0-10A 6282A.
Photo of 913369560 9133-69560 PCB, Control Board 913369560
Photo of 98624A 98624A HP-IB Interface Card 98624A.
Photo of C3235A C3235A HP Entria X terminals, C3235A, C3235AX, (S/N= CA4A401018) C3235A.
Photo of HDSP7501 (or 725-301) HDSP-7501 Display, 7 Segement, Red Led HDSP-7501 HDSP7501.
Just In: Part No. HP6269B HP 6269B Power Supply HP6269B.
Photo of 0701060012 (or 701060012) 07010-60012 Wiper assembly, HP7010 Y-Axis 60012 0701060012.
Photo of 0704660440 (or 704660440) 07046-60440 Wiper assembly, HP7040 YAxis 60440 0704660440.
Just In: Part No. 6232A (or 011 005-028-902) 6232 A DC Power Supply, 6282A (220V, 50Hz) (0-10V, 0-10A Output) (S/N= 2007A03631) 6232A.
Photo of HP3700 HP 3700 IC, Optical Coupler AC/DC to Logic. From Kit 0040-7490-1 HP3700
Photo of 503965A 50 3965 A Integrated Rack Module With Mounting Kit 503965A.
Just In: Part No. BG448250T BG 448 250 -T Penning Cable / Lead BG448250T.
Photo of HA057021 HA-057-021 TIU- Turbo Interface Unit, 100-240V, 50/60Hz. HA057021.
Photo of 1220159 122-0159 Valve, Gate - Branson IPC 1220159.
Just In: Part No. Part No. not known Part No. not known EDXRF Equipment (software, Books, Sample Carousels, Collimators etc) Part No. not known
Part No. Part No. not known Part No. not known O-Ring, 29x3 Nitrile Part No. not known
Photo of 0035615 003-5615 Bearing, Plain, 17mm x 21mm x 38mm 0035615.
Photo of 003547 003547 BEACON, 240VAC STD 003547.
Photo of 01015015 Collar, DIL600/300/PLCC 01015015.
Photo of 016060 0160-60 O-Ring, 16x6 Viton 016060.
Photo of 020040 0200-40 O-Ring, 20x4, Viton 020040
Photo of 0226506EO1 0226506EO1 Nut, 3mm Multitest 0226506EO1.
Photo of 0318564EO1 0318564EO1 Screw, Mask Stage 0318564EO1.
Photo of 0319920EO1 0319920EO1 Screw, Nylon tip Q 0319920EO1.
Photo of 040040 0400-40 O-Ring, 40x4, Viton 040040
Photo of 04185001 04185001 PCB, II T/C Control 418 04185001.
Photo of 042040 0420-40 O-Ring, 42x2, Viton 042040
Photo of 050012 05.0012 Silver Contact Pin (For Red Box Cables - 20-30921R1 / Filament Supply Cable), EHS 050012.
Photo of 064615600 06-46156-00 Heater element 064615600.
Photo of 068607600 (or 8700 0251 40 04) 06-86076-00 Relay, Alarm for Max 250VAC/8A, or 12VDC/8A Exhaust alarm board 068607600.
Photo of 069510100 06-95101-00 Heater Jacket, CON 069510100.
Photo of 062704 062704 Cable, 37pin Socket to 37pin plug 062704.
Just In: Part No. 069070 0690-70 O-Ring, 690x7 Nitrile 069070.
Photo of 070002800 07-00028-00 Fuse, GEC INST TF 070002800.
Photo of 080020NBR70 0800-20 NBR70 O-Ring, 80x2 080020NBR70.
Photo of 0913102EO1 0913102EO1 Socket, Textool, 16 pin 0913102EO1.
Photo of 0925518EO1 0925518EO1 Socket, Zero insertion force, 24pin 0.4" DIL 0925518EO1.
Photo of 10125800 10-1258-00 Clutch Assembly, loader 10125800.
Photo of 1020MM 10-20MM Jubillee Clip, 10-20mm 1020MM.
Photo of 10U22351 10-U22-35.1 O-Ring, 35.1x1.6mm Viton 10U22351.
Photo of 1021 1021 Computer Teminal type 1021 1021.
Photo of 1021 1021 Computer Terminal, 11" [110VAC(90-132) 1A or 220VAC(180-264) 0.5A], 47-440Hz (S/N= 5180042) 1021.
Photo of 10x45x4mmPV 10x45x4mmPV Gasket, flat, viton, 10/45x4mm 10X45X4MMPV.
Photo of 11357 (or 224-0626) 11357 Nut, M5 brass 11357.
Photo of 114066 114066 Filter, Vacuum, AT4052 114066.
Just In: Part No. 11414 11414 Washer, M5 brass 11414.
Photo of 1220MM 12-20MM Jubillee Clip, 12-20mm 1220MM.
Photo of 1224X7 12/24X7 Shaft Seal 12/24x7mm 1224X7.
Photo of 1320MM 13-20MM Jubillee Clip, 13-20mm 1320MM.
Just In: Part No. 13169X 13169X Lamp, Halogen I/R Space Heater, 120V 500W, metal strap 13169X.
Just In: Part No. 13260 13260 Washer, M5 spring 13260.
Photo of 1422MM 14-22MM Jubillee Clip, 14-22mm 1422MM.
Photo of 15511E 15511E Motor Spindle 7027, 22V, 0.90D.C.Amps, 15511E.
Photo of 15MMX21MM 15MMX21MM Connector, Plastic, 15mm Threaded end and open 21mm end 15MMX21MM.
Photo of 161316112 16 13/16-1-1/2 Jubillee Clip, 21-38mm 161316112.
Photo of 1841301 (or 06-32284-00) 18413-01 Shaft, stainless steel (see photo) 1841301.
Photo of 18987x699PN 189.87 x 6.99 PN O-Ring, 189.87x6.99 18987X699PN.
Photo of 19CAK12 (or 24655A1316) 19CA-K-12 Thermocouple type K monte sur rondelle inox 19CAK12.
Photo of 2028040V 2-0280-40V O-Ring, 28x4 Viton 2028040V.
Photo of 2039040V 2-0390-40V O-Ring, 39x4 Viton 2039040V.
Photo of 2065021N 2-0650-21N O-Ring, 65x2.1, Nitrile 2065021N.
Photo of 2092080PV 2-0920-80PV O-Ring, 92x8 Viton 2092080PV.
Photo of 2102030N 2-1020-30N O-Ring, 102x3, Nitrile 2102030N.
Photo of 2162 2-162 Seal, 2-162 Viton Delta 2162.
Photo of 2175030N 2-1750-30N O-Ring, 175x3, Nitrile 2175030N.
Part No. 2202 2-202 O-Ring, 5.94x3.53 Viton 2202.
Photo of 2283080PV 2-2830-80PV O-Ring, 283x8 Viton 2283080PV.
Photo of 2320082PV 2-3200-82PV O-Ring, 320x8.2, Viton 2320082PV.
Photo of 2343082PV 2-3430-82PV O-Ring, 343x8.2 Viton 2343082PV.
Part No. 2449 2-449 O-Ring, 253.37x6.99 Kalrez 8101 2449.
Photo of 20x35x4mmVIT 20x35x4mm VIT Gasket, flat, viton, 20/35x4 20X35X4MMVIT.
Photo of 2197X232 21.97X2.32 O-Ring, 21.89x2.32, Nitrile 2197X232.
Photo of 22797x699PV 227.97x6.99PV O-Ring, 227.97x6.99 Viton 22797X699PV.
Photo of 22800Z0043 (or 161012Z) 22800Z0043 Bearing, RIG Bil. 12x30x8 22800Z0043.
Just In: Part No. 22800Z0049 (or 708SPB) 22800Z0049 Bearing, 8/22x7 No Cage Non-Greasy 22800Z0049.
Part No. 22800Z0053 (or DI150600801) 22800Z0053 Axe Articulation Chappe 22800Z0053.
Part No. 235 235 Installation Manual- Versatile Interface ProcessorVIP12 235.
Just In: Part No. 24200Z0100 24200Z0100 Ecrou serto diam. 12.5 24200Z0100.
Photo of 2428797 (or MVA7900) 2428797 Valve, solenoid, AT4600 2428797.
Part No. 24300A0001 (or 144207-D) 24300A0001 display board - deposition control system Kronosins ADS200 24300A0001.
Photo of 24654A0975 (or 9735027) 24654A0975 cathode anode assy 24654A0975.
Photo of 24654Z1136 (or SS1UT-A4) 24654Z1136 ultra torr adapter 24654Z1136.
Photo of 24654Z1635 (or 0304002) 24654Z1635 Pin, S/S, 2x14mm 24654Z1635.
Photo of 24654Z1636 (or 030400601) 24654Z1636 Pin, S/S, 2.5x12.5mm 24654Z1636.
Photo of 24654Z1735 (or W609ZZ) 24654Z1735 Bearing, 9/24x7 ZZ ( ADR 609HZ ) 24654Z1735.
Photo of 24654Z1898 (or DI2201001) 24654Z1898 languette liaison 24654Z1898.
Photo of 24654Z1899 24654Z1899 Languette Liaison (Tongue/Tab Binding) 24654Z1899.
Photo of 24654Z1900 24654Z1900 Languette Liaison (Tongue/Tab Binding) 24654Z1900.
Photo of 24654Z1901 24654Z1901 Tab Housing 24654Z1901.
Photo of 24654Z1902 24654Z1902 Tab housing, (Languette Boîtier 11) 24654Z1902.
Photo of 24654Z1903 24654Z1903 Languetten (Tongue, Tab) 24654Z1903.
Photo of 24654Z2129 (or TD271337) 24654Z2129 Washer, for Nupro valve 24654Z2129.
Photo of 24654Z2345 (or DI0304010) 24654Z2345 Galet 24654Z2345.
Photo of 24654Z2495 24654Z2495 circlip, ext 0.12mm 24654Z2495.
Just In: Part No. 24654Z4990 (or 0230011063) 24654Z4990 Pistolet complet avec buse carbure D8 24654Z4990.
Photo of 24655A0626 (or SP101) 24655A0626 PCB, Panel 24655A0626.
Photo of 24655A0983 (or 22737495D) 24655A0983 Plug, 3way, IEC, cable mounting, female shell, right angle 24655A0983.
Photo of 24655A1219 (or ZX33) 24655A1219 Diode, Zener 33V 24655A1219.
Photo of 24655A1325 (or PE30) 24655A1325 Potentiometer, 4.7K chassis mounting, long shaft 24655A1325.
Just In: Part No. 24655Z0690 (or P4070420PV) 24655Z0690 O-Ring, 24x2.5 24655Z0690.
Just In: Part No. 24655Z1536 (or RST20977) 24655Z1536 ressort dôme 125 double enBearing 24655Z1536.
Photo of 24655Z1608 (or DI1501007) 24655Z1608 Barrette N plan 24655Z1608.
Photo of 24655Z1825 (or TD 02 74 094) 24655Z1825 Screw, axe dôme 14 positions plan TD 02 74 094 24655Z1825.
Photo of 24655Z1860 (or 845018T) 24655Z1860 jeu de cathode radium for mass spectrometer 24655Z1860.
Photo of 24724x353PV 247.24x3.53PV O-Ring, 247.24x3.53 24724X353PV.
Photo of 25000Z0282 25000Z0282 Scraper 25000Z0282.
Photo of 2812x7 28/12x7 Shaft seal 28/12x7 2812X7.
Photo of 3025649EO1 3025649EO1 Cable, TRANS 20M 3025649EO1.
Photo of 3170305 317-0305 Wire, Silicone, Black, 16mm, (For Red Box Cables - 20-30921R1 / Filament Supply Cable), EHS 3170305.
Photo of 3192 3192 Screw, M6x40, cap, stainless steel 3192.
Photo of 3211853EO1 3211853EO1 Gasket, TEM RL 5/8 3211853EO1.
Photo of 3212793EO1 3212793EO1 Cord, O-Ring, 8ftx8mm, requires jointing, Extrion Scan Co 3212793EO1.
Photo of 3216380EO1 3216380EO1 Cable, Coax Crystal 723 3216380EO1.
Photo of 3514494EO1 (or GRADE BX) 3514494EO1 Filter, 100-12 BX (=99.99%@0.01uM) 3514494EO1.
Photo of 3540K006C 3540K 006C Motor, B501 Wedge Drive 3540K006C.
Photo of 355010004 3550-10004 Charcoal, Telos pack 355010004.
Photo of 3712159 3712159 Sleeving, heat resistant, red, 2mm x 5metres 3712159.
Photo of 3HCC003084 3HCC003084 Quartz tweezer 3HCC003084.
Photo of 40KF32MM 40KF32MM Adaptor Flange 40KF KF40 / 32mm Pipe / Tube 40KF32MM
Photo of 4322141EO1 4322141EO1 Bearing, 1/4"X 5/8" 0.25/0.625x0.2 Extended Series 4XXX 4322141EO1.
Photo of 4328506 (or 351-02090) 4328506 Bearing, Linear, SMD9000 4328506.
Photo of 4328507 (or 170.00159) 4328507 Bearing, rotation SMD 9000 0.25/0.375x0.125 Series 615 4328507.
Photo of 4329013 (or 351-02154) 4329013 Bearing, Linear, 1/P XFER SMD 4329013.
Photo of 4329631 4329631 Bearing, Linside CTR3 4329631
Photo of 4329664EO1 4329664EO1 Bearing, Linear Slide CTR2 4329664EO1.
Part No. 4329807 (or 88684) 4329807 Bearing, Oiless WAF PAN FS 4329807.
Photo of 4616134EO1 4616134EO1 Ferrule, Brass Olive ENOTS 1/4 6mm 4616134EO1.
Photo of 4621771EO1 4621771EO1 Tip, PTFE DSL10 P0 4621771EO1.
Photo of 4626153EO1 4626153EO1 Insert, scrubber 4626153EO1.
Photo of 4626385EO1 4626385EO1 Pin, Connecting Shrink 4626385EO1.
Photo of 4626442 4626442 Bridge release gate BO 4626442.
Photo of 4628631 4628631 Block contacts, Mulititest 4628631.
Just In: Part No. 4816213EO1 4816213EO1 Diode, IR OP133 4816213EO1.
Just In: Part No. 4831512 (or EK0867MOT) 4831512 Window, Quartz IPC 4 inch 4831512.
Photo of 4927404EO1 4927404EO1 Bearing, Disc magazine 4927404EO1.
Photo of 50F1237 (or 17091) 50F1237 O-Ring, 228.6x6.35 (9.0x0.25") 50F1237.
Photo of 5112646EO1 5112646EO1 Tape, MACH 20 Nylon ?, 35mm x 30M 5112646EO1.
Part No. 5121645EO1 5121645EO1 Oil, 2001 NYE623 NON MI 5121645EO1.
Part No. 5123345EO1 5123345EO1 Plate, Quartz 4" Machine 5123345EO1.
Photo of 5125628EO1 5125628EO1 Pen Black Graph 5125628EO1.
Photo of 5128115EO1 5128115EO1 Shell, Plug/Socket 15way 5128115EO1.
Photo of 5129399EO1 5129399EO1 Pen Peel Back Force Te 5129399EO1.
Photo of 5288 52-88 Motor Brush 7235 5288.
Photo of 5528864EO1 5528864EO1 Handle, Takeda docking 5528864EO1.
Photo of 5929572EO1 5929572EO1 Motor, VWR1610 BLO 5929572EO1.
Photo of 67162532 6 7/16-25/32 Jubillee Clip, 11-20mm 67162532.
Photo of 616X5 6/16X5 Shaft Seal 6/16x5 616X5.
Just In: Part No. 60077603 600776-03 Cable, Mains, for heater jackets. 60077603.
Photo of 60077803 600778-03 Compensated Cable for Thermocouple, 3 Metres with Plug and Socket 60077803.
Photo of 6124378EO1 6124378EO1 Lens, white tank D 6124378EO1.
Photo of 6124379EO1 6124379EO1 Lens, yellow tank 6124379EO1.
Photo of 6124422EO1 6124422EO1 Lens, green tank D 6124422EO1.
Photo of 6130273EO1 6130273EO1 Tube, Glass Pace 6130273EO1.
Photo of 613521 (or 14/20X8) 613521 VS-016 Rubber Seal, Nitrile, Possibly Gromit, 14/20X8mm 613521.
Photo of 634219161 (or 24655A1334) 6342-1916-1 Cable, isolé teflon 10 Feet 634219161.
Photo of 6427645EO1 6427645EO1 Plate, guide contactor 6427645EO1.
Part No. 6428564EO1 6428564EO1 Plate, Source bottom 6428564EO1.
Photo of 6428855 6428855 Plate, plastic seal fan 6428855.
Photo of 6517049 6517049 Diode, LED DL704 Megate 6517049.
Photo of 6524600EO1 6524600EO1 Lamp, TEL Alarm tower T 6524600EO1.
Photo of 6527800 6527800 Lamp, Orient Sensor E50 6527800.
Photo of 6x20x1mmVIT 6x20x1mm VIT Gasket, flat, viton, 6/20x1 6X20X1MMVIT.
Part No. 7 7 Heat Jackets (220 bore. 1250mm Long ) Lagged 7.
Photo of 80124R01 (or DK1 5034) 80124R/01 Grid for Ion Source 80124R01.
Photo of 8024383EO1 8024383EO1 Circuit Breaker, 2 8024383EO1.
Photo of 8024426EO1 8024426EO1 Breaker ELCB 63 A 8024426EO1.
Photo of 80500 80500 Shutter Door Assembly, Right Angle 80500.
Just In: Part No. 8116428EO1 8116428EO1 Probe tip for Oscilloscope 8116428EO1.
Photo of 8426502EO1 8426502EO1 PCB, MFC Driver Card 8426502EO1.
Photo of 9001SKS12 9001SKS12 Switch, Selector Operator SIZE 30mm TYPE SK, Non-Illuminated, 2 Positions 9001SKS12.
Part No. 9141484 9141484 Bearing, Flat, Roller 0.75/1.235x0.78 NTA-1220 9141484.
Photo of 9200077000 92-00077-000 HFP Interlock 9200077000.
Photo of 981251312 98-125-13/12 Seal, shaft 98/125x13/12 981251312.
Photo of 9938950 9938950 8-ort (25way) Sockets Extension, IN Socket- 62way Socket 9938950.
Photo of 9pin25pin 9pin / 25pin Cable, 9way Socket to 25way Plug 9PIN25PIN.
Photo of 9x21x4mmVIT 9x21x4mm VIT Gasket, flat, viton, 9/21x4mm 9X21X4MMVIT.
Part No. A15247NBR A15-24-7NBR Seal, Oil A15247NBR.
Photo of A4126NBR29 A4-12-6NBR29 Seal, Oil A4126NBR29.
Photo of A45607VIT A45-60-7VIT Seal, shaft, 45x60x7mm A45607VIT.
Just In: Part No. B7269x262PN B 72.69x2.62PN O-Ring, 72.69x2.62 B7269X262PN.
Photo of B7269X262W B 72.69X2.62W O-Ring, 72.69x2.62 B7269X262W.
Part No. BG440900PCB BG 440 900 PCB Oscillator PCB for QSK (No Fixing Plate) BG440900PCB.
Part No. BU205 BU 205 NPN Transistor, BU205 BU205.
Photo of CFR125 CFR-125 Cable, 25way Socket to 25way Socket, RS232, PLC to Multiway CFR125.
Photo of CMP25CXZ CMP-25-CX/Z Cable gland, to BS6121 Part 1, BW brass CMP CMP25CXZ
Photo of CPRCNT04 CPR CNT 04 Pair of Copper Connection, 4" Length for EHD to ESQ Connection CPRCNT04.
Photo of CPRCNT06 CPR CNT 06 Pair of Copper Connection, 6" Length for EHD to ESQ Connection CPRCNT06.
Photo of CPRCNT08 CPR CNT 08 Pair of Copper Connection, 8" Length for EHD to ESQ Connection CPRCNT08.
Photo of CR24U06JY CR24U06JY Thyristor (SCR) 600V, 38A CR24U06JY.
Photo of DATATRANSFERSWITCH DATA TRANSFER SWITCH Switch, Data transfer, 2way, 3 sockets, each 25way DATATRANSFERSWITCH.
Part No. DI1506009 (or 24655Z1852) DI 15 06 009 Eccentric Planetary Head DI1506009.
Photo of DI0304014 (or 24654Z2520) DI0304014 Moyeu Piece DI0304014.
Photo of DSDD720K DS/DD 720K Floppy Disc for Balzers MFU410 DSDD720K
Photo of E30000038 E30000038 Barnstead D0715, 1/2 E30000038.
Photo of EN56104 EN56104 Case, Instrument, black with internal panel EN56104.
Photo of FPBP2U FPBP2U Front Panel Bridging Piece 2u FPBP2U.
Just In: Part No. H5ALR2D H5ALR2D Crystals Xtal, 5MHz Alloy H5ALR2D.
Photo of H5SLR2D H5SLR2D Crystals Xtal, 5MHz silver H5SLR2D
Just In: Part No. H6ALR2D H6ALR2D 6MHz Alloy Crystals Xtal H6ALR2D.
Just In: Part No. H6GLR2D H6GLR2D 6MHz Gold Crystals Xtal H6GLR2D.
Just In: Part No. HA52470 HA5-2470 RGA Gauge Head HA52470.
Photo of HCIOO2 HCIOO 2 PCB, Emission Control & Measuring board (Emission board, EKS110) HCIOO2
Photo of HCIOO2ISS2 HCIOO 2 ISS.2 PCB, Emission Control & Measuring board (Emission board, EKS110) HCIOO2ISS2.
Photo of HEXBOLTM16X40 HEX BOLT M16X40 Screw, M16X40, Hex, Plastic, HEXBOLTM16X40.
Photo of HEXBOLTM16X52 HEX BOLT M16X52 Screw, M16X50, Hex, Plastic, HEXBOLTM16X52.
Photo of HEXBOLTM20 HEX BOLT M20 Screw, M20X40, Hex, Plastic, HEXBOLTM20.
Photo of HEXBOLTM8X17 HEX BOLT M8X17 Screw, M8X17, Hex, Plastic, HEXBOLTM8X17.
Photo of HS110406 HS 110 406 VCP-900 ECO Pumping Controller HS110406.
Part No. HS145975 HS 145 975 Resistive Source Chamber Feedthroughs, without electrode HS145975.
Part No. HS145976 HS 145 976 Cold Water Connections for old style Balzers Feedthroughs HS 145 975 HS145976.
Just In: Part No. HS340080PV HS 3400-80 PV O-Ring, 340x8 Viton HS340080PV.
Photo of HS15001 HS1500-1 Crucible Liner, Graphite, 15cc for Telemark HS15001.
Part No. HS220820132 HS2208 2013-2 Wafer Clip/Spring with Balls, Max 200c Operation Temperature HS220820132.
Photo of HS25001 HS2500-1 Crucible Liner, Graphite, 25cc for Telemark HS25001.
Photo of HS25002 HS2500-2 Vitreous Carbon crucible liner, 25cc for Telemark HS25002.
Part No. HS600CM HS600C-M Heater Cable 600C, 1m HS600CM.
Photo of HS752133A HS752133A Enclosure Locks 7 Lever Spring Bolt Rim Lock - Locks for Cabinet Doors (key) HS752133A
Photo of HYT630050L HYT-630-050L Thermometer, +20degF to +120degF, 1deg, Mercury HYT630050L.
Photo of IGH110KIR (or IGH110IKR) IGH110K/IR Balzers IMR 110 Gauge Head Replacement IGH110KIR.
Photo of Interface111 Interface111 Module, Coating Chamber, Interface INTERFACE111.
Photo of JCD120V800WB JCD120V-800WB Lamp, Orienter/Degas E5500 JCD120V800WB
Photo of M5X10MM M5 X 10MM Screw, M5x10mm Cap Head M5X10MM.
Just In: Part No. MISC002 MISC002 Misc. Large Adaptor Flanges from ISO to CF MISC002.
Photo of MP220W MP-220W Power Supply, AT 220W MP220W.
Photo of NUT16MM NUT 16MM Nut, M16, Plastic NUT16MM.
Photo of NUT17MM NUT 17MM Nut, M17, Plastic NUT17MM.
Photo of PF50 PF-50 Pad, Vacuum TL PF50.
Photo of PRX1300 PRX+1300 Drum Position Sensor PRX1300.
Just In: Part No. QSK610SET QSK610SET QSK 610 Seal Kit QSK610SET.
Photo of R208 R20-8 Tip Dispensing, Yellow and Green R208.
Photo of R5007 R50-07 Cross Contamination Shield R5007.
Photo of R5056 R50-56 Wafer holder, 5" R5056.
Photo of RS5159 RS 5159 Shielding, Emission Deflectors RS5159.
Photo of RUBBERSTOPPER RUBBER STOPPER Rubber Stopper/Rubber Plug, Various sizes ranging from 6mm-53mm RUBBERSTOPPER.
Photo of SNPPA59 SNP-PA59 Power Supply, 110/230VAC (IEC), 24VDC @ 2.3A SNPPA59.
Photo of SS25X38X7 SS25X38X7 Shaft seal, 25x38x7 SS25X38X7.
Photo of SWITCH30MM SWITCH 30MM Switch, Emergency Stop, SIZE 30mm SWITCH30MM.
Photo of TYPE634 (or BS 3016) TYPE 634 Regulator, Single Stage, Low Pressure, Compact Quick-On, for Butane gas, Outlet: 28mBar, Inlet: 6mBar TYPE634.
Photo of UB035607X UB035607-X Not known UB035607X.
Photo of V5D35940D V5 D 35940 D Valve, Thermco SKNR MP V5D35940D.
Photo of WDHCOO WDHCOO Jubillee Clip, 17-25mm WDHCOO.
Photo of XCC111 XCC-111 Crystal Indexer Control Module for QSK-610A. XCC111.
Photo of 933944100 933944100 Connector, Appliance, Type 2508m, 10A 933944100
Photo of 934126100 934126100 Plug, cable mounting, 6 way, 10A 934126100
Just In: Part No. Part No. not known Part No. not known Monitor, 14" (250V 2.5A/100-120 T2.5A/220-240) (S/N= Y7E C9265) Part No. not known
Photo of FCL15D FCL15D Lamp, circular fluorescent, 6" 15W (Fixfax Topview) FCL15D
Photo of HM50256P15 HM50256P-15 IC, 256Kx1 DRAM 16DIL HM50256P15.
Photo of TPM100254 TPM 100-254 Capacitor, 10KV.HVS107N TPM100254
Photo of HCS34X6 HCS3-4X6 Coupling, Flexible I8 stage HCS34X6
Photo of A1210CH A-1210CH 12 Electrical Enclosure Box, Type 12 A1210CH.
Photo of 6253F8Y445 (or 6253F8Y 445) 6253 F8Y 445 Valve, Non Return SS 6253F8Y445.
Photo of 2020D 2020D Socket, 20way, double sided male 2020D.
Photo of MR20L MR-20L Connection Cover, FANUC MR20L.
Photo of 040882002 040882-002 Insulator, Ceramic, 6.6/4x6.6 (OD x ID x height) 040882002.
Photo of 11SM1T (or 5107-000001) 11SM1-T Switch, micro, spdt 11SM1T.
Part No. 1SX1T 1SX1-T Switch, micro for QSK610 Head 1SX1T.
Photo of 311SM706H58 (or 115746) 311SM706-H58 Switch, micro, roller arm, SPDT SURF/7000 311SM706H58.
Photo of 311SX2T 311SX2-T Switch, micro, long lever miniature 311SX2T.
Photo of 311SX5T 311SX5-T Switch, micro 311SX5T
Photo of 3AC5 3AC5 Switch, Interlock 3AC5.
Photo of 9141503 (or BZ-2RW80) 9141503 Switch, micro, BZ-2RW80 9141503.
Photo of 914CE13 914CE1-3 Switch, micro 914CE13.
Photo of 914CE16 (or 77X0008) 914CE1-6 Switch, micro, 5A - 250VAC 914CE16.
Photo of AML76C10TO1P AML76C10TO1P Guard, Switch (Square) AML76C10TO1P
Part No. BZ2RQ181 BZ-2RQ 181 MICRO-SWITCH BZ2RQ181.
Photo of BZ2RQ18MA2 BZ-2RQ18M-A2 Switch, micro, SPDT, HD Roller Plunger, 15A BZ2RQ18MA2
Photo of C3ARAB1050C2 C3ARAB1050C2 Electrovalve 24VDC C3ARAB1050C2.
Photo of FEFPAD6 FEF-PAD6 Sensor, reflective AT4600 FEFPAD6
Photo of HFM5200014 HFM5200-014 Fiber optic/RS232C HFM5200014.
Photo of HOA14042 (or EHI.040) HOA1404-2 IR Sensor/emitter reflective HOA14042.
Just In: Part No. HOS4891002 HOS4891-002 Switch, Opto, Standard. HOS4891002.
Photo of K4M02 (or 72-202-0012) K4M02 Solenoid, Vaccum, 120 psi, 2W K4M02.
Part No. TC0627A (or 06-02220-02) TC 0627/A T/C profiling long REP TC0627A.
Photo of V39015M V3-9015M Switch, micro, v3 V39015M
Photo of V5D31640A (or V5D31640AA5) V5 D 31640 A Valve, Solenoid Operated, 110/50V VAC, 3.5bar, 4.8mm Orifice V5D31640A.
Photo of V5D75280DC2A3Q (or AH5) V5 D 75280DC2A3Q Valve, 24Vdc Skinner 15psi Orifice 3/16 3/32 V5D75280DC2A3Q.
Just In: Part No. 810090001 8100900/01 Sounder, 2 Tone, flange mounting, 5-30VDC, 80dbA at 30V 810090001.
Photo of 3153450 3-15-3450 Cyclohm Fan 115V 50Hz 3153450.
Photo of 471897101 471897101 PCB, RC card 471897101.
Photo of 216056 216-056 Switch, Thermal, or Diff Pump. 216056
Photo of 1340349 1340349 Cable, Power, 15A 250V 3way Twist-Lock Connection 1340349.
Photo of E8313 E8313 Transformer, 220V in, 24V 0.3A out. E8313.
Photo of 22541756 (or 21 H4-50-3-10/133_NE) 22541756 Socket, BNC, 50ohm, high voltage, cable mounting 22541756.
Photo of 22541990 (or 11 SHV-50-3-10/133_NE) 22541990 Socket, BNC, 50ohm, cable mounting, high voltage 22541990.
Part No. 31000 (or 3.10E+02) 31000 Valve, solenoid, 120VAC 7W 4way 1-100psi 31000.
Photo of 31E1 (or BB-4031-01) 31E1 Valve, Air, Mini-Myte, with Solenoid, 120VAC 50/60Hz 31E1.
Photo of 410120VAC 410-120VAC Valve, Solenoid, Direct Acting 310/410, 120vac, 4.5w, vac-125 P.S.I (type 410 70) 410120VAC.
Just In: Part No. 41024VDC 410-24VDC Valve, Solenoid, Direct Acting 310/410, 24v dc, 4.5w, vac-125 P.S.I (type 410 70) 41024VDC.
Photo of 6D1 6-D-1 Piston, pneumatic door, 6-D-1, 5" Pneumatic Cylinder actuator extend 1" 6D1.
Photo of 8D2 8-D-2 Piston, + DEV KASP4K 8D2
Photo of CN534B (or 7526-2-C) CN534B Piston, Pneumatic CN534B.
Photo of CP084 (or 06-32181-00) CP084 Piston, 2 stage CP084.
Photo of MC41E1 (or 003-05794) MC41E1 Valve, Solenoid 4way, "Mini-Myte" 12VDC, 7.8W MC41E1.
Photo of NE3201A NE3201A Valve, Solenoid, 24VDC 8.5W 3way Manifold NE3201A.
Photo of NE3201B (or 063201100) NE3201B Valve, Solenoid, 24VDC 8.5W 3way Manifold NE3201B.
Photo of T0624E136 (or T062-4E1-36-24VDC) T062-4E1-36 Valve, solenoid, 24VDC T0624E136.
Photo of TO624E13524VDC TO62-4E1-35-24VDC Valve, Air, 24vdc. TO624E13524VDC.
Photo of VT062E131135 VT062E1-3-11-35 Valve, Solenoid, Vacuum VT062E131135.
Photo of N3201A N3201A Valve, Solenoid 025, 24VDC, 8.5W, 0-100 PSIG, MINI-MYTE N3201A
Photo of 2040SP40KV50M (or 2200024C) 2040SP 40KV 50M Series 2000 HV Unit (218363) 2040SP40KV50M.
Photo of 218362 218362 Series 2000 Converter Unit (240V, 15A, 50/60Hz) (S/N= 170) 218362.
Photo of SP3751 SP3751 Toroidal Orifice Rev J, KN-SP, 24 v, 60 Hz, S/N: 3679 SP3751
Just In: Part No. Part No. not known Part No. not known Anode voltage and current reader Part No. not known
Photo of B3730 B37-30 Power supply, Radio Frequency, RFS 102 (RFS102) B3730
Photo of B3731 B37-31 RFS105 s/n465604 B3731.
Photo of B840055 B84-0055 Absolute and Phase Detector B840055
Photo of 112110153R 11211-0153R Gate valve, pneumatic 112110153R.
Photo of 112110800R 11211-0800R Gate valve, pneumatic 112110800R.
Photo of 112120153R 11212-0153R Gate valve, Pneumatic, ISO40 , KF Flange 112120153R.
Photo of 142120073R 14212-0073R Gate Valve, Pneumatic 142120073R.
Photo of ELFP3F10W10 ELF P 3 F 10 W 1.0 Filter, Air Relea ELFP3F10W10

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