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G. Zimmermann Ag Luzern,  Gaiser,  Gas Spring Corp,  Gasonics,  Gates, 
Gatorlink,  Gazel,  GCA,  GCT Technology,  GE Fanuc,  Gec Machines Ltd,  Gefran,  Gems, 
Gems Sensors,  General Denkikogyo,  General Electric,  General Pneumatic, 
General Semi,  Genevac,  George Fischer +Gf+,  Georgin, 

Photo of 12462DA225081C 12462 DA 2.250/81C Choke 12462DA225081C.
Just In: Part No. 1262DA9002281C 1262 DA 90022/81C Choke 1262DA9002281C.
Photo of 2030252534AU 2030-2525-3/4AU Wedge, bonding 2030252534AU.
Photo of 215525251078 2155-2525-1.078 Wedge, bonding 215525251078.
Photo of FAN1170210N18895 FAN117 0210N 188/95 Gas Spring Cylinder 28308 & 2979EH FAN1170210N18895.
Part No. 1494402 (or 06-27150-00) 14944-02 Ring, Aperture 1494402.
Part No. 1496801 (or 06-27064-00) 14968-01 PCB, Memory 1496801.
Part No. 1501901 (or 06-27133-00) 15019-01 Strap, Ground 1501901.
Photo of 20019401 (or 06-27037-00) 20-0194-01 Ferrule, front, 1/4" 20019401.
Photo of 7005802 (or 06-27003-00) 70058-02 Capacitor, tubular, 50PF 7 7005802.
Photo of 7005805 (or 06-27004-00) 70058-05 Capacitor, tubular, 100PF 7005805.
Photo of 7228304 (or 06-27038-00) 72283-04 Nut, 1/4" SS Swagelok 7228304.
Photo of 120U (or 020D) 120U Belt, Toothed, Power Grip, 260XL037 120U.
Photo of 140MXL025 (or 1430-00113) 140MXL025 Belt, toothed, 0.08"pitch, 14" long, 1/4" wide. IC0 Tooth KASP4K 140MXL025.
Photo of 24200Z0032 (or B63) 24200Z0032 Belt, V, 17X1600LI 1650LP Gates Hi Power 24200Z0032.
Photo of 5M462 5M462 Belt, Vee ASECO Blower SI5, 462mm long 5M462
Part No. 7405M12OR 7405M12 OR Belt, Toothed, Power Grip 7405M12OR.
Photo of 14139200000B000NRG4815 14139-200000B000NRG4815 Gatorlink Ethernet Communication System+B78 14139200000B000NRG4815
Photo of UDF12 (or GAZEL-UDF12) UDF 12 Superclean Nuts UDF12.
Photo of 013332459 (or 13332459) 013-332459 Indexer Plate 013332459.
Photo of 113ZZ000640 113ZZ-000640 Bearing, 0.375/0.875x0.28 113ZZ000640.
Photo of 13332459 13332459 Indexer Plate 13332459
Photo of 442006291 442-006291 Switch, Limit, 5A 250V Cherry 442006291.
Photo of 3161161 3161161 PCB, BTI DDC System I/O ASS 3161161.
Photo of IC693ALG222C IC693ALG222C IC 693 PLC Module, inputanalog 16PT voltage IC693ALG222C.
Photo of IC693ALG442B IC693ALG442B IC 693 PLC Module, input/output analog curr/voltage IC693ALG442B.
Photo of IC693APU300H IC693APU300H IC 693 PLC Module, high speed counter module IC693APU300H.
Photo of IC693APU300J IC693APU300J IC 693 PLC Module, high speed counter module IC693APU300J.
Just In: Part No. IC693CHS391K IC693CHS391K IC 693 PLC Backplane(10 Slotbase) IC693CHS391K.
Just In: Part No. IC693CHS392H IC693CHS392H IC 693 PLC Backplane (10 Slot Expansion) IC693CHS392H.
Photo of IC693CMM311N IC693CMM311N IC 693 PLC Module, communications control module IC693CMM311N.
Photo of IC693CPU331AB IC693CPU331-AB IC 693 PLC Module, CPU module IC693CPU331AB.
Photo of IC693MDL645D IC693MDL645D IC 693 PLC Module, input 24VDC 16PT pos/neg logic IC693MDL645D.
Photo of IC693MDL645E IC693MDL645E IC 693 PLC Module, input 24VDC 16PT pos/neg logic IC693MDL645E.
Photo of IC693MDR390C IC693MDR390C IC 693 PLC Module, mixed I/O 24VDC in/rly out 8PT IC693MDR390C.
Photo of IC693MOL740E IC693MOL740E IC 693 PLC Module, output 12/24VDC 0.5A 16PT pos IC693MOL740E.
Photo of IC693MOL740F IC693MOL740F IC 693 PLC Module, output 12/24VDC 0.5A 16PT pos IC693MOL740F.
Photo of IC693MOL930E IC693MOL930E IC 693 PLC Module, Output relay 4A 8PT isolated IC693MOL930E.
Photo of IC693PWR321T IC693PWR321T IC 693 PLC Module, power supply 120/240VAC 125VDC STD IC693PWR321T.
Photo of BS2208 BS2208 Vacuum Pump, Speedivac 2 (109) (S/N= 21175) BS2208
Photo of TR1A1B5AF000000 TR1A1B5AF000000 Thermocouple 00390937 TR1A1B5AF000000.
Photo of 156262 156262 Switch, Flow, Rotor, F-2500 Rotor Flow, Type RFO 156262.
Photo of 26915 (or FS-925) 26915 Switch, Water Flow, 1 GPM FS-925 26915.
Photo of FS925 FS-925 Switch, Water Flow, 1 GPM FS-925 FS925
Photo of 44715 44715 Switch, Water Flow FS 44715.
Photo of VH2320120L VH2320 120L Motor, Induction, with Gear Box, 100V 0.5A, 20W o/p 1250/1500 rpm VH2320120L.
Photo of VH2320120R VH2320 120R With Gear box 100V 0.5A 8uF 20W 1250/1500 rpm VH2320120R.
Just In: Part No. VH2320120RA VH2320120R-A With Gear box 100V 0.5A 8uF 20W 1250/1500 rpm VH2320120RA.
Photo of VH2330500L VH2330 500L With Gear box 100V 0.7A 10uF 30W 1250/1550 rpm VH2330500L.
Photo of VH2330500R VH2330 500R With Gear box 100V 0.7A 10uF 30W 1250/1500 rpm VH2330500R.
Just In: Part No. VH2330500LA VH2330500L-A With Gear box 100V 0.7A 10uF 30W 1250/1550 rpm VH2330500LA.
Just In: Part No. VH2330500RA VH2330500R-A With Gear box 100V 0.7A 10uF 30W 1250/1500 rpm VH2330500RA.
Photo of 2N688 2N688 Thyristor (SCR), 25A, 600V 2N688.
Photo of 6146B8298A 6146B/8298A Electronic Valve (Vacuum) Electron Tube 6146B8298A.
Photo of DZA (or 06-64048-00) DZA Lamp, Projection, 10.8V, 30W DZA.
Just In: Part No. THQC20A (or 05000 9653 334) THQC 20A Contact Breaker, 3pole, 240V, 20A, HACR type THQC20A.
Just In: Part No. THQC60A (or 05000 7827 413) THQC 60A Contact Breaker, 3pole, 240V, 60A, HACR type THQC60A.
Photo of 2972371 (or 27146) 29723-71 High Pressure Pump Haskel Inc, D 620 2972371.
Photo of MPTE5 MPTE-5 Voltage Suppressor 8728 6373 MPTE5.
Photo of SV30D SV 30/D Valve, Electro-magnetic SV30D.
Photo of 169346204 169.346.204 Valve, ball, with union ends, 3/4" 342. PVDF 169346204
Photo of 721911710 (or 458-6716) 721911710 PVC-U adaptor bush,1 1/2 BSP 1 1/2in skt, 20mm THREADED, 22mm OPEN 721911710.
Photo of P51530V0 P51530-V0 Rotor-X flow sensor PVDF 1/2" - 4" P51530V0
Photo of TYPE346 TYPE 346 Valve, ball, Double Union, Industrial FPM, PVDF, 32mm, 1 1/4" TYPE346
Photo of NFA10C NFA-10-C Switch, Pressure NFA10C.

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