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Highland Scientific supply high-vacuum spare parts and systems.
We stock thousands of new, pre-owned and obsolete parts sourced globally from leading companies.

Spares from: 

Photo of 0940387POS1 0.94.0387 POS 1 Plate, head side 84 LOAD UL90 0940387POS1.
Photo of 0940387POS5 0.94.0387 POS 5 Tongue, UL90 84 load head 0940387POS5.
Photo of 01255005 (or 1255005) Stop, 300 pre test site, Multitest 01255005.
Photo of 0920672POS29 0920672-POS29 Guide, head 52PLCC 0920672POS29.
Photo of 4900076 4.90.0076 Spring, leaf 4900076.
Photo of 7105A 7105A Coupling, rotary, flexible 7105A.
Photo of 7120 7120 Spring, groundframe small 7120.
Photo of 992051307123 9-92-0513-07123 Spring, frame UL90 992051307123.
Photo of 99206741007085 9920674-10-07085 Clip, retaining, UL90 DIL kit 99206741007085.
Photo of A01015314 A01.01.53.14 Shaft, stop pin, DIL 300 A01015314.
Photo of A01015320 A01.01.53.20 Distance plate guide, DIL300 A01015320.
Photo of A01025315 A01.02.53.15 Body, contactor, s/steel A01025315.
Photo of A01115001 A01.11.50.01 Shuttle, insert feed 68PLCC A01115001.
Photo of A01215109 A01.21.51.09 Lockplate-U PGA84 Multitest A01215109.
Photo of A6001000108 A60. Contact spring, 132QFP inner A6001000108.
Photo of MLL014 MLL-014 Bearing, linear MLL014.

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