Evap Spares

We hold in stock thousands of spare parts for machinery used in
the semiconductor, optical and opthalmic manufacturing industries.
Spares from: 
Electro Corp,  Electro Science,  Electro Tech,  Electroglas,  Electromatic, 
Electronics Measurements Inc.,  Electrotech,  Electrptech, 
Elemo A.G. Basel,  Elesta,  Eletta,  Eme,  Emerson,  EMI,  Emlux Holdings Ltd.,  Engel, 
Engine,  Engineered Components,  Engineered Technical Products, 
Engineering,  ENI,  Eni Power Systems, Inc,  Entrelec,  Epak Electro,  Epson,  EPT, 
Eracon,  Eraton,  Erni,  Escap,  Esec,  Estrsil,  Eta,  ETRI France,  Eurotek,  Eurotherm, 
Evatec,  Excel Precision, 

3015A Thermocouple Photo of 3015A
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45908 Tube, FLOW 8000C Photo of 45908
6525357 Lamp, QCW70 8000C Ring for information.
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UTE CB 2018 ISS 3 PCB, 1a, 15v Photo of UTECB2018ISS3
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002737G1 PCB, AWH AW3 DSW Photo of 002737G1
002741G1 PCB, AWH AW4 DSW Photo of 002741G1
002757G1 PCB, AW8 Prog. display DSW Photo of 002757G1
002789G1 PCB, AWH AW17 DSW Photo of 002789G1
002864G1 PCB, AWH AW18 DSW Photo of 002864G1
002875G1 Assembly, Prealign STN SENS Photo of 002875G1
002887G1 Motor, prealign, 27VDC, STN DSW Photo of 002887G1
002967G1 PCB, AWA AX5 DSW Photo of 002967G1
002973G2 PCB, AWA AX3 DSW Photo of 002973G2
005314G1 PCB, AU50 DSW Photo of 005314G1
005406G1 PCB, AU51 DSW Photo of 005406G1
005568G1 PCB, AWH AW21 DSW Just In: Photo on request.
005958G1 PCB, AX12 Prog selector DSW Photo of 005958G1
005963G1 PCB, AX11 Video processor D Photo of 005963G1
006143G1 Motor, 27VDC, with coupling Photo of 006143G1
006193G1 Assembly AWH Flatfinder, complete with motor Photo of 006193G1
006199G1 Worm drive assembly AWH TA Photo of 006199G1
014784G1 Assembly, Maximus 1000 ANOD Photo of 014784G1
014812G2 Illuminator AWA DSW Photo of 014812G2
019483-008 Connector, Molex Photo of 019483008
028123G1 Motor, 6VDC with gearbox 22:1, assy RMS form Photo of 028123G1
028124G1 PCB, RMS Fork retract sensor Photo of 028124G1
028139G1 Sensor, Elevator align DSW (with OPB806) Photo of 028139G1
035398 PCB, Q Bus Grant DSW Photo of 035398
035679G1 Rod, Maximus bullet DSW Photo of 035679G1
036996G1 Detector AF scanning Photo of 036996G1
037186G1 PCB, AU62 DSW Photo of 037186G1
037210G3 PCB, AU64 DSW Photo of 037210G3
037214G1 Assembly, Front Speaker and Photo of 037214G1
037215G1 Assembly, Button Box and Co Photo of 037215G1
037399G1 PCB, AU63 Servo Logic Galvo Photo of 037399G1
038310 Pipe, RMS Back aligner DSW Photo of 038310
046346-002 Solenoid, 2001 VAC Photo of 046346002
046366G4 PCB, AU66 DSW Photo of 046366G4
046433G1 PCB, AU65 DSW Photo of 046433G1
052043-001 Transformer, ILLUM Photo of 052043001
1006243G1 Motor, AWH Elevator DSW Ring for information.
1020-492700 PCB, Input/Output 602 Mask Clean Photo of 1020492700
10841 Power Supply, CCU 5V DSW Photo of 10841
13053 Gear, AWH TA anti-backlash Photo of 13053
14741 Capacitor, 2500UF 75VDC Photo of 14741
14971 Capacitor, 22000UF 35VDC Photo of 14971
244238-001 Motor, 2001 PREALI Photo of 244238001
244890-001 Motor, 2001 PREALI Photo of 244890001
247333 Assembly, Chamber Heaters DS Photo of 247333
2523-900-005 Nozzle, fan TMP mask clean Photo of 2523900005
2618 PCB, Sierra Vertical sweep DSW Photo of 2618
2619 PCB, CCU Horizontal drive Photo of 2619
2621 PCB, Sierra output video DS Photo of 2621
2622 PCB, CCU input videa DSW Photo of 2622
26915 Hose/tubing, black nylon covered, 19/29 AWG, in feet Photo of 26915
28060 Pipes, front platen aligner Photo of 28060
28286 Switch, AWH LIMIT DSW Photo of 28286
28672 Assembly, CRT DSW, P/N 028472 Photo of 28672
310107 Chamber Return Filter DSW Photo of 310107
3501-000011 Spinner Motor M603 Ultratest Just In: Photo on request.
36107 Box, Maximus Igniter, Ignitor DSW Photo of 36107
4102-15 Kit, pump rebuild Photo of 410215
4163 Gear, pre-align STN worm DSW Photo of 4163
4164 Gear, prealign stn anti bac Photo of 4164
4803-00000-1 Triac M603 Photo of 4803000001
4827 Pioncher AWH SEC POST DSW Photo of 4827
4828 Roller, AWH pincher DSW Photo of 4828
49063 Switch, joystick, P Ring for information.
49640 Switch, toggle, 250V 2A Photo of 49640
510-300 Brush, mask clean, 602 Photo of 510300
5918883EO1 Power Supply, EG Prober, 1034X (220V, 1kW, 50/60Hz) (S/N= X401044) Photo of 5918883EO1
62254 Screw, 2.56 X 3/8 Photo of 62254
681801 Assembly, Chamber, Secondary Photo of 681801
852201 Assembly, Chamber RTD DSW Photo of 852201
9262-08G1 PCB, AU2 fine servo pre-amp Photo of 926208G1
9262-16G1 PCB, AU4 DSW Photo of 926216G1
9262-173G1 PCB, AU40 Coarse servo pre-amp Photo of 9262173G1
9262-177G1 PCB, AU41 Servo output amp Photo of 9262177G1
9262-244G1 PCB, AU47 DSW Photo of 9262244G1
9267126G1 Sensor, RMS elevator limiter Photo of 9267126G1
C1056992 Liner, inner hotpot 2 Ring for information.
SI 120140 Knob, Maximus adj DSW Photo of SI120140
XQ 1440 Pick up Tube, Sierra Nuvicon Camera Photo of XQ1440
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SR 110 024 S-System Machine Operator Safeguard 24VAC 11pin Photo of SR110024
ST 115 120 Relay, Temp Control Laser S Photo of ST115120
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TCR 10T500-2-0V TCR Power Supply (1 Has Digital Screen) Just In: Photo on request.
TCR 60S10-1-D-10T/P- TCR Power Supply (105-210VRMS, 50-60Hz) (S/N= 85J-6842 -0V) Photo of TCR60S101D10TP
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171066 RF Feedthru Bodies Photo of 171066
171073D02 Feedthrough Seal Spacer Photo of 171073D02
171663 D04 Grub Screw, Skt Set, Vented Photo of 171663D04
174060 Door Locator Plate Photo of 174060
174147D01 Optic shield Photo of 174147D01
174162 D03 Spacer Photo of 174162D03
174163D04 PVC Spacer Photo of 174163D04
181266D01 Stud, threaded target MS620 Ring for information.
182246 ANODS SHIELD RING Ring for information.
186889D01 Spacer, O-Ring Minilock MS6 Ring for information.
191106 Window, Outer Photo of 191106
191321 Window Glass Liner Photo of 191321
191347 Optic Disc 10 Position Photo of 191347
191348 Arm Optic Encoder Photo of 191348
191351 D 03 Base Insert Ceramic Photo of 191351D03
191393 D 02 Spacer Photo of 191393D02
191684 D 01 Centralising Washer Photo of 191684D01
191775 D 01 Carrier, O-Ring, Rep.9 Photo of 191775D01
193130 D 01 Spacer. Rep .21 Rising Shield Photo of 193130D01
193371 D 03 Bush, Inner Slice Lift Photo of 193371D03
193372 D 02 Guide, Poste Photo of 193372D02
193525 C 03 Feedthrough, R.F. Photo of 193525C03
193579 Nut, Inner Slice Photo of 193579
193691 B 03 Table Support Plate Just In: Photo on request.
193695 D 02 Location PEG Photo of 193695D02
193696 D 01 Table Guide peg Photo of 193696D01
193697 D 03 Plug, Retaining Photo of 193697D03
194367/01 Seal, Nitrile, Shaft Photo of 19436701
201414 O-Ring, 10.77x2.62, Viton DS 111, Just In: Photo on request.
201432 Belt drive, 201432 MS6200 Ring for information.
201437 O-Ring, 78.97x3.53, Viton Photo of 201437
201440 O-Ring, 12.37x2.62 Just In: Photo on request.
201448 O-Ring, 14.75x0.210 Viton Photo of 201448
201474 O-Ring, 93.98x3.53 Viton (37") Photo of 201474
201474D03 O-Ring, 26.5x0.139 Viton Ring for information.
201479 O-Ring, 19.5x3 Viton Photo of 201479
201493 O-Ring, 7.59x2.62, Viton Photo of 201493
201499 Belt drive, 201499 MS6200 Ring for information.
201518 Belt drive, 201518 MS6200 Ring for information.
201670 O-Ring, 89.5x3.0 Photo of 201670
201684 O-Ring, 39.5x3.0 Just In: Photo on request.
201706 Belt drive, MS6200 Ring for information.
201708 Belt drive, 201708 MS6200 Ring for information.
201711 Belt drive, 201711 MS6200 Ring for information.
201854 O-Ring, 64.5x3, Viton Photo of 201854
201872 O-Ring, 29.5x3.0 Photo of 201872
206208 Drive Belt 249EP Photo of 206208
206215 Seal, Flange 230 Photo of 206215
206216 Belt drive, 206216 MS6200 Ring for information.
206251 O-Ring, 185x4mm White Photo of 206251
206252 O-Ring, 234.54x3.53 White for Transporter Photo of 206252
206257 Belt Photo of 206257
206262 Belt drive, 206262 MS6200 Ring for information.
206264 Belt Photo of 206264
206271 Belt drive, 206271 MS6200 Ring for information.
206272 Belt drive, 206272 MS6200 Ring for information.
206273 Belt drive, 206273 MS6200 Ring for information.
206274 Belt drive, 206274 MS6200 Ring for information.
206282 Belt drive, 206282 MS6200 Ring for information.
206289 O-Ring, 14.5x1.78, white Photo of 206289
206295 O-Ring, 56.87x1.78 Photo of 206295
206344 O-Ring, 107.62x1.78 Photo of 206344
220019 Pneumatic Flow Regulator Compair 8D201-RES Photo of 220019
220023 Sensor, Flying Lead Photo of 220023
220036 Actuator (Air Cylinder) 32x50mm Photo of 220036
220075 Valve, Pneumatic, Compair Photo of 220075
221511 Nylon Tube Photo of 221511
221512 Rislan Tube 4x6 Photo of 221512
225029 Cylinder, Air, 65 mm Compair Photo of 225029
231856 Switch, flow, C/W 2Meters 2 Core Sleeved Cable Chem-tec 125-316-BPNO A65079 Photo of 231856
241863 Circlip, Internal D2000 Series K Type DIN984 JK32 34.4mm Photo of 241863
241866 Bearing, Upper Photo of 241866
241867 Bearing, Lower TP12 30/55x13 32006X Photo of 241867
245214 Spring Photo of 245214
246054 Bearing, 3/16 Needle Outer 0.5/8.75x6.2 SCF34TN Photo of 246054
246329 Drive Belt 11" Photo of 246329
251866 Switch, Optical Photo of 251866
251871 Plug, 3way, DIN, male shell Photo of 251871
252347 Filament Rea MS6200 (281734 Ring for information.
264040 Valve, rep.15 for TAB Photo of 264040
285016 Insulating Ceramic Feedthrough Photo of 285016
285211 Ceramic Photo of 285211
501356 Resistor, 5R0, 5%, 50W Photo of 501356
512406 Capacitor, 10KVDC 1uF Photo of 512406
527044 Thyristor Power Module 90A 1200V Semikron SKKT 31/12E 5436 Photo of 527044
550708 Contactor, 24VDC coil, 3phase, + 2 auxiliary, 600V, 12A, type PCD 3.10 E, DIN rail mounting Photo of 550708
560379 Diode, Valve EY81-021-86D Mullard Photo of 560379
571006 Burst Fire Module ZVS BM2 Photo of 571006
6380723 Bearing, 3/16 Needle Outer 0.5/8.75x6.2 SCF34TN Photo of 6380723
85/239 Platen Photo of 85239
A4317J PCB, UTEK 3017 Photo of A4317J
A80519 D01 Arm return cable Photo of A80519D01
A91555 D04 Arm Drive Wire Assy Photo of A91555D04
A92002/01 Table Optic Encoder Photo of A9200201
A92266/01 Thermocouple Assy Photo of A9226601
A92447/02-07 N2 Purge Electric Box A Photo of A924470207
AC0233/02 PCB, Logic, CB343 Photo of AC023302
AC1058/06 PCB, CB2063 Photo of AC105806
ND 0811 Diode, infra-red emitter, TIL 31A Photo of ND0811
ND 5225 Photo Diode Ring for information.
ND 5226 Infrared Detector Photo of ND5226
ND5032 View Port Seal Ring Photo of ND5032
R41176 ND Keyboard (from B2 to B12) Photo of R41176
R50-15 Filament (5 pck) Photo of R5015
SC260D2 Triac SC260D2 Photo of SC260D2
X1480 O-Ring, 146.4x1.78 Silicone (Seal 324) Photo of X1480
X1504 Door to Shaft Circlip Photo of X1504
Y14033 Contactor, 24VDC coil, 3phase, + 2 auxiliary, 600V, 12A, type PCD 3.10 E, DIN rail mounting Photo of Y14033
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6380708 Door Locator Plate Photo of 6380708
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FM 87/60/K Motor (W. No. 1534816) Just In: Photo on request.
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KR11S Relay, 110VAC, 3PDT (3pole c/o), 6A@220VAC, 11-Pin Base (circle), with manual button Photo of KR11S
SKR115 A 110VDC Relay, 110VAC, 3PDT (3pole c/o), 10A@250VAC, 11 pin (circle) base, Type Elesta SKR 115 Photo of SKR115A110VDC
ZKR118 Base, Relay, 11pin round Photo of ZKR118
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V1-G15 1-2L Liquid Flow Monitor V1-G15 Photo of V1G1512L
V1-G15 2-4L Liquid Flow Monitor V1-G15 2-4L/min Photo of V1G1524L
V1-G15 8-16L Liquid Flow Monitor V1-G15 8-16l/min +Valve Photo of V1G15816L
V1-GL15 Switch, Flow V 16 Photo of V1GL15
V1GL1512L Liquid Flow Monitor V1-G15 Photo of V1GL1512L
V1GL1524L Liquid Flow Monitor V1-G15 2-4L/min Photo of V1GL1524L
V1GL15816L Liquid Flow Monitor V1-G15 8-16l/min +Valve Photo of V1GL15816L
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HY 200-2215-150 Motor, Stepper, 4-Phase, 1.5A, 1.5ohms Per Phase Photo of HY2002215150
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5N3-1 Power Supply, 5V Serv GCA Photo of 5N31
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Part No. not known Bag, filter, latex paper with microliner for clean rooms Photo of Part No. not known
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09959 T-Bar spring steel fasteners Photo of 09959
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GNM 2130G5 Motor, Crucible Drive (Engel GNM 2130-G5) 5880:1 Photo of GNM2130G5
WE 3140 /2 TR Motor, 50W, 220v, 50Hz Photo of WE31402TR
WE 4040 TR Fan, Turbo for Triode Cooling, WE4040 Photo of WE4040TR
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TTIDM-150 Delay module Photo of TTIDM150
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MDLDM-TTL-100 Delay 100 Photo of MDLDMTTL100
PTTLDL-15-2 Delay Line 4BIT Photo of PTTLDL152
PTTLDL-7-2 Delay Line Photo of PTTLDL72
PTTLDL-7-3 Delay Line Photo of PTTLDL73
TTLDM-100 Logic Delay Module Photo of TTLDM100
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OM-A Roller, Mixer/Agitator for Bottles/Tubes Photo of OMA
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530-700008 Filter, For VAQUA Just In: Photo on request.
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EGR3200-4172 PCB, Resistor Board Photo of EGR32004172
PL2-HFPE Plasmaloc 2-HF Generator Photo of PL2HFPE
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PL-1HF PE-2 Plasmaloc 1-HF Generator 100-450Khz, (S/N= 372) Photo of PL1HFPE2
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011566323 Fuse, terminal, Lever action, LED, DIN rail. Photo of 011566323
011836816 Cover, End, grey, for 2.5-10mm standard DIN rail terminal Photo of 011836816
012836810 Cover, End, blue, for 2.5-10mm end terminal DIN rail Photo of 012836810
116 771 20 Terminal End Covers Photo of 11677120
230-000-12 Terminal Marker, 5x5mm, sheets of 100 Photo of 23000012
5120 Terminal block, single pole, 800V-AC-DC, DIN Rail Mounting Photo of 5120
ES 50 Socket, Relay, 300VAC, 12A, DIN rail mounting Just In: Photo on request.
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6516670EO1 Lamp, KS Prober LO Photo of 6516670EO1
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ERC-05 Cassette, ribbon, Photo of ERC05
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111-40341 369 PCB Photo of 11140341369
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IN060PD3 Air Cylinder Photo of IN060PD3
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92-00132-00 REV HFP/LVPS Rear Panel (Modified) Photo of 920013200REV
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REL14-A1-1.3 24V Relay, 24VDC, SPDT (1pole c/o), 4A@250VAC, PCB mounting Photo of REL14A11324V
REL14-A3-1.3 24V Relay, 24VDC, SPDT (1pole c/o), 4A@250VAC, PCB mounting Photo of REL14A31324V
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28L 28 416E 183 Motor, Waferhand, with gearbox Photo of 28L28416E183
34L 11-219.2 Motor, Escapement Photo of 34L112192
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110.0024.1 Valve, pressure, VAC Photo of 11000241
110.0053.1 Valve, solenoid, 24VDC, 4.5W, 65.231 Photo of 11000531
110.0310.1 Valve, Solenoid, NW3 Photo of 11003101
110.0312.1 Valve, Solenoid, Lucifer 131-M-14 12V Photo of 11003121
110.0337.1 Meter, Vacuum, 0 to -60mBar (Mfr Bourdon) Photo of 11003371
110.0340.1 Meter, air, 0-58psi (4 bar) (Mfr Bender) Photo of 11003401
110.0500.1 Contact, Quick Photo of 11005001
130.0045.1 Motor, Escapement Photo of 13000451
130.0101.1 Magnet, lifting Photo of 13001011
130.0106.1 Motor, Waferhand, with gearbox Photo of 13001061
130.0125.1 Motor, buffer, with 1:199 gearbox. Photo of 13001251
140.0024.1 Bearing, 0024 ESEC 8/22x7 608Z-2Z Photo of 14000241
140.0052.1 Bearing, ball-race 6/19x6 Shielded 626Z Photo of 14000521
140.0061.1 Bearing, 8/22x7 ZZ (Series 608) Twin Shields Photo of 14000611
140.0098.1 Bearing, Duplex, EPOXY-X 6/16x6, pair of S626 + SF626 Photo of 14000981
140.0453.1 Bearing, 0053 6/19x6 Rubber Sealed Series 626 Photo of 14004531
140.0454.1 Bearing, 0054 ESEC 7/14x5 Series 1470 Photo of 14004541
140.0474.1 Bushing, 4/7x4, phosphor bronze. Photo of 14004741
140.0487.1 Bearing, 0487, phosphor bronze Photo of 14004871
140.0501.1 Belt, toothed, L=200mm x 40 teeth, W=6mm Photo of 14005011
140.0597.1 Belt, toothed, L=182mm x 73 teeth, W=6mm Photo of 14005971
140.0600.1 Belt, toothed, L=900mm x 180 teeth, W=6mm Photo of 14006001
140.0601.1 Belt, Y-SHUTTLE 0601-1 984 Synchroflex T2/360 Photo of 14006011
140.0610.1 Belt, toothed, L=220mm x 110 teeth, W=6mm Photo of 14006101
140.0611.1 Belt, toothed, L=280mm x 140 teeth, W=6mm Photo of 14006111
140.0614.1 Belt, toothed, T5 575 SYNC 0614 Ring for information.
140.0615.1 Belt, toothed, L=840mm x 168 teeth, W=6mm Photo of 14006151
140.0616.1 Belt, toothed, SYNC 0616 270 Synch T5/165 Photo of 14006161
140.0957.1 Spring, 0957 ESEC Photo of 14009571
140.0985.1 Spring, 0985 ESEC Photo of 14009851
140.0994.1 Spring, 0994 ESEC Photo of 14009941
140.1219.1 Spring, Rocker Arm Photo of 14012191
140.9081.1 Belt, toothed, 365 T2.5/145 9081-1 ES Photo of 14090811
140.9093.1 Belt, toothed, 9093.1HR T2.5/200 Photo of 14090931
140.9094.1 Belt, toothed, L=200mm x 80 teeth, W=10mm Photo of 14090941
140.9103.1 Belt, toothed, L=230mm x 92 teeth, W=6mm (HR table) Photo of 14091031
140.9104.1 Belt, toothed, L=265mm x 106 teeth, W=6mm (awl) Photo of 14091041
140.9105.1 Belt, toothed, L=285mm x 114 teeth, W=6mm (HR Table X) Photo of 14091051
190.1441.1 Choke, 1mH, 8A Photo of 19014411
190.1523.1 Sensor, proximity, 10-30VDC Photo of 19015231
190.1540.1 Sensor, Light carrier, 500mm Photo of 19015401
190.1564.1 Sensor, Optical, F5RPNP Photo of 19015641
210.0072.1 Fuse, 20mm, 16A, 250VAC, Type FST Photo of 21000721
210.0084.1 Relay, 24VDC, 3PDT (3pole c/o), 10A@250VAC, 11pin(circle), with test button Photo of 21000841
210.0518.1 Lamp, 210-0518-1 ESEC Photo of 21005181
210.1418.1 Switch, safety, 3A ESEC Photo of 21014181
210.1428.1 Fan, 24V, 50/60Hz, 20W, approx 120mm square x 38mm high Photo of 21014281
210.1429.1 Switching Regulator (Positive), Input: 29-80V, Output: 24V, 8A Photo of 21014291
210.1431.1 Switching Regulator (Positive), Input: 8.3-80V, Output: 5V 10A Photo of 21014311
210.1453.1 Switching Regulator (Triple), Input: 19-80V, Output: +12VDC, 2.5A, +15VDC 2.5A, -12VDC 2.5A Photo of 21014531
210.1465.1 Switch, safety, 4.5A ESE Photo of 21014651
210.1757.1 Switching Regulator (Positive), Input: 42-80V, Output: 36V 8A Photo of 21017571
210.1879.1 Lamp, wire bond inspection, 12V 5W, BA9s, Halogen Photo of 21018791
230.0012.1 Thermocouple Photo of 23000121
230.0035.1 Heater, 3/8x5" 230V, 300W Photo of 23000351
230.0061.1 Temperature Controller Type 808 Photo of 23000611
250.0058.0 Tip, rubber, pick up, 110mils (2.79mm) Photo of 25000580
250.0063.0 Tip, rubber pickup, 160 Photo of 25000630
250.0067.0 Tip, rubber pickup, 200 Photo of 25000670
250.0071.0 Tip, rubber pickup, 240 Photo of 25000710
250.0075.0 Shank P & P Type B ESE Photo of 25000750
250.0077.0 Shank P & P Type C ESE Photo of 25000770
612-003 PCB, I/O 612-003 ESEC Photo of 612003
618-003 PCB, INT 618-003 ESEC Photo of 618003
620-003 PCB, Terminal Board Photo of 620003
623-003 PCB, P10 ESEC 623-003 Photo of 623003
627-030 Motor, 5 phase drive. Photo of 627030
711-240 Encoder, shaft rotary, Hohner, with PCB Photo of 711240
711-265 Roller, Vertical ESEC Photo of 711265
711-266 Roller, horizontal Photo of 711266
711-280 Roller, CP Photo of 711280
711.100 Spring, 711-100 ESEC Photo of 711100
730.7124 Clamp, fixed Photo of 7307124
730.7126 Clamp, moving index No. 3-6, Solenoid operated Photo of 7307126
730.724 Sensor, Carrier light FP and BP Photo of 730724
760-182 PCB, Mulit conn ESEC Photo of 760182
793-222 Sensor, Light Carrier ES Photo of 793222
793.118 PCB, Z-print, Photo of 793118
794.012 Roller, drive assy, wafer Photo of 794012
794.013 Roller, shaft assy, wafer Photo of 794013
841 095 Pin, die ejector Photo of 841095
841 270 1 Pin, die ejector Photo of 8412701
841-050 Motor, Stepper, 4-Phase, 1.5A, 1.5ohms Per Phase Photo of 841050
841-121 PCB, 841-121 ESEC Photo of 841121
841-270 Pin, Die ejector HR Photo of 841270
843-130 Clamping tool, 90 D (84 Photo of 843130
853-025 Beam Sensor 853-02 Photo of 853025
862-011 PCB, P&P 862-011 ESEC Photo of 862011
862-019 Spring, 862-019 ESEC Photo of 862019
862-048 Motor, Maxon 44.026.000-00.07 (-55) with HEDS 5310 encoder Photo of 862048
862-051 Guide, front Photo of 862051
888.132 Adaptor Bayonet Photo of 888132
902.383 Assembly, Wire Tensioner Photo of 902383
902.439 EFO Assembly Photo of 902439
902.494 Electrode, EFO Photo of 902494
902.514 Transducer assembly P1E20 Photo of 902514
HTD 740 3M 15 Belt, Pick and place 0580 PowerGrip HTD 564 3M 15 Photo of HTD7403M15
HTD 740 5M 12 Belt, Pick and place 0590 PowerGrip HTD 740 5M 12 Photo of HTD7405M12
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TPA/45/E Auto Transformer, U1= 415V, 45kW, U2- 380V and 50Hz Just In: Photo on request.
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2-5700-P Single Pole Thermal Overcurrent Circuit Breaker with Tease, Without Manual Release , 240VAC, 28VDC Photo of 25700P
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113XN 01 81 000 Fan, Model 113XN Photo of 113XN0181000
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ETK-MT3 Converter, Analog temperature signal Photo of ETKMT3
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1300T1 Thermostatic mixer with interchangeable cartridge. filters and non return valves SE T1 3-28l/min Photo of 1300T1
140-03-451-19-00 Euotherm Unit Photo of 140034511900
140-03-451-19-60-00 Temperature Control Photo of 14003451196000
198-00 Socket for Eurotherm module Photo of 19800
2408I Indicator and Alarm Unit, 2408i - accurate measurement with flexible functions Photo of 2408I
2408I/AL/RD/VH/V2/XX/XX/FH/A2/XX/ENG/ Indicator and Alarm Unit, 2408i - accurate measurement with flexible functions Photo of 2408IALRDVHV2XXXXFHA2XXENG
425/081/13/36/073/001/00 Power Units in 4/20 supply 250v, output 10V, 15A Photo of 425081133607300100
425A 40A/240V/110V120/0V/10/PA/ENG/CL/-/-//00 Power Thyristor driver (SCR driver), 40A, 25A, 240V, for heater unit Photo of 425A40A240V110V1200V10PAENGCL00
425A 40A/240V/220V240/0V10/PA/ENG/CL/-/-//00 Power Thyristor driver (SCR driver), 40A, 25A, 240V, for heater unit Photo of 425A40A240V220V2400V10PAENGCL00
461/083/13/48/060/002/37/00 Eurotherm Thyristor Unit, 240V Photo of 46108313480600023700
461/083/28/43/060/002/76/00 Eurotherm Thyristor Unit, 440V Photo of 46108328430600027600
808/D1/N0/R1/C2/(AKKC406) RS232/K Thermocouple unit Photo of 808D1N0R1C2AKKC406
808/T1/0/0/C2/0/QLS/(AJHC200)// Temperature Controller Type 808 Photo of 808T100C20QLSAJHC200
810-047-000-070-699 Digital Controller, -50 to +50 Photo of 810047000070699
818P/RTD/RLGC Temperature Control Unit Photo of 818PRTDRLGC
861/083/13/19/008/002/00 Temperature Control Unit 110-130V / 200-260V with connector Just In: Photo on request.
902S/IS/HDC/ARE//VH/XM///LE Temperature Control Unit Photo of 902SISHDCAREVHXMLE
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102225287 O-Ring, 7x3, Viton Photo of 102225287
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1031A Receiver, Laser Photo of 1031A
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