Evap Spares

We hold in stock thousands of spare parts for machinery used in
the semiconductor, optical and opthalmic manufacturing industries.
Spares from: 
Dage,  Daiichi,  Dainippon Screen (Dns / Dain),  Dale,  Dallas,  Danfoss, 
Danotherm,  Data Instruments,  Datacube,  Datel,  Dayton, 
Dayton Electric Mfg Co,  Daytron Inc,  DD,  DEC,  Delaval Barksdale,  Dell, 
Delph Corp,  Delta Electronics Inc.,  Deltrol,  Deltrol Fluid Products, 
Deltron,  Deublin,  Deutsch,  Diagnosys,  Dialco (Dialight),  Dielectric Science, 
Dieter Bosch,  Digi Connects,  Digital,  Digitec,  Diotec,  Disco Hi-Tek,  DMF, 
Dockweiler,  Dold,  Druck Temperature,  DSL,  Du Pont,  Dual Manufacturing,  Dupont, 
Duracell,  Durco,  Duro,  Dwyer,  Dynamco,  Dynapert,  Dynetic Systems,  Dysan, 
Dzus Fastener, 

20-015-01 Ferrule, back, 1/4" Photo of 2001501
71225-01 Switch, door interlock Photo of 7122501
BT22/LT1 Hook, Wire Pull Tester Photo of BT22LT1
BT22/LT120 Hook-wire-pull rotate Photo of BT22LT120
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CT-3.5MR Current Transformer Photo of CT35MR
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Part No. not known Kit, PM DNS2TR Etecher (6 M Just In: Photo on request.
Part No. not known Motor/Generator, DC, 30.8v, 2.7A, 4000rpm, DAIN Etcher Photo of Part No. not known
0-06-B4476 Chuck, spin, Dain Photo of 006B4476
0-06-B5007 Nut, stopper pin, Dain Etcher Photo of 006B5007
0-06-B5019 Bush, slide, Dain Etcher Photo of 006B5019
0-06-B5188 Seat, Teflon, for Dain shutter Photo of 006B5188
0-06-B5294 Pins, non-metallic with threaded shaft (SP01-050) Photo of 006B5294
0-06-B5303 Pin, DAIN short Etcher 06 Photo of 006B5303
0-17-A4567-4 Chuck, Spin 150mm Photo of 017A45674
0-17-A4614-8 Chuck, DNS spoin coater 4" (o/d 70mm) Ring for information.
0-39-00549 Motor, DAIN EN35-H13N1B, 100v 50/60Hz Photo of 03900549
0-39-01457 Switch, beam (DAIN RS-520L) Photo of 03901457
0-39-02490 Union, Elbow, DAIN LZ-212 Photo of 03902490
0-39-02495 Union, T DAIN TZ-703 ETCH Photo of 03902495
0-39-03147 Tube, FEP Dain 4 X 6 Etche Photo of 03903147
0-39-03149 Tube, FEP DAIN 8 X 10 (PH0 Ring for information.
0-39-03220 Valve, Air, Solenoid operated, 24VDC, Photo of 03903220
0-39-03925 Tube, PP Dain 4 X 6 Etcher Photo of 03903925
0-39-04009 Belt, toothed, (timing dair) 90XL, 9mm, 5tpi Photo of 03904009
0-39-04016 Belt, toothed, L=12" x 60 teeth, W=3/8" Photo of 03904016
0-39-04044 Belt, toothed, L=14" x 70 teeth, W=3/8" Photo of 03904044
0-39-04046 Belt, toothed, L=15.2" x 76 teeth, W=3/8" Photo of 03904046
0-39-04047 Belt, timing 152 X L037 (DR Photo of 03904047
0-39-04049 Belt, toothed, L=26" x 130 teeth, W=3/8" Photo of 03904049
0-39-04050 Belt, toothed, L=30" x 150 teeth, W=3/8" Photo of 03904050
0-39-05107 Relay, 28VDC, DPDT (2pole c/o), 5A@240VAC, (DAIN MY2N) Photo of 03905107
0-39-05712 Cassette, ribbon, Photo of 03905712
0-39-05722 Nozzle, DAIN 1/4"HT-PVC EX Photo of 03905722
0-39-06011 Heater, DAIN Quartz Etcher Photo of 03906011
0-39-06164 Valve, Pressure 3Kg Photo of 03906164
0-39-06184 O-Ring, 59.99x2.62 G60 DAIN G60 03.1 Photo of 03906184
0-39-06195 O-Ring, 155x3, Nitrile (G155 DAIN Etcher) Just In: Photo on request.
0-39-06199 O-Ring, 151.99x3.53 G155 03.1 DAIN Etcher Photo of 03906199
0-39-06218 O-Ring, 21.6x2.4 Nitrile DAIN P-22 Photo of 03906218
0-39-06221 O-Ring, 29.75x3.53, Nitrile Photo of 03906221
0-39-07557 V ring, Dainippon Etcher V12-S V-125 E Photo of 03907557
0-39-08909 O-Ring, 75.87x3 G75 DAIN Etcher (D Photo of 03908909
0-39-09445 Polyurethane Cord 1.78mm Dia. Photo of 03909445
0-39-09675 Controller, High performance PID (Temperature) Photo of 03909675
0-39-10453 O-Ring, 56x2 Nitrile S55 DAIN 2.4-50 0 E Photo of 03910453
0-39-11238 Fit Teflon DAIN TPT 3/8" Photo of 03911238
0-39-12276 Gauge, PRES DAIN P-73542 P Ring for information.
06B-4246 Lid, Plastic (Perspex?) with handle, DNS Etcher Photo of 06B4246
06B41011 Roller, feed DAIN (EC01-01 Photo of 06B41011
06B41012 Roller, feed DAIN (EC01-011 Photo of 06B41012
06B4227 Case, Filter Lower DNS 2TRK Photo of 06B4227
06B4238 Roller, Inlet Feed DAIN (IN Photo of 06B4238
06B42396 Roller, driving feed. DAIN Photo of 06B42396
06B4240 Roller, feed, DAIN (IN01-01 Photo of 06B4240
06B51835 Holder, nozzle, DAIN Etcher Photo of 06B51835
06B52272 Case filter upper DNS 2TRK Photo of 06B52272
06B5449 Case filter upper DNS 1TRK Photo of 06B5449
06B5450 Case filter lower DNS 1TRK Photo of 06B5450
06B5543 Union, Screw DAIN (PH01-003 Photo of 06B5543
1605125-101 Seal, Pan delta core, 22Ft Photo of 1605125101
180 XL Belt, Toothed, (Timing Dair) 180XL Photo of 180XL
2-39-01460 Amplifier, S8 1G, input 12VDC. Photo of 23901460
2-39-01703 Photo transistor DAIN (BLU Photo of 23901703
2-39-01705 LED, GL-514A DAIN (BLU02-02 Photo of 23901705
2-39-03253 Valve, Air, Solenoid operated, 24VDC, 050-4E1 Photo of 23903253
2-39-04024 Belt, Synchro 376XL-18 DNS Spin Coater Photo of 23904024
2-39-20131 Valve, DNS Suckback Photo of 23920131
2-39-23002 Bellows pump, (DNS Resist Teflon) Photo of 23923002
2-39-23253 Tube, PP Dain 3 X 4 Etcher Photo of 23923253
3-90-4717 Lamp, fluorescent, 6W, Etch Chamber DNS KL0 Photo of 3904717
35/140/7/E Lamp, Interlock, 140V 7W, DNS Etcher Photo of 351407E
4124568EO1 Reservoir DNS coat Photo of 4124568EO1
5-39-01793 Pump, Magnet, 100V 50/60Hz, 2700/3000 rpm (DAIN Spray 70 Etcher) Photo of 53901793
5-A6-01166 Photo transistor assembly, transmitter and receiver Photo of 5A601166
7-32-90337 Bearing, DAIN ARF 1015LD E (Plastic Bush) Photo of 73290337
7-39-13137 Fuse, 30A, 300V, 41-8 Photo of 73913137
7-39-13839 Roller, Absorbent Photo of 73913839
7-39-20336 Bearing, DAIN ARF 0810LD E (Plastic Bush) Photo of 73920336
7-39-20338 Bearing, DAIN ARF 1520LD E (Plastic Bush) Photo of 73920338
7-39-20339 Bearing, DAIN ARF 1215LD E (Plastic Bush) Photo of 73920339
7-39-22143 Valve, solenoid, DNS 2TRK 1 Photo of 73922143
7-39-30080 Printer, DNS Etcher MP-150 Photo of 73930080
7-39-30943 Paper, for Dain Printer. Photo of 73930943
7-39-32303 Display, temperature DP-4-R-AN ZK-787 Photo of 73932303
7-39-40072 Valve, ball, acid pipe, DN15 1/2" Photo of 73940072
7-99-90125 PCB, CPU-2 Etcher Photo of 79990125
7-99-90126 PCB, DAIN console I/F Etch Photo of 79990126
7-99-90137 Filter, Etchant ASSY(06B47 Photo of 79990137
7-99-90157 Holder PT, Dainippon Etcher Photo of 79990157
7824219EO1 Kit, PM DNS Spin Etcher Photo of 7824219EO1
7824220EO1 Kit, PM DNS Spin Etcher Just In: Photo on request.
7F498359 Guide, DAIN (UL01-047) Photo of 7F498359
AP01-019 Straight adaptor 1/2" to 1/2" Photo of AP01019
AP01014 Union, Elbow, LZ-202 Photo of AP01014
AP01016 Union, DAIN LZ-201 Photo of AP01016
AP01020 Tube, PP Dain 6 X 8 Etcher Photo of AP01020
CP01-007 Elbow, union, Dainippon HZ401 Photo of CP01007
CP01-007 UNION Union, HALF DAIN HZ-401 Photo of CP01007UNION
CV21027 Controller, High performance PID (Temperature) Photo of CV21027
DNS2TR Kit, PM DNS2TR Etcher (YEA Just In: Photo on request.
DR21-015 Gear head, 4GK-6K DNS 2TRK Photo of DR21015
DS SP-04 Amplifier, End point sense. Photo of DSSP04
L46PT 1/4 Fitting, Teflon L46 PT 1/4" Photo of L46PT14
L46PT 3/8 Fitting, Teflon L46 PT 3/8 Photo of L46PT38
MC01-044 PCB, DAINIP ISO IN 1 Etcher Photo of MC01044
MC01-045 PCB, DAINIP ISO IN 2 Etcher Photo of MC01045
MC01-048 PCB, DAINIP Analog I/F Etc Photo of MC01048
OHB01-009 Stopper, pin Photo of OHB01009
PH01-005 Pipe, acid spray Photo of PH01005
PH01-006 Union, Nut 02D52256 Photo of PH01006
PH01-019 Elbow, acid pipe, DNS Etcher, 16 Photo of PH01019
PH01-023 Fitting, Teflon DAIN L-810-3/4" Photo of PH01023
PH01-030 Union, Half DAIN HZ-101 Photo of PH01030
S46PT1/4 Fitting, Teflon, straight, Dainippon Etcher, S46 PT 1/4 Photo of S46PT14
SMBM4-AF Spinner motor servo module SMBM4-AF (DNS Etcher) Photo of SMBM4AF
SP01002 Cover, shaft spindle DNS Photo of SP01002
SYDSSC02316 PCB, DAINIP ISO OUT 2 Etch Photo of SYDSSC02316
UD01-023 Controller, Speed, 1TRK DNS, H series, 3A Photo of UD01023
UD21-012 Controller-Speed Pack 100V AC 3A Photo of UD21012
UL01-040 Sensor, optical Photo of UL01040
WW01-045 O-Ring, 104.5x3, (G105 Etcher) Photo of WW01045
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NH0251R000FEO2 Resistor, 1R0, (1ohm), 1%, 25W, Non-Inductive Photo of NH0251R000FEO2
RH-250 Resistor, 0.301ohm, 250W Photo of RH250
RH025100R0FEO2 Resistor, 100R, (100 ohms), 1%, 20W, type RH-25 Photo of RH025100R0FEO2
RH05012R00FEO2 Resistor, 12R (12ohms), 1%, 50W, type RH-50 Photo of RH05012R00FEO2
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DS1245AB-120 IC, Non volatile SRAM Photo of DS1245AB120
DS1286 Watchdog Photo of DS1286
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DX 053 Filter, drier 10mm 3/8in Photo of DX053
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GRF 12/102 100R Resistor, 100R, (100 ohms), 5%, 50W Photo of GRF12102100R
GRF 12/102L 6R8 Resistor, 6R8 (6.8ohms), 50W Photo of GRF12102L6R8
GRF 20/140 47K Resistor, 47K, 100W Photo of GRF2014047K
GRF 50 Resistor, 6.8ohms (6R8) Photo of GRF50
GRI 20/140 10R Resistor, 10R (10ohms), Danotherm GRI 20/140 Photo of GRI2014010R
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9221203 Sensor, absolute pressure, 0-50psi, model AB Photo of 9221203
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CM126B PCB, Prom Board Photo of CM126B
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AMS-00 GC IC, Ultra Fast Op Amp Amplifier Photo of AMS00GC
DAC 08 BC Module Photo of DAC08BC
UCM 5/2000 E Power Supply Input Photo of UCM52000E
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4C592 Blower, 10.625" dia wheel, Photo of 4C592
6K325A Split Phase Motor Photo of 6K325A
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3M231 Motor, Shaded Pole 120V 0.45A 60Hz 7rpm Photo of 3M231
3M292 Motor, Reversible,115V 1.8A 1/8HP 3200 rpm Photo of 3M292
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2F4051B Transductor Photo of 2F4051B
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304657 Lever, for 7mm Shaft, Type 6815 Photo of 304657
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12-32442-01 Adaptor, MMJ to DB25F H857 DEC server Photo of 123244201
175-146W Monitor, 14" CUB 653 (240VAC, 50-60Hz, 1A) (S/N= L 363827) Just In: Photo on request.
187 R400X Ring for information.
4786571 Actuator Delay Photo of 4786571
70-17364-00 Monitor for MCS110 computer (used) Just In: Photo on request.
LA 50 Dot matrix printer Just In: Photo on request.
LK401-AA Keyboard 401 Photo of LK401AA
LK411-AA Keyboard, LK411 Just In: Photo on request.
M7270 PCB, M7270 CPU board for PRO420 Just In: Photo on request.
M7676 PCB, M7676 CPU for PRO420, KXT11-AB Ring for information.
M8043 PCB, M8043 Comms board for PRO420 Photo of M8043
M8044 PCB, M8044 CB, board for PRO420 Ring for information.
M8047 PCB, M8047 Comms board for PRO420 Photo of M8047
M8186 PCB, M8186 CPU for PRO420 Photo of M8186
M8578 PCB, M8578 EPROM board for PRO420 Just In: Photo on request.
M8631 CF PCB, M8631 Memory Board for PRO420 Just In: Photo on request.
M9404 Bus Expander for PRO420, M9404 Photo of M9404
M9405 PCB, M9405 Cable Connector for PRO420 Photo of M9405
VT525 VT525 Video Display Terminal Photo of VT525
XB0-BNE-4C-02 Cable, Trans 2M Just In: Photo on request.
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D2T-H18-L6 Switch, Vacuum, (50 Torr) Photo of D2TH18L6
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D1028LR Monitor, 15.5" (100-240VAC, 60-50Hz, 1.8-0.9A) Just In: Photo on request.
XPS D223 Personal Computer, Dimension XPS D223 (Pentium II @ 233MHz) Just In: Photo on request.
XPS T450 Personal Computer, Dimension XPS T450 (Pentium III @ 450MHz, 128Mb RAM, 64Mb HDD, Windows NT 4 SP6) Just In: Photo on request.
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8712911 Aperture Double Just In: Photo on request.
8712912 Aperture 2nd Condition Photo of 8712912
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SMP-400BB PSE, 100-125VAC@8A 200-240VAC@4A o/p 5VDC@8A 12VDC@7A -12VDC@1.5A Photo of SMP400BB
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20240-84 Relay, 240VAC, DPST (2pole n/o), 20A@600VAC, open frame, chassis mounting,VWR-OVEN DP Photo of 2024084
F 10 SS Valve, Flow control, Resist, Suck Back Photo of F10SS
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N10 B K Valve, Needle, Brass Photo of N10BK
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1-800-245-5013 Bearing, linear sliding, input shuttle Photo of 18002455013
CTR-3 Bearing, Linear Slide CTR3 Ring for information.
RD-2 Bearing, Linear Slide RD-2 PNP A Ring for information.
RE-2 Bearing, Linslide PNP2 Photo of RE2
REA3 Bearing, Crossed roller linear slide Photo of REA3
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1379-560 4 Passage Multi-Purpose, Multi-Media Union Photo of 1379560
6075-031C Kit, Repair Type 6075-031C, for Deublin Unions Photo of 6075031C
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047-1010-20 Contact Chromel Male Photo of 047101020
047-1011-20 Male Contact Chromel Photo of 047101120
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300-1600-01 Oven Extender Cards AE Just In: Photo on request.
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507-3918-1471-600 Lamp, Red 28V 40mA Photo of 50739181471600
507-3918-1472-600 Lamp, Green 28V 40mA Photo of 50739181472600
507-3918-1473-600 Lamp, Amber 28V 40mA Photo of 50739181473600
507-4757-3331-500 Lamp, 5V 20mA, Red Photo of 50747573331500
559-5101-001 LED, Red Photo of 5595101001
DIA2692056 Lamp, Cover Auto/Man Indicator Photo of DIA2692056
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6501 Hik Tape Photo of 6501
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LAFLOW LAFLOW Just In: Photo on request.
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50600147-01 Avanstar 16i RS232 RS 232 16 Port Just In: Photo on request.
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17-01295-01 Digital VAX 6000 XMI-2 AC Input box Photo of 170129501
401562-001 Orifice F/C 0.040 Saturn Photo of 401562001
70-23988-ED. D01 Keyboard LK201, Danish/Norwegian (S/N= B014004437) Just In: Photo on request.
DSRVB-AB DECserver, 200/MC Just In: Photo on request.
FTZ C-231/86 Multi-Range Sputtering DC Power Supply, 6KW P/S REV-H (S/N= UA140J6) Just In: Photo on request.
H405-F Digital VAX 6000 XMI-2 AC Input box Photo of H405F
H7864-B Power Supply, 50/60Hz, 100-120/220-240V, 6.0/3.2A. Photo of H7864B
H8575-A Adaptor, MMJ to DB25F H857 DEC server Photo of H8575A
LA50-RB Dot Matrix Printer (S/N= TC 58482 B) Just In: Photo on request.
LK211AA Keyboard (Dec. Nr. 870 256 677) Just In: Photo on request.
LK401-EA Keyboard, Rev No: C01 (S/N=6E41402955) Just In: Photo on request.
VR241-A Monitor, 14" (250V 2.5A/100-120 T2.5A/220-240) (S/N= Y7E C9265) Just In: Photo on request.
VS240 Computer Terminal, VT240 (50-60Hz, 120W, 100-120/220-240VAC, 1.2/0.7A) Just In: Photo on request.
VT 340 Monitor, 13" VT340+ (100-120VAC, 1.3A, 50-60Hz, 110W) Just In: Photo on request.
VT220-C3 Computer Terminal, 11", VT220 (100-120/220-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 65W MAX, 1.0/0.5A)(S/N= TA03891) Just In: Photo on request.
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2770A-04 Meter, Digital Panel Photo of 2770A04
2820A-27 SX Meter, Digital Panel Photo of 2820A27SX
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B40C5000/3300 Silicon Bridge Rectifier 3.3/5A 100V Photo of B40C50003300
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238 Cable winch 30 Kg Ring for information.
34PM-C208-01 Motor, Disco, Z Axis Stepper 12V /phase 1.8A/Phase 1.8deg/Step Astrosyn MINEBEA Photo of 34PMC20801
EAUA-002400 PCB, Disco Step Driver 1 Just In: Photo on request.
HXAB0037-2040-D Dicing Blades DIS Photo of HXAB00372040D
MODFY 106 Chuck, 4" DSAW Photo of MODFY106
MOGAR 215 Base, Magnetic, Disco Ring for information.
MOGBH 631-AX Transducer, Pressure Photo of MOGBH631AX
MOGCH015--Y Belt, I/F timing T5-40 A5 23 Photo of MOGCH015Y
MOGCH016-AY Brush, motor, 821F Photo of MOGCH016AY
MOGCH055---Y Brush, 821F Cleaning Photo of MOGCH055Y
MOGCH056---Y Brush, 821F Cleaning Photo of MOGCH056Y
MOGCH068-CY Stone oil I/F DIS Photo of MOGCH068CY
MOGCH727-AY Solenoid, I/F VALV Photo of MOGCH727AY
MOGCL101-BY Cylinder, Rodless Just In: Photo on request.
MOGCL275-AY Pad, Fllipover I/F Photo of MOGCL275AY
MOGCR184 Seal, I/F Rotary Photo of MOGCR184
MOGCR743-A Chuck, I/F Disco ( Photo of MOGCR743A
MOGCT113-Y Pad, vacuum I/F Photo of MOGCT113Y
MSVSL-01 Muffler, Disco Photo of MSVSL01
RS-02-1-SG-SS Wheel Grind Disco Self Photo of RS021SGSS
SBEE-1001A Sensor, Socket I/F Photo of SBEE1001A
SBEE-SX670 Sensor, Photo I/F Photo of SBEESX670
SBEE-SX671 Sensor, Photo I/F Photo of SBEESX671
SBEE-SX672 Sensor, Photo I/F Photo of SBEESX672
SBEE-SX673 Sensor, Photo I/F Photo of SBEESX673
ZH2050-D-TK 1 Bevel HXAA0069 Type NBC-ZH Photo of ZH2050DTK1
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PP 251 75 Filter, Cartridge Photo of PP25175
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A364-01800 Kit, E2M40 Spares Just In: Photo on request.
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AI 898 Insulation Monitor, A1/A2 AC50/60Hz 220V, L+/L-DC 24V Photo of AI898
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C91SDC40-100 Piston, Pneumatic for Gate Valve, Close 3 S 14 Photo of C91SDC40100
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201-082 Bearing, .25 ID X .5 OD 6/14x7 Photo of 201082
2460 O-Ring, 393.03x6.99 Nitrile / Buna Photo of 2460
B960MC Belt, B36 17x925Li 965Lp Photo of B960MC
BS437 O-Ring, 151.77x6.99, Flourocarbon, LPCVD Door Photo of BS437
BS448 SILICONE O-Ring, 240.67x6.99, Silicone Photo of BS448SILICONE
OSBBS151S170 O-Ring, 75.87x2.62 Silicone Photo of OSBBS151S170
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510-105-1000 Kit, Kal-Rez O-ring repair 1100 Just In: Photo on request.
510-105-1500 Kit, Teflon/Viton O-ring repair Just In: Photo on request.
510-115-1001 Kit, Kal-Rez O-ring repair kit 1001 Photo of 5101151001
510-115-2000 Kit, Kal-Rez O-ring repair 2000 Photo of 5101152000
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04-881-10BB Standard Testing Sieves, No.200, Opening 75mm, .0029" Photo of 0488110BB
04-881-10E Standard Testing Sieves, No.7, Opening 2830mm / 111" Photo of 0488110E
04-881-10FF Standard Testing Sieves, No.400, Opening 38mm Photo of 0488110FF
04-881-10H Standard Testing Sieves, No.12, Opening 1.70mm Photo of 0488110H
53613 Standard Testing Sieves, No.4, 4750 microns, opening 4.75mm Photo of 53613
E-11 Standard Testing Sieves, No.200, Opening 75mm, .0029" Photo of E11
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72G4421 O-Ring, 430.66x5.33 Kalrez 4079 Photo of 72G4421
K#026042 O-Ring, 42x5 mm KALREZ Just In: Photo on request.
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DD60-501 Capacitor, Ceramic Disc Photo of DD60501
DL2450 Cell, Lithium, Coin type 2450 312082 Photo of DL2450
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BY54024D Shaft Seal Metal Housing 47/67x10mm Photo of BY54024D
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480088B Gauge, 0 to -30 Hg Photo of 480088B
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1823-80 Switch, Pressure, Series 1800 Photo of 182380
D1823-80 Switch, Pressure, Series 1800 Photo of D182380
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D3632320 Shuttle control Solenoid Photo of D3632320
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003-967 Tip, PTFE DSL10 P0 Photo of 003967
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06-0050-05 Brush, Dynetic SPI Photo of 06005005
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800803-2 Diskette 8" DS DD S/SECT Photo of 8008032
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TL 100-5 Hooks Photo of TL1005
XR-100-1-278-455 Fastener, Dzus, Camnose Standard Spiral Quarter Turn Photo of XR1001278455
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