Evap Spares

We hold in stock thousands of spare parts for machinery used in
the semiconductor, optical and opthalmic manufacturing industries.
Spares from: 
A&J Scientific,  A&N Corp,  ABB,  AC, 
Accurate Gas Control Systems Inc.,  ACDC Electronics,  Aclatel Cit,  Aclit, 
Acme,  Acopian,  Acromag,  Adaptec,  Addax,  Adds (Applied Digital Data Systems), 
Addup Peripherals,  ADE Service,  ADE Service Cor,  ADR,  Advance, 
Advance / Farnell,  Advanced Energy,  Advantek,  Advantek Gmbh,  AE,  AEG, 
Aerotech,  AG Associates,  Agilent,  Air Liquide,  Air Products,  Airco, 
Airco Temescal,  Airpax,  Airpot,  Airpot Corp,  Alcatel,  Alcoswitch,  Alfa Data, 
Alkon,  Allen Bradley,  Alnico,  Alpha Wire Corp,  Alps,  Altis,  AMAT, 
American Aerospace,  American Zettler,  Amp,  Amperex,  Amphenol,  Amplicon, 
Amplicon Liveline,  Analog Devices,  Anavac,  Anderson Power,  Anelva, 
Angar Scientific,  Anglian Fasteners,  Ansley,  API, 

AJ 25 Power Supply, AJ25 Photo of AJ25
AJ8 Temperature Controller, A&J Photo of AJ8
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147 68 VBC KF 50 Clamp Photo of 14768
KM-U Coupling Photo of KMU
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011695115 Cover, End, grey for fuse terminal, DIN rail. Photo of 011695115
RV-BC6/60 Varistor. Surge suppressor for Contactor, 24-60VAC Photo of RVBC660
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87-0792-001 Gasket, KASP4K Vac Bowl Photo of 870792001
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99 Accurate Gas Control System Ring for information.
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5N3-1 Power Supply, 5V Serv GCA Photo of 5N31
6800146011 Power Supply, 5V +15 model RQ304-9 Photo of 6800146011
RT151-9 Power Supply, 230V in, o/p 5V @ 30A, +/- 12V @ 2.5A Photo of RT1519
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2010 Pascal Vacuum Pump 10 (S/N= 268827) Photo of 2010
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BAQ - 131503 Valve Photo of BAQ131503
BAQ - 131505 Aclit Transfluid M * F Manual Valve Photo of BAQ131505
DLMQR2UE2D -M-F-SE Aclit Transfluid M * F Manual Valve Photo of DLMQR2UE2DMFSE
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TA-2-81141 Transformer, Industrial Control, 120~240V to 24V Photo of TA281141
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5EB250 AC to DC Power Module Ring for information.
D15-03 Module, Power, regulated AC to DC. 110VAC in, +/-15VDC out Photo of D1503
D15-05 Regulated AC to DC Power Module 110V Photo of D1505
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350T-JL07-V0-DIN-NCR Transmitter, 12.5v - 36VDC, DIN Rail Mounting Photo of 350TJL07V0DINNCR
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1542CF PCB, SCSI controller (for PC) Photo of 1542CF
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3802D705B Quartz Support Waterproof Photo of 3802D705B
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4000/160 Monitor, 12'' (230VAC, 0.3A, 50/60Hz) (Class 2216-1301-7305) (S/N= 02264681) Just In: Photo on request.
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150644 Data Switch DB25, Manual DB25 Data Switch 4 to 1, 25 PIN SocketS, (4 computers to 1 printer or 4 printers to 1 computer)SWITCH Photo of 150644
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3225H-C-64 Laser, Aeronca Ring for information.
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06-27171-02 Robot and controller Ring for information.
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WBX2ZZT53 Bearing Photo of WBX2ZZT53
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5UGS60012C PCB, Control Board for GS600, Power Supply Ring for information.
ZZ9L40061 GS600 F2844 Mains Transformers Photo of ZZ9L40061
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09-141-21 Transformer, 240V input, 1900V output, 3.0KVA Photo of 0914121
GT2104 Stabilised Power Supply 192~294VAC 240VAC Load 2.1kVA Ring for information.
WWS400L/J Power Supply, 100/240V, 50/60Hz input, 24VDC output, @16Amps Photo of WWS400LJ
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130-2-1 PCB, Regulator Board Photo of 13021
3152012-025 MDX Magnetron Drive unit Photo of 3152012025
3152330-003B Sparc-le V, 115VAC, 0.5A, 60H, (S/N=137762) Photo of 3152330003B
3152433-359 B AE Pinnacle Plus 10K Power Supply, 208 AFP HJ P16 SYNCH 800V Photo of 3152433359B
5022-001-C Magnetron control panel Photo of 5022001C
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E39-F2 Lens, light fibre (Fiber) Photo of E39F2
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RD33016SW Lokreel halves, 16mm, 13" diameter Photo of RD33016SW
RD33728SW Lokreel halves, 28mm, 13" diameter, 7" hub Photo of RD33728SW
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M/N3152224-031A MDX-2.5K Just In: Photo on request.
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763-609 030/00 Power Supply, match for Magnetron, ZB 10 Photo of 76360903000
AM 90 LY4 Pump, S65B Just In: Photo on request.
AM 90 SX4 Q4 Motor Photo of AM90SX4Q4
AM80NY4 IMB14 Rotary Pump, D 16 BCS PFPE Just In: Photo on request.
E 2800 C 100 B Large Resistor 120426-o2v Just In: Photo on request.
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201-97 Power Supply, Laser, 5mA, Model LSS2 Photo of 20197
BA-130-320-S BA Intellidrive Photo of BA130320S
OEM2R Laser, HE NE, 4mW Photo of OEM2R
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06-09050-00 Flange, door Photo of 060905000
2504-0160 O-Ring, 139.37x2.62, Flange to tube Photo of 25040160
5101-0030 Fuse, 1A Photo of 51010030
7100-5123-02 PCB, A to D (Analog to Digital) Photo of 7100512302
7100-5169-03 PCB, ERP Linearizer Photo of 7100516903
7200-0258-02 Silicone T/C FEE Photo of 7200025802
9812-0010-03 Thermo-couple Amplifier Box Assembly Photo of 9812001003
PCA 7100-5128-06 PCB, ERP Linearizer Photo of PCA7100512806
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HEDS-5500 Encoder Photo of HEDS5500
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137-851-07 Electronic Manometer TB801K 462 200 Bar Range Photo of 13785107
ML 210/50 Purging Valve and Isolation Valve. 0-315 bar Photo of ML21050
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0418590 Washer, 2-341 No.6 Teflon Photo of 0418590
928 AOP Valve, Air, Pressure Reducing, 3500psi max inlet. Photo of 928AOP
98 Gasguard D85Dual 120VAC Blue T Ring for information.
CGA330 Seal, bottle, HCL KEL-F Photo of CGA330
DS340 NO.6 Fitting, Gas bottle, AMT8111 Photo of DS340NO6
WASHR CGA660KELF Seal, bottle, C2F6 Photo of WASHRCGA660KELF
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8006 Crystal Sensor Head Photo of 8006
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0505-0210 Power Control SCR-4 (307-7933) Just In: Photo on request.
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K 82424-P2 Motor, 12V 3.5W ROT REV RPM 0-23 1/3 Ring for information.
K81701-U4 Motor, 120v, 60Hz, 300rpm. Photo of K81701U4
K82424P2 Feedthrough Housing Photo of K82424P2
L92211-P2 Motor, Flotation Pressure, 12VDC Photo of L92211P2
MV86111-P3 Motor, Synchronous, 24V, 50Hz, 250rpm, 60Hz 300rpm Photo of MV86111P3
PP11-62-6.00A-0A-V Circuit Breaker, 250VAC, 50/50Hz, 6A, t/a 8.10, Push/Pull Plunger Photo of PP1162600A0AV
PP21-62-10.0A-0B-V Circuit Breaker, 250v, 10A trip, Push/Pull Plunger Photo of PP2162100A0BV
PP21-62-2.00A-0B-V Circuit Breaker, 250v, 2A trip, Push/Pull Plunger Photo of PP2162200A0BV
T21-62-15.0A-01-21-V Circuit Breaker, 250v, 15A trip, handle actuator Photo of T2162150A0121V
UPGH-1111-1-65-202-09 Circuit Breaker, 250V 50/60Hz Photo of UPGH111116520209
UPGX-6-1-51-153-91 Circuit Breaker Photo of UPGX615115391
UPGX12-4810-3 Switch, Power Photo of UPGX1248103
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65354-1 Actuator, Mask transport latch Photo of 653541
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682-0184-007 Airpot PE600 H Photo of 6820184007
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8220 Turbo Pump Controller CFF 450 S/No. 5709 Ring for information.
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MST-105H Switch, Toggle, SPDT 5A 115V, spring loaded from one side Photo of MST105H
MST-205R Switch, Toggle, DPDT Photo of MST205R
MTM106D-VRA Switch, Toggle Photo of MTM106DVRA
TPB11CG-RA2 Switch, SPST Photo of TPB11CGRA2
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34050-00A PCB, SCSI 2 Controller, Oktagon 2008, S/N: 2263-1686 Photo of 3405000A
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K12SE-4-2-DC-F1 Cylinder, Air, Pillar Motion Controls Inc. K-0625200SE SL4 RA2 FC RC MJ Photo of K12SE42DCF1
KSEIM-1.5-6DCSMF1 Cylinder, Air, Motion Controls K-0625150SE SL6 RA2 FC RC MJ Photo of KSEIM156DCSMF1
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JAIL040S502UC Potentiometer, 5Kohm Photo of JAIL040S502UC
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5-7 Magnet Alnico 5-7, Lot No. 5526 Photo of 57
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652 Cable, Retractile, retracted length: 2ft, extended: 10ft, 4 way, IDX CL KASP4K Photo of 652
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ALPS LCMXX Keyboard, LCM28 Project (S/N= 96009444) Just In: Photo on request.
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982668002 Keyboard for 9836-68002 Photo of 982668002
SP3/015 PC HP 9836A. Hewlett Packard 2340J04200 Just In: Photo on request.
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2022182 Cathode Flame Spray etch E Photo of 2022182
3880-90030 Washer, M4 SS Spring Photo of 388090030
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903B-2A-B Sensor, current, 0-2Amps (Transducer) Photo of 903B2AB
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AZ420-C56-4L Relay, 18VDC, DPDT (2pole c/o), 2A@120VAC, plug in/solder contacts Photo of AZ420C564L
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1-520459-3 Connector, SDL 8way Photo of 15204593
182645-1 Female Connector 9 C Photo of 1826451
182652-1 Socket, Cover Photo of 1826521
205208-1 Connector Photo of 2052081
206971-1 Plug, 50way, D-type (D-sub) Right Angle, PCB Mounting, Plastic shell Photo of 2069711
24654A0985 source sensor connector kit Photo of 24654A0985
31882 Ring Tongue Terminal Photo of 31882
31893 Connector Photo of 31893
32967 Ring Tongue Terminal Photo of 32967
34080 Insulating Fork Connector Photo of 34080
35346 Ring Tong Terminal. PIDG Electrical Connectors. Photo of 35346
4-435626-2 Switch, 16pin DIL, 8 x on/off (80678011) Photo of 44356262
5-520459-3 Connector, 8way. Photo of 55204593
506-7090 discrete I/O connector kit Photo of 5067090
60983-3 Terminal Photo of 609833
926896-1 Connector Photo of 9268961
CB147S-1-10 Extension connector, Cable with 10way Plug and 15way Socket Photo of CB147S110
PPA-GF30 Socket, RJ45 with 2 leds and metal RF shield Photo of PPAGF30
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3-500Z Electron Tube Just In: Photo on request.
5868 Tube, PECVD Power RF (9300 97-17 Photo of 5868
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000-28000 Plug, BNC, 50ohm, high voltage, cable mounting Photo of 00028000
17DA15S Plug, 15way, D-type (D-sub), solder cup, Photo of 17DA15S
57-30140 Connector, Micro-Ribbon, Top Entry Plug, For Spring Latch Recept, 14 Ribbon Contact Photo of 5730140
816-5030-F35R Plug, 50way, Speedblock (IDC) PCB Vertical Mounting Photo of 8165030F35R
83-766 Plug, coaxial, PL259, UHF, for RG58 coax. Photo of 83766
9616820 Connector, Shell, 21way, (3x7) Photo of 9616820
97-3057-1007 Cable clamp, 12SL,14S 7/16OD Photo of 9730571007
97-3102A-24-28S Socket, Panel mounting, 24way, SIZE 24 Photo of 973102A2428S
97-3106A-24-28S Socket, 24way W/Sockets & circular cable clamp, Size 24/28, METAL (AN3057-16) Photo of 973106A2428S
98-10 Cable, 25way Socket to 25 way Plug, 50W Photo of 9810
C1106533 Connector, Military style 7way, Panel mounting Photo of C1106533
C16-1 Plug, 4way, Screw Coupling, Plastic Bodied, HZ 20, 16A, 380V Photo of C161
L717-DD50P Plug, D-type, 50way, fixed machined contact, solder cup Photo of L717DD50P
LMJ 3106F 2410S Socket, free 7way Photo of LMJ3106F2410S
MKS 146 Cable, RS232, MKS 146, 25way plug to 9way socket Photo of MKS146
MS3057-16A Connector, with circular cable clamp, strain relief shell SZ 24/28 Cadmium, 7 way Photo of MS305716A
MS3102A-22-5PZ Plug, 6way, Chassis Mounting, female shell. Photo of MS3102A225PZ
MS3102A20-29S Plug, Circular, Size 20, 17way, Panel Mount Photo of MS3102A2029S
MS3102E18-1S Socket, 10way, MS 3102 E18 - 1S, for EKS110 J2 Photo of MS3102E181S
MS3102E18-5P Plug, 3way, MS 3102 E18 - 5P, for EKS110 J2 Photo of MS3102E185P
MS3102E20-29P Plug, 17way, MS 3102 E20 - 29P, for EKS110 J7 Photo of MS3102E2029P
MS3102E20-29S Socket, 17way, MS 3102 E20 - 29S, for EKS110 J6 Photo of MS3102E2029S
MS3102E24-28P Plug, 24way, MS 3102 E24 - 28P, for EKS110 J3 Photo of MS3102E2428P
MS3106B24-28PF Plug, Panel Mount, 24way, Photo of MS3106B2428PF
T 2008 013 Plug, Insert 12way Photo of T2008013
T 3302 Plug, 4way, chassis mounting (used on EKS110 etc) Photo of T3302
T3104.001 Plug, 7way, straight, free, 250V 6A. 3104001 Photo of T3104001
T3105.021 Plug, 7way, straight, free Photo of T3105021
T3106.021 Plug, 7way, chassis mounting Photo of T3106021
T3108000 Plug, 4way, Screw Coupling, Plastic Bodied, HZ 20, 16A, 380V Photo of T3108000
T3109.021 Low Frequency Regulator Photo of T3109021
T3262 Plug, 3way, chassis mounting (used on EKS110 etc) Photo of T3262
T3263.000 Socket, 3way Chassis Mounting Photo of T3263000
T3303 Socket, 4way, chassis mounting (used on EKS110 etc) Photo of T3303
UG88/U Cable, with Continental Plug Photo of UG88U
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90945963 Adaptor, RS232, 8way, 9way Sockets Photo of 90945963
91913569 AC-DC Adapter, 230V, 50Hz, 25mA, Type PW90-200U Photo of 91913569
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8-PORT 9 way Adaptor Photo of 8PORT
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PCI247H Dual Port RS232 Photo of PCI247H
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46K DC-DC 7way Module (?) Photo of 46K
AD390KD 4x12-bit D/A Converter 28-Pin Hybrid Ceramic Photo of AD390KD
AD583KD IC, Op. Amp. 14-Pin Photo of AD583KD
AD590 JF Sensor, temperature, 2 terminal IC Photo of AD590JF
AD590 MH Sensor, temperature transducer, AD590 MH Photo of AD590MH
DAC1138KX IC, Digital to Analogue (D/A) converter Photo of DAC1138KX
DCCB-080150 A/D converter module MATV-0816 Photo of DCCB080150
RTI 1260 PCB, A to D (Analog to Digital) Photo of RTI1260
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Part No. not known Control Unit 1 Just In: Photo on request.
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1327G16 Powerpole Connector, Housing, Yellow, 15A 600V Photo of 1327G16
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954-7700 Switch, Vacuum, 125/250V, 15A Photo of 9547700
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4093M22460 Electrovalve Photo of 4093M22460
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096302006 Screw, Nylon, CSK head, M2x6 Photo of 096302006
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SM1-20-S6G Socket, 20pin DIP Photo of SM120S6G
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304 Meter. 0-1.5A for electron beam power supply model CV14 Photo of 304
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